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These days, the bold fits the name.

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T’wasn’t consistently thus. Askew and low-scoring authentic the 1970s, abnormally tse Minnesota appearances aback the Vikings absurd like apparent bark during an International Falls winter. Askew and high-scoring (for one team) authentic the 1980s and some of the 1990s. The Super Basin begin anhesis as it accomplished its mid-30s and has enjoyed its aiguille anytime since, a blast blast or two aside.

From two upsets from an cipher alliance to two eras of an enactment poweruse; from Unitas bottomward to Manning up (and out); from Csonka at the ambition band to they did WHAT? on the ambition line; from the greatest advance from a night-before-the-game affair to the greatest advance on Super Sunday.

This traces that transformation and, pefully, brings a little fun with it.



▪ Jan. 15, 1967

▪ Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

▪ MVP: Green Bay QB Bart Starr

▪ Suld’ve Been MVP: Green Bay WR Max McGee. Seven catches for 138 yards and two touchdowns, including the aboriginal and still conceivably the coolest touchdown in Super Basin history. All while afraid over.

▪ Super Basin Rank: 27th

Even the Big Daddy of U.S. sports had an infancy. The official name was “The AFL-NFL World Championship Game.” The army of 61,946 fell so far abbreviate of a sellout that admirers were abashed adjoin the boilerplate to actualize a abounding attending for TV viewers. Both CBS and NBC adver the game.

The arch coaches’ pregame demeanors orted as acutely as their leagues. Some Chiefs trainers wore abrasion aerial that Chiefs drillmaster Hank Stram bought at Disneyland to blow fun at criticism of the American Football Alliance as a “Mickey Abrasion league.” Chiefs buyer Lamar Hunt had founded the AFL and adjourned the accord with the NFL that resulted in this game.

Meanwhile, Green Bay’s Vince Lombardi smiled nervously, animate his NFL aeon acquainted the Packers charge win this aboriginal interleague bold decisively.

It didn’t calm Lombardi aback sing advanced receiver Boyd Dowler got afflicted on the fourth play. In came afraid over Max McGee, already a ser, now a little acclimated backup, still a accomplished partier. Yet, it was the 34-year-old McGee w fabricated a one-handed, in-stride bolt of a brawl befuddled abaft him for the aboriginal Super Basin touchdown, a 37-yard reception. The Packers took a 7-0 lead, and led 14-10 at halftime.

Green Bay’s Bart Starr throws a canyon during the aboriginal ay of Super Basin I, at the Los Angeles Coliseum, Jan. 15, 1967.


Early in the additional half, Henry Jordan hit Chiefs quarterback Len Dawson’s arm, causing an interception that Willie Wood alternate to the Chiefs 5. The aboriginal of Elijah Pitts’ two 1-yard touchdowns followed. Tse array sandwiched McGee’s 13-yard touchdown, allotment of his seven catches for 138 yards.

Afterwards, the media apprenticed Lombardi for a allegory until he uredly said the Chiefs weren’t as adequate as Dallas and several added NFL teams.

“That’s what you capital me to say, wasn’t it?” Lombardi snapped. “Now, I’ve said it. But, I don’t like to get into that affectionate of comparison.”



▪ January 14, 1968

▪ Orange Bowl, Miami

▪ MVP: Green Bay QB Bart Starr. 13 of 22 for 202 yards and one touchdown.

▪ Suld’ve Been MVP: Packers CB Herb Adderley. Shut bottomward Oakland’s admired bombs and alternate an interception 60 yards for a touchdown.

▪ Super Basin Rank: 42nd

Unlike Super Basin I’s aative apprehension of the unknown, the additional affray of alliance champions acquainted added like an approachable accession for Packers drillmaster Vince Lombardi.

The Packers already afresh were huge favorites, admitting acutely fading. They exhausted Dallas for the NFL appellation by boring skating downfield in The Ice Bowl’s dying minutes. In the AFL, Oakland aculated 67 sacks, a 13-1 almanac and accursed Houston 40-7 for the AFL le.

Tugh Lombardi never flatly declared it to his players, some backward anniversary speeches to the aggregation larboard little agnosticism that this would be his aftermost bold as Packers coach.The Packers suppressed tears during the week, afresh the Raiders on Sunday.

Don Chandler booted four acreage goals overall, including the aboriginal two array of the game. Oakland cornerback Kent McCloughan couldn’t get a adequate blast on 6-5 Boyd Dowler, McCloughan’s urance advice froze on Bart Starr’s brawl activity fake, and Starr hit Dowler with a 62-yard touchdown canyon to Dowler. That put Green Bay up 13-0 on their way to a 16-7 halftime lead. Oakland had denticulate on the aboriginal of two 23-yard Darryl Lamonica-to-Bill Miller touchdown pes.

The additional bisected highlight was Herb Adderley ambience a Super Basin almanac that the game’s added Hall of Fame cornerback, Willie Brown, would breach nine years afterwards (See Super Basin XI). Adderley’s 60-yard interception acknowledgment put the Packers up 33-7 and clinched Lombardi’s admired retirement present.

Vince Lombardi is aated off the acreage by several players, including Jerry Kramer (64) afterwards his aftermost bold apprenticeship Green Bay, a 33-14 win in Super Basin II at the Orange Bowl.




▪ January 12, 1969

▪ Orange Bowl, Miami

▪ MVP: Jets QB Joe Namath

▪ Suld’ve Been MVP: Namath, but added because of w his bookish administration of the bold than w he played it.

▪ Super Basin Rank: 19th, alone on importance. As a game, awkward aboriginal half, comatose additional half.

By now, the bold was acutely “The Super Bowl.” The name had been acclimated artlessly the aboriginal two years afterwards AFL architect Lamar Hunt saw his babe arena with a animated toy that she alleged her “Super Ball.”

Jets drillmaster Weeb Ewbank won two NFL les with Baltimore afore actuality replaced by accepted Colts drillmaster Don Shula. Jets urance Johnny Sample had sed on the aftermost Colts championship team.

Both adventure curve apprenticed drowned in the force of attributes that was Jets quarterback Joe Namath.

Namath cooled a action with Colts article Lou Michaels at a bounded restaurant by arising for dinner. He absent the Jets account day, afresh met writers while sunning himself at the auberge pool. He said Colts quarterback Earl Morrall, the NFL MVP afterwards demography over for afflicted Johnny Unitas, wouldn’t alpha for several AFL teams and would be the No. 3 quarterback on the Jets.

Then, while accepting an accolade from the Miami Touchdown Club, Namath said “we’re activity to win Sunday – I agreement it.”

Baltimore had gone 13-1; actomed alone 144 points, a almanac low for a 14-game season; avenged their alone 1968 accident by active Cleveland 34-0 in Cleveland in the NFL championship game.

Yet, the 18-point favorites blew aboriginal scoring chances. Morrall threw three aboriginal bisected interceptions, one on a flea beam aback he didn’t see primary receiver Jimmy Orr advanced accessible abreast the end zone.

Meanwhile, the Jets took a 7-0 lead, afresh boring pulled abroad in the additional half. Unitas came in with the account 16-0 aboriginal in the fourth.

Baltimore arresting end Bubba Smith, 6-7, was big, but New York Jets quarterback Joe Namath was huge in the battleground Super Basin III aated of the Colts, 16-7, in the Orange Bowl.


Namath, w alleged bisected his plays at the line, a aberration in tse days, apprehend the Colts’ basal breadth easily. But his MVP accolade could’ve gone to Matt Snell w ran for 121 yards and the Jets touchdown; George Sauer Jr., eight receptions for 133 yards; or Randy Beverly, w had two of the Jets four interceptions.

Because the aftereffect leimized the bold – NFL abettor Pete Rozelle advised alteration the architecture -- and afire allure with it, it’s advised the best important Super Bowl.



▪ Jan. 11, 1970

▪ Tulane Stadium, New Orleans

▪ MVP: Kansas Burghal QB Len Dawson. 12 of 17 casual for 142 yards and one touchdown.

▪ Suld’ve Been MVP: Kansas Burghal DTs Curley Culp or Buck Buchannan, wse ascendancy of the boilerplate bankrupt the Vikings offense.

▪ Super Basin Rank: 35th

Maybe the aberration was inspiration.

The Chiefs were appreciative AFL men ashamed by Super Basin I. They capital accretion in this aftermost bold afore the AFL-NFL alliance and to prove the Jets’ Super Basin III aated wasn’t a fluke. Their owner, AFL architect Lamar Hunt, still hated Minnesota, which was to be an aboriginal AFL autrization but alone Hunt at the aftermost moment for the NFL.

Or, maybe the aberration was the Chiefs artlessly were bigger than the Vikings: faster, added athletic, bigger (especially on defense), added physical.

Few advancing that. The 13-point admired Vikings had led the NFL in scoring while ambience a almanac for atomic credibility allowed.

Kansas Burghal quarterback Len Dawson’s name came up in a federal bank probe, but would be austere by Super Sunday. NFL Films talked Chiefs drillmaster Hank Stram into cutting a micropne, axis his babble – “keep matriculating the brawl bottomward the field” “65 Bung Ability Trap” -- into catchphrases for ancestors of fans.

Using quick, block pes to exhausted Minnesota’s canyon rush, Dawson collection to three Jan Stenerud acreage goals, including a 48-yarder on which the aboriginal soccer-style article in a Super Basin set a Super Basin breadth almanac that would angle for 24 years. Afterwards the Vikes fumbled a kickoff, Mike Garrett denticulate on 65 Bung Ability Trap for a 16-0 halftime lead. The Chiefs ran advanced receiver Frank Pitts on three end arounds for 37 yards. Otis Taylor affronted a third ay block into 46-yard catch-and-run touchdown. Taylor above the ambition band with a high-kicking stride, a attenuate bit of swboating that told anybody the obvious: bold over.

On defense, the Chiefs afflicted centermost Mick Tingleff with adenoids bouncer ancestor Curley Culp or 6-7 Buck Buchannan. Kansas Burghal captivated the Vikings to 67 hasty yards, intercepted boxy Minnesota quarterback Joe Kapp three times, afresh agape him out of the game.



▪ Jan. 17, 1971

▪ Orange Bowl, Miami

▪ MVP: Dallas LB Chuck Howley, two interceptions.

▪ Suld’ve Been MVP: Nobody.

▪ Super Basin Rank: 23rd, absolutely on backward drama. And comedy.

Both the Super Basin and Baltimore alternate to the Orange Bowl. All three had changed.

The Orange Basin now had Poly-Turf, one of the clumsily hion-less aboriginal versions of bogus turf, instead of actomed gr. The aing year, Tulane Amphitheater would accompany the Orange Basin as the alone two stadiums to st Super Bowls on actomed gr and bogus turf.

Instead of AFL vs. NFL, the bold akin AFC and NFC champions beneath the NFL shield. Baltimore was one of three NFL teams that aing the 10 AFL teams in the American Football Conference. Alike NFL abettor Pete Rozelle accepted accident the interleague animosity ed abstract from the game. The Colts had a abecedarian arch coach, Don McCafferty, afterwards the Dolphins pilfered Don Shula.

Just as well. The accurate Shula might’ve chewed through a row of Orange Basin seats at this game. One brawl abridged a bold with 11 turnovers and 14 penalties: on a Colts flea flicker, the amiss abecedarian (running aback Sam Havrilak) anguish up throwing the p, which an advenious receiver (Eddie Hinton) angled and eventually fumbled at the Dallas 10-yard line. For 20 yards, cipher recovered it until it wobbled out the aback of the end zone.

Hinton had been the ambition on Baltimore’s 75-yard touchdown canyon that affronted the bold 6-6. But Johnny Unitas overthrew Hinton, w angled the brawl to Dallas’ Mel Renfro, w angled the brawl to apprenticed end John Mackey. Naturally, a absent block got the added point swatted. Dallas agape Unitas from the bold anon after. Earl Morrall, arguably the greatest advancement quarterback ever, replaced Unitas.

Dallas quarterback Craig Morton gave the Cowboys a 13-6 advance with a 7-yard canyon to big, b abettor Duane Tmas.

The Colts committed added turnovers than any Super Basin winner, seven. Dallas committed the added ailing timed turnovers. Afterwards Baltimore’s Jim Duncan fumbled the additional bisected kickoff, Tmas fumbled central the Colts 5-yard line, so aing to a two-touchdown lead. Every affiliate of the Dallas alignment still animate credibility out centermost Dave Manders came up with the ball, but admiral disqualified Baltimore had recovered.

In the fourth quarter, the Colts got two Morton interceptions afterwards active backs Dan Reeves and Walt Garrison alone aerial pes. The aboriginal interception set up Tom Nowatzke’s 2-yard touchdown run that affronted the game, 13-13. The additional set up Jim O’Brien’s 32-yard acreage ambition with bristles abnormal left.

Baltimore advanced receiver/kicker Jim O'Brien bliss the game-winning, 32-yard acreage ambition with nine abnormal larboard in Super Basin V at the Orange Bowl. Approaching Dolphins advancement quarterback Earl Morrall (15) held. Dallas’ Mark Washington (46) w blocked an added point beforehand in the game, all-overs in arrogant here. Sports Ilrated’s Tex Maule alleged it “one of the few plays of the day that formed as it was declared to.”


MVP voting is done backward in the game, not afterwards the game. That’s w Dallas linebacker Chuck Howley (two interceptions) became the alone Super MVP from a accident team. But the creation maintains its anhesis – Howley would’ve been a admirable MVP the afterward year.



▪ Jan. 16, 1972

▪ Tulane Stadium, New Orleans

▪ MVP: QB Roger Staubach, Cowboys, 12 of 18, 119 yards, two touchdowns.

▪ Suld’ve Been MVP: Duane Tmas, the game’s arch rusher (95 yards, 5.0 per carry) and Dallas’ arch receiver (three catches).

▪ Super Basin Rank: 49th

The appellation “Next Year’s Champions” adamant Dallas. Bodies sneered the appellation of that book on the 1968 Cowboys annual as the accomplished Cowboys bootless in the playoffs. A slick, computerized alignment of above athletes accomplished by avant-garde Tom Landry, their 1971 aggregation aculated the NFL’s No. 1 breach and the fabulous Doomsday Defense.

The Dolphins, in their additional year beneath Don Shula, had a nice package, too: a adolescent aegis and a brawl ascendancy breach ed with abysmal blackmail Paul Warfield. President Richard Nixon alleged Shula afterwards the AFC appellation win to activity congratulations and a advancement that he anion the Dolphins could hit Warfield on a down-and-in adjoin Dallas.

Dallas ashamed that and aculated else. The Dolphins abide the alone Super Basin aggregation kept out of the end zone. The Dolphins absent two fumbles afterwards accident none ahead in the playoffs. With an abetment from Larry Cole, Dallas’ Bob Lily unded Bob Griese into a 29-yard sack. Aback Dallas’ additional half-opening touchdown drive put it up 17-3, the Dolphins were done.

Before Super Basin V, Duane Tmas abandoned the abstraction that the Super Basin was the ultimate bold with, “They’re arena it aing year, aren’t they?” Indeed, they did and Tmas was back, but not talking to anybody – the media, coaches, teammates. He batten by gliding for 95 of Dallas 252 hasty yards. His blackout apparently amount him the MVP award. Voters went for Staubach afterwards a b day, instead of activity for addition from the aegis that captivated the Dolphins to three credibility and 185 yards. Addition like linebacker Chuck Howley, wse bollix accretion and interception led to 10 points.

In two years beneath Don Shula, the Dolphins had developed from 3-10-1 to 10-4 to 10-3-1. That didn’t allay the affliction of this defeat. The Dolphins remembered.



▪ Jan. 14, 1973

▪ Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

▪ MVP: Dolphins urance Jake Scott, two interceptions.

▪ Suld’ve Been MVP: Dolphins DT Manny Fernandez, 17 tackles, one sack. NFL Films’ highlight blur alleged Fernandez the No Name Aegis affiliate w “stepped from obscurity by accomplishing the lineman’s dream by ertive the best important bold of his life.”

▪ Super Basin Rank: 33rd

The Dolphins aloof capital addition Super st. They didn’t affliction if they got it by adequate anniversary game, altugh they did that. They didn’t affliction if they led the NFL in breach and defense, altugh they did that, too.

Don Shula longed to afford his “big bold cker” reputation. In Baltimore, his heavily-favored Colts teams absent the 1964 NFL Championship Bold and Super Basin III. They were 11-0-2 in 1967 afore accident a loser-stays-me approved ay afterpiece at Los Angeles. Then, with the Dolphins, there was Super Basin VI.

Los Angeles’ drillmaster in that 1967 Colts loss, George Allen, had adored Washington. Allen so bedeviled about accessible “distractions,” some of his players acquainted he became one. Also, afterwards brutalizing hated battling Dallas 26-3 for the NFC le, Washington fought beaude anticlimax for the Super Bowl.

The Dolphins dominated. They smothered NFC hasty billy Larry Brown (72 yards on 22 carries) and bashed for 184 yards themselves. Larry Csonka rumbled for 112 on 15 carries, but the touchdowns came on Bob Griese’s 28-yard canyon to Howard Twilley and Jim Kiick’s 1-yard plunge.

With aloof over two account left, the Dolphins lined up a acreage ambition that would’ve actomed them a 17-0 win to aing a 17-0 season. But, aback the blast was blocked, article Garo Yepremian handled the brawl like it was covered in ice. Washington’s Mike B came by, affective the brawl and ran 49 yards for Washington’s touchdown.

The accouterment allocation of Garo’s Gaffe. Afterwards a acreage ambition advance by Dolphins article Garo Yepremian was blocked, Yepremian best up the brawl and approved to p. The brawl fluttered up into the air and Yepremian batted it with his anamnesis attempt. Washington’s Mike B (41) affective it, raced accomplished Yepremian’s flailing accouterment advance and denticulate Washington’s alone touchdown of Super Basin VII.


Dolphins drillmaster Don Shula is aated off the acreage by many, including Nick Buoniconti, afterwards the Dolphins Super Basin VII win that accomplished the 17-0 Absolute Season. Active aback Charlie Leigh (23) is in the foreground.

Herald File Pto

The bold fell abbreviate of 17-0. The Dolphins didn’t.



▪ Jan.13, 1974

▪ Rice Stadium, Houston

▪ MVP: Dolphins RB Larry Csonka, 145 yards rushing, one touchdown, absolute concrete and cerebral confusion of the Vikings.

▪ Suld’ve Been MVP: Csonka.

▪ Super Basin Rank: 50th

Sparrows fluttered about Minnesota’s locker allowance battery Super Basin week, one of the abounding complaints the Vikings had about their accessories at a bounded aerial scol. Dolphins urance Jake Scott, a distinct man, complained that buyer Joe Robbie took affliction of busline and abode for the affiliated players’ wives but wouldn’t do the above for his mother.

By the third quarter, America might’ve complained that the Dolphins acutely had become too adequate for the blow of the NFL.

Longtime pro football biographer Paul Zimmerman wrote in 1988, this was the one Super Basin wse final account he had to attending up, it was so askew and dull. The Dolphins took the alpha and collection 62 yards to a touchdown. Minnesota, three plays, punt. The Dolphins marched 56 yards to a touchdown: 14-0, don’t balloon your hat as you go.

Dolphins fullback Larry Csonka plows amid Vikings LB Jeff Siemon (50) and urance Paul Krause for one of his two touchdowns in the Dolphins’ 24-7 Super Basin VIII win.


Larry Csonka’s 145 yards hasty led a arena bold so dominant, quarterback Bob Griese threw alone seven pes. He completed six. The blunder was one of his two mistakes on the day – he forgot the breeze calculation afore the Csonka touchdown that put the Dolphins up 24-0 in the third.

Being added ascendant in the playoffs -- they denticulate on the aboriginal drive of anniversary playoff bold -- is aloof one aen several Dolphins feel the 15-2 1973 aggregation was bigger than the 1972 Absolute Assay team.



▪ Jan. 12, 1975

▪ Tulane Stadium, New Orleans

▪ MVP: Pittsburgh RB Franco Harris, 158 yards hasty and one touchdown.

▪ Suld’ve Been MVP: Pittsburgh DT Joe Greene, one fumble, one interception, one Vikings active bold trashed.

▪ Super Basin Rank: 41st

Again, the NFC uced Minnesota. In the AFC, the Steelers took the ertive baton, afterwards 39 seasons afterwards so abundant as a ay appellation afore 1972.

In 1974, the Steelers accomplished architecture their absolutism with the greatest abstract anytime – approaching Hall of Famers centermost Mike Webster, linebacker Jack Lambert, advanced receivers Lynn Swann and John Stallworth. Abecedarian chargeless abettor urance Donnie S would accept a 14-year career.

This was declared to be the aboriginal calm Super Bowl. The Superdome, wever, wasn’t ready. Neither were the Vikings (again).

The Vikes got their alone credibility on a fourth ay blocked punt. The Steelers, their advance bottomward to 9-6, collection 66 yards to a 4-yard touchdown canyon to Larry Brown to put abroad the game.

Pittsburgh’s adapted arresting end, Dwight White, played afterwards actuality ailing all anniversary with pneumonia. During the game, the Steelers absent Lambert and adapted linebacker Andy Russell to injuries. Still, the Vikings afresh attacked the All-Pro leash on the added side: larboard arresting accouterment Joe Greene, larboard arresting end L.C. Greenwood and larboard linebacker Jack Ham.

Stubborn? Stupid? Both. The Vikes managed alone 17 yards hasty and 119 yards absolute offense. A fumbled handoff affronted into a Pittsburgh safety. Greene affective a bollix and an interception. Greenwood ashamed Hall of Fame abrrent accouterment Ron Yary and blocked three pes aback he wasn’t blaze the rush. Afterwards NFL abettor Pete Rozelle said backward in the 1975 NFL Draft, “Minnesota pes,” a fan suted, “and L.C. Greenwood knocks it down.”

Once again, the Purple Bodies Eaters got arena into Minnesota Manwich. Franco Harris kept on truckin’ for a Super Basin almanac 158 hasty yards and the game’s aboriginal touchdown afterwards Minnesota fumbled abroad the additional bisected kickoff. Minnesota additionally fumbled central the adversary 10, a declining accomplishment they managed in three of their Super Basin losses.



▪ Jan. 18, 1976

▪ Orange Bowl, Miami

▪ MVP: Lynn Swann, Pittsburgh, four catches, 161 yards, one touchdown.

▪ Suld’ve Been MVP: Swann.

▪ Super Basin Rank: 13th

Were this Super Basin captivated in today’s consion-wary environment, Pittsburgh advanced receiver Lynn Swann ability not be actomed to play.

Swann suffered a blow aback Oakland’s George Atkinson airtight his arch off the bedrock adamantine Three Rivers Amphitheater accommodation during the AFC Championship Game. Dallas urance Cliff Harris, a consive hitter, mused that Swann had to be cerebration about the achievability of addition arch abrasion if he played.

Swann declared he’d go. For Dallas, he would be Excedrin cephalalgia No. 88 in the aboriginal Super Basin bold that akin the Super hype.

Dallas went up 7-0 early. But Swann fabricated a leaping 32-yard amut grab on which he seemed to change administration in midair, and Terry Bradshaw followed with a touchdown canyon to Randy Grossman.

The best acclaimed Swann grab, the double-catch 53-yarder over cornerback Mark Washington in the additional quarter, led to alone a absent acreage goal.

Pittsburgh advanced receiver Lynn Swann’s finishes his signature catch, a 53-yard catch-and-recatch over Dallas’ Mark Washington, during Super Basin X at the Orange Bowl.


In the third quarter, Harris taunted Steelers article Roy Gerela afterwards a absent acreage goal, bidding Jack Lambert to whip Harris to the turf.

Dallas led 10-7 in the fourth ay aback Pittsburgh’s Reggie Harrison blocked a punt out of the end breadth for a safety. What followed for Pittsburgh: a acreage ambition afterwards Dallas’ chargeless kick, 12-10; a Mike Wagner interception that set up addition acreage goal, 15-10; Bradshaw ablution a 64-yard touchdown bomb to Swann aloof afore Larry Cole accursed him into his own consion, 21-10.

Dallas bankrupt to 21-17 aback above basketball abecedarian Percy Howard fabricated his alone career NFL reception, a 34-yard touchdown. The Cowboys advance at reprising the “Hail Mary” that exhausted Minnesota in the bounded annular angled into the calmly of Pittsburgh’s Glen Edwards as time expired.



▪ Jan. 9, 1977

▪ Rose Bowl, Pasadena, Calif.

▪ MVP: Oakland WR Fred Biletnikoff, four catches for 79 yards.

▪ Suld’ve Been MVP: Oakland RB Clarence Davis, 137 yards rushing.

▪ Super Basin Rank: 41st.

Good, but not abundant or advantageous abundant declared Oakland. Aback autritative Super Basin II, the Raiders suffered six AFL/AFC appellation bold losses to the closing Super Basin best and a 1972 bounded annular accident to Pittsburgh on The Immaculate Reception.

In 1976, tugh, the amnion beggared for 13-1 Oakland. In the bounded round, the Raiders able New England, which bashed them in the approved season, on a aftermost minute touchdown afterward some arguable officiating. Then, Pittsburgh came into the AFC appellation bold with both 1,000-yard rushers, Franco Harris and Rocky Blier, out with injuries.

Oakland got one added breach – Minnesota afresh from the NFC.

The above Vikings aegis muscled abreast by the Dolphins and Steelers had alone aged. Raiders mive approaching Hall of Famer Art S shut out Vikings arresting end Jim Marshall. Oakland’s Clarence Davis ran for 137 yards – Minnesota actomed the three accomplished alone single-game hasty totals in the aboriginal 16 Super Bowls.

Working brawl activity off the run, Raiders quarterback Ken Stabler begin MVP Fred Biletnikoff four times for 79 yards. The Raiders got up 19-0 and cruised me. Willie Brown bankrupt Herb Adderley’s almanac (see Super Basin II) with a 75-yard interception acknowledgment touchdown. Coincidentally, the account afore Brown’s and Adderley’s touchdowns in anniversary bold was 26-7.



▪ Jan. 15, 1978

▪ Louisiana Superdome, New Orleans

▪ MVP: Dallas DT Randy White, DE Harvey Martin

▪ Suld’ve Been MVP: Voters approved to go for the Dallas aegis en me, but were rejected.

▪ Super Basin Rank: 48th

Nobody alfresco the Metroplex mentions the 1977 Dallas Cowboys in Greatest Aggregation Anytime conversations. They’re overshadowed by the backward 1970s Pittsburgh teams, adjoin wm the Cowboys went 0-4, including a 28-13 approved ay accident in 1977.

But few teams accept been added dominant. With abecedarian active aback Tony Dorsett aba his breakaway acceleration to NFC casual billy Roger Staubach, 12-2 Dallas had the NFL’s No. 1 breach to go with the No. 1 defense, “Doomsday II.”

The Orange Crush aegis and above Dallas quarterback Craig Morton afire Broncomania amid Denver’s ability fans. The never-nimble Morton came into the bold with a hip problem. Dallas’ Cliff Harris, abandoning Morton’s playoff struggles with Dallas, predicted his above abettor wouldn’t accomplishment the game.

He didn’t. Morton threw four interceptions, bisected of Denver’s eight turnovers, afore actuality yanked for adaptable Norris Weese, w led Denver’s alone touchdown drive. Both spent the day cutting Dallas’ arresting line.

Dallas’ brawl additionally had abundant flaws for the arrangement bin. The Cowboys fumbled six times, but absent alone two. Butch Johnson ed, caught, rolled, afresh alone a 45-yard bomb that admiral somew disqualified a touchdown. The day’s best canyon for either aggregation might’ve been Robert Newuse’s halfback advantage bubble that concluded at Golden Richards for a 29-yard touchdown.

NFL Films cameramen somew were extemporaneous for the abridgement of ablaze at the aboriginal calm Super Bowl, so the official highlight blur is the darkest in NFL Films history. Because the game, some ability feel it still had too abundant light.



▪ Jan. 21, 1979

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▪ Orange Bowl, Miami

▪ MVP: Pittsburgh QB Terry Bradshaw, 318 yards ping, four touchdowns.

▪ Suld’ve Been MVP: Bradshaw

▪ Super Basin Rank: 14th

This was the aftermost Super Basin in the Orange bowl, which had alternate to actomed gr.

Steelers quarterback Terry Bradshaw had alleged about all the Steelers plays through nine seasons and two Super Basin les. But Bradshaw’s Louisiana emphasis and “country” agency got him tagged as “dumb” aboriginal in his career.

So, aback babbling Dallas linebacker Tmas Henderson joked Super Basin anniversary that Bradshaw “couldn’t spell “cat” if you spotted him the “c” and the “a,”” Henderson got laughs. Then, he and the blow of the Dallas aegis got disconnected by Bradshaw’s 318 yards casual and four touchdowns in a 35-31 Pittsburgh win.

Bradshaw had help. Afterwards Dallas’ Mike Hegman bare Bradshaw for a bollix acknowledgment touchdown and Dallas’ alone advance of the day, 14-7, John Stallworth affronted a 10-yard block canyon into a 75-yard touchdown. Arena apprenticed Rocky Blier acclimated all his bound vertical bound to grab a 7-yard touchdown canyon and a 21-14 halftime advance at the end of a two-minute drill. And maybe alone Lynn Swann could fly to bolt the 18-yard touchdown that put Pittsburgh up 35-17 in the fourth.

Swann additionally drew a cardinal canyon arrest amends aback he and Benny Barnes got their anxiety circuitous on a abysmal arrangement with the Steelers up 21-17 in the fourth quarter. The fuss surrounding that alarm aggressive the “incidental contact” no-call you see today. That 33-yard amends led to Franco Harris cavernous for a 22-yard touchdown.

Cowboys apprenticed end Jackie Smith got the dupe rns for bottomward a third ay touchdown p. That drew absorption from two key Dallas apprenticeship mistakes. Admitting Dallas’ Tony Dorsett began the bold active t and eventually averaged 6.0 yards a carry, he got alone 16 carries. Also, Dallas kept arresting accouterment Randy White in the boilerplate of the alpha acknowledgment aggregation admitting his access thumb. White fumbled an accidentally squibbed alpha afterwards Harris’ touchdown, Pittsburgh recovered and Swann’s touchdown followed one brawl later.

And, that big copy Bradshaw has spent the aftermost 25 years autritative money by arena off his country boy persona in commercials and on Fox’s NFL coverage.



▪ Jan. 20, 1980

▪ Rose Bowl, Pasadena, Calif.

▪ MVP: Pittsburgh QB Terry Bradshaw, 14 of 21 for 309 yards, three touchdowns.

▪ Suld’ve Been MVP: Bradshaw, admitting three interceptions.

▪ Super Basin Rank: 11th

The Los Angeles Rams accomplished 1979 at 9-7. Their quarterback, Vince Ferragamo, was a advancement with alone 7 ss. Halfback Wendell Tyler sometimes forgot the brawl as he boogied about. One of their best defenders, arresting end Jack Youngblood, would be arena on a access leg for the additional afterwards game. Yet, afterwards years of declining as NFC favorites, now the Rams were in the Super Basin adjoin boss Pittsburgh.

That’s the Steel Curtain added than accurate by the NFL’s No. 1-ranked offense. At atomic the Rams were somewhat at me, Pasadena’s Rose Basin actuality in the Los Angeles burghal breadth with the Rams new me in Anaheim. Of course, Steelers admirers overran the Rose Basin and pregame ceremonies featured the amplification of a behemothic Abrrent Towel.

For three quarters, Ferragamo and Tyler played abiding abecedarian bare of turnovers througut the best back-and-forth Super Basin ever: 3-0, Pittsburgh; 7-3, Rams; 10-7, Pittsburgh; 10-10, afresh 13-10, Rams at halftime; 17-13, Pittsburgh on a 47-yard bomb to Lynn Swann; 19-17, Rams on a halfback advantage canyon to Billy Waddy afterwards Waddy exhausted Ron Johnson for a 50-yard bomb.

The Steelers were in aation entering the fourth. Terry Bradshaw had befuddled three interceptions and threw Swann into a consion-causing hit. The concrete Rams aegis had snuffed the Pittsburgh active game.

So, of course, Bradshaw accomplished aback and hit his actual approaching Hall of Fame receiver, John Stallworth, for a 73-yard touchdown on 60 Prevent Aperture Hook and Go. The brawl hadn’t formed all anniversary in practice. And Jack Lambert best off Ferragamo with the Rams affective adjoin addition advance change. Reprising 60 Prevent, Bradshaw and Stallworth affiliated for 45 yards to set up Franco Harris’ absolute touchdown.

The final account masked that, s-to-finish, this was the best played Super Basin of the aboriginal 20 and one of the best underrated Super Bowls.



▪ Jan. 25, 1981

▪ Louisiana Superdome, New Orleans

▪ MVP: Oakland QB Jim Plunkett, 261 yards ping, three touchdowns.

▪ Suld’ve Been MVP: Oakland LB Rod Martin, three interceptions.

▪ Super Basin Rank: 32nd

Oakland quarterback Jim Plunkett accepted that sometimes, it’s the aggregation you aculate that determines your success.

Battered abaft bad abrrent curve in New England and San Francisco, Plunkett spent his aboriginal 33 abecedarian in Oakland as a little acclimated backup. Inserted afterwards an abrasion to abecedarian Dan Pastorini in the fifth bold of 1980, Plunkett swed he still had the arm that fabricated him 1971’s No. 1 all-embracing abstract aces out of adjacent Stanford. The Raiders went from 2-3 to 11-5 and an AFC agrarian agenda playoff slot.

Plunkett fit as a Raider by affirmation not affair reputation. Oakland had abundant of tse players already: linebacker Ted Hendricks, arresting end John Matuszak and several others spotted out in New Orleans during the wee urs. Meanwhile, Philadelphia drillmaster Dick Vermeil promised to accelerate me any Eagle w abandoned curfew.

Plunkett threw two touchdown pes to fast, active Cliff Branch. He angled a amut bandy aloof above leaping Eagles urance Herman Edwards that active aback Kenny King affronted into a Super Bowl-record 80-yard touchdown. A linebacker the Raiders drafted, waived, afresh got aback afterwards San Francisco cut him, Rod Martin, best off Philadelphia quarterback Ron Jaworski three times. The Raiders line, which actomed eight sacks in a 10-7 approved ay accident to Philly, actomed alone one aback Plunkett accolade out of bound for no gain.

The pregame anniversary paid accolade to the end of the Iran earnest crisis, bound bristles canicule earlier. A chicken bow 80 anxiety by 30 anxiety was absorbed to the alfresco of the Superdome.



▪ Jan. 24, 1982

▪ Pontiac Silverdome, Pontiac, Mich.

▪ MVP: San Francisco QB Joe Montana, 157 yards and one touchdown ping, 18 yards and one touchdown rushing.

▪ Suld’ve Been MVP: Montana

▪ Super Basin Rank: 25th

Tugh this bold akin the AFC and NFC No. 1 seeds, this could be alleged The Cinderella Super Bowl.

Host burghal Detroit, consistently in accretion from the 1967 riots, still looked like it bare a bogie mother. Anniversary aggregation rose as a ability in 1981 afterwards activity 6-10 in 1980, an advance on 1979 and 1978 (two 4-12s for the Bengals, two 2-14s for the 49ers).

Really, tugh, this was The Bill Walsh Super Bowl. The Bengals still ran best of the breach Walsh advised in the aboriginal 1970s as a Cincinnati istant. Alone aback Walsh began adequate in San Francisco with a 2.0 adaptation of that breach would bodies alpha calling it “The West Coast Offense.”

Walsh opened the anniversary by greeting his aggregation at the auberge in a attendant compatible and helped backpack their accoutrements off the bus. On Super Sunday, the 49ers aggregation bus got angled in cartage on the way to the game. Walsh acclimated the time to add a few added plays to what became accepted as “The Script,” the game’s aboriginal 25-30 plays.

The 49ers adaptation of the West Coast offense, directed by Joe Montana, abashed the Cincinnati aegis aboriginal as did Ray Wersching’s carefully squibbed kickoffs. The Bengals fumbled one of tse, allowance the 49ers to a 20-0 halftime lead.

What’s still the accomplished rated Super Basin anytime – 49.1 rating, 73 allotment – begin drama. The Bengals Dan Ross would accomplishment ambience a Super Basin almanac with 11 catches. At 20-7, the Bengals accomplished the 1-yard line, aboriginal and goal. A ambition band stand, accent by Dan Bunz arrest fullback Charles Alexander on the 1, kept Cincy out of the end breadth until the aing drive.

With that time and two added acreage goals, the 49ers accepted the accession of a new NFL poweruse.



▪ Jan. 30, 1983

▪ Rose Bowl, Pasadena, Calif.

▪ MVP: RB John Riggins, Washington, 166 yards rushing, two touchdowns.

▪ Suld’ve Been MVP: Riggins.

▪ Super Basin Rank: 16th

This additional Super Basin rematch absolutely wasn’t so. Unlike the Pittsburgh-Dallas abecedarian with agnate casts, Dolphins bouncer Bob Kuechenberg was the alone Super Basin VII balance on either roster.

Instead of No Names, the Dolphins league-leading aegis got its appellation from names, The Killer Bs – Betters, Baumwer, Bokamper, Blackwoods, etc. Washington brought John Riggins active abaft a ample abrrent band alleged The Hogs and quarterback Joe Theismann throwing to a receiver backpack alleged The Smurfs. The breach acclaimed touchdowns with a leaping aculation aerial bristles alleged The Fun Bunch.

Dolphins quarterback David Woodley wasn’t accepted for his arm nor advanced receiver Jimmy Cefalo his speed. But they absorbed up for a 76-yard aboriginal ay touchdown. Afterwards an barter of acreage goals and a Theismann touchdown p, the Dolphins’ Fulton Walker raced 98 yards on the aboriginal Super Basin alpha acknowledgment touchdown.

That put the Dolphins up 17-10 at halftime. Their 17-13 third ay advance about got bigger aback Dolphin arresting end Kim Bokamper chased bottomward a blocked canyon with alone the end breadth in advanced of him. Theismann hustled over to ault the brawl away.

Then, to end a ay that featured alone nine approved ay abecedarian because of a players’ strike, Washington threw the bold aback to a time aback NFL teams played alone nine appointed games.

Washington active aback John Riggins breach abroad from Dolphins cornerback Don McNeal on his way to the game-winning touchdown in the fourth ay of Super Basin XVII.


The Redskins formed Riggins. On fourth and 1 from the Dolphins 43, Riggins rumbled through the larboard side, afford Dolphins cornerback Don McNeal like an exceptionable covering and raced to a 20-17 Washington lead. Riggins accomplished off his 166-yard hasty day by actomed the amount on addition drive he accomplished off for a 27-17 win.



▪ Jan. 22, 1984

▪ Tampa Stadium

▪ MVP: Raiders active aback Mar Allen, 191 yards, one iconic touchdown

▪ Suld’ve Been MVP: Raiders cornerbacks Mike Haynes. With Lester Hayes, shut bottomward Washington’s downfield casual advance through advantage and actomed the blow of the Raiders to actuality the run.

▪ Super Basin Rank: 36th

The Redskins returned, acutely better. They’d denticulate an NFL-record 541 approved ay credibility and baffled the Rams 51-7 in the bounded round. But they bare an abominable canyon arrest alarm to exhausted San Francisco in the NFC appellation bold and 17 backward credibility to exhausted Oakland 37-35 in October.

Since then, the Raiders had added approaching Hall of Famer Mike Haynes to Lester Hayes, giving them arguably the best cornerback brace in NFL history. Active aback Mar Allen additionally would accomplish the Hall of Fame, but Raiders buyer Al Davis still had greater affection for Jim Plunkett-to-Cliff Branch bombs.

A blocked punt and a 12-yard touchdown canyon to Branch got the Raiders up 14-0. With abnormal larboard in the aboriginal bisected and the Raiders up 14-3, Raiders arresting coordinator Charlie Sumner remembered a awning canyon Washington ran in a agnate bearings aback in October. He rushed linebacker Jack Squirek out accurately to watch for that screen. Squirek did, best off a ailing befuddled canyon and his drive aated him the 5 yards to the end zone.

Allen’s 74-yard change of administration touchdown run came during debris time, but his 191 hasty yards got him the MVP award.

This bold was the aboriginal of the nuclear blowouts that came to ascertain the Super Basin for a decade. The bartering for Apple’s new Mac set off the era of big embly Super Basin commercials.

It additionally concluded two eras. The Raiders uced the AFL/AFC’s 12th win in the aftermost 16 Supers, but this would be the aftermost one for 14 years. And, the official highlight blur would be the aftermost account for NFL Films defining voice, Philadelphia ancrman John Facenda, w died in 1984.



▪ Jan. 20, 1985

▪ Stanford Stadium, Stanford, Calif.

▪ MVP: QB Joe Montana, San Francisco, 331 yards and three touchdowns ping, 59 yards and one touchdown rushing.

▪ Suld’ve Been MVP: Montana.

▪ Super Basin Rank: 39th

A brief allegory predicted an y Super Basin sotout that could go either way.

The 14-2 Dolphins brought the NFL’s No. 1 breach afire by NFL casual billy Dan Marino ambience annal for yards (5,084) and touchdowns (48) that would angle for two decades. The 15-1 San Francisco 49ers had the NFC’s arch per, Joe Montana, allegorical the NFC’s No. 1 offense.

But a austere breakdown appear a Dolphins aggregation that couldn’t run vs. the NFL’s No. 1 scoring defense. That aegis had angled canyon rushers in Fred Dean and Gary Johnson acknowledging urance Ronnie Lott and one of the abundant secondaries ever. On the added side, Montana would be demography the NFL’s composed No. 2 scoring breach adjoin a banged up aegis that actomed 28 credibility adjoin b Pittsburgh in the AFC appellation game.

New conclusion: San Francisco would account as generally as it had to for the win.

That’s appealing abundant what happened. Scoring on bristles afterwards possessions, the 49ers affronted a 10-7 arrears into a 38-16 third ay lead. In this game, San Francisco and its quarterback had the beauteous numbers: 390 yards absolute breach for Montana, three touchdowns for advancement active aback Roger Craig, 537 absolute abrrent yards.

Dolphins QB Dan Marino is angled over as he’s sacked by San Francisco's Jeff Stover, one of four sacks Marino took in the Dolphins 38-16 Super Basin XIX accident to the 49ers Stanford Stadium.


The 49ers sacked Marino, taken bottomward alone 14 times in 18 games, four times and best him off twice. San Francisco shut out the Dolphins in the additional half. That seemed as astonishing as the abstraction that Marino would be shut out of approaching Super Basin appearances.



▪ Jan. 26, 1986

▪ Louisiana Superdome, New Orleans

▪ MVP: Chicago DE Richard Dent, one and a bisected sacks, two affected fumbles, one blocked p.

▪ Suld’ve Been MVP: Any Chicago arresting lineman or linebacker.

▪ Super Basin Rank: 21st, on alarming aiguille arete from one of the best fun teams ever.

“We are The Bears Shufflin’ Crew/Shufflin’ on down, accomplishing it for you/ We’re so bad, we apperceive we’re good/Blowing your mind, like we knew we would/You apperceive we’re just, struttin’ for fun/Struttin’ our actuality for everyone/We’re not actuality to alpha no trouble/We’re aloof actuality to do The Super Basin Shuffle.”

No aggregation stampeded above pop ability while aggressive above the NFL the way the 1985 Chicago Bears did. Books, commercials, cine references, they authentic “ubiquitous.”

Back aback MTV played videos and rap afraid adults the way bedrock and cycle already did, the Bears recorded a alms video, “The Super Basin Shuffle,” the day afterwards they suffered their alone loss, to the Dolphins.

In an added faceless NFL, the Bears calm characters: tough, aloof helicopter-mooning quarterback Jim McMan; y arch drillmaster Mike Ditka; le, ablaze active aback Walter Payton; fat abecedarian arresting tackle/srt yardage fullback William “The Refrigerator” Perry; crusty, arrogant arresting coordinator Buddy Ryan; affronted boilerplate linebacker Mike Singletary; and the blow of a aegis wse ultra-aggressive “46” ault alignment smothered the run and acquired some opposing quarterbacks to abrrence for their health.

They shut out the Giants and Rams in the NFC playoffs to face New England, the aboriginal aggregation to ability the Super Basin by adequate three afterwards alley playoff games. They absent their annihilation -- a Payton bollix affronted into a 3-0 Patriots advance – afresh wrought almanac destruction.

The deluge of Chicago credibility came by offense, defense, arresting players on breach (Perry), adapted teams, anybody except, sadly, Payton. By halftime, the Patriots trailed 23-3 and had bare 19 yards of offense. They would accomplishment with 7 yards hasty and alone 123 absolute yards. Quarterback Tony Eason became the alone sing quarterback in Super Basin history w didn’t complete a canyon (zero for six).

Chicago’s aegis carries arresting coordinator Buddy Ryan off the acreage afterwards the 46-10 abolition of New England in Super Basin XX.


Near game’s end, several Bears defenders begged administration to do annihilation to aculate Ryan, w was abrogation to be Philadelphia’s arch coach. The Bears afresh set a almanac for best coaches aated off aback they alien both Ditka and Ryan off the field.



▪ Jan. 25, 1987

▪ Rose Bowl, Pasadena, Calif.

▪ MVP: Giants QB Phil Simms. 22 of 25 casual (88 percent!), 268 yards, three touchdowns

▪ Suld’ve Been MVP: Simms.

▪ Super Basin Rank: 35th

With the “46” arresting arrangement abrogation Chicago with Buddy Ryan, best preseason publications best the Giants in the NFC and Denver out of the AFC.

Good call, altugh Denver bare The Drive, a 98-yard touchdown march, to booty Cleveland into overtime in the AFC Championship Game. The Giants, w exhausted Denver 19-16 during the approved season, bigger their already accomplished defense. In the playoffs, they accursed San Francisco 49-3 and captivated Washington afterwards a third bottomward about-face during a 17-0 win in the Meadowlands gusts.

Denver’s John Elway and the Giants’ Phil Simms staged a animated bound in the aboriginal half, decidedly so because the Giants ran a ground-bound offense. Up 10-7 in the second, Denver had aboriginal and ambition at the New York 1. Three active plays and a absent dent advance acreage ambition later, the account remained 10-7. The Giants denticulate the game’s aing 26 points, agronomics over the Broncos baby aegis aback Simms took a breach from baking it with 22-of-25 casual for 268 yards and three touchdowns.

Simms postgame “I’m activity to DisneyWorld!” ertion launched an iconic announcement campaign.



▪ Jan. 31, 1988

▪ Jack Murphy Stadium, San Diego

▪ MVP: Washington QB Doug Williams. 340 yards casual and four touchdown.

▪ Suld’ve Been MVP: Williams.

▪ Super Basin Rank: 22nd, on that mind-blowing, laser-soting unicorn of a additional quarter. The blow of the bold would be 51st.

Of all the questions Doug Williams patiently answered that Super Basin anniversary about actuality the aboriginal atramentous sing Super Basin quarterback, the best acclaimed one absolutely never was asked.

Testimony from several media ociation at that media day advance that Williams never was asked, “How continued accept you been a atramentous quarterback?” but rather that Williams blurred a catechism and in aggravating to yze said, “How continued accept I been a atramentous quarterback?”

Ironic: The aftermost NFL aggregation to dress a atramentous abecedarian would be the aboriginal to ability the Super Basin with a atramentous sing quarterback.

Appropriate: In a ay of abecedarian busy with advancement players during a four-week players’ strike, no aggregation backward calm as a aculation like Washington. No approved players alternate to brawl in the three advancement games. And Advancement Washington went 3-0 to advice Absolute Washington get me acreage advantage througut the NFC playoffs.

Denver returned, afresh afterwards ault Cleveland, this time afterwards The Fumble. Aback the Broncos addled for a 56-yard touchdown canyon to Ricky Nattiel on their aboriginal play, afresh followed with a acreage ambition for a 10-0 lead, addition Super Basin beating seemed in the offing. Abnormally afterwards Williams askance his knee aloof bottomward aback to p.

A beating was in the offing, all right. But not of the aggregation bottomward 10-0. In the additional quarter, Washington didn’t aloof burn – they laid a augment cloud: an 80-yard bomb to Ricky Sanders; a 27-yard bandy to Gary Clark; a 58-yard run by abecedarian Timmy Smith; addition bomb, 50 yards, to Sanders; and an 8-yard bung to Clint Didier. In alone 18 plays, Washington formed up 357 yards and 35 points.

The blow of the bold authentic “superfluous.” Williams threw for 340 yards, Smith ran for 204 on 22 carries and Sanders had 193 yards on nine catches, all yardage records. Williams, wse 12-year pro football career would end aloof over a year later, aggressive a bearing of African-American quarterbacks with his performance.



▪ Jan. 22, 1989

▪ Joe Robbie Stadium, Miami

▪ MVP: Jerry Rice, WR, San Francisco, 11 catches, 215 yards, one touchdown.

▪ Suld’ve Been MVP: Rice.

▪ Super Basin Rank: 15th

NBC adver this Super Bowl, which resembled a two-part adventure of NBC’s Miami Vice.

From their tel, the Bengals could see Overtown afire from yet addition chase riot, this one sparked by a badge administrator cutting a atramentous motorcyclist. The night afore the game, the Bengals begin fullback Stanley Wilson sitting on a auberge allowance floor, indulging in cocaine.

That was all afore the game, during which Cincinnati adenoids bouncer Tim Krumrie bankrupt his leg in the aboriginal quarter. Ickey Shuffle cographer and abecedarian active aback Ickey Woods ran agrarian until a gunst-sounding hit from San Francisco urance Ronnie Lott fabricated him abundant added docile. A arresting attack sat at 6-6 with 50 abnormal larboard in the third afterwards a 49ers acreage goal.

Suddenly, the bold ignited. Stanford Jennings streaked beeline downfield on a 93-yard alpha acknowledgment touchdown. In answer, the 49ers collection to a 14-yard touchdown canyon to Jerry Rice. Jim Breech’s third acreage ambition of the bold put the Bengals up 16-13 and a amends on the alpha put the 49ers on their 8 backyard line.

After spending the TV abeyance accomplishing some celebrity spotting – “Hey, that’s John Candy,” 49ers quarterback Joe Montana said, pointing at the actor in the stands – Montana advised Uncle Buck and the TV admirers to the greatest backward bold drive in Super Basin history to that point: 92 yards in 11 plays. Rice had the bigger catch, a 27-yarder on additional and 20. John Taylor had the aftermost catch, a 10-yard touchdown.

Roll credits.



▪ Jan. 28, 1990

▪ Louisiana Superdome, New Orleans

▪ MVP: Joe Montana, QB, San Francisco, 22 of 29, 297 yards, bristles touchdowns

▪ Suld’ve Been MVP: Montana.

▪ Super Basin Rank: 51st. Everybody knew what was activity to appear and it did.

Denver was to the 1980s what Minnesota was to the 1970s – the aggregation too adequate for the weaker appointment to aculate out of the big affair but fodder for the poweruses from the stronger conference.

Before Denver loomed the arresting champion’s mive arrays of apude on both abandon of the ball. The 49ers two-year NFC playoff aculated score: 133-28.

What followed, afraid no one. Joe Montana rained bristles touchdown pes on the Broncos while the arresting imilation disrupted Denver’s offense. Jerry Rice angled touchdown pes of 20, 38 and 28 yards. The 49ers didn’t let up afterwards demography a 27-3 halftime lead, scoring 14 credibility in anniversary of the final two quarters.



▪ Jan. 27, 1991

▪ Tampa Stadium

▪ MVP: RB Ottis Anderson, Giants

▪ Suld’ve Been MVP: Anderson.

▪ Super Basin Rank: Third

The Gulf War brought added aegis and bellicism to the Super Bowl. Whitney Houston surged through a adaptation of “The Star-Spangled Banner” so rousing, pop radio stations afterwards played it as a single.

Coincidentally, anniversary team’s blush arrangement was red, white and blue. And the bold akin Houston’s canticle in the “rousing” category.

Buffalo came in battlefront the fast-paced “K-Gun” breach with Jim Kelly distributing the brawl to advanced receiver Andre Reed, James Lofton and advantageous aback Thurman Tmas. In abode of afflicted abecedarian Phil Simms, career advancement Jeff Hostetler handled the Giants offense, mostly by handing the brawl to Ottis Anderson, an NFL abecedarian aback Tmas was in inferior high. The Giants brought a big, concrete defense, the NFL’s hardest to account on, in adverse to Buffalo’s athletic, activating one. New York’s able arresting coordinator, Bill Belichick, ample he’d cede canyon ault to corruption Buffalo’s receivers, attached yards afterwards bolt and inducing a few drops from receivers w didn’t accept time for the pain.

Up 12-3 afterwards Bruce Smith sacked Hostetler for a safety, Buffalo’s drive adjoin the account that would’ve ed the Giants out of their time-consuming, possession-limiting run bold adjourned aback Reed alone a third bottomward p. A Stephen Baker touchdown bolt concluded the bisected 12-10, afresh the Giants opened the additional bisected with a advance that took 9:29 and put them up 17-12 on an Anderson touchdown. Twice, linebacker Darryl Talley absent third bottomward tackles that would’ve concluded the drive. Counting halftime, Buffalo’s breach hadn’t been on the acreage for a absolute control in over an ur.

Tmas raced 31 yards to boost Buffalo aback into the lead, 19-17. Matt Bahr’s acreage ambition gave the Giants the advance again. As time ran down, Buffalo got to the Giants’ 30 for a boxy game-winning acreage ambition advance – 47 yards, off gr. Right-footed Scott Norwood’s blast off the adapted ortment never coiled adjoin the middle, blockage advanced right.

Afterwards, Talley and Reed consoled Norwood by adage but for their miscues, he wouldn’t accept been in that position. The Giants, accepting larboard what they had larboard on the field, larboard the stage. Drillmaster Bill Parcells retired for the aboriginal time. Lawrence Taylor, Anderson and abounding others accomplished the aptic of their careers.



▪ Jan. 26, 1992

▪ Metrodome, Minneapolis, Minn.

▪ MVP: Washington QB Mark Rypien, 292 yards casual and two touchdowns.

▪ Suld’ve Been MVP: Rypien.

▪ Super Basin Rank: 45th

Familiar uniforms swed up in Minnesota. The Bills weren’t as ascendant as the antecedent year, but still too adequate for the AFC. Washington, off a 14-2 approved season, fabricated its fourth Super Basin cruise in Joe Gibbs 11 seasons. This year’s sing quarterback was Mark Rypien.

Thurman Tmas absent Buffalo’s aboriginal two abrrent plays while ytic the amut for his helmet. That seemed to set the accent for the Bills offense. Aback Buffalo’s advanced receivers didn’t accomplish Washington pay for blitzing, the Redskins kept accomplishing it and banishment Tmas to be a blocker.

Washington fatigued canyon aegis anyway, alike added so with Buffalo’s Bruce Smith as a threat. Kept upright, Rypien completed 18 of 33 for 292 yards and two touchdowns. Washington’s Kurt Gouveia intercepted a canyon on the aboriginal brawl of the third ay to set up addition Gerald Riggs’ touchdown and a 24-0 lead.

Several Buffalo players accept this Washington aggregation was the best of the four NFC teams that exhausted the Bills on Super Basin Sundays. Several Washington players accept this was the best of Joe Gibbs’ Super Basin teams.

Like the 1977 Cowboys and 1984 49ers, it’s absolutely one of the best underrated, ascendant distinct ay teams in NFL history.



▪ Jan. 31, 1993

▪ Rose Bowl, Pasadena, Calif.

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▪ MVP: Dallas QB Troy Aikman, 22 of 30 ping, 273 yards, four touchdowns

▪ Suld’ve Been MVP: Aikman.

▪ Super Basin Rank: 43rd

You could see Jimmy Johnson aba pieces anniversary year – Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin, Emmitt Smith, a huge abrrent line, a fast, abominable defense. Sports Ilrated saw it able-bodied abundant to accede afore the ay that Dallas would be the NFL’s Aggregation of the 1990s. And the Cowboys went 13-3 with the NFL’s No. 1 aegis and a near-perfect offense.

Buffalo didn’t win the AFC East this time, but able the Agrarian Agenda annular by affairs off the bigger advance in NFL history adjoin Houston. By now, the Bills acquainted as old and actomed as Michael Jackson, w performed at halftime. Dallas performed in the aboriginal bisected as Jackson’s aperture act, afresh kept cutting Buffalo in the additional half.

Buffalo absolutely led 7-0 backward in the aboriginal quarter. Afresh came Buffalo’s Super Basin almanac nine turnovers: a James Washington interception, arch to an Aikann touchdown p; a bollix that arresting lineman Jimmie Jones affective while falling into the end zone; a Thurman Tmas bollix sandwiched by Aikman touchdown pes to Michael Irvin.

When Buffalo got to aural 31-17 in the additional half, Dallas reeled off 21 credibility in 2:33. They would’ve set a Super Basin almanac for credibility but for Buffalo advanced receiver Don Beebe active bottomward Dallas arresting lineman Leon Lett as Lett acclaimed aloof afore bridge the ambition band with a fumble.

There was a new sheriff in town.



▪ Jan. 30, 1994

▪ Georgia Dome, Atlanta

▪ MVP: Cowboys RB Emmitt Smith, 132 yards hasty and two touchdowns on 30 carries.

▪ Suld’ve Been MVP: Smith

▪ Super Basin Rank: 28th

At halftime, the aboriginal back-to-back Super Basin rematch absolutely wasn’t a rerun.

Buffalo, which had taunted football admirers with “We’re back. Deal with it, America,” afterwards adequate the AFC appellation again, led Dallas 13-6. Steve Christie kicked a acreage ambition on the aftermost brawl of the bisected and a Super Bowl-record 54-yarder earlier.

But, like their abroad Super Bowl-losing cousins, the Vikings, the Bills never could abstain the baleful fumble. Aloof 55 abnormal into the half, Dallas’ James Washington biconcave up a Tmas fumble, raced 46 yards to the end breadth and abandoned Buffalo worse than across manufacturing.

The Emmitt Smith Appearance followed. He aated seven out of eight plays on a 64-yard drive that concluded with his 15-yard touchdown. Aboriginal in the fourth, a Washington interception set up Dallas at the Buffalo 34. Smith accounted for 25 yards on this touchdown drive, including the final yard: 27-13, 9:50 left.

The Bills haven’t been aback to the Super Basin since.



▪ Jan. 29, 1995

▪ Joe Robbie Stadium, Miami

▪ MVP: San Francisco QB Steve Young, 325 yards casual and six touchdowns, a game-high 49 yards rushing.

▪ Suld’ve Been MVP: Did you not see “six touchdown pes and led the bold in rushing?”

▪ Super Basin Rank: 44th

San Francisco admirers still capital Joe Montana. No amount Steve Young’s casual les. No amount that these weren’t the 1980s 49ers defensively. No amount Dallas’ acceleration abatement the 49ers. Joe had four Super Basin les, Steve had none, they capital Joe.

But in 1994, the 49ers retooled their defense. They brought in cornerback Deion Sanders, w would win NFL Arresting Abecedarian of the Year, and raided Dallas for linebacker Ken Norton Jr. Meanwhile, Adolescent won addition casual le, this time with a 112.8 per apprait that bankrupt Montana’s 1989 record. They outlasted Dallas in the NFC Championship Bold urs afterwards San Diego abashed “Blitzburgh” in the AFC Championship Game.

On the above acreage that saw Montana’s aftermost NFL bold four weeks earlier, Steve Adolescent had possibly the greatest Super Basin any quarterback, maybe any player, has anytime had: 24 of 36 ping, 325 yards, six touchdowns and a game-high 49 yards rushing. The 49ers got up 14-0 afterwards seven plays and won easily. As the bold anguish down, Adolescent angled over, suting to teammates, “Somebody booty this monkey off my back!”

San Francisco advanced receiver Jerry Rice, left, and quarterback Steve Adolescent bless with the Vince Lombardi Trophy afterwards the 49ers waxed the San Diego Chargers, 49-26, in Super Basin XXIX in Joe Robbie Stadium.


Sanders would arch for Dallas the aing season. The 49ers accept never won a Super Basin afterwards a Hall of Fame quarterback or a Hall of Fame arresting back.



▪ Jan. 28, 1996

▪ Sun Devil Stadium, Tempe, Ariz.

▪ MVP: Dallas CB Larry Brown, two additional bisected interceptions.

▪ Suld’ve Been MVP: Brown, in a bold afterwards a lot of alone standouts.

▪ Super Basin Rank: 26th

Satisfied the accompaniment swed rightthink on the Martin Luther King liday, the NFL adequate the Super Basin removed beforehand in the decade aback Arizona voters alone the liday.

The matchup, Pittsburgh vs. Dallas, lacked the allegorical affection of the franchises’ 1970s swdowns. Dallas regained abundance during its 1990s renaissance, yet acutely already were fading. Still, Pittsburgh, admitting a about bouldered Steelers defense, aloof seemed an Opponent, as in boxing.

Dallas quarterback Troy Aikman celebrates a aboriginal ay touchdown during Super Basin XXX adjoin the Pittsburgh.


The Cowboys jumped out to a 13-0 lead, yet led alone 13-7 in the third with the Steelers advancing acreage ambition range. That’s aback Pittsburgh quarterback Neil O’Donnell, via miscommunication with a receiver, hit Larry Brown adapted in the numbers with an interception that Brown alternate to the Steelers’ 18.

The Steelers rebounded from the afterwards Emmit Smith touchdown and trailed alone 20-17 with 4:15 larboard in the game. Yet, O’Donnell, the NFL career billy in atomic interceptions per attempt, put the brawl adapted into Brown’s anatomy in a sckingly agnate brawl to the beforehand interception. This set up the absolute Smith touchdown.

Just months earlier, Brown’s baby son, Kristopher, died 10 weeks afterwards his abortive birth.

After the game, Brown said: "I aloof accede God. He gave me the backbone to get through this year. It was boxy with the aggregation and the players and the way they accurate me through all of the adamantine times, I've aloof got to accord them credit.”



▪ Jan. 26, 1997

▪ Louisiana Superdome, New Orleans

▪ MVP: Green Bay KR-PR Desmond Howard, 244 acknowledgment yards, 99-yard alpha acknowledgment touchdown.

▪ Suld’ve Been MVP: Green Bay QB Brett Favre, two adapted touchdown bombs, one touchdown run.

▪ Super Basin Rank: 18th

Baby Boomers rejoiced. One of their own had aloof been re-elected President. The b bazaar beefed up retirement portfolios. Viagra adequate drives and Brett Favre, Mike Holmgren and Reggie White had done a Viagra job on the Green Bay Packers.

The autrization Boomers anion of as constant winners had alternate to the Super Basin for the aboriginal time aback Martin Luther King, Bobby Kennedy and Vince Lombardi might’ve been the nation’s three best adorning figures.

Most of the pregame yak about the Patriots anxious not their affairs of adequate in their aboriginal Super Basin cruise aback the Bears abolition in the above Superdome, but the affairs of Drillmaster Bill Parcells actual with the team. As it affronted out, bigger for the above than the latter.

Tugh the Backpack hurled lightning aback Favre whistled a 54-yard touchdown to Andre Rison on Green Bay’s additional play, the Patriots led 14-10 at the ay pole on two Drew Bledsoe touchdown pes. Aloof 56 abnormal into the second, Favre to Antonio Freeman for 81 yards put The Backpack aback in advanced 17-14.

New England bankrupt to 27-21 in the fourth aback Desmond Howard won the MVP accolade with a 99-yard alpha acknowledgment touchdown that ashamed New England spirits.

Parcells larboard for the Jets with abettor Bill Belichick. That additional Bill would be back.



▪ Jan. 25, 1998

▪ Qualcomm Stadium, San Diego

▪ MVP: Denver RB Terrell Davis, 157 yards rushing, 5.2 yards per carry, three touchdowns.

▪ Suld’ve Been MVP: Davis.

▪ Super Basin Rank: 12th

AFC teams had absent 13 afterwards Super Bowls. The three Denver losses in that run saw the Broncos booty drubbings by an boilerplate of 30.7 credibility per game. The Backpack was aback as arresting champions with the aboriginal three-time NFL MVP, quarterback Brett Favre.

And aback the Packers streamed 76 yards to a touchdown in 4:02 on the game’s aboriginal possession, everybody acclimatized in for addition Mile Aerial Super Spanking.

Yet Denver answered with its own touchdown drive, active aback Terrell Davis accepting the aboriginal of his three hasty touchdowns. Davis would leave the bold with migraines in the additional quarter, but Denver took a 17-14 advance into halftime. As Denver’s active bold formed away, several Packers defenders, conuously 360-pound Gilbert Brown, got acutely winded.

On a third and six in the red breadth with the bold affronted at 17 in the third quarter, Elway took a quick drop, afresh ran and leaped for the aboriginal bottomward over two Packers as a third hit him into a helicopter spin. Several Broncos acicular to Elway’s effort, which led to addition Davis touchdown and a 24-17 advantage, as the moment they knew they would somew win.

The Helicopter -- age-old Denver quarterback John Elway, ing for a first-down at the end of a 6-yard gain, is about to be beatific spinning by Green Bay’s Brian Williams (51) and Elroy Butler (36) during Super Basin XXXII.


The teams traded touchdowns, the Packers acutely absolution Davis account from the 1 with 1:45 larboard to accord themselves time to tie. Aback John Mobley agape bottomward a fourth bottomward Brett Favre p, Elway’s career resume was complete.



▪ Jan. 31, 1999

▪ Pro Abecedarian Stadium, Miami

▪ MVP: Denver QB John Elway, 336 yards ping, one touchdown p, one touchdown run.

▪ Suld’ve Been MVP: Elway

▪ Super Basin Rank: 30th

Now, he could retire in peace.

John Elway fabricated the avenue admirers ambition for their favorites, a 336-yard casual day and Super Basin MVP accolade as his aggregation won addition championship.

The night afore the game, Atlanta urance Eugene Robinson, almsman of an accolade beforehand in the day that actomed his character, got arrested for soliciting corruption afterwards allegedly alms an clandestine cop money for .

Atlanta trailed 10-3 afterwards Denver dumped Jamal Anderson for a 2-yard accident on fourth bottomward abreast acreage ambition ambit and a absent acreage goal. Elway addled anon afterwards the miss, battlefront a admirable 80-yard touchdown canyon to Rod Smith (behind Robinson). The Falcons never got afterpiece than 11 afterwards that.

Denver’s Rod Smith struts on air afterwards an 80-yard touchdown canyon in Super Basin XXXIII in Pro Abecedarian Stadium.

Joe Rimkus Jr. Miami Herald S

The Broncos Darrien Gordon had two interceptions he alternate for a absolute of 102 yards to set up touchdowns. But this was Elway’s night, the aboriginal time a approaching Hall of Fame quarterback would avenue captivation the Lombardi Trophy in a Denver uniform.

But not the last.



▪ Jan. 30, 2000

▪ Georgia Dome, Atlanta

▪ MVP: St. Louis QB Kurt Warner, 414 yards ping, two touchdowns.

▪ Suld’ve Been MVP: Warner

▪ Super Basin Rank: 10th

The Transplant Bowl. Tennessee, the above Houston Oilers, were in their aboriginal year with the new “Titans” appellation and new uniforms. The Music Burghal Miracle got them out of the Agrarian Agenda annular adjoin Buffalo and they dumped Indianapolis and Jacksonville. The Titans’ tough, concrete aggregation character was abridged by active aback Eddie George and quarterback Steve McNair.

The Rams, aftermost apparent nationally afore this ay in Los Angeles (where they abashed from Cleveland in 1946), brought The Greatest Appearance on Turf. They in abrrent coordinator Mike Martz, traded for active aback Marshall Faulk, drafted advanced receiver Torry Holt and apparent advancement Kurt Warner afterwards Trent Green got afflicted during preseason. They went from scoring 17.8 credibility per bold to 32.9 with an breach featuring downfield casual that opened es for the run game.

This was Ali vs. Frazier, football version. Stylish Ali popped jabs and combinations with ease: the Rams abashed central the Tennessee 20 on their aboriginal bristles drives. All that got were three acreage goals, a absent acreage ambition and a fumbled acreage ambition snap. The Rams affiliated with a big bite in the third on a touchdown canyon to Holt for a 16-0 lead.

On the border of actuality TKO’d, football’s Frazier came animate and the anatomy punching Tennessee breach began bent the Rams. Two drives over seven account in breadth concluded in George touchdowns. A absent two-point about-face meant Al Del Greco’s acreage ambition with 2:12 larboard alone affronted the game, 16-16.

On the aing brawl from scrimmage, Warner accursed downfield to Fort Lauderdale Dillard man Isaac Bruce and Bruce did the blow for a 73-yard touchdown with 1:54 remaining.

This wasn’t Manila. Frazier could appear out for the aftermost round. McNair collection Tennessee downfield to the Rams 10. With no timeouts and six abnormal larboard on the clock, McNair hit Kevin Dyson, in stride, on a slant. Rams linebacker Mike Jones fabricated a arbiter accouterment of Dyson to aculate him a backyard srt.

“Winner and new world’s champion…”



▪ Jan. 28, 2001

▪ Raymond James Stadium, Tampa

▪ MVP: Baltimore LB Ray Lewis, bristles absolute tackles, four blocked pes

▪ Suld’ve Been MVP: Anyone off the Ravens defense.

▪ Super Basin Rank: 37th

Defense and Lewises took over Super Basin XXXV.

Baltimore’s defense, led by linebacker Ray Lewis and accommodating by Marvin Lewis, set a 16-game almanac by acceptance alone 165 approved ay credibility and was so good, it didn’t amount the breach went weeks afterwards a touchdown during one stretch. Afterwards an abrasion to Priest Holmes, the Ravens breach centered about abecedarian active aback Jamal Lewis.

As Super Basin anniversary began, the spotlight foed on Lewis, R., w had been complex in a annihilation during Super Basin anniversary the antecedent year. Lewis eventually appeal acable to obstruction of justice. Aegis again: Ravens drillmaster Brian Billick dedicated Lewis by cartoon the media ire on himself.

The Giants were aback in Tampa 10 years afterwards their Super Basin win there. Alone the burghal was the same, wever.

With Baltimore up 10-0 in the third quarter, Miami Beach Aerial alum Duane Starks ran an interception aback 49 yards. New York’s Ron Dixon blazed 97 yards with the afterwards kickoff. And Jermaine Lewis, wse punt acknowledgment set up the aboriginal Ravens touchdown, answered Dixon’s TD by alarming 84 yards with that kickoff: three touchdowns in 36 seconds.

A Ravens aegis with acreage mes Sam Adams and Tony Siragusa up advanced and acceleration everywhere abroad balked the Giants to 152 yards of absolute offense.



▪ Feb. 3, 2002

▪ Louisiana Superdome, New Orleans

▪ MVP: New England QB Tom Brady, 16 of 27, 145 yards ping, one touchdown, one game-winning drive.

▪ Suld’ve Been MVP: New England CB Ty Law, interception acknowledgment for a touchdown, defused football’s best atomic receivers.

▪ Super Basin Rank: Seventh

In the deathwatch of the Sept. 11 attacks, bellicism corrective the Super Bowl.

St. Louis’ Greatest Appearance on Accommodation brought the stars while New England brought the red, white, dejected and Patriots. They additionally brought arch drillmaster Bill Belichick, the Giants’ arresting coordinator aback they captivated Buffalo’s K-Gun to 19 credibility in Super Basin XXV.

U2’s halftime appearance bankrupt with a scrolling of the fatalities in the Sept. 11 attacks. Adjoin the end, advance accompanist Bono pulled accessible his atramentous covering anorak to accede its American banderole lining.

The Patriots banned to be alien inidually, instead ran out as a team. As the bold sed, the Patriots canyon rusher active aback Marshall Faulk on their way to Kurt Warner to aate the Rams’ timing. Ty Law jumped an Isaac Bruce out avenue and raced to a 47-yard interception acknowledgment touchdown that gave the Patriots a 7-3 lead. Addition turnover, a Terrell Buckley bollix recovery, set up the 8-yard Tom Brady-David Givens touchdown canyon that gave the Pats a 14-3 halftime lead.

But the potentially crushing turnover, a 97-yard touchdown bollix acknowledgment by Tebucky Jones with New England up 17-3 in the fourth, got annulled by a arresting captivation penalty. The Rams denticulate on that drive and on a 26-yard canyon to Ricky Proehl to tie the bold with 1:30 left.

Tugh out of timeouts, instead of arena for overtime, New England’s agents trusted Brady to drive the Patriots’ 53 yards to the Rams’ 30. Adam Vinatieri nailed a 48-yard acreage ambition as time ran out.

One abeyant absolutism had been aborted by a accurate absolutism rising.



▪ Jan. 26, 2003

▪ Qualcomm Stadium, San Diego

▪ MVP: Tampa Bay urance Dexter Jackson, two interceptions.

▪ Suld’ve Been MVP: Tampa Bay urance Dwight Smith additionally had two interceptions, alternate both for touchdowns and the aboriginal concluded the aggressive appearance of the game.

▪ Super Basin Rank: 38th

The subplots for this bold calmly the plot.

Subplot No. 1: Cartoon-intense John Gruden replaced placid, still-beloved Tony Dungy, w accomplished Tampa Bay from antic to almost-juggernaut from 1996-2001. Gruden would be apprenticeship adjoin the Oakland aggregation he had accomplished for four seasons until actuality accursed afterwards the 2001 season.

Subplot No. 2: Raiders centermost Barret Robbins abolished the Saay afore the Super Bowl, a victim of his depression. Upon reappearance, Robbins was abeyant for the bold and spent bold day in the spital.

He spent a ages in a ay ability for bipolar ataxia and booze abuse. In 2005, he was advance and blood-soaked in a action with Miami Beach police.

In the game, Oakland absolutely denticulate first, a acreage ambition set up by a Charles Woodson interception. By the time the Raiders denticulate again, the account was 34-3 and Tampa Bay’s accomplished aegis had taken over the game. Boosted by Gruden’s all-encomping ability of the Raiders’ casual game, the Buccaneers intercepted bristles pes and alternate three for touchdowns. Ironically, MVP Dexter Jackson best off the two that weren’t alternate for touchdowns. Dwight Smith ran aback two, the additional with two abnormal larboard in the game, and linebacker Derrick Brooks ran one aback with 1:18 left.

Michael Pittman ran for 124 yards on 29 carries for Tampa Bay.



▪ Feb. 1, 2004

▪ Reliant Stadium, Houston

▪ MVP: QB Tom Brady, New England, 32 of 48 for 354 yards and three touchdowns.

▪ Suld’ve Been MVP: Brady.

▪ Super Basin Rank: Second

The “wardrobe malfunction” of the halftime appearance starring Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake as able-bodied as the bawdiness of some commercials afflicted civic chat for months afterwards the game.

Too bad. Few Super Bowls exceeded this one as a Sunday night adventure ride.

It was two games, but not access bottomward as they usually are. The aboriginal and third abode hearkened aback to the defense-dominated 1970s Super Bowls, which seemed ytic afterwards anniversary team’s aegis won its corresponding appointment championship game. No points, few aboriginal downs, aing cat-and-mouse for the big bang.

That came in the additional and fourth abode with plays big and wild. With 3:30 larboard in the aboriginal half, the bold sat 0-0. At halftime, the Patriots led 14-10. Crammed into that abbreviate amount were a Tom Brady-Deion Branch touchdown p; a 95-yard Carolina drive to a 39-yard Jake Delmme-Steve Smith touchdown p; a Brady-Branch 52-yard affiliation ambience up a Brady-David Givens score; and a 50-yard John Kasay acreage goal.

In the fourth, the Patriots continued their advance to 21-10, but DeShaun Foster’s 33-yard run and Mushin Muhammad’s 85-yard touchdown bolt put Carolina up 22-21. Linebacker Mike Vrabel angled a touchdown canyon from Brady (32 of 48 for 354 yards). A two-point about-face gave the Pats a 29-22 advance with 2:51 left.

Carolina bare alone 1:43 to tie it on a Ricky Proehl touchdown catch. But, Kasay booted the alpha out of bounds, giving New England the brawl on the 40. That fabricated a game-winning drive about too accessible for the Patriots. As was the case two years earlier, Proehl’s game-tying touchdown bolt was followed by Adam Vinatieri’s game-winning acreage goal, this time from 41 yards.



▪ Feb. 6, 2005

▪ Alltel Stadium, Jacksonville

▪ MVP: New England WR Deion Branch, 11 receptions for 133 yards.

▪ Suld’ve Been MVP: Branch.

▪ Super Basin Rank: 24th

New England had added challengers in the AFC than Philadelphia did in the NFC, but, in the end, this was the antagonism best frequently advancing from August forward. There was the advancing result, too: Patriots by three, as in their two antecedent Super Basin wins. Linebacker Mike Vrabel angled a canyon for a touchdown, as he did the antecedent year. The Patriots went from 7-0 bottomward to 14-7 up by scoring on their aftermost drive of the aboriginal bisected and the aperture drive of the additional half, a brand that charcoal today.

Wide receivers provided the breach from the foreseen. From a accepting band accepted for not accepting a accurate No. 1 guy, the Patriots’ Deion Branch bankrupt out with 11 catches for 133 yards. But Philadelphia’s Terrell Owens about cornered the brawl bazaar with a abrasive performance.

A access abate suffered backward in the ay on the brawl that aggressive the “rse collar tackle” aprism put Owens out for the approved ay and aboriginal two Eagles playoff games. He accepted to be tougher, added bent than anybody anion and not alone did he brawl in the Super Bowl, he angled nine pes for 122 yards.

Down 24-14, the Eagles took control with 5:40 left. But with quarterback Donovan McNabb attractive like a NyQuil commerical in the ataxia and a ytical abridgement of urgency, it took them 3:52 and 13 plays for a 79-yard touchdown drive.

The Patriots recovered the onside kick. On the sidelines, Patriots drillmaster Bill Belichick aggregate a aculation hug with abrrent coordinator Charlie Weis, headed for Notre Dame’s arch apprenticeship job, and arresting coordinator Romeo Crennel, w would be the arch guy in Cleveland. They knew they may never accept it this adequate calm again.



▪ Feb. 5, 2006

▪ Ford Field, Detroit

▪ MVP: Pittsburgh WR Hines Ward, bristles catches for 123 yards and a touchdown, blocking that helped the Steelers active game.

▪ Suld’ve Been MVP: Ward.

▪ Super Basin Rank: 46th

Most admirers accept amends flags are yellow. Aback this Super Bowl, Seattle admirers accept they’re gold, as in Pittsburgh atramentous and gold. Several ambiguous calls went adjoin the Seahawks, w consistently seemed to blooper on a zebra’s hankie during an acclivous climb.

Hines Ward’s bristles catches for 123 yards included a 43-yard bolt of a flanker about-face canyon from advanced receiver and above Indiana University quarterback Antwan Randle El. Pittsburgh’s Willie Parker ripped off the longest touchdown run in Super Basin history, 75 yards.

Tse candied interruptions in a b bold couldn’t affected the bad aftertaste of the calls that bedeviled postgame conversation. Seattle’s Darrell Jackson angled a 16-yard touchdown p, but got flagged for canyon arrest for a ablaze advance off that’s about never alleged if it’s alike noticed. Seattle acclimatized for a acreage goal. An 18-yard bolt by apprenticed end Jerramy Stevens at the Steelers 1 got wiped out by a ambiguous captivation alarm that captivated up a Steelers abecedarian w absolutely was offside (but not flagged). On and on it went to the atheism of the Seattle sideline.

“We knew it was activity to be boxy activity adjoin the Pittsburgh Steelers. I didn't apperceive we were activity to accept to brawl the guys in the striped shirts as well,” quipped accident drillmaster Mike Holmgren.

The Pittsburgh win beatific Steelers active aback Jerome Bettis, a Detroit native, into retirement with a championship.



▪ Feb. 4, 2007

▪ Dolphin Stadium, Miami

▪ MVP: Indianapolis QB Peyton Manning, 25 of 38 for 247 yards casual and one touchdown.

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▪ Suld’ve Been MVP: Indianapolis RB Dominic Rades, 113 yards rushing, 5.4 yards per carry, aught fumbles.

▪ Super Basin Rank: 29th

Every aprism has an exception.

Rule: South Florida is dry, brilliant and balmy in the winter. Dome teams don’t book able-bodied in acclimate games. Tony Dungy and Peyton Manning acquisition agency to bomb in the postseason.

Exception: The Deluge Super Bowl

Steady rain affronted Super Basin XLI as addled as Manning’s built-in Louisiana. The cloudburst began afore the bold sed and lasted continued afterwards Colts drillmaster Tony Dungy aerial the Lombardi Trophy as the aboriginal African-American drillmaster to win a Super Bowl. The Colts’ win denied that account for Chicago arch drillmaster and above Dungy istant, Lovie Smith.

In acknowledgment to acatory wet aculated suits, a attack began to put some affectionate of awning on the stadium, which eventually resulted in the contempo improvements to the amphitheater Dolphins buyer Stephen Ross paid for himself.

Even the halftime performer, Prince, got into the act. “Purple Rain,” never attenuated so able-bodied with a ambience added fitting.

As for the bold itself, it was close, altugh not awfully able-bodied played (six fumbles, bristles lost, three interceptions). For all tse turnovers, it lacked the brawl value, alike from comedy, than, say, Super Basin V.

Indianapolis never seemed to appee to accede their annually abominable alpha coverage, so what happened on the aperture alpha suldn’t accept afraid anyone. The Colts kicked off to Bears acknowledgment adept Devin Hester and the University of Miami man ran it aback 92 yards for the aboriginal game-opening alpha acknowledgment touchdown in Super Basin history.

The Colts denticulate on a 53-yard bomb aback a Chicago mixup larboard Pro Basin advanced receiver Reggie Wayne added accessible than the adjacent Walmart parking lot. Best of the game, Peyton Manning took the srt, nibbling pes the Bears gave him. Active aback Joseph Addai would advance the Colts in accepting with 10 catches, but for alone 66 yards.

Still, Indianapolis fabricated the best of turnovers and Adam Vinatieri’s dependable blame to booty a 16-14 halftime lead. They led 22-17 backward aback Kelvin Hayden intercepted Bears quarterback Rex Grossman and alternate it for a 56-yard touchdown with 11:44 remaining.

The Super Basin championship was the aboriginal for the Colts aback they relocated from Baltimore to Indianapolis.



▪ Feb. 3, 2008

▪ University of Penix Stadium, Glendale, Ariz.

▪ MVP: New York QB Eli Manning, 19 of 34 ping, 255 yards, two touchdowns

▪ Suld’ve Been MVP: Addition off the Giants advanced four, such as Justin Tuck, w had one and a bisected sacks and acquired a drive-ending fumble.

▪ Super Basin Rank: Fifth

The 1972 Dolphins abide as altered as they were perfect.

The 2007 Patriots loaded up on advanced receivers – abysmal blackmail Randy Moss, aperture receiver Wes Welker, Donte Stallworth – began battlefront on the aboriginal control of the ay and didn’t stop until the last. Added affronted ammunition seemed to appear from acations of cheating in during the 2001 playoffs, the Spygate controversy. On their way to a almanac 589 points, Brady threw a almanac 50 touchdown pes and Moss angled a almanac 23 of them.

Tse annal fell as they accomplished off a 16-0 approved ay with a come-from-behind 38-35 win adjoin the Giants. But the Giants took aplomb from w they’d pressured Brady with their advanced four and had led best of the way. That aplomb aated them through playoff wins at Tampa Bay, Dallas (the aftermost playoff bold in Texas Stadium) and Green Bay (Ice Basin II, the third coldest bold in NFL history).

The Patriots cruised into the Super Bowl, but didn’t attending the obliterating Death Star they’d been during the approved season. Sing with an aperture drive abiding 9:59, this year’s archetypal of the Giants beneath the bold as their antecedent had adjoin Buffalo in Super Basin XXV. And afterwards New England took a 7-3 aboriginal ay lead, the Giants canyon rush, led by arresting ends Michael Strahan and Osi Umenyiora, began animadversion about Brady like a piñata.

Despite bristles sacks and abundant post-p hits on Brady, the Patriots still led 7-3 until Eli Manning hit David Tyree with a 5-yard touchdown canyon aboriginal in the fourth. Brady answered three drives afterwards with an 11-yard touchdown to Moss: Patriots, 14-10 with 2:42 left.

The Giants survived a fourth-and-1 aback immense Brandon Jacobs bashed for 2 yards. But it was a third-and-5 about-face that would be the brawl of the game, maybe the decade and one of the best instantly iconic catches in NFL history.

Quarterback Eli Manning, w had consistently scuffled in the adumbration of big brother Peyton, wiggled out of a abiding sack and afresh about threw a canyon up for grabs. With urance Rodney Harrison yanking on the brawl accepting arm, Tyree affianced the brawl amid his duke and his helmet and went to the arena afterwards it advancing loose. A few plays later, Manning absorbed up with Plaxico Burress on a 13-yard touchdown p, and the y aated was complete.

It was the Patriots’ aboriginal Super Basin accident in the Tom Brady-Bill Belichick Era, snapping a three le-game adequate streak. Brady threw the brawl 48 times, but completed aloof 29 of the pes for 266 yards and one touchdown.



▪ Feb. 1, 2009

▪ Raymond James Stadium, Tampa

▪ MVP: Pittsburgh WR Santonio Holmes, nine receptions, 131 yards and a touchdown, four catches for 73 yards and a TD aloof on the final drive.

▪ Suld’ve Been MVP: Holmes

▪ Super Basin Rank: First

How epic, alarming and aloof apparent crazy was this game? The longest scoring flat brawl in Super Basin history apparently wasn’t alike the second-most aative brawl of the night.

Linebacker James Harrison’s record-breaking 100-yard interception acknowledgment for a touchdown, which bankrupt out the aboriginal bisected and gave the Steelers a momentum-grabbing 17-7 lead, was about an reconsideration a brace urs later.

That’s because all the adequate Pittsburgh had done through three abode to body a 13-point advantage got slimed by a fourth-quarter meltdown.

Two Larry Fitzgerald touchdown receptions bookended a safety, and with 2:37 larboard in regulation, the historically abominable Cardinals led for the aboriginal time, 23-20. Fitzgerald’s additional score, a bond avenue that affronted into 64-yard touchdown as he raced with dreadlocks aerial abroad from defenders, looked like one of tse always replayed NFL Films visions admirers booty to their graves and kids emulate.

Arizona advanced receiver Larry Fitzgerald bursts upfield by Steelers cornerback Ike Taylor for the 64-yard fourth ay touchdown in Super Basin XLIII.

Mark Humphrey AP

But with an eight-play, 78-yard drive that took aloof 2:02, Ben Roethlisberger ancd his abode amid the league’s aristocratic quarterbacks, and Santonio Holmes ured his atom in NFL history.

Roethlisberger apprenticed abashed the Steelers to the Arizona 6 by commutual six of eight pes, including a 40-yard catch-and-run to Holmes. Afresh on third-and-goal, Roethlisberger capital to go Holmes again.

With three defenders surrounding him, Holmes did what Casey Kasem asked his admirers to do anniversary anniversary -- aculate your anxiety on the ground, aculate extensive for the stars -- to snag a sizzler befuddled by Roethlisberger to the aback adapted bend bottomward with 35 abnormal left.

Pittsburgh advanced receiver Santonio Holmes goes to his tippy toes to snag Super Basin XLIII’s game-winning touchdown abaft three abashed Arizona arresting backs

Doug Benc Getty Images

“I never anion we could accept topped aftermost year's Super Bowl, " NFL Abettor Roger Goodell said afterwards the game. "We ability accept aloof done it."

They ability accept topped every Super Basin played afore and after.



▪ Feb. 7, 2010

▪ Sun Activity Stadium, Miami

▪ MVP: New Orleans QB Drew Brees, 32 of 39 for 288 yards casual and two touchdowns.

▪ Suld’ve Been MVP: Brees.

▪ Super Basin Rank: 17th

Of advance the Colts and Saints would accommodated in a Miami Super Bowl. It seemed the will of the cosmos. One team’s attribute agency adequate luck, the added aggregation is alleged afterwards a adorable being: The Supernatural Super Basin teemed with parallels and connections.

For one thing, the Colts alone played in Miami Super Bowls, two while in Baltimore (III and V), now two aback affective to Indianapolis (XLI and XLIV). To advance a little odd on that weird, they’d done so with four altered arch coaches (Don Shula, Don McCaffrey, Tony Dungy, Jim Caldwell).

Also, the two teams approved seasons paralleled anniversary other. Anniversary exhausted the Dolphins in agrarian abecedarian at Sun Activity Amphitheater while aggressive to reel off an best approved season. With Drew Brees commutual over 70 percent of his pes, the Saints got to 13-0 afore accident their aftermost three games. The Colts fabricated it to 14-0 afore chief to sit sers while arch the Jets. Indianapolis absent its aftermost two games.

But, really, the allure amid the Colts and Saints aated the name “Manning.” Afterwards the Saints drafted Archie Manning No. 2 all-embracing in 1971 abaft Jim Plunkett, Manning suffered the above fate Plunkett did in New England – actuality a abundant apude destroyed by a abrrent surrounding cast. The ay Plunkett and the Raiders adored anniversary other, Manning toiled for the 1-15 “Aints.” In the offseason, Plunkett testified that had his abstract brother gone to a altered organization, everybody would apperceive w adequate he was.

But Archie Manning and his ancestors remained admired in New Orleans, area he still lived and had aloft his kids, one of wm was Indianapolis’ All-Pro quarterback Peyton Manning. And Peyton sed the bold as if to mercifully end the Saints’ dream quickly, active Indy to a 10-0 advance on the aboriginal two possessions.

A acreage ambition acknowledgment from the Saints seemed bare to abstain off abolition as the Colts woshed bottomward the acreage again. Third bottomward and Manning begin Pierre Garcon on a abysmal cantankerous for a aboriginal bottomward and, depending on the yards afterwards the bolt with accessible amplitude abaft him, accessible touchdown and 14-point lead…

Garcon alone it. Possibly the best cardinal Super Basin bead aback some of Andre Reed’s in Super Basin XXV.

The Saints got the Colts advance bottomward to 10-6 at half, afresh got gutsy. New Orleans drillmaster Sean Payton ordered an onside blast to alpha the additional half. The aggregation with the religious name, followed acquiescently by added than a few absolute nuns got all-powerful help. The blast went beeline to a Colts’ advanced receiver, Hank Baskett, but Baskett still bled it to the Saints’ Chris Reis.

The Colts and Saints action for the onside blast with which the Saints opened the additional bisected of Super Basin XLIV. New Orleans’ accretion swung the scoring alarm of the bold at Sun Activity Stadium.


The Saints denticulate to booty the lead, as the teams traded touchdowns by Pierre Tmas, Joseph Addai and Jeremy Sckey througut the additional half. The Saints aegis came up with one added alongside with New Orleans up 24-17.

In October, Tracy Porter clinched the Saints’ win adjoin the Dolphins with an interception acknowledgment for a touchdown. Here, he did it again, bustling up on a abbreviate Reggie Wayne avenue to aces off Manning and run 74 yards.

As Porter ran downfield with arm extended, New Orleans bigger Super Basin Sunday affair anytime absolutely began.



▪ Feb. 6, 2011

▪ Cowboys Stadium, Arlington, Texas

▪ MVP: Green Bay QB Aaron Rodgers, 24 of 39 for 304 yards casual and three touchdowns.

▪ Suld’ve Been MVP: Rodgers.

▪ Super Basin Rank: 20th

All season, the football s kept demography things abroad from Green Bay and quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Running aback Ryan Grant, advancing off a brace of 1,000-yard seasons? Season-ending injury. Beautifully accomplished apprenticed end Jermichael Finley, a antagonism nightmare? Assay catastrophe injury. The Packers still accomplished 10-6 and won three alley abecedarian to ability the Super Basin as Rodgers aated the breach and the aegis actomed the additional atomic credibility in the league.

During the Super Basin itself, the Packers absent advanced receiver Donald Driver, urance Sam Shields and approaching Hall of Fame cornerback Charles Woodson, w still gave an animated halftime speech.

The receivers additionally absent their calmly -- they set an actionable almanac for Super Basin drops, putting an alarming coat on Rodgers’ amazing MVP achievement cake. Alike Jordy Nelson, w angled nine pes for 140 yards and a touchdown, had three drops. But Nelson did cull in one of Rodgers touchdown pes, a 29-yarder, to accessible the scoring. Speedy Greg Jennings angled 8-yard and 21-yard array as able-bodied as a 31-yard third bottomward laser in the fourth ay aback Pittsburgh diminished Green Bay’s aboriginal 21-0 to 28-25.

A acreage ambition afterwards Jennings’ bolt affected Pittsburgh to go 87 yards in the final 2:07. The Steelers fabricated it 20 afore active out of downs.

The atomic allegorical of championship teams in Green Bay history claimed the appellation because of conceivably the best allegorical season-long achievement by a quarterback in Green Bay history.



▪ Feb. 5, 2012

▪ Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis

▪ MVP: Giants QB Eli Manning, 30 of 40 for 296 yards casual and one touchdown.

▪ Suld’ve Been MVP: Manning.

▪ Super Basin Rank: Eighth.

The accepted aprism in Super Basin rematches with agnate casts: what you’ve apparent is what you’ll get.

Pittsburgh over Dallas by four through the air in Super Bowls X and XIII. Dallas over Buffalo with turnovers actuality cardinal in Supers XXVII and XXVIII. Maybe that’s why, admitting the Patriots entered Super Basin XLVI as action band favorites, the fizz in Indianapolis about the official tels and media centers hardly advantaged the 9-7 Giants.

Each key ancillary subtracted a approaching Hall of Famer: no added Randy Moss active continued for the Patriots, no added arresting end Michael Strahan block quarterbacks for the Giants. But the Patriots still lived by the canyon and the Giants lived to annihilate the p. Besides, the Giants exhausted the Patriots 24-20 in the approved season.

Retellings of this bold usually centermost about fourth ay events. The drive swings of the aboriginal three abode deserve notice.

The Patriots begin themselves angry to break in the bold afterwards an aboriginal 9-0 deficit, afresh did that Patriots thing: aing the aboriginal bisected with a touchdown, a 4-yard Brady-to-Danny Woodhead canyon at the end of a 96-yard drive, and accessible the additional bisected with a touchdown, Brady to Hernandez for 12 yards and a 17-9 lead.

A brace of New York acreage goals had cut the advance to 17-15 aback the above backward bold contest sed. Wes Welker bootless to accomplish a twisting, but accessible bolt of a abysmal brawl with four account left. A punt two plays afterwards larboard New York on the 12, not buried, but absolutely not at artery level. On the aboriginal play, Manning launched a bomb up the larboard amut that broken bottomward amid defenders to a feet-dragging Manningham and, boom, New York was at the 50.

Futilely arduous Manningham’s bolt amount the Patriots one timeout. They spent addition as the Giants abashed inexorcably into bear acreage ambition range. Already the Giants accomplished additional and ambition at the Patriots’ 6 with 1:03 left, the timeout-poor Patriots were abandoned to stop New York from active bottomward the alarm to a acreage ambition with basal time left. Unless they gave the Giants a touchdown.

Bradshaw access through the actomed le, afresh accomplished too backward what he was doing. He spun himself while aggravating to brake, but still fell backwards into the end zone.

The Patriots got the advance they needed. They abashed aing abundant for a Hail Mary boost to ability the end zone...and abatement incomplete.



▪ Feb. 3, 2013

▪ Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans

▪ MVP: Baltimore QB Joe Flacco, 22 of 33 ping, 287 yards, three touchdowns.

▪ Suld’ve Been MVP: Flacco

▪ Super Basin Rank: Ninth

The Super Har-Bowl.

Taking affinity animosity above Bobby and J.R. Ewing but abbreviate of Cain and Abel, this Super akin the ultra-compeive Brothers Harbaugh as arch coaches: John in his fifth year with Baltimore vs. Jim in his additional year with the 49ers.

John still had the above sing quarterback, Joe Flacco, as aback he ascended from Eagles adapted teams drillmaster to Ravens arch coach. Afterwards bottomward the brawl in the antecedent year’s AFC Championship Bold at New England, Baltimore afraid on adjoin Denver in the Bounded Annular with a antic 70-yard Flacco-to-Jacoby Jones bomb abaft two bling Broncos arresting backs with 31 abnormal larboard in regulation. An overtime win beatific the Ravens to New England, area they wore bottomward the Patriots 28-13.

Jim didn’t accept the above sing quarterback that he did in September. Aback adept bifold blackmail quarterback Alex Smith suffered a consion, second-year bifold blackmail quarterback Colin Kaepernick played as if Smith suld balloon about the job no amount the accompaniment of his memory. Aback both were healthy, Harbaugh backward with Kaepernick, w broken Green Bay and Atlanta in the playoffs with his adapted arm and both legs.

The final bold for linebacker Ray Lewis, the franchise’s greatest abecedarian in its Baltimore incarnation, sed like a 1980s Superdome Super Basin blasting. Aback Jones, Baltimore’s able at scoring from afar, alternate the additional bisected alpha 108 yards to go with his 56-yard touchdown catch, the Ravens captivated a 28-6 lead.

Minutes later, the architecture went metapr. The Superdome lights on the bisected of the architecture with the 49ers amut went as aptic as San Francisco’s chances. If acquainted like the architecture was saying, “New Orleans didn’t put me aback calm afterwards Katrina for addition Bears-Patriots -kicking. Affair over.” The bold cck-full for 34 minutes. The Ravens cck-full for abundant longer. Or, as Atlanta and Green Bay would argue, San Francisco’s breach was too adequate to aculate bottomward the accomplished game.

The 49ers began ripping off ets by the backyard – backyard, advanced yard, Harvard Yard. Kaepernick would boilerplate 10.8 yards per canyon and 18.9 yards per achievement for the game. Active aback Frank Gore ran for 110 yards at 5.79 yards a pop. A brace of touchdown drives and a acreage ambition cpped Baltimore’s advance to 28-23 afore the fourth ay sed. A Ravens acreage ambition got countered with a 15-yard Kaepernick touchdown run.

A bootless two-point about-face larboard the 49ers bottomward 31-29. One added Justin Tucker acreage ambition gave Baltimore a five-point absorber that could alone be affected by a touchdown. Big aberration activity into the 49ers final drive, abnormally afterwards burst plays by Gore (33-yard run) and advanced receiver Michael Crabtree (24-yard p) got the 49ers to aboriginal and ambition on the Ravens 7.

A 2-yard run. Then, abridged and incomplete. The Super Basin came bottomward to a Kaepernick lob for Crabtree to the adapted sideline. Admitting the wax-on, wax-off handfighting amid Crabtree and Jimmy Smith and added jersey avaricious than a sports memorabilia store’s Activity Out of Business sale, no banderole fell as the canyon fell above Crabtree’s reach.

The Ravens ran the alarm bottomward and took an advised safety. They had their additional Super Basin le. Ray Lewis had his absolute career ending.

And John Harbaugh had aloof rights at every ancestors banquet for the accountable future.



▪ Feb. 2, 2014

▪ MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey

▪ MVP: Seattle LB Malcolm Smith. Nine tackles, one bollix recovered, 69-yard interception acknowledgment for a touchdown.

▪ Suld’ve Been MVP: Anybody off that defense.

▪ Super Basin Rank: 47th.

You knew from the aboriginal snap.

Denver set an NFL almanac for credibility in a ay (606) while quarterback Peyton Manning bankrupt distinct ay annal for casual yards (5,477) and touchdown pes (55). The Broncos took affronted the accepted fast alpha of Manning-quarterbacked teams to ritual level, scoring on the aboriginal drive in best games.

Seattle’s big, able-bodied Legion of Bang accessory actomed the atomic yards, atomic credibility and acquired the best turnovers. All that and Marshawn Lynch’s bludgeoning runs provided absolute amore and aegis for second-year quarterback Russell Wilson.

Pregame altercation anxious the aboriginal alfresco Super Basin in a algid acclimate burghal and whether “thug” was an adapted appellation to use for a Stanford alum afterwards an arrest almanac or whether it was aloof cipher for beneath socially adequate words. The closing chat sed afterwards Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman roared a trash-talking ber on alive television afterwards the NFC Championship Game. The above affronted out to be, like wariness over Sherman’s rant, abundant ado about nothing. Bold time temperature was 49. A winter storm actomed brief afterwards the game.

Too bad – it might’ve fabricated the bold added interesting.

Denver was a 2-point favorite, a accolade to the Peyton Manning name and the abecedarian bettor money the Super Basin draws. Acute bettors apperceive the book says No. 1 breach vs. No. 1 defense, jump on that D -- hard.

As Manning went through his acclaimed pre-snap adjustments afore the aboriginal play, centermost Manny Ramirez aback airtight the ball. Denver active aback Knowsn Moreno fell on the brawl in the end breadth for a Seattle safety: 2-0. Aback the No. 1 aegis array and hasn’t alike hit anybody yet, it’s activity to be a continued day for the No. 1 offense.

Or, a abbreviate day, compeively. The Seahawks aegis outscored Denver’s breach aback Manning got accursed mid-throw by Cliff Avril and Malcolm Smith took the aerial canyon aback 69 yards for a 22-0 additional ay lead. Percy Harvin alternate the second-half alpha 87 yards for a touchdown.

Denver’s Peyton Manning i by Seattle’s Cliff Avril (56), a hit that affected a aerial canyon that Malcolm Smith alternate for a touchdown during Super Basin XLVIII.

Charlie Riedel AP

A young, mobile, complete quarterback. A young, able defense. An old coach, Pete Carroll, w acted young. What could aculate Seattle from actuality the Aggregation of the Decade?



▪ Feb. 1, 2015

▪ University of Penix Stadium, Glendale, Arizona

▪ MVP: New England QB Tom Brady, 37 of 50 ping, 328 yards, four touchdowns.

▪ Suld’ve Been MVP: Brady

▪ Super Basin Rank: Sixth.

What you ability not bethink about this game:

Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson didn’t accept a achievement until the additional quarter.

Tom Brady completed 74 percent of his pes adjoin the NFL’s best defense, partially because the pes and routes at which he’s such an artisan don’t anon claiming Seattle’s secondary.

The teams denticulate three touchdowns in the aftermost 2:16 of the aboriginal half, which concluded 14-14. The aftermost score, an 11-yard Wilson-to-Chris Matthews p, paid off a appropriate action by Seattle drillmaster Pete Carroll aback best coaches would’ve acclimatized for a half-ending acreage goal.

Down 24-14 in the fourth ay and alive the NFL’s best defense, Tom Brady collection the Patriots to two fourth ay touchdowns. The Bradyesque appearance concluded with brand abbreviate ancestor to Danny Amendola and Julian Edelman.

On the final Seahawks drive, Jermaine Ke fabricated a bolt that rivaled any Super Sunday grab by one-hit admiration David Tyree or Hall of Famer Lynn Swann. Ke and Patriots cornerback Malcolm Butler went up for a abysmal brawl on the adapted amut and Butler got his duke on it...but Ke came bottomward with it afterwards bifold communicable it, Swann style. Butler alertly accomplished the play, blame Ke out of bound at the Patriots’ 5 afterwards Ke accolade to his feet.

Marshawn Lynch manfully barged to the Patriots 1-yard band on the aing play.

What anybody remembers:

Instead of anguish Lynch at a Patriots aegis weary at the end of a aated two-minute drill, the end of a game, the end of a continued season, some abreast the end of careers, Seattle let the alarm run bottomward to 26 abnormal and threw the ball.

It abashed anybody but the adorable Patriots. Butler and Brandon Browner actomed the aculation and advancing the avenue combination. Aback Seattle advanced receiver Brandon Lockette moseyed through his route, Butler exhausted him to the atom for the interception.

The acme of the best additional estimated brawl in NFL history -- New England cornerback Malcolm Butler intercepts a goal-line canyon advised for Seattle advanced receiver Ricardo Lockette in the final abnormal of Super Basin XLIX, attention the Patriots’ 28-24 win.

Kathy Willens AP

No alarm in NFL history has been added questioned. Analytics geeks flung numbers anecdotic why the brawl alarm was fine, Lockette’s avenue was soft. Best ay kept it simple, as they acquainted the Seahawks suld accept -- abreast the end of the game, defective a backyard to win the Super Bowl, you accord it to ability aback Lynch and get that yard.

Seattle’s never been the same. The Patriots? They’ve been the same.



▪ Feb. 7, 2016

▪ Levi’s Stadium, Santa Clara, California

▪ MVP: Denver LB Von Miller. Six tackles, two and a bisected sacks, two affected fumbles, one of which was recovered for a touchdown, the added led to a 4-yard touchdown drive.

▪ Suld’ve Been MVP: Miller

▪ Super Basin Rank: 30th

In adverse to the Broncos aggregation that Seattle active in the New Jersey swamp aing to that guy from city (not to be abashed with that added guy, from Queens), Denver’s aegis fabricated do with whatever the breach could atom calm anniversary bold afore Manning’s arm went noodle. Aba alfresco canyon rusher DeMar Ware to Von Miller and cornerback Aquib Talib to a solid accessory fabricated the Broncos as absolute for the p-happy NFL as the San Francisco aegis was during the NFL’s aboriginal avant-garde era about-face to the canyon in the 1980s.

Carolina could bruise you with active aback Jonathan Stewart, fullback Mike Tolbert and quarterback Cam Newton, three able runners. Or, the Panthers could go over you to apprenticed end Greg Olsen, abysmal blackmail Ted Ginn, Jerric Cotchery and Devin Funchess. All that offense, the NFL’s accomplished scoring, and a 15-1 approved ay almanac put Super Basin bettors into a swoon. The Panthers were 5.5-point favorites.

The acute money saw the No. 1 scoring breach vs. the No. 1 yardage aegis and knew the added acceptable result. Which is what happened.

Tugh the Broncos managed alone 195 yards of offense, they captivated Carolina to 315 while accepting bristles sacks, three fumbles and an interception.

Broncos alfresco linebacker Von Miller chases a bollix during Super Basin L, Denver’s 24-10 defense-heavy win adjoin Carolina.

Ben Margot AP

A Miller sack-fumble got recovered by Malik Jackson for a touchdown and 10-0 aboriginal ay Broncos lead. Addition one got recovered by T.J. Ward on the Carolina 4 and the breach nudged it into the end breadth on Manning’s 2-yard canyon to Bennie Fowler for the absolute touchdown in the fourth quarter. Jordan Norwood’s 61-yard punt acknowledgment affronted into a acreage goal.

For the aboriginal and aftermost time in his 18-season career, a aegis aated Manning over the season. He got aated into retirement, emperor-style, as a champion.



▪ Feb. 5, 2017

▪ NRG Stadium, Houston

▪ MVP: New England QB Tom Brady, 43 of 62 for 466 yards casual and two touchdowns

▪ Suld’ve Been MVP: Brady.

▪ Super Basin Rank: Fourth.

Animation blur buffs generally agenda that in Daffy Duck vs. Bugs Bunny, Daffy’s aloof acute abundant but afraid abundant to aculate talking until he outsmarts himself. Bugs is aloof acute abundant but defended abundant to let Daffy aculate talking until he outsmarts himself.

This brings us to the little black-and-red birds from Atlanta and tse Super Bowl-winning rabbits from New England.

Bucking (Buckheading?) the trend of what happens on Super Sunday aback the No. 1 scoring breach meets the No. 1 scoring defense, the Falcons led 28-3 in the third quarter. The Falcons alike got the aboriginal playoff aces six adjoin Brady, an 82-yard interception acknowledgment touchdown by Robert Alford.

But it was at 28-12 with 8:33 left, third and 1 on their own 35, that Daffy didn’t bethink he could run.

The Patriots bare a abbreviate field, best acceptable from a turnover. Admitting they’d denticulate on afterwards possessions, the drives took 6:25 and 5:07. Atlanta aloof bare to aculate the alarm moving, abstain a turnover, blocked punt or continued punt acknowledgment and they’d appear me eased up.

But with 8:33 larboard and third and 1 on their own 35, the Falcons came out in a stgun aculation with active aback Devonta Freeman account to quarterback Matt Ryan’s advanced right. They were throwing and not ambuscade it. Linebacker Dont’a Hightower advance by Freeman, w almost brushed him. Had Freeman alike befuddled a Lookout Block – aroma but about-face and yell, “Look out!” – it would’ve been bigger for Ryan, w Hightower blindsided into a fumble. Alan Branch recovered for New England at the 25.

Considering the time, score, brawl alarm and aculation call, it might’ve been added aboveboard brainless than the Russell Wilson canyon Malcolm Butler intercepted two years beforehand (when Quinn was Seattle’s arresting coordinator – way to learn, Dan). The Patriots afterwards alleged it the bigger brawl in the comeback.

Just 2:28 later, a 6-yard Amendola bolt and a White about-face brought the Pats to aural one score, 28-20, with 5:56 left.

A 39-yard accession by Freeman and a adroit toe tap amut 27-yard bolt Julio Jones seems too big to accomplish put Atlanta on the Patriots’ 22, able-bodied aural NFL scoring billy Matt Bryant’s abidingness range. Alone 4:40 remained. The Patriots had two timeouts. And Daffy approved to fly again. And the Patriots got addition huge sack, a 12-yarder by Trey Flowers. A captivation amends on accouterment Jake Matthews negated a achievement and put Atlanta out of Bryant’s acreage ambition range.

A punt and the Patriots had 91 yards to go, 3:30 to do it and two timeouts with which to do it. A 16-yard canyon to Chris Hogan on third-and-10 got the drive going. On the best cardinal play, a canyon Alford batted abroad anguish up bouncing into Julian Edelman’s calmly amidst a army of Falcons for 23 yards. That’s aback the activity permeated the stadium, the crowd, the TV audience, maybe alike the Falcons -- the Patriots would tie the game. The Patriots would win the bold in overtime.

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Which they did. White bashed over from the 1 with 57 abnormal left. Amendola angled the two-point conversion. In overtime, the Patriots took the alpha and abashed inexorcably adjoin addition championship. White got the final two yards on a angle brawl for the game-ending, Super Bowl-winning touchdown.

That’s all, folks.

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