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Camper Trailer Kitchen Storage Ideas

While abounding RV buyers attending accurately for a camper with a bath and shower, abounding models don’t appear with those conveniences so it’s off to the bivouac facilities.


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However, the accountable seems to be a arguable one amid RV owners. Why wouldn’t you use your own RV bath if it’s accessible to you?

The affidavit assume to be as assorted and claimed as the alone owners. Some RV owners are clumsy to use their awkward RV battery due to concrete difficulties. Some don’t appetite the altercation of visiting the dump station.

Many owners use their battery and sink, but not the toilet.  Others use the toilet, but alone for #1. They use bivouac accessories for #2.

Several RV owners chimed in on their own accessories and area they angle (or sit) on the subject:

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“My wife uses the RV bath for all things which I don’t accept a botheration with. I use it for best things but back debris alarm I use the bivouac toilet for businesslike reasons. Vault toilets are alike better. Besides, with the bivouac toilet I alone accept to accord with it once.” – Durb, 2008 Carriage Domani DF300 fifth wheel

“Depends on area we are camping. If we are camping in a amalgamation site, we use our bathroom. If we are camping in a archaic campground, we use the bivouac facilities. Why? Because I’m apathetic and I am not activity to booty the biking bivouac to the dump station. I additionally am NOT activity to use the little dejected tote.” – Terryallan, Coachman Apex 288BH

“Our camper is home abroad from home. We use aggregate aloof like if we were in our stick and brick home.” – Toolguy5, 2013 Chaparral 325MKS

“RVs are basically porta-potties with a kitchen and bedroom.” – coolbreeze01, 2014 Sandsport 26FBSL

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So if the toilet, shower, and bore abide vacant, what abroad can you use your RV bath for? Here are several account from added RV and bivouac owners:

Storage in some RVs aloof doesn’t cut it. The bath and battery again becomes a acceptable abode to authority beyond items like camping chairs, supplies, or added clothes. In the Travels with Birdy blog, a 2012 Jayco Swift bath with an bare battery was adapted into a closet. The buyer installed a Instahanger clothes blind arrangement that can be tucked abroad back not in use.

“We use the bath as advised except for the shower. We don’t use the battery because we’re about consistently in electric-only sites. We use the battery for storage.” – wing_zealot

While it would be accessible to consistently accept a washer and dryer available, sometimes the bore or battery becomes a makeshift laundry facility. The battery again becomes a abode to adhere wet clothes. A folding drying rack can calmly be tucked abroad in the bathroom back not in use.


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“We adhere wet clothes and towels in there but we battery with the alfresco shower. It’s aloof easier and there’s added room, additional we don’t accept to dry the shower.” – bcbouy, 2015 Northstar barter camper

Taking pets on camping trips does crave a bit added gear. Dogs tend to accept ample accoutrements of aliment and bodies charge their own toilet.  Amazon sells a collapsible backing clutter box for beneath $20.

“We additionally use the battery to authority the cat in. We put a clutter box in the shower, shut the bottle door, and back he gets his annular of car sickness, will barf in the cat litter.” – DutchmenSport, 2013 Keystone Outback 298RE 

“Two added things I use the bath for. Reading and thinking.” – weathershak, 2002 Fleetwood Terra 26Y

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So in the end it comes bottomward to if you got it, use it if you want. If you don’t, added amenities are available.

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