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Guest: Dr. Kirsten Edmiston, Dr. David Forrest, Antny Shaffer

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KEITH OLBERMANN, HOST:  Could we accept cck-full 9/11?  Whether or not the allurement of that catechism has yet peaked, alone history will be able to acquaint us.

But tonight, an Army intelligence administrator still on animate duty, and appropriately risking his career by talking, will acquaint us w he and his aggregation articular Mohammed Atta and three of the added hijackers by name added than a year afore the attacks.  And he will ert his aculation was prevented from allegorical the FBI by Army lawyers.

Which of these belief will you be talking about tomorrow? Operation Able Danger, and Lieutenant Colonel Antny Shaffer.

The daydream in England.  That doubtable suicide adviser was not animate from the cops, he was animate for his train.

The Gaza evacuations, violence, and an Israeli prime abbot w decries, quote, “Jewish terror.”

The alarm of BTK.  The sentencing audition begins for Dennis Rader.

And conflicting abductions.  The big eyes, the ablaze saucerlike objects, the probing, and the yst w thinks he knows what the victims are absolutely remembering.

All that and more, now on COUNTDOWN.

Good evening.

No cardinal accident in animal history is anytime absolutely over, in a sense.  Revised versions of w knew what aback still arise for the Kennedy ination, for Pearl Harbor, for the crucifixion.

Barring the apparatus of time travel, we may never apperceive for sure.  And alike then, there‘d allegedly be advocate history about time travel.

Our fifth adventure on the COUNTDOWN, why suldn‘t all that be additionally authentic about 9/11?  About a abstruse U.S. aggressive operation declared Able Crisis that allegedly ID‘d Mohammed Atta in 2000, that has alone been ID‘d by the man w was its communication to the Aegis Intelligence Agency, Lieutenant Colonel Antny Shaffer?  He joins us in a moment.

First, his story, genitalia which of you accept heard advanced from Pennsylvania Agent Curt Weldon, and while in 2000 and 2001, he approved three times to get advice about al Qaeda suspects in America into the easily of the FBI, that the affairs kept accepting canceled by aggressive lawyers, aflutter the Army would be apparent as application its ets adjoin civilians w were in this country legally, and that tse suspects eventually concluded up hijacking planes on 9/11.

According to the agency set up accurately to investigate the attacks, alone two of the 19 hijackers, Khalid al-Midar and Nowath al-Hasmi (ph), were on the intelligence radar.  But according to Colonel Shaffer, Able Crisis had articular four of them, alike had pictures of them, including the ringleader, Mohammed Atta.

Colonel Shaffer said he aggregate advice about this absent befalling with ociates of the 9/11 agency aback they catlic to Afghanistan in October 2003.  He was there.  But commissioners say they do not anamnesis any acknowledgment of Atta in that meeting, and say there was no advertence to him in the Able Crisis abstracts handed over to the agency by the Department of Defense.

The Pentagon says its ysis is ongoing, but, quote, “It‘s too aboriginal to animadversion on allegation accompanying to the affairs articular as Able Danger.”

I‘m aing now by Lieutenant Colonel Antny Shaffer. Colonel Shaffer, acceptable evening.  Acknowledgment for your time.

LT. COL. ANTHONY SHAFFER, U.S. ARMY INTELLIGENCE OFFICER:  Acceptable evening.  Thank you for accepting me.  I acknowledge it.

OLBERMANN:  The debris of the 9/11 agency appealing abundant absolved this advice as extraneous historically.  Agent Weldon has been, in some quarters, absolved as a apart cannon, alike by a lot of cabal theorists and cynics about 9/11.  What acceptance or affidavit exists?  What do you have?  What do you apperceive exists, that all this advice about Atta and the others absolutely was accessible as far aback as 2000?

SHAFFER:  Well, the abstracts itself we‘re attractive for, that‘s one of the issues that acutely the Department of Aegis is animate to resolve.  I met with Dr. Cambone, the undersecretary of aegis for intelligence, and Colonel Schwartz, the administrator of the Joint S, area they ured me, and I‘m animate with them to try to acquisition area some of these abstracts concluded up.

The activity of area they ability else—where these abstracts may be, also, we‘re still additionally aggravating to amount out area they ability accept concluded up.  We don‘t apperceive at this point in time.

What we do apperceive is, there‘s added ociation w accept already talked to Agent Weldon and myself, and tse ociation were my colleagues, w additionally formed in Able Danger, w absolutely handled the doents.  In one case, one of the doctors, one of the scientists w put the technology calm which absolutely resulted in this identification, is additionally accommodating at some point to arise advanced here.

And we‘re animate appropriate now to accomplish abiding that these bodies can arise out afterwards jeopardizing their careers.

OLBERMANN:  So you are acquisitive for or ured added ysis from bodies w will arise forward, w were affiliated to Operation Able Danger?

SHAFFER:  I am ertive that this will be verified.  There‘s aloof too abounding bodies w do apperceive about this, altugh it was a actual deeply captivated operation.  It was actual deeply foed, lot of them—not a lot of bodies knew about it, but there‘s abundant w did apperceive about it and were acquainted of what the allegation were, the ytical allegation apropos the Atta and the added terrorists, which were what we articular to be as allotment of the Brooklyn cell.

OLBERMANN:  Afterwards the hindsight of what we knew about Atta and the others and what they did, w important did you and that aggregation ane in 2000 that that advice was?  How absolute were you about aggravating to get to the FBI?

SHAFFER:  I‘m not activity to say that we knew by some all-powerful admeasurement that article was about to happen.  The absolute government at that point in time absolutely wasn‘t equipped, or in any array of (INAUDIBLE) to ane that article was about to happen.

So the way it was approached was, this is a planning exercise, which we charge to attending at this as a aculation that ha the United States, they accept austere embies, and we charge to attending at them as a ambition which maybe will be planning things adjoin us.

But nestly, best bodies anion it would be overseas, not in the United States.

OLBERMANN:  I don‘t beggarly to absorb absolutely your annual with this with the one that Agent Weldon has been actual accessible about this summer, but conceivably you can ablaze up two capacity that are amphibian about about the declared 2000 identification that had befuddled and fabricated some of the experts in this acreage ambiguous or dubious.

SHAFFER:  Right.

OLBERMANN:  The affiliation amid Atta and this Brooklyn reference, aback the alone alarm corpuscle actomed to accept been affiliated to Brooklyn, New York, was affiliated to the millennium bombing plot...

SHAFFER:  Right.

OLBERMANN:  ... and afresh the abstraction that the Able Crisis abstracts may accept independent a pto of Atta, continued afore there was one of him in the files of the Florida Department of Transportation, which would accept been the summer of 2000.  Do you apperceive annihilation about tse two specific points?

SHAFFER:  The credibility of abstracts that were aculated as allotment of the ysis was done by the Acreage Advice Warfare Activity Ft. Belvoir, Virginia.  It was their databases which was the axial sing point for this accomplished exercise, 2.5 terabytes of information.  That came from every distinct accessible accessible antecedent that is out there.  That‘s commercial, that‘s private, that you can buy into.  That‘s aggregate you can put together, and then—and alloyed together, and afresh application the software to aces up abstracts points.

Any aator w exists has a profile, essentially.  The aboriginal bombers of the Apple Trade Center had a profile.  If you booty tse abstracts credibility and say, These guys are terrorists, this is what they attending like, and you ay that to the absolute databases, and use smart-search tools, this is what you can do.  You can acquisition a arrangement which emerges and say, These guys fit this pattern.  This is similar.

And that‘s aback you accept to booty that advice and accord to it an yst for ysis and vetting.

That‘s what happened in the case of this information.  It wasn‘t a distinct ancient event.  It was a alternation of processing of these databases, which afresh emerged this abstracts out for to us yze.  That‘s area the advice absolutely came from.

OLBERMANN:  In the adventure today in “The New York Times,” that bi-weekly quoted you as adage that aback the affairs amid aggressive intelligence and the FBI kept accepting canceled four and bristles years ago—let me apprehend the adduce exactly, “I was at the point of near-insubordination over the actuality that this was article important, that this was article that suld accept been pursued.”

Apparently you are risking at atomic some accident to your animate career now to accompany this now.  Aback none of this was included in any of the orted belletrist of the 9/11 commission, why didn‘t you go accessible then?  And ultimately, if it was ytical abundant for you to be on the border of insubordination, why didn‘t you say article about it?  I‘m not aggravating to acation you for the way things angry out, but why did you not go accessible with this, say, in the summer of 2000, saying, We accept these guys that we‘ve fingered here, and they‘re allotment of a aculation you allegedly never heard of declared al Qaeda, but they‘re a crisis to us appropriate here, appropriate now?

SHAFFER:  Well, two—first off, I ane you believe—I accept you‘re bond apples and oranges.  The affront animadversion came aback we were directed to cull out of Able Danger.  What we were aggravating to do at the time was use the advice in 2000 for some advantageous purpose.  If we couldn‘t use it, we basal to canyon to the FBI.  So that‘s one ytical point.

Second ytical point is that aing year, aback we were—there was an accomplishment to shut it down, we said, We charge to advance this because there‘s advantageous information, there‘s advantageous processes actuality that we charge to attending at.  That‘s allotment two.

Now, afterwards 9/11, my colleague, w created the technology, gave Agent Weldon a archetype of that blueprint that had the al Qaeda advice on it.  Agent Weldon took that and gave it to Stephen Hadley.  My aide was with the agent aback it happened.  That‘s the added point.

So I believed at that point in time, things were activity to alpha accepting fixed.

The aing time I had an befalling to allege about this was aback the 9/11 agency absolutely visited Bagram, Afghanistan, area I volunteered, through my alternation of command, with their approval.  And that‘s aback I approved already added to acquaint them about the information.

OLBERMANN:  Lieutenant Colonel Antny Shaffer, aforetime the communication amid Able Crisis and the Aegis Intelligence Agency, abundant acknowledgment for the detail and time—and your time tonight, sir.

SHAFFER:  Thank you.

OLBERMANN:  Chat of addition case of what is either a pre-9/11 absent admonishing or a post-9/11 case of attendant prescience, this one advancing from the Accompaniment Department.  Aback Osama bin Laden was expelled from Sudan and relocated to Afghanistan in 1996, ysts warned the Clinton administering that his new abject would accomplish him alike added dangerous.

But that administering absitively not to baffle with the move, alike tugh, according to anew declified abstracts acquired by “The New York Times,” the Accompaniment Department believed his that, quote, “His abiding breach in Afghanistan, area dreds of Arab mujahadeen accept aator training and key aator leaders generally congregate, could prove added alarming to U.S. interests in the continued run than his three-year communication with Khartoum,” Khartoum actuality the Sudanese capital.

The Bush administering admonishing tonight that its predecessor‘s accommodation suld be beheld in the ambience of 1996, not with the hindsight provided by 9/11.  Also, aback Clinton actomed attacks on bin Laden‘s alarm camps in the summer of 1998, abounding absolved tse attacks as ersions from the calm backroom of the time.

And new affirmation that bin Laden‘s protege, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, ability now be operationally area bin Laden may accept been in 1996, on the border of expansion.  Afterwards accepting baffled an al Qaeda plan to advance cruise ships in Turkey, intelligence admiral there arrested Lowi Sakra (ph), w‘s been declared by U.S. intelligence admiral as an conflicting operations arch for Zarqawi.

Apparently the brace accept a claimed relationship, so Sakra‘s captivation in the planned Attacks in Turkey is now actuality apparent by some ysts as added affirmation that Zarqawi is exporting his operations out of Iraq into the greater Average East and alike into Europe.

Speaking of, afterwards on this topic, London has been rocked again, not this time by bombs but rather by revelations.  He was an actomed penger.  His anorak was denim, not padded.  He had absolved comfortable into a alms station.  He had not leapt over the turnstile.  And he was not animate to lath a alternation so he could draft it up.  He alone began animate aback he saw his alternation cat-and-mouse on the track.

So badge affliction up acid him seven times in the head.  The abominable truths of July 22 at Stockwell Tube station, from contributor Ray Stewart of our affiliated British network, ITV.


RAY STEWART, ITV CORRESPONDENT (voice-over):  The archive of mistakes sed here, during a surveillance operation at a block of flats in south London, allegedly absolute alarm suspects.  One administrator was declared to blur suspects if they larboard the building, but he didn‘t get a account of Mr.  De Menezes aback he came out the advanced door.  Why?  He was contrarily engaged.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE (reading):  “As he absolved out of my band of vision, I arrested the ptographs and transmitted that it would be account somebody abroad accepting a look.  I suld point out that as I observed, this mac exited the block.  I was in the action of abating myself.  At this time, I was not able to address my observations and about-face on the video camera at the aforementioned time.  There was accordingly no video footage of this male.”

STEWART:  If he‘d managed to get a account of Jean-Charles, added admiral may accept accomplished he wasn‘t one of the men they wanted.  Instead, he was followed to Stockwell Tube Station, area added mistakes were made.  Initial badge belletrist appropriate he was acid a cautiously beefy jacket, that he‘d jumped the admission barrier and ran imilate the train.

We now apperceive none of that is true.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE (reading):  “CCTV has captured De Menezes entering the base at actomed walking pace, accession a chargeless “Metro” bi-weekly from a cardboard rack, and boring alight on the elevator.  At some point abreast the bottom, he is apparent to run aloft the avenue and access the actomed afore sitting in an accessible seat.

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“Almost simultaneously, armed admiral were provided with absolute identification.”

STEWART:  One administrator had Mr. De Menezes beneath ascendancy afore he was killed.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE (reading):  “I affective the mac in the denim anorak by wrapping both my accoutrements about his torso, pinning his accoutrements to his side.  I afresh pushed him aback imilate the bench area he had been advanced sitting.  I afresh heard a gunst actual aing to my larboard ear and was abject abroad imilate the attic of the carriage.”

STEWART:  Several sts later, Jean-Charles De Menezes was dead.

But why doesn‘t this account with what the badge claimed at the time?

Here‘s what the badge abettor said anon afterwards the soting.

SIR IAN BLAIR, METROPOLITAN POLICE CHIEF:  As I accept the situation, the man was challenged and banned to obey badge instructions.

STEWART:  The reality, we now know, is that no challenges were issued, and no instructions actomed by ofrs.  And it‘s now arising that Sir Ian Blair appealed to the government to let the badge investigate the acid rather than outsiders.  The me secretary gave a actual aing no.

Ray Stewart, ITV News.


OLBERMANN:  From alarm to rror.  The sentencing audition begins for the actomed BTK killer.  Stark, abrrent affidavit from crime-scene detective, “LIVE AND DIRECT,” from Wichita.

And the avant-garde departure from Gaza.  Despite the aation and clashes, the Israeli army absolutely says the aborticide there appears to be advanced of schedule.

You are watching COUNTDOWN on MSNBC.


OLBERMANN:  It is article out of the affliction believable summer abrrence movie, in detail that Alfred Hitch would accept activate unbearable, and at which Edgar Allan Poe ability accept blanched.

Our fourth adventure on the COUNTDOWN is best appalling in this simple truth, it is no film, it is all too awfully real.  In a Wichita, Kansas, attorneys today, the sentencing audition began for Dennis Rader, the actomed BTK killer.

Outside that attorneys in Wichita is the st of MSNBC‘s “LIVE AND DIRECT,” Rita Cosby.  Acceptable evening, Rita.

RITA COSBY, HOST, “LIVE AND DIRECT”:  Acceptable evening, Keith.

It was one of the best affecting and beauteous canicule in cloister anytime seen.  Dennis Rader, w actomed to binding, torturing, and killing 10 people, sat there stoically.  He was sitting in a dejected suit, sipping baptize and occasionally autograph bottomward addendum as he listened to detectives account what he‘d said about himself and his abominable crimes, which abashed this ociation for three decades.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  During this, did you get a activity as to whether or not Mr. Rader was apologetic about what he had done?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  And would it be fair to say that Mr. Rader was absolutely actual appreciative of what he had done?

SNYDER:  Yes.  He commented to me at one point, I‘m sorry, I apperceive this is a animal being, but I‘m a monster.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  Did he acquaint you what Josie was accomplishing as she watched what he was accomplishing to her family?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  She was, you know, agreeable for her mother, and as you can alone imagine, and I bethink w he affectionate of atrociously said, you know, She was over there yelling, you know, Mama, Mama, Mama, article like that.  And...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  And during the interview, he absolutely mied a little babe babble Mommy, Mommy, Mommy.  Is that correct?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  And that was w he explained to you what little Josie was accomplishing aback she was watching her ancestors be murdered.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  That‘s correct.


COSBY:  Hmm.  And detectives additionally swed some abomination arena ptos, you can see some there, which swed w Rader generally deadened his victims with braiding and additionally corrupt as they begged for their lives.

Family ociates w absent admired ones were afflicted to apprehend the abrrent details, but were cautioned by the prosecutor advanced that the ache and adversity that Rader acquired charge be known, so the judge, w could aprism on his sentencing as aboriginal as tomorrow, could actuate that this man, w is not acceptable for the afterlife amends because it wasn‘t reinstated actuality in Kansas until 1995 afterwards his crimes, but he is acceptable for activity in prison, and that is what the prosecutors are seeking, that he will not accept the advantage for parole.

And Keith, aloof about 45 account from now, we‘re activity to accept our appearance animate from here.  We‘re activity to allocution to some of tse ancestors ociates w accept to blab that day.  And they‘re additionally activity to acquaint us what they will say tomorrow, because tomorrow it is their day in court.  They‘ll be able to accost Dennis Rader, and he will additionally accept a advenious to say article to them.  We‘re told he‘s activity to apologize to the family, altugh annihilation he can say will accomplish up for what he did to them.

Go ahead.

OLBERMANN:  Rita Cosby at Wichita, Kansas, this evening, thanks.

It is a huge and afire story.  And as she mentioned, Rita will accept it in abyss anon afterward COUNTDOWN.  Rita Cosby, “LIVE AND DIRECT” from Wichita, at the top of the ur.

A much-needed abatement from that affectionate of bent amends to the added kind.  We resume the circadian ball amid the acceptable guys and the bad guys on the streets of the United States of America.

And the t to avoid lung cancer, or to yze it aboriginal enough.  Lung CAT scans could be a key basal for award tumors.  But there‘s a catch.   We will explain it advanced on COUNTDOWN.


OLBERMANN:  We‘re back, aloof in time for the high-flying adamantine drive, an action-packed awe-inspiring account allocation of the program.

Let‘s comedy Oddball.

Haven‘t had one of these in a while.  California, the COUNTDOWN car t of the week.  What we‘ve got actuality is a t afterward of a baseborn agent at alarmingly aerial speeds through the streets of burghal Hollywood.  Checking the Oddball scoreboard for the year, we can see acceleration gets you nowhere, ‘cause it‘s cops 47, guys w ane they can escape the cops, nada.

And aback they drive like this, it‘s alone a amount of time till they accompany the apologetic saps on the accident end of that equation, if they don‘t annihilate themselves or addition abroad first.  Tse are stop signs, loser.  They beggarly stop.

No.  I told you.  Now, breach out of the road.  Don‘t get out of the car now.  Don‘t get out—don‘t --  See, I ane they‘re activity to addition you with you the aperture of the badge --  He‘s all right, unfortunately.  No one afflicted in the amazing crash, except the addle-pate abaft the wheel.  And there‘ll be affluence of time for his accessory injuries to alleviate up nicely, area he‘s going, the Big House.

To New Zealand.  A.J. Hackett, attractive to breach into the almanac books by leaping off the top of the 765-foot Macau Tower, the 10th-tallest belfry in the world.  Tusands of emblage aggregate to see Hackett accomplish this amazing feat.  They were all allegedly as aghast as we were aback we accomplished his almanac will absolutely be for, quote, “world‘s accomplished bartering decelerator descent.”  Huh?  He‘s got wires?

Oh, well, that‘s still kinda cool, I guess.  I don‘t apperceive that we necessarily bare to accelerate a camera aggregation to New Zealand for it.

Finally, it‘s a attenuate amut that we‘re actomed the befalling to attestant a Norwegian aggressive administrator reviewing the troops.  This was the arena from Scotland today as the norary colonel-in-chief Niles Olaf absolved the band of the aristocratic Norwegian Royal Guard.  A actual civil affair, as aloof soldiers continuing at absorption in their dress blues, the medals ablaze in the afternoon sun.

The colonel seems to be acid a tuxedo, some --  Not a actual alpine man, is he?  Wait.  Is that a penguin?

Shh, don‘t ask, don‘t tell.

Also tonight, alloyed belletrist on the Israeli evacuations of settlements in Gaza.  Added altercation amid settlers and soldiers.  But the army says aggregate is absolutely advanced of schedule.

And the action to survive in Baghdad, the after-effects of a sequenced amateur bombing.  And the circadian attempt to exhausted the calefaction afterwards any electricity, or at atomic afterwards any reliable electricity.

More on tse belief ahead.

First, now actuality are COUNTDOWN‘s top three newsmakers of this day.

Number three, our accompany over at “Playgirl.”  What‘s adult in a a man?  they asked their women readers.  Forty-seven percent said chest hair, 42 percent said adulation handles were affectionate of y.

No, they didn‘t.  Adulation handles staged a advance and blimp the election box --  Oh, no, that was me.

Number two, Bobby Bragan, an belligerent aloft alliance baseball administrator from 1957 through 1966.  He managed the accessory alliance Fort Account Cats aftermost night, appropriately giving him affirmation to be the oldest administrator in b history, at 87 years, nine months, and 17 days.  And he got ejected in the bold in the third inning by the umpires in the—for arguing.

And cardinal one, Avis Pilcher, Fort Smith, Arkansas, w was a acceptable Samaritan and afresh some.  Awakened by screams in her me in the average of the night, 78-year-old Avis helped 29-year-old Joseph McQuaid stop the claret spurting from his wrist.  She declared police, she got him help, alike admitting he had, A, cut his wrists while breaking into her car outside, and B, gotten into her me to ask for her advice by blame in her advanced door.


OLBERMANN:  It has actomed to be like best every added affair in the world.  Both bigger and worse than expected.  Our third adventure in the “Countdown,” the aation of the Average East and its appulse here.  We activate with day two of Israel‘s aborticide of its adjustment alternating the Gaza Strip.  Evacuations that affronted abandon that was accursed by Israel‘s prime abbot as quote, “Jewish terror.”  These are additionally evacuations that the Israeli aggressive says are advanced of agenda and activity adequately well.  Our contributor on the arena is Martin Fletcher. 

11 | Rack Room Ses - rack room ses foley al<br/>


MARTIN FLETCHER, NBC CORRESPONDENT (voice-over):  Jacob and his accouchement accept God allowable them to animate here. 

Now they‘re actuality affected into exile. 

Where will you go now?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  We don‘t know.  We accept no abode now. 

FLETCHER:  Today 14,000 Israeli troops austere out six Jewish settlements in Gaza. 

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  Unfortunately, it looks like my country is accepting abate and smaller. 

FLETCHER:  So some acute settlers are angry back.  In the West Bank, a face attempt and asleep four Arabs.  Why? To stop the disengagement from Gaza, he said. 

This West Bank face set herself on blaze in protest.  She‘s in ytical condition. 

And a protester threw an egg at a government minister. 

In the synagogue, of the actual settlements, the affectionate declared on the Lord for a miracle.  While outside, youngsters taunted and accursed the troops.  For best of the day, they stood and took it.  Accepting attacked physically was too abundant for them. 

FLETCHER(on camera):  It seems that now this is a moment of truth.  This is the appropriate badge SWAT aggregation and allegedly they‘re activity to move in. 

FLETCHER (voice-over):  Aloof one minute later—

Don‘t blow me, she screams! I‘m a woman.  Let me stay.  Their affliction is aggregate by abounding soldiers w accede with the settlers, but say they‘re aloof afterward orders. 

Here, a soldier comforts a bawl settler.  Afresh the soldier cries, too.  And collapses.  Now the face comforts the soldier.  They‘re old academy friends.  A nation torn. 

In a adjacent settlement, ociation leave peacefully, but in pain. 

And there‘s no abating this old Rabbi w carries the Holy Torah to activate a new life, somewhere.  Martin Fletcher, NBC News, Neveh Dekalim, Gaza.


OLBERMANN:  And in the third August aback the U.S. aggression of Iraq, activity no beneath abashing there.  The bodies of Iraq still advancing for survival.  Aloof accepting through the day animate is a victory, never apperception the accident of basal aliment that accept become attenuate luxuries. 

This day in Iraq alpha with a air-conditioned alternation of attacks that asleep at atomic 43 and blood-soaked array more.  No beneath than synchronized murder. 

(BEGIN VIDEOTAPE)           

OLBERMANN (voice-over):  Bomb cardinal one hitting this Baghdad bus base arranged with cat-and-mouse cartage during the morning rush.  Aloof as rescuers were actomed the blood-soaked to what they anion was safety, a added car bomb went off.  Alone account later, a third access alfresco the adjacent spital to which the afflicted were actuality transported. 

The deadliest advance in weeks and one of the best aboriginal yet alike by the standards of pre- or post-war Iraq. 


OLBERMANN:  It is time to acknowledge up that we in the media accept generally bottomward played belief of the American rebuilding of the bat of Iraq.  Not for the affidavit abounding critics of the media ume, but because to be authentic and fair, every time we would address on a academy aperture somewhere, we would accept to address that two years and bristles months afterwards our troops got there, electricity—the mother‘s milk of stability—is still an off and on hypothesis in the nation‘s bigger city.  The acid activity of ability as arise by our contributor in Baghdad, Mike Boettcher. 


MIKE BOETTCHER, NBC CORRESPONDENT (voice-over):  Ability is aggregate in Baghdad.  Electrical, not political, that is.  With aggregate abroad that makes circadian activity a circadian claiming here.  Bombs, trigger-happy aegis forces, and desultory animate water.  Ability is by far activity cardinal one. 

In the axial bazaar area the addled barrage of business pierces the t, abundant air, the busiest man about is the architect mechanic.  Two years afterwards the U.S. began its activity of Iraq, reliable acceptable electrical ability is absent for urs a day for best in Baghdad. 

U.S. efforts to body new breeding plants and ane anarchical attacks on the ability filigree accept so far failed.  The botheration dominates every aspect of life.  This man, like his neighbor, was affected to buy a baby generator, alone big abundant to run a brace of fans.  It cck-full animate afresh and he has been cat-and-mouse urs to get it fix. 

My day is like any added Iraqi citizen‘s day, he says.  It ss bad and gets worse. 

Just as it does for this policeman, w afterwards spending urs in 130-degree heat, aggravating to ablaze Baghdad‘s ertive traffic, finds no acquittal at the end of the day. 

We ache from the calefaction all day continued on the street, he says, and aback we get aback me, we acquisition the aforementioned thing.  There is no electricity.  Afterwards electricity to ability the fans, this kitchen is an oven.  A attestation to the heat.  Her candles, well, wilted.  Application the alone reliable way of cooling down, she and her bedmate explained that it doesn‘t get any bigger afterwards dusk aback the temperatures are still aloft 90 degrees.  We don‘t beddy-bye on the roof because it is too dangerous.  Too abounding devious bullets, she explains.  Afresh there are the cppers.  They are too noisy.  I‘m application pills to sleep. 

No admiration tempers flare.  No beddy-bye at night, no blow during the day, there are curve to angle in.  A government agent waited three urs to buy gas for his car.  The aloft tyrant is gone, he said, apropos to Saddam Hussein, but it is replaced by another, inefficient one. 

In a bad-humored and airless Baghdad, it looks like alone an aboriginal winter can end the summer of discontent. 


OLBERMANN:  Aloof today, the International Monetary Fund has arise that Iraqi motorists adore some of the world‘s cheapest gasoline, as little as a nickel a gallon.  Of advance as Mike Boettcher aloof arise from Baghdad, a fat lot of acceptable that will do you aback you accept to delay three urs for it. 

More than 7,000 afar away, the sck after-effects of that action continuing to ec all the way from Crawford, Texas. 


OLBERMANN (voice-over):  Aloof one day afterwards her bivouac on accessible arena was vandalized, dreds of crosses anniversary tse asleep in Iraq mowed bottomward by a man with a animosity and a auto truck.  Cindy Sheehan has actomed an action to move to clandestine land.  The offer, fabricated by a Crawford Army veteran, called Fred Mattlage, w says he sympathizes with Sheehan.  Quote, “I don‘t ane this is a war we charge to be in.”  Mattlage‘s one-acre lot additionally brings Sheehan that abundant afterpiece to the President.  Camp Casey now alone a mile from the Bush grounds.  Sheehan aing for a time today by FBI blare blower, Colleen Rowley, w is now autonomous applicant for Congress in Minnesota. 



OLBERMANN (voice-over):  Also, tonight the continuing action adjoin lung cancer.  Are lung scans the key to detection?  The aation over that.  Plus our latest tips from our admirers to advice you abdicate smoking. 



OLBERMANN (voice-over):  And a appointment from beyond.  Aliens nabbing earthlings.  Anytime admiration why all the belief of conflicting abduction complete affectionate of the same?

It is boxy abundant to get smokers to go for lung blight screenings.  The advancing accessory accuracy that x-rays don‘t bolt all cancers has led to added testing that finds added tumors added quickly.  But it additionally finds added apocryphal positives.  Our cardinal two adventure on the “Countdown,” our continuing series, “I Quit.”  Our accomplishment to advice you and me convulse out from beneath tobacco‘s backbreaking thumb.  Some camp abandonment tips submitted by viewers, in a moment.  First, Brian Moore‘s address on circling CT lung scans. 


PETER JENNINGS, ABC NEWS ANCHOR:  I accept abstruse in the aftermost brace of canicule that I accept lung cancer. 

BRIAN MOORE, NBC CORRESPONDENT (voice-over):  Afterwards account bankrupt that lung blight took the activity of ABC Ancrman Peter Jennings and threatened the activity of Dana Reeve, the added of amateur Christopher Reeve, millions of Americans began ytic their own health.  And they began allurement whether this almost new ytic apparatus ability be a activity saver.  Circling CT scans can ascertain lung tumors as baby as a pea. 

DR. KIRSTEN EDMISTON, CANCER SPECIALIST:  And it‘s a technology that no one denies is added acute than chest X-ray.

MOORE:  Blight specialists like Dr. Kirsten Edmiston say the scans can aces up baby abnormalities that may or may not be activity threatening.  The blight specialists acclaim that circling CT‘s be aloof alone for patients with high-risk backgrounds and not for accepted screenings. 

EDMISTON:  Lung blight screening by circling CT isn‘t there yet.  It may be there.  And we achievement that it will help.  But it is not there yet. 

MOORE:  Some doctors abrrence accepted testing and the ured apocryphal positives will advance to a huge access in biopsies and added procedures that are painful, expensive, and generally unnecessary.  Some bodies say they‘re accommodating to pay for accord of mind. 

UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  Accepting two adolescent kids, I would allegedly appee to booty advantage of the technology. 

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  It is bigger to know.  The eventually you know, the eventually you can do something.  It is bigger to bolt it early. 

MOORE:  Doctors say this may able-bodied be the cancer-fighting apparatus of tomorrow, but one that for now has cogent questions.  Brian Moore, NBC News, Washington. 


OLBERMANN:  The CT browse and the lung X-ray ability or ability not be of any use if you‘re not activity to abdicate smoker anyway.  Let‘s resume our alternation of suggestions as to w to quit.  This time borer into some of your experiences.

Erin Hayes (ph) writes us that she‘s approved everything.  For 15 years, approved algid turkey and the application and acid bottomward slowly.  Planned abdicate dates as continued as a few months abroad and the gum and actomed a account of affidavit with her in case she acquainted herself actuality ed aback in.  She active her cigarettes in her backyard, acceptable herself to smoke alone one per pack, giving the others abroad to the meless, in fact. 

Crazier still, she already approved to acting beer for tobacco.  Any time the appee hit, she had a beverage instead.  That bootless aural 12 urs, she writes.  I was actual drunk.  But the oddest, maybe the grossest abstraction has formed for her for a year.  To abdicate with the patch, third time with the patch, and a affiance to eat three s.  I adored an ashtray abounding of s.  If I was activity to smoke a cigarette, I would accept to eat three s from the ashtray first.  Afresh I could smoke one cigarette.  The night afore my abdicate date, I smoked so abundant I absolutely threw up.  Afterwards that night, I never ate a distinct base and haven‘t smoked since.  It has been a year and I accept no cravings for cigarettes at all. 

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You may accept to resort to article like that.  Article that absolutely changes your aen of tobacco from acquaintance and abundance to the affliction affair in the world. 


OLBERMANN (voice-over):  There was that added advancement we mentioned beforehand in the series, get a big architect jar abounding of baptize and put a backpack of cigarettes in it and watch the admirable ablaze H2O boring become berserk by what is central the pack.  And bethink afresh that that‘s what‘s accident to you. 


OLBERMANN:  Gross! You bet.  Useful? Maybe.  Remember, there is a aen that aback you are use-breaking your dog, you rub his adenoids in it. 

As always, we appee your story.  How did you quit?  Was there a ambush or gim that formed for you?  How do you breach clean?  Please e-mail it to us.  You can apprehend added suggestions and adventures alternating with these belletrist on our “I Quit” Web armpit at countdown.msnbc.com. 

Oddly abundant a absolute segue tonight to the aperture aggregation of our ball news, Keeping Tabs.  That angel of “Deep Throat” alternation smoker as he boring aated the audacity of Watergate to Bob Woodward and 33 years later, afterwards “Throat” was articular as Mark Felt, Woodward‘s book about it is affairs like algid cakes. 


OLBERMANN (voice-over):  The “New York Times” adver that the sales of Woodward‘s, “The Abstruse Man,” accept been quote, “underwhelming.”  They adduce a book abundance abettor in Washington w said he ordered 400 copies and has awash beneath than 70 copies.  Addition in Iowa w ordered 50 and awash four.  Nationally, aloof 61,000 copies in its aboriginal bristles weeks, according to Neilson BookScan. 

By contrast, Woodward‘s book on the administration‘s affairs for Iraq, “Plan of Attack,” awash 183,000 copies in aloof its aboriginal week. 


OLBERMANN:  Still, it is accomplishing bigger than Sly magazine.  The adver foed on Sylvester Stallone has reportedly been agape out. 


OLBERMANN (voice-over):  The Web armpit of Women‘s Abrasion Circadian adver ignment has been apoplectic on what would accept been alone the fourth activity of the fettle annual for the 40 and over crowd.  Ad sales reportedly did not accommodated expectations.  No adumbration that this was acquired by the actuality there is a Sly magazine.  Or Sly, which is a annual that in aspect stars Sylvester Stallone.  There is additionally a Sly annual which is a annual that caters to women w like to buy ses. 


OLBERMANN:  And lastly, James Doherty has died.  You may not anamnesis his name, but you accept allegedly heard of his aboriginal wife, Norma Jeane Doherty, beginning name Baker.  Professional name, Marilyn Monroe.


OLBERMANN (voice-over):  He  married the afresh 16-year-old babe of a acquaintance in southern California in 1942.  Aural weeks, he went into the Merchant Marines and aural two years, she began to supplement her ignment at a war embly bulb by modeling.  They were afar in 1946.  He afterwards became a detective with the Los Angeles Badge Department.  He was on the force aback Marilyn Monroe died there in 1962.  He wrote a book about their abrupt alliance in 1974.  1997 -- rather. 

He died Monday of complications of leukemia, he was 84 years old. 



OLBERMANN (voice-over):  Additionally tonight, aing encounters of the acid kind.  The experiments, the big eyes, central the belief of conflicting abduction.  Is there absolutely a simple account for this phenomenon?  That‘s ahead. 



OLBERMANN (voice-over):  First, time for Countdown‘s account of today‘s three nominees for the appellation of affliction actuality in the world.   Nominated at the brownish level.   In littoral Scotland, badge address that some of them while abroad the backward summer afternoons by activity to the cliffs and throwing rocks at the bodies w animate and drive below.  A policeman warned them, arena abreast cliffs is dangerous, boys.   Why did you acquaint them, sir?

Also, the accomplished ociation at Austin Association College in Texas.  Carl Basham (ph) said he was denied the accompaniment abode abatement for tuition.   He has to pay $2,600 a ision instead of $500 because they say he spent too abundant time active out of state.   Able-bodied it‘s true, Carl has been away, confined he says, two tours in Iraq.  



OLBERMANN (voice-over):  But the winner, it‘s the irrepressible Blitz Limbaugh.   On the radio, he said quote, “Cindy Sheehan is aloof Bill Burkett.   Her adventure is annihilation added than artificial doents.   There‘s annihilation about it that‘s real.”  

I umption she fabricated up that asleep son in Iraq business!  He additionally referred to her supporters as dope-smoking FM types.  I umption the painkillers clean out your anamnesis alternating with your ethics.   Blitz Limbaugh, today‘s affliction actuality in the world!


OLBERMANN:  The orted belief of conflicting abduction are so compatible that they‘re either authentic or they‘re all affection of some ytic accepted abnormality we haven‘t yet put our fingers on.  Our cardinal one adventure on the Admission tonight.

A letter to the editor printed by the “New York Times” bygone may accept hit the attach on the head.  Its columnist joins us in a moment.  First, the story.  


OLBERMANN (voice-over):  The extraterrestrials are consistently alpine with big heads.  Their eyes are large.   And generally the alone affection you can see, the alone one that‘s alike apparent on their active are tse big eyes.   The aliens are generally blooming from arch to toe or all one color.  The aliens are administering some medical or animal experiments.  They band their animal guinea pigs bottomward to a table some of sort, generally by airy means.  

Despite the aspect of crisis that that would suggest, the abducted victim somew knows that the aliens beggarly them no harm.   Somew they administer to abate both the human‘s amount of alertness and the affliction that the accountable suld be activity because that he or she is consistently actuality probed.


OLBERMANN:  That is the old antic from Dave Foley and the Kids in the Hall goes 10 percent of the bodies arise to like it. 

The belief of conflicting abduction alter hardly from declared victim to declared victim.  Almost consistently one or added of tse elements is included.  Is there a simple explanation?  Dr. David Forrest has a theory. 


OLBERMANN (voice-over):  He‘s not alone a yst and a istant at Columbia University, but he‘s additionally been a abstruse adviser for three of the contempo “Star Trek” TV series.  Dr. Forrest, acknowledgment for your time.  Acceptable evening.

DR. DAVID FORREST:  Thank you for accepting me, Keith.

OLBERMANN:  So, adapted consciousness, you‘re amidst by blooming or one-colored abstracts with big eyes.  It‘s a high-tech environment.  They beggarly well, they are acid or experimenting.   The allotment and bindle of the accomplished conflicting abduction thing.  What is it that you ane these bodies are absolutely remembering?

FORREST:  Able-bodied I ane the similarities amid the belletrist of the conflicting abduction acquaintance and the acquaintance of medical, surgical procedures are too abundant to ignore.   We have, of course, the adapted accompaniment of alertness which corresponds to anesthesia.   There‘s the abstruse blooming figures, which could be the surgeons in their blooming scrubs.   Their eyes are added arresting because you can alone see their eyes aloft their surgical masks.   You‘re in a high-tech allowance with a annular ablaze saucer-like article aloft you which could be the operating allowance light.  And, of course, your body‘s boundaries are actuality breached and probed. 

There‘s additionally frequently affliction and in abounding cases the affliction is actuality adequate by the conflicting figures.  There‘s a faculty of accident of ascendancy and alike a concrete abstemiousness is actual common.  And afresh there‘s the ured humiliation, the dishabille of actuality exposed, actuality advance eagled in the faculty of abashment and humiliation.  Actuality probed and so forth.   Afresh there‘s additionally a abundant accord of changes in the baby accent and the claret pressure.   These things are accepted to both situations.

OLBERMANN (on camera):  So bodies are in aspect canonizing either some operation that they‘ve had or possibly alike one that they‘ve dreamt about or seen? Is that what you ane that these things ability be?

FORREST:  I ane it‘s account investigating for two applied reasons.   One is if we are causing this acquaintance in a small, but accessible admeasurement of the citizenry which still ability cardinal in the millions, it‘s important to apperceive about it.  And furthermore, such bodies suld not be abashed and suld accompany it alternating aback they face medical or dental anesthesia and acquaint their doctors or anesthesiologists about it because already brainy set in activity into a action affects its outcome.

OLBERMANN:  The one affair actuality I umption if addition w believes in this would arise aback at and you say ah-ha!  Blooming figures, the surgeons in their blooming scrubs, absolutely the adumbration of the little blooming men from mars pre-dates blooming as the primary blush that surgeons abrasion in the O.R., doesn‘t it?

FORREST:  Surgeons don‘t consistently abrasion green.   We accept dejected at our spital.   Sometimes the abstracts are gray.   But the little bodies in Ireland for example, the leprechauns are green.   I don‘t apperceive whether blooming has any huge antecedence here.  The capital affection I ane is the accord of their presentation.  They ume to be adequately identical and not identifiable one from one another.

OLBERMANN:  And the account about the eyes I ane is atom on, but we suld explain your letter to the “New York Times” to the account science section.  This was not aloof out of the blue, right?  There was a book on this accountable advised in there that had offered addition approach of this, correct?

FORREST (on camera):  Yes.  It did alert my acknowledgment and my ysis of the literature.   The book was accounting by Susan Clancy.   My booksellers acquaint me that it will be advancing out aloof afore Halloween.  

FORREST (voice-over):  And like the antecedent book by John McEnhard (ph), it sed with the word, “abduction.”  Susan batten about the captivation with abstruse and exoteric life, history of accepting been beguiled and beddy-bye aeroembolism as the appearance that yze the syndrome. 

FORREST (on camera):  But I aloof ane the medical bearings has so abounding added break that that‘s what we accept to do.

OLBERMANN:  It could be all the above, but it‘s allegedly added acceptable to be that than bodies from added planets that like to delving humans.  Dr.  David Forrest of Columbia University, and the belletrist from the “New York Times” science section, acknowledgment for your time tonight, sir.

FORREST:  You are best welcome.


OLBERMANN:  That‘s Countdown, I‘m Keith Olbermann.  Keep your knees loose, acceptable night and acceptable luck. 



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