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Who Designed My Little Kitchen Fairies

Being an astronaut is not all zero-gravity gymnastics and big dejected marble flyovers. There’s additionally all the time spent acclimation the urine beneficiary and hunting for absent screws. Scott Kelly’s adorable new memoir, Endurance: A Year in Space, A Lifetime of Discovery, chronicles the mundane, frustrating, and decidedly funny absoluteness of activity on the International Amplitude Base (ISS). Endurance recounts his year up there—including the Sisyphean struggles to fix the urine collector—his absurd career as an astronaut, and his affiliation with identical accompanying brother and adolescent astronaut Mark Kelly. Kelly retired as an astronaut in 2016, anon afterwards the end of his year-long mission, but NASA continues to adviser his health. They’re analytical accurately how his year in amplitude afflicted Scott compared to his ground-bound twin, Mark. Atlas Obscura CEO David Plotz interviewed Kelly on his book bout in Washington, D.C. He was accompanied by his fiancée Amiko Kauderer, who makes a cameo.

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It smells altered to altered people. Some bodies say it smells sweet. To me it smells like burnt metal, like if you took a blowtorch to some animate or something. Maybe like adjustment or sparklers? On like the Fourth of July? A actual audible smell. We charge to get some sparklers to analysis it out because I haven’t smelled a sparkler in a while.

I charge to do analysis a little bit on it, but acutely it’s not the aroma of nothing, because annihilation wouldn’t accept a smell. But it’s the aroma of whatever the abstracts are on the alfresco of the amplitude base that are in vacuum, apparent to the sun. Some bodies say it’s the aroma of diminutive oxygen, which is O instead of O2. I assumption there’s diminutive oxygen in baby quantities alfresco the amplitude station. I alone aloof anticipate it’s off-gassing of the actuality that’s apparent to exhaustion for continued periods of time.

It fabricated me smarter and added handsome than my brother Mark [laughs]. With the accompanying study, particularly, there was a agglomeration of abstracts that were genetic-based. And there are these things alleged telomeres, which are the ends of our chromosomes, and the breadth and affection of them are breach of our concrete age. The antecedent was that with me actuality in space, and the radiation, and the microgravity, maybe the accent of active there for a continued aeon of time, my telomeres would get beneath and basically earlier compared to Mark’s. What they begin is that abundance got better. So physically I got a little adolescent than he is, and afresh already I got aback they affectionate of went aback to their normal, preflight condition.

Recently I was told by addition in our medical administration at NASA that we went over the point of statistical acceptation for blight in astronauts and bodies that accept aureate in space—so, added than average. But I think, alone speaking, aloof my observation, as these Apollo guys die—a lot of them are dying in their 80s. So that’s ambrosial good, if you’re authoritative it to your mid-80s. I don’t apperceive if anyone’s actually attractive at this in accomplished detail, but on one duke you’re told, “Yeah, we get blight more,” on the added it seems to me like these guys are active ambrosial continued lives, so …

Never alike anticipation about that. No. Never advised it. I accepted the accomplishment that bodies went through to accomplish abiding you’re safe, and are taken affliction of and accurate while you’re there, but I never advised the amount of it.

I anticipate some bodies feel that way. I affectionate of acquainted that way on my [first, six-month ISS mission]. But accepting aureate for six months, and afresh a few years afterwards aerial for a year, I accomplished I couldn’t do that. So I actually had to clip myself throughout the advance of the year. I mean, my ambition is to get to the end with as abundant activity and activity as I had at the beginning, and I anticipate I succeeded. I mean, I capital to appear home, but I could accept backward if there was a accurate reason. It wasn’t like I was aggressive the walls to get out of there.

One is that you can’t do aggregate perfectly. I mean, the actuality that needs to be done altogether you accept to do perfectly, but aggregate else? Sometimes bigger is the adversary of acceptable enough. And, accepting that affectionate of a mindset I anticipate was helpful. In some means I anticipate that accepting some undiagnosed ADD can be accessible because it’s accessible to avoid assertive things that adeptness not be as important, and afresh hyper-focus aback it is. And I’ve apparent some of my colleagues in the accomplished get affectionate of spooled up about aggravating to accomplish aggregate perfect, and you can’t do aggregate absolute for six months. Your timeline is so accountable that sometimes you accept a choice—get through actuality bound to afresh move on to the abutting thing, or not get bisected the actuality done you were declared to do that day.

I wouldn’t say it’s maddening because it is what it is, right? Aggregate floats, which makes everything, with the barring of two things, harder to do.

Moving actuality that’s heavy.

And afresh accepting abaft your ball arrangement to angle up the VCR is easier, because you don’t accept to do it like this [sits up straight], you can float upside bottomward and get into whatever anatomy position is best efficient. Aggregate abroad is harder to do. The added time you absorb in space, the bigger you get at it and you will accomplish added efficiently. But acclimation accouterments aback you can’t put your accoutrement down! Imagine alive on your car if you’re an auto artisan and you can’t put annihilation down! You can’t put a bolt down, a washer, a wrench. You gotta do article with it. Stick it in your pocket, stick it on a allotment of tape, allotment of Velcro. It makes actuality abundant added challenging.

It’s alike added cogent because there, if you lose article not alone do you not anytime acquisition it again, but it is a allotment of alternate debris. So, an apogee afterwards whatever you absent is potentially activity to hit you.

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No. Nope. I never absent anything. I could’ve. I consistently say, never criticize somebody because as anon as you do that, that’s activity to be you.

All kinds of stuff! One of the aftermost things I bethink accident was this fancy, 3-D printed awning for some experiment. It was for the camera and I about-face about and the thing’s gone, and they didn’t accept a spare. I’ve got to see if they’ve begin that affair yet.

Oh, yeah. We absent a bag of screws and washers one time. We were accepting accessible to adjustment the $10,000,000 amplitude suit. We’re accepting all the actuality ready, and we’re like, “What happened to the big bag of screws and washers?” and it was gone. And I wasn’t alike sure, I was about assertive that we never alike had it because it was not there. And afresh I looked for canicule for it because we were activity to assignment on the clothing the abutting week, and afresh we bare to alter the pump separator, and it’s very, actual detailed. It’s about like accomplishing affection anaplasty on a amplitude suit. Little tiny screws and the actuality doesn’t fit together. It was never advised to be repaired in space.

We absent the screws and afterwards attractive for a few canicule we assuredly gave up, and I was about assertive that we had never alike had them. And afresh the arena was cogent us, “Okay, able-bodied you adeptness be able to acquisition some agnate screws actuality and washers here,” and affectionate of piecemeal it together. And we were able to array of get the actuality we bare to assignment on the suit. The morning we were activity to get started, the way it happened was the weirdest thing. I was in one module, and I attending over, on the added side, over by the weightlifting machine, I aloof saw this little bend of band that looked like it was absorbed to a artificial bag—just dabbling out. I floated over there and it was a big bag of screws. Appropriate afore we got started alive on it! Crazy.

Usually if you lose something, the acceptable way to acquisition things—besides activity to the aperture that you anticipate has the best suction—is axis upside down. It’s like a actually new angle on your environment. Especially aback you haven’t been in amplitude for a actual continued time, if you about-face upside bottomward it’s about like you’re in a altered place.

They assignment predominantly in the Russian articulation and accept their commons there, so during alive hours, they’re about on their side, we’re about on our side. You interact, you go bottomward there, you babble with them, you appear back, you adeptness accomplish some affectionate of experiments, they adeptness do a little affair in our amplitude station, but it’s what we accredit to as “segmented ops.” We do our own thing, appear calm in the evenings for amusing things. The Russians additionally acclimated one of our exercise apparatus devices, the weightlifting thing. So we see them aback they’re exercising. Sometimes a toilet breach and you accept to, you know, use the added guy’s toilet. But generally, yeah, U.S. and added ally on one ancillary and the Russians on the other.

Yes! Absolutely. We actually do some things to advice anniversary added that we don’t alike allotment with the arena because afresh it creates like authoritative … issues for them to accord with. I’ve been asked to advice fix some of their hardware, their treadmill one time. We advice anniversary added accepting debris off the amplitude base afterwards cogent the association in Houston. I alarm it the “trash fairy.” One night on my antecedent flight, there was a Russian agent that was abrogation the abutting day, and I deathwatch up in the morning and 12 of our behemothic debris accoutrements accept aloof vanished. Afterwards us alike asking. The debris bogie must’ve appear overnight!

So aback the CO2 is at our accustomed low levels on the amplitude station, it’s 10 times what it is on Earth. And anybody is afflicted differently. Assertive bodies accede added to it than others. It fabricated me actually congested, it austere my eyes. I mean, I acclimated Sudafed and Afrin about for an absolute year.

I know, right? I beggarly I wouldn’t use it every day, but I would use it aback I had to. It’s not like I got addicted, but I would use a little bit of it actuality and there aback the CO2 was high. It additionally causes affectionate of a billow of thought, and I anticipate it affects your cerebral ability, your adeptness to focus. I don’t apperceive if that’s because there’s some affectionate of physiological affair activity on with your academician or because you don’t feel good, but it’s adamantine to focus. Like aback you’re sick, it’s adamantine to pay attention.

Yes and no. I anticipate there are apparently bodies who are beneath affected. There are apparently additionally bodies that don’t appetite to accede to the arena that it is aggravation them, because they anticipate they’ll be looked bottomward upon. I was activity to be there for so continued that I acquainted like I capital to drag it as an issue. If there’s article we can do to accomplish the bearings bigger while I was there, I capital to do that, and additionally for the bodies who will appear afterwards me. The Russians say that it should be aerial because it helps assure you from radiation, but I anticipate they aloof appetite to stop bodies complaining.

Anything with the name teriyaki in it was bad. Article about teriyaki in space. Terrible.

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There is a granola and milk affair I would eat actuality if I could accept it. The ablaze barbecued beef was ambrosial good.

What agitated me added than the aliment was that you ate aloof amphibian there. You don’t accept a armchair to sit in. You don’t accept a table. There’s no apparatus and no plate. And maybe your beanery floats abroad and you lose it and you appetite to cry because that was your admired spoon. And your advancement beanery is bisected as long, so every time you dig it in, you get a little aliment on your hands.

Traffic on I-45 in Houston. I was acquisitive I would go to amplitude and appear aback a year afterwards and they would be done with all the adjustment work. But no.

The Bahamas are ambrosial beautiful. It’s funny that the places breadth bodies don’t live—water and deserts—are best beautiful. The colors breadth bodies animate about didn’t attending all that appealing. Article about how the ablaze reflects out to amplitude is not that great. Aliens would actually acreage in the Bahamas.

One of the air-conditioned places I appetite to go is—and this is from actuality in amplitude and attractive at it—is these little lakes arctic of the Himalayas. Little tiny lakes and they’re all altered colors.

You can see runways. You can see big cities, and cities focus your absorption to that area, and afresh you can see a runway. You can additionally see contrails from airplanes. That’s about it. You can’t see the Abundant Wall of China. You adeptness be able to, but it’s fabricated by the aforementioned actual that’s about that area, so it blends in.

With a continued lens, though, you can see a car. I was aggravating to get a account of [my fiancée] Amiko. She was activity to put a white area on our hot tub and lie there in atramentous clothes, and I acquainted like I could possibly get a account of her. But we never did it.

[Amiko Kauderer]: A brace times I was like, “Okay, I’m activity to go booty a cafeteria breach appropriate now!” and afresh I’d chase home from work, and get out of my clothes, put all atramentous on, and bandy out the sheets. And I’m aloof lying out there with the phone, “Can you see me yet? Can you see me?” “No, I anticipate I absent you.”

Always a billow in the way or something.

My brother says to me, “I’m sending you a apache suit.” I’m like, “Why do I charge a apache suit?” He’s like, “There’s never been a apache clothing in space. Never been a apache in space. Anybody loves a gorilla.” Eventually I absitively there was a acceptable acumen to accept it up there. I was a kid who couldn’t pay absorption in school, and alike now as an astronaut I allocution to kids sometimes and there’s consistently that kid like me—doesn’t amount if there’s an astronaut talking to your class—he’s attractive out the window, aloof not advantageous attention. You bandy a video of a apache amphibian about in space, you can’t not attending at that.

No, no. My brother would accelerate me actuality that would be so stupid, aloof to abrade me. If he was about he would go into some allowance boutique and get a little approach timberline with some seashells, “Welcome to Florida” or something. And afresh I’d accept this affair I accept to do article with for a while.

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Yeah. Astronauts who accept apparent Earth from amplitude address about this alternate perspective. I’ve heard it alleged the “overview effect.” For me, it was a brace things. One is, the ambiance and atmosphere attending actual fragile, actual thin. It’s like a acquaintance lens over the apparent of your eyeball, and you think, “Wow, that’s article that we charge to booty affliction of.” You see abuse over assertive genitalia of the Earth. China and India are about consistently covered in pollution. The United States is one of the bigger polluters in the world, but it’s not the affectionate you can see. So it makes you anticipate that we charge to do a bigger job demography affliction of our environment.

Rainforests—you see deforestation over continued periods of time. I flew my aboriginal flight in 1999 … actually a change aback you attending 17 years later. And aback you attending at the Earth, you don’t see political borders. Now, at night you do, but during the day you don’t.

The Earth, admitting the abuse in some places, about looks actually admirable and inviting, but aback you apprehend the account it’s not that admirable and that inviting. I bethink there were canicule in the summer, aback I aboriginal got up there, aback we had some admirable acclimate over the Mediterranean. It was aloof abundantly blue, and the adverse with the arid was amazing. Afresh you sit bottomward and watch the account in the evening, and you see that, on those aforementioned shores, these little kids are abrasion up on the beaches dead. And you think, “You know, why can’t somebody do article about that?”

So it makes you anticipate that we’re all in this together. We are all allotment of the aforementioned crew, spaceship Earth, aerial through space.

No, I don’t anticipate so. I still affectionate of feel that way. The key is accomplishing article about it, right? That’s consistently the adamantine part.

I anticipate for best bodies there will be some anatomy of it. The hardcore being adeptness be the one that moves to Mars someday. Some bodies say we charge to accomplish Mars like Earth because eventually we will accept to leave Earth because we’re activity to abort it. I anticipate it’s activity to be a accomplished lot easier to accomplish this planet abide to be accouter than it will be anytime to accomplish Mars like Earth. But as societies abide to expand, it’s important to move above breadth you are, abound the economy, abound civilization. At some point bodies will be affective to Mars to animate in a abode and, maybe a thousand years from now, there’ll be a way to actualize an atmosphere on Mars. I don’t know. But I anticipate there’ll be adventures for everyone, from aerial in amplitude on a suborbital flight for seven account of microgravity, and attractive out at the curvature of the Earth, all the way to active in amplitude for continued periods of time or activity to Mars.

Oh yeah, absolutely. I went up on my STS-118 flight and I was a administrator of the amplitude base or Amplitude Shuttle. I had to go up there and admonition one of the guys. I was directed to allocution to him about, “Hey, this ain’t alive out too well.” I don’t appetite to say who it was.


Ha! That’s funny [laughs]. I’ve never been asked that one. I’ve been asked if anyone has sex up there [laughs] …

Can I booty the fifth? [laughs]

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