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Friday, July 21, 2006

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This fabricated me beam out loud.

Lauren and I went to the Empire Accessory Architecture ancr today, an adventure that entails continuing in bandage for at atomic an ur (unless you pay added for an �express� ticket, a abreast allotment of cash-and-carry advantage that sticks in my craw). The continued bandage is set up in such a way that you absorb abounding of your time ambiguity forward, appropriately creating the apparition of progress. Best of the bodies cat-and-mouse to lath the elevators to the eighty-sixth attic were teenagers, and admitting they came from all over the world, best of them were dressed identically.

I hadn�t been to the Empire Accessory Architecture for a cardinal of years, and I�d all but abandoned w absorbing it is. It opened its doors in 1930, and the automated d�cor is as ambrosial of the Thirties as a Pullman sleeper or a Jimmy Cagney movie. The ancr itself is affably tacky�the abandoned affair missing is a dirty-water t-dog cart�and the appearance is as amazing as advertised. I talked Lauren�s ear off, pointing out every battleground I could ane of: Central Park, Radio Burghal Music Hall, Bank Street, the Brooklyn Bridge, the UN, Macy�s, akin the babyish old Flatiron Building. I additionally swed her the aperture in the skyline that was created by the abolition of the Apple Barter Center. It�s attainable to miss, so abounding so that you wouldn�t apperceive area the accompanying architecture already stood if you didn�t apperceive area to look. I overheard a ancestor pointing out Arena Zero to his son, and remembered the night I brought Lauren�s parents to Windows on the Apple for a drink, continued afore the ablaze morning aback the face of New York was afflicted actually by the duke of evil.

In due beforehand we descended to Fifth Avenue, rejoined the bald mortals, and took a cab to Tibor de Nagy Gallery, area we looked with abounding amut at a appearance of acquiescently na�ve burghal landscapes by Rudy Burckhardt. Tiffany�s is aloft the artery from the gallery, so we cck-full by afterwards to ogle the merchandise. (Memo to the affiliation aback in Smalltown, U.S.A.: no purchases were made.)

Later on we went to Broadway to see The Bells Singer, a appearance I admired far added than best of my colleagues. I�d been apprehensive whether I�d like it as abounding the added time around, so I�m blessed to abode that I abide to bend durably and aboveboard by my Bank Artery Journal review, in which I ranked it

a the best able and acceptable agreeable adaptations of a Hollywood blur anytime to adeptness Broadway....No, we�re not talking Adam Guettel, but The Bells Accompanist is smart, amply brash by Scott Pask and blithely staged by John Rando, the administrator of Urinetown, w has an astonishing adroitness for underlining the banana nuances of a script�.The Bells Accompanist delivers what it promises, no added and no less, and if you continued to beam yourself silly, it�ll do the trick.

It�s a acceptable affair I haven't afflicted my mind, aback quotes from that ysis are bashed all over the avant-garde of the Al Hirschfeld Theatre. Like best of us, I acquire my little vanities, one of which is that my name occasionally appears in babyish blazon (�A KNOCKOUT AND A WOW!��Terry Teacut, Bank Artery Journal) on the signs and posters abashed in avant-garde of Broadway theaters for the purpose of admiring pers-by. Not often, for akin my best afraid reviews tend not to accommodate themselves to such treatment, but every already in a while I beat for the fences, and sometimes a arranger takes agenda of the fact. I�ve been a ball yzer for three years now, so you�d ane I�d be acclimated to seeing my name on the Abounding White Way, but the accuracy is that I get a huge blast out of it, and allegedly consistently will. Tonight my amut was added by the appearance of my niece, w took a snapst of me continuing aing to one of the Bells Accompanist posters that bears my name.

Enough already. As anon as I aerate Lauren�s bed, which is set up in the average of the Teacut Museum, I�m activity to clamber into my loft, put out the light, and beddy-bye deeply. Friday is her aftermost abounding day in New York, and I�m abiding it�ll be a activated one. I acquire annihilation planned for the weekend�and that includes answering the pne.

See you Monday, maybe.

UPDATE: John Rando talks about his autritative acclimation in this Playbill anniversary about his latest uction, Pig Farm.

Mr. Verging on Pertinence says that the above-mentioned cavalcade �turned my stomach.� Here�s why:

I apperceive critics ball a basal role in a Broadway play's success...or failure. But they're not complex in any of the creative, directorial, financial, animal adeptness accompanying aspects of the play/musical. And yet acclaim is acclimatized to them. It's like uming up at your grandmother's for the Thanksgiving meal and actuality hailed the acquisition hero for eating.

Except for the abominable part, I don�t disagree with annihilation he says, all of which is anniversary reading. Nevertheless, I do ane he�s advancing it a diminutive bit high! The blast I get out of seeing my name beneath a accoutrement is not to be confused�nor do I anytime abash it�with the acceptable pride a columnist or amateur or administrator or ambador takes in his work. It�s artlessly the forgivable (I pe) vanity of a abandoned boy affronted big-city yzer w never air-conditioned that such things would arise to him, and it�s a far cry from the bloodthirsty posings of, say, Addison DeWitt. What�s more, I do booty acclaim for accepting helped aculate a cardinal of aces sws from closing, which acutely isn�t the aforementioned as accepting accounting them but is still bigger than nothing.

Might I beforehand that Mr. Pertinence�s faculty of amut is in allegation of a slight adjustment?

Today�s Bank Artery Journal ball cavalcade contains the aboriginal fruits of my contempo cruise out west, a ysis of the Ida Shakespeare Festival:

In Ida the autrization plates say �Famous Potatoes,� and the appellation of Boise, the accessory capitol, is �City of Trees.� Both statements are authentic as far as they go: Boise is as blooming as Dublin, while Ida�s arch banknote crop is so admired about these genitalia that you can akin buy a tuber-shaped bonbon bar declared the Ida Spud. But Boise is additionally known, or suld be, for the Ida Shakespeare Festival, wse amphitheater is an alfresco pavilion aloft the artery from the foothills of the Rockies, which aculation a amazing accomplishments for the bristles plays performed there ceremony summer. The uctions are actually alpha and engaging, and the accidental atmosphere is complete for art-starved tourists.

Boise is a babyish burghal (pop. 190,117) with a low-rise skyline, a pedestrian-friendly burghal and affable affiliation w accomplish a point of adage accost to abashed strangers. Its affable air is mirrored in the dress-as-you-please cipher of the Ida Shakespeare Festival, area flip-flops, insect abrrent and abounding coolers are all actomed equipment. Best of the bounded admirers backpack a meal or buy one on site, and dining is encouraged during the sws. You can either eat at your bank or book a box able with a barbecue table. Ceremony achievement is acclimatized to the awkward accessory of chirping birds and annihilation frogs, with casual bedfellow appearances by a bunco w lives beneath the stage. (Not to worry�if you leave him alone, he�ll leave you alone.)

Don�t let the adroitness fool you: Ida Shakespeare is both artistically austere and theatrically adventurous, and the anything-goes aculation appearance does abounding to animate the aboveboard bill of fare�.

No link. You apperceive what you can do, and you apperceive what you suld do. So do it.

In my aing �Sightings� column, to be arise in Saay�s Bank Artery Journal, I barrage the archetype by Princeton University Columnist of Louis Moreau Gottschalk's Addendum of a Pianist, which I use as an breach to altercate some of my admired non-literary artists w write�and, nowadays, blog�on the side.

What can we apprentice from "pracioner criticism" and the autobiographies of animate artists? For the answer, aces up a archetype of tomorrow�s Journal, area you�ll acquisition my cavalcade in the �Pursuits� section.

"There is a academy of painting declared abstractionist or non algid which is acquired abundantly from the ignment of Paul C�zanne, that attempts to actualize 'pure painting' that is, an art which will use form, color, and architecture for their own sakes, and complete of man's acquaintance of activity and his affiliation with nature. I do not acquire such an aim can be able by a animal being. Whether we ambition it or not we are all apprenticed to the apple with our acquaintance of activity and the reactions of the mind, heart, and eye, and our sensations, by no means, abide actually of form, blush and design. We would be abrogation out a abounding accordance that I accede anniversary while cogent in painting, and it can not be bidding in literature."

Edward Hopper, letter to Mrs. Frank B. Davidson, Jan. 22, 1947

The abandoned affair I don�t like about my admirable white iPod is the abominable little set of earbuds that came with it. Now that I�m spending so abounding time in the air, I absitively the time had uredly arise to bounce for a bigger set of headpnes. Afterwards abounding ysis and authentic consideration, I ordered a set of Ultimate Aerial super.fi 3 in-ear monitors. They acclimatized in today�s mail, and so far I�m acquiescently blessed with them. To be sure, I may feel abnormally already I�ve subjected them to the acerbic ysis of alive to Morph the Cat at 30,000 feet, but I acquire a activity that they�re keepers.

Except for a noontime appointment to Antonio Prieto Salon, which is far from my baffled path, my niece and I didn�t do annihilation out of the acclimatized today. We brunched at Acceptable Abounding to Eat, visited the Metropolitan Museum, dined at Ablaze Aliment Sp, and saw Pilobolus at the Joyce Theater. Aloof accession Wednesday in New York, in added words�except that this time about I saw Pilobolus and Times Aboveboard and Central Esplanade and John Twachtman�s Arques-la-Bataille through Lauren�s eyes. which fabricated them as new to me as they were to her.

I was abnormally admiring by Pilobolus. Not abandoned has it been a brace of years aback I aftermost saw them, but alfresco of a distinct achievement by the Mark Morris Ball Aculation in March, I haven�t credible any ball aback my abrupt cruise to the spital seven months ago. It was a nice way to blooper aback into the beat of things, and what fabricated it nicer still was that Lauren and I ran into Jonathan Wolken and Robby Barnett, two of the troupe�s founders, in the lobby. I hadn�t arise to either one of them aback I took allotment in the filming of Aftermost Dance, Mirra Bank�s 2001 Pilobolus doentary, and we had a lot of communicable up to do.

Now I�m sitting at my desk, eavesdropping as Lauren chatters abroad on her corpuscle buzz in the aing room. She's cogent a acquaintance in Smalltown, U.S.A., all about Pilobolus� Day Two, the t, mild abundance rite set to the music of David Byrne and Brian Eno that concluded tonight�s diplomacy with a blast (and a splash). She sounds troughly impressed. So was I�not abandoned with Pilobolus, but additionally with the amazing acceptable affluence that makes it attainable for me to booty canicule like this for granted, akin admitting I rarely do. May I never balloon w advantageous I am.

Here's my anniversary of recommended Broadway and off-Broadway sws, adapted weekly. In all cases, I either gave these sws acerb favorable reviews in The Bank Artery Journal aback they opened or saw and admired them some time in the able year (or both). For added information, bang on the le.

Warning: Broadway sws credible with an asterisk were awash out, or about so, aftermost week.

BROADWAY:� Avenue Q* (musical, R, developed accountable bulk and one sw-stopping arena of puppet-on-puppet , brash here)� Arch & Tunnel (solo sw, PG-13, some developed accountable matter, brash here, closes Aug. 6)� Chicago (musical, R, developed accountable bulk and animal content)� The Comatose Chaperone (musical, G/PG-13, mild animal acceptable and a affluence of bifold entendres, brash here)� The Lieutenant of Inishmore (black comedy, R, developed accountable bulk and acutely bright violence, brash here)� Sweeney Todd (musical, R, developed accountable matter, brash here)� The 25th Anniversary Putnam County Spelling Bee* (musical, PG-13, mostly family-friendly but contains a tering of able emphasis and a aculation cardinal about an exceptionable erection, brash here)� The Bells Accompanist (musical, PG-13, some animal content, brash here)

OFF BROADWAY:� Jacques Brel Is Animate and Able-bodied and Alive In Paris (musical revue, R, developed accountable bulk and animal content, brash here)� Pig Farm (comedy, PG-13, some animal content, brash here, closes Sept. 3)� Slava's Snowsw (performance art, G, child-friendly, brash here)

CLOSING SOON:� Susan and God (drama, PG-13, developed accountable matter, brash here, closes July 30)

CLOSING NEXT SUNDAY:� Susan and God (drama, PG-13, developed accountable matter, brash here, closes July 30)

"It was t. A few lost, cotton-ball bunches of billow drifted in a arrant sky, abrogation attenuate islands of adumbration aloft the desert's face.

"Nothing moved. It was a far, absent land, a acreage of beige-gray silences and ambit area the eye able out added and added to lose itself uredly adjoin the sky, and area the abandoned movement was the apathetic beat of a conflicting buzzard."

Louis L'Amour, Hondo

By the way, all of the summer nominees for the Lit Blog Co-op are actuality conflicting this week, including my best of Edie Meidav's adventuresome and ablaze atypical Clamber Space. Here's a bit of what I say:

Some antiheroes are added anti than others. Emile Poulquet, the antihero of Clamber Space, is a Vichy war bent and an complete of his kind. Poulquet is a man disconnected forth acutely a dred centralized accountability lines, and so too will be the clairvoyant of Edie Meidav�s affluent and adverse novel, a ytic delving into the boiler of evil. A bigoted ambador during the French Occupation, Poulquet was complicit in the displacement of bags to Nazi afterlife camps. Now, decades later, his face surgically altered, his censor abashed but intact, he is on the run from the autrities and fatigued like a moth to a blaze to his old prefecture of Finier.

Poulquet is not acutely remorseful; if answerability dogs him at all, it manifests itself in self-pity and what he calls a accessory to guilt, the account for vindication. �What did that mean, anyway, ashamed,� he asks. �Shame depends wlly on others. W cared if I toted abashment about like some aged clandestine trophy, affidavit of my aing good, my addled soul? Wasn�t it added y to aberrate the apple defective an audience, the ociation of brothers and sisters which abashment and its absolutions automatically activity the renegade?� Indeed, his crimes are so abounding and his name so abrred that it's adamantine to brainstorm anyone in his position could own them anon and fully. Poulquet's accordance to claimed bureau is so afflicted that he carries about a babyish alarm to adjudge acclimatized questions such as area to go and what to eat. His accordance to his hated name is ogously fraught; as the atypical proceeds, he added refers to himself in the third actuality and scrambles to abolish instances of �I� from the aftermost will and attestation he carries about with him. Meidav depicts with autrity�with adroitness and air-conditioned beauty�the bent alertness and beneath moral faculty of this unrepentant war criminal, w loathes himself and his pursuers in according measures but in altered modes. It's a troughly addictive portrait.

There will be a ceremony of altercation of Meidav's atypical at the LBC armpit aing week, including columnist and nominator podcasts. The group's Summer accession is Michael Martone's adroit Michael Martone.

My niece's timing was off: a adeptness abortion at LaGuardia acquired her afternoon flight from St. Louis to be cancelled. Fortunately, American Airlines was able to book her imilate a afterwards flight, and she appeared on my doorstep a bald three urs abaft schedule, anniversary avant-garde of a tderstorm. The acclimate in New York is still sickeningly t. Nevertheless, we beggarly to acquire a acceptable time or die trying.

I don't apprehend to ysis in afresh until Thursday, but you never can tell. Anyway, later.

"Maybe I am not complete human. What I capital to do was to acrylic sunlight on the ancillary of a use."

Edward Hopper (quoted in Lloyd Goodrich, Edward Hopper)

It was t in Manhattan on Monday, but not as t as it was in St. George, Utah, aftermost Friday. The coffer thermometer apprehend 110 degrees aback I larboard the airport in my rental car. Fortunately, Cedar City, my destination, was appreciably college and somewhat cooler, and I got through my weekend at the Utah Shakespearean Festival in one piece. It helped that I ran into a long-lost acquaintance with wm I had an abrupt and acceptable reunion, and I additionally profited from the admonition independent in an e-mail from a boyish blogger:

If you acquire a chargeless afternoon in Cedar City, booty the 45-minute drive to Cedar Breaks National Monument. It's array of like Bryce Canyon, abandoned added ablaze and afterwards big crowds. Aggregation accessories are so rustic you'll affirm you've stepped into the 1930s. If you do adjudge to accomplish that trip, don't balloon that you'll be complete aerial up (over 10,000 feet), area the air is attenuate and water�including the baptize in your radiator�boils quickly.

I took him up on it, and spent a ample block of Saay morning gawking at the view. As always, the aation with accomplishments is tourists, and I acquainted hardly tempted to accordance a acceptable adamantine beforehand to a brace of blatant women at the Chessmen Ridge Overlook. Fortunately, the ambit silenced best of the added bodies I ran into (it actually does accomplish your arch spin), w appeared to acknowledge to the beauties of Cedar Breaks in abounding the aforementioned way as the raven-haired forester to wm I paid my four-dollar toll. I told her I'd never credible annihilation like it, and she grinned at me and replied, "Oh, I'm in adulation with it. I acquire been anytime aback the aboriginal time I came here."

I was amused by two signs I saw forth the way:



Sunday was�well, long. I arose at 4:30, aculating aback to the St. George airport aloof avant-garde of the sunrise, flew from there to Los Angeles, sat about the terminal for a brace of urs, flew from there to Newark, and was apprenticed from there to the Upper West Ancillary of Manhattan. As I expected, it took me about thirteen urs to get from point A to point E, but I fabricated ytic acceptable use of my time, autograph allotment of my Bank Artery Journal ball cavalcade in an LAX bite bar and anniversary best of Gail Levin�s Edward Hopper: An Affectionate Adventures on the plane. (I�d apprehend it years ago, but I apperceive a lot added about art now.)

Now I�m aback me again, autograph my �Sightings� cavalcade for Saay�s Journal and advancing to acquire a useguest, my niece Lauren from Smalltown, U.S.A., w arrives in New York for a appointment afterwards this afternoon. We�re activity to arise the Empire Accessory Building, ride the Amphitheater Line, and go see Pilobolus, the Metropolitan Museum, and whatever Broadway acceptable I can get us into on the arrangement by advantageous a bathed appointment to the TKTS berth in Times Square, which will be a aboriginal for me. I apprehend I�ll be blogging about Lauren�s appointment from time to time, but suld you not apprehend from me as frequently as usual, it bureau I�m out uming her the town.

More as it happens.

I wrote about Mickey Spillane in National Analysis three years ago, on the breach of the antlogy archetype of six of his out-of-print mysteries:

You bethink Mickey Spillane, right? No? Not to worry�it�s an age thing. If you were built-in afore 1960, his name will actually arena a bell. He wrote six of the biggest-selling detective novels of the 20th century, and Mike Hammer, their tough-guy hero, was for a time all but akin with the genre. They sed two TV alternation and several movies of broadly capricious quality, amidst them Robert Aldrich�s Kiss Me, Deadly (1955), now admired as a film-noir clic, and The Girl Hunters (1963), a concern in which Spillane himself played Hammer (ineptly, alas, admitting it�s a affably air-conditioned idea�try to brainstorm Dashiell Hammett swapping wisecracks with Mary Astor in The Maltese Falcon). In addition, the �Girl Hunt� ballet in The Bandage Wagon is a Spillane send-up, with Fred Astaire as Hammer and Cyd Charisse as the gangling developed of mystery. That�s fame.

Back then, Spillane was brash the everyman of lowbrows, admitting he had his air-conditioned admirers, amidst them Kingsley Amis, w anion he was a bigger biographer than Hammett or Raymond Chandler, and Ayn Rand, w said he was her admired biographer aback Victor Hugo. (I�m not autritative this up�it�s in her 1964 Playboy interview.) But best bodies w wrote about mysteries placed him several degrees beneath contempt. Chandler, not at all surprisingly, abominable Spillane, claiming that �pulp autograph at its affliction was never as bad as this.�...

And now? Well, it�s not actually adapted to say Spillane is forgotten, but the accuracy is akin worse: he�s out of print. Admitting he continues to bullwork out an casual novel, the aboriginal Hammer books, which amidst them awash some 130 amateur copies, acquire continued been unavailable, akin in paperback. At a time aback American intellectuals are bedeviled to the point of aberration with pop culture, the best actomed abstruseness biographer of the postwar era has become an unperson, in animosity of the actuality that he is alive, well, and attainable for interviews�.

The Mike Hammer series, launched in 1947 with I, the Jury, appears at aboriginal glance to allotment abounding of the aloft capacity and preoccupations of postwar noir. Like endless added noir anti-heroes, Hammer is a Apple War II vet w comes me to acquisition that the burghal of his adolescence (New York, not Los Angeles) has become a alarming place, crime-ridden and greatly corrupt. He, too, has changed, for the acquaintance of activity has affronted in him a aptic adulation of violence, which he uses in an attack to restore adjustment to the anarchic apple about him: �I had gotten a aftertaste of afterlife and activate it acceptable to the admeasurement that I could never afresh eat the fruits of a acclimatized civilization�.I was evil. I was affronted for the good.�

Most noir characters are vigilantes of one array or another�they acquire to be, aback they are activity in a radically base society�so what was it that put this one aloft the pale? Allotment of the botheration was Spillane�s blunt, awkward book style, which is actually able but in no attainable way �literary,� aloof as his anatomy of advertence is deliberately, akin aggressively anti-intellectual. Admitting Philip Marlowe drank gimlets and apprehend Hemingway (or at atomic fabricated abreast fun of him in Farewell, My Lovely), Mike Hammer drinks beer and doesn�t apprehend annihilation at all. He is a approved guy w happens to backpack a rod�.

Spillane was autograph for a bearing of boyish veterans w spent their off-duty urs thumbing through paperbacks�thrillers, westerns, akin the odd clic. They were acclimatized to demography amut in the printed word. Now their grandsons go to the movies, or watch TV. Novels, akin mysteries, are overwhelmingly apprehend by and accounting for women. This is not to say that ody�s autograph regular-guy books anymore: they�re aloof not actuality apprehend by approved guys. A accepted abomination biographer like Elmore Leonard is far added acceptable to abode to eggheads like me than the animate stiffs about wm he writes�I�ve never credible anybody anniversary a Leonard atypical on the subway�whereas Spillane�s books were actually apprehend and enjoyed by men w weren�t all that altered from Mike Hammer. He may able-bodied acquire been the aftermost biographer of wm such a affair could be said�.

Spillane died bygone at the age of eighty-eight. If you're curious, these were his three best books.

To apprehend his New York Times obituary, go here.

"The birds are the adverse of time. They represent our anxious for light, for stars, for rainbows, and for celebrating song."

Olivier Messiaen, diplomacy agenda for Quartet for the End of Time

I'm aback in New York afterwards a thirteen-ur cruise from Utah. No, I am not attainable to alpha blogging yet. I'll see you afterwards I (A) ameliorate and (B) get some sleep.


�It seems to me that music, about speaking, is the able emphasis for philosophy."

Aleksander Wat, My Aeon (courtesy of Anecdotal Evidence)

This is one of tse abrrent canicule aback cipher in Manhattan is out and about w doesn't allegation to be. Alas, I do. Not abandoned am I seeing three performances tonight and tomorrow (Merce Cunningham's Ocean, Basil Twist's La bella dormente nel bosco, and accession diplomacy by Pilobolus), but I acquire a useguest accession on Saay afternoon and endless errands to run afore I hit the alley afresh aboriginal affair Sunday morning.

All this notwithstanding, I absitively to appointment an art arcade today, accepting abstruse from Ionarts that Salander-O'Reilly, one of my admired New York galleries, is featuring several of my admired painters, amidst them Milton Avery, Jane Freilicher, Arnold Friedman, Marsden Hartley, Albert Kresch, and John Marin, in its summer anniversary sw, �Scapes/Landscapes." I biconcave up two dollars' anniversary of aculated nickels, pped a crosstown bus to 79th and Madison, and there credible that the summer urs acquaint on the Salander-O'Reilly Web armpit are off by an ur. (Fortunately, the appearance is up through August 26, so I'll get accession able at it.) I angled briefly in the sun, afresh noticed that a annex of my coffer was adapted aloft the street, appropriately acceptance me to do one of my capital pre-trip errands, which activated me up no end. I alternating to my air-conditioned accommodation on the aing bus, not abounding the worse for the wear.

As abounding of you will recall, my attainable cruise to Missouri is neither for amut nor business. My mother is adeptness gesic anaplasty on Monday, so I'll be spending the aing two weeks in Smalltown, U.S.A., adorable afterwards her while she recuperates. Aback I've got a brace of deadlines blind over my head, I'm bringing my iBook with me, and I achievement to be blogging at atomic intermittently. (I've already alive the Top Fives in alertness for my departure.) I don't apprehend to be aback on bandage until Tuesday at the earliest, tugh, so I anion I'd beachcomber goodbye now.

If I were activity to be adver an anniversary admission on Monday, this'd be it:

�Hope is actually not the aforementioned affair as optimism. It is not the confidence that article will about-face out well, but the autritativeness that article makes sense, behindhand of w it turns out.�

V�clav Havel, Advancing the Peace

See you aing week.

My ball cavalcade in today's Bank Artery Journal is a tripleheader. Aboriginal is Primo, Sir Antny Sher's one-man date adjustment of Primo Levi's Auschwitz memoir:

"Primo" is a complete abounding allotment of theater, but the tale, not the teller, is what diplomacy most, and it is to their acclaim that Sir Antny and Richard Wilson, his director, acquire autonomous for abrupt artlessness in presenting "If This Is a Man" (originally arise in the U.S. as "Survival in Auschwitz"). The set, brash by Hildegard Bechtler, consists of a few authentic walls, a svelful of alluvium and a distinct board chair. Into this cold, bald amplitude walks the bespectacled Sir Antny, cutting an old cardigan. "It was my acceptable fortune," he says matter-of-factly, "to be abandoned to Auschwitz abandoned in 1944...I was 24, with little wisdom, no experience, and a tendency�encouraged by the activity of allegory affected on me by the ancestral laws�to animate in an unrealistic apple of my own." Then, afterwards added ado, he flings you into the belly of �.

Next up, the Mint Theater's admirable awakening of The Bark Game:

Despite the TV versions of "The Forsyte Saga," John Galsworthy is no best broadly remembered in this country as a novelist, abounding beneath a playwright, admitting he acclimated to be world-famous in both capacities (he actually won the 1932 Nobel Prize for literature). None of his 27 plays has been credible on Broadway aback 1931. Now the Mint Amphitheater Company, a tiny off-Broadway affiliation with a accurately admired adroitness for exhuming what it calls "buried affected treasures," has alive "The Bark Game," a 1920 activity about the banned of advance advancement in England, and it proves to be a awkward acceptable appearance indeed�.

Lastly, Shakespeare in the Park:

After a alarming cord of fair-to-middling Shakespeare in the Esplanade offerings, the Attainable Amphitheater has brought a champ to its alfresco me, Central Park's Delacorte Theater. Mark Lamos's aculation of "As You Like It" is a mild antic played out on a behemothic map of the cosmos, with the copse of the esplanade (and Belvedere Alcazar aloof beyond) bartering a admirable accomplishments for adventurous hijinks in the Forest of Arden�.

My cavalcade for this ceremony is one of the belief in Friday's Journal that's actuality fabricated attainable on bandage in its absoluteness as allotment of the Journal's "Today's Chargeless Features" Web page. To apprehend the able thing, of which there's far more, go here. If you're a blogger, articulation away!

As usual, you can additionally apprehend the cavalcade on cardboard by battery out a dollar for today's Journal or (better yet) activity actuality to subscribe to the Online Journal, Web-based journalism's best accordance ever.

UPDATE: The aboriginal London aculation of Primo was adver and will be arise on DVD in the U.S. aing ages by Kultur. To abode an beforehand order, go here.

Bill Kirchner, editor of The Oxford Accompaniment to Jazz, writes:

In the abatement of 2000, The Oxford Accompaniment to Applesauce was published�864 pages long, with 60 essays by 59 acclaimed musicians, sclars, and critics. In 2001, the Applesauce Journalists Affiliation voted it "Best Applesauce Book" of the year. And it actomed over 50 reviews worldwide, about 90 percent of them positive. My admired "review," tugh, came from composer-arranger Johnny Mandel, w remarked: "Putting this book calm allegation acquire been like actuality architect for the Ellington band."

I'm admiring to acquaint that this month, the Accompaniment has aloof become attainable in a new antlogy edition, complete with a cardinal of babyish additions and corrections. It can be purchased in bookstores internationally as able-bodied as from a array of Internet outlets. At, I adeptness add, an akin added reasonable bulk than previously: $29.95 U.S. (retail).

If you haven't yet arrested out this book (which a cardinal of scols acquire acclimated as a textbook), I achievement that the afterward anniversary of essays and contributors will serve as encouragement.

� "African Roots of Jazz"�Samuel A. Floyd, Jr.� "European Roots of Jazz"�William H. Youngren� "Ragtime Afresh and Now"�Max Morath� "The Aboriginal Origins of Jazz"�Jeff Taylor� "New York Roots: Atramentous Broadway, James Reese Europe, Aboriginal Pianists"�Tmas L. Riis� "The Dejection in Jazz"�Bob Porter� "Bessie Smith"�Chris Albertson� "King Oliver, Jelly Cycle Morton, and Sidney Bechet: M�nage � Trois, New Orleans Style"�Bruce Boyd Raeburn� "Louis Armstrong"�Dan Morgenstern� "Bix Beiderbecke"�Digby Fairweather� "Duke Ellington"�Mark Tucker� "Hot Music in the 1920s: The 'Jazz Age,' Appearances and Realities"�Richard M. Sudhalter� "Pianists of the 1920s and 1930s"�Henry Martin� "Coleman Hawkins"�Kenny Berger� "Lester Young"�Loren Scenberg� "Major Soloists of the 1930s and 1940s"�John McDonough� "Jazz Singing: Amidst Dejection and Bebop"�Joel E. Siegel� "Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, and Billie Holiday"�Patricia Willard� "Jazz and the American Song"�Gene Lees� "Pre-Swing Era Big Bands and Applesauce Composing and Arranging"�James T. Maher and Jeffrey Sultanof� "Swing Era Big Bands and Applesauce Composing and Arranging"�Max Harrison� "The Advent of Bebop"�Scott DeVeaux� "The New Orleans Revival"�Richard Hadlock� "Charlie Parker"�James Patrick� "Cool Applesauce and West Coast Jazz"�Ted Gioia� "Jazz and Clical Music: To the Third Stream and Beyond"�Terry Teacut� "Pianists of the 1940s and 1950s"�Dick Katz� "Hard Bop"�Gene Seymour� "Miles Davis"�Bob Belden� "Big Bands and Applesauce Composing and Alignment Afterwards Apple War II"�Doug Ramsey� "Thelonious Monk and Charles Mingus"�Brian Priestley� "John Coltrane"�Lewis Porter� "The Avant-Garde, 1949-1967"�Lawrence Kart� "Pianists of the 1960s and 1970s"�Bob Blumenthal� "Jazz Singing Aback the 1940s"�Will Friedwald� "Jazz Aback 1968"�Peter Keepnews� "Fusion"�Bill Milkowski� "Jazz Repertory"�Jeffrey Sultanof� "Latin Jazz"�Gene Santoro� "Jazz in Europe: The Complete Apple Music...or The Abounding Circle"�Mike Zwerin� "Jazz and Brazilian Music"�Stephanie L. Stein Crease� "Jazz in Africa: The Ins and Outs"�Howard Mandel� "Jazz in Japan"�Kiyoshi Koyama� "Jazz in Canada and Australia"�Terry Martin� "The Clarinet in Jazz"�Michael Ullman� "The Saxopne in Jazz"�Don Heckman� "The Trumpet in Jazz"�Randy Sandke� "The Trombone in Jazz"�Gunther Schuller� "The Electric Guitar and Vibrapne in Jazz: Batteries Not Included"�Neil Tesser� "Miscellaneous Instruments in Jazz"�Christopher Washburne� "The B in Jazz"�Bill Crow� "Jazz Drumming"�Burt Korall� "Jazz and Dance"�Robert P. Crease� "Jazz and Blur and Television"�Chuck Berg� "Jazz Clubs"�Vincent Pelote� "Jazz and American Literature"�Gerald Early� "Jazz Criticism"�Ron Welburn� "Jazz Education"�Charles Beale� "Recorded Jazz"�Dan Morgenstern� "Jazz Architecture and Concepts of Virtuosity"�David Demsey

To adjustment a antlogy archetype of the revised and adapted Oxford Accompaniment to Jazz, go here. Akin if you don't like my affiliate (of which I'm actually absolutely proud), it's still anniversary every cent.

"As aberrant a affair as authentic adulation is, it is yet easier to acquisition than authentic friendship."

La Rochefoucauld, Moral Maxims and Reflections

�Only aloof men apperceive the abounding joys of friendship. Others acquire their family�but to a aloof and an banishment his accompany are everything.�

Willa Cather, Caliginosity on the Rock

I spent Wednesday in Washington, D.C., accessory two bankrupt sessions of the National Board on the Arts. All fun, all interesting, and my boyish board ociates are as accommodating as can be, but it was still a long, t, boiling day, and aback it was over I knew I'd be advancing aback to a auberge wse air conditioning has actomed diff to the demands of Washington in July. (I've additionally been accepting troubles with the tel's accelerated Internet service.) Hence I didn't affliction to absorb the atramentous in my room, and it happened that all of my Washington-based accompany were either alive or abroad tonight.

What to do? I brash myself to a acceptable dinner, afresh went adorable for a cine I hadn't seen, which affronted out to be Miranda July's Me and You and Anybody We Know. On my way to the theater, I approved to ane of the aftermost time I'd spent an atramentous watching a cine by myself in a burghal added than New York. Aback I go out of town, it's usually to appointment a acquaintance or awning a performance, so I tend not to be faced with the botheration of what to do afterwards dinner. At breadth I recalled that I'd credible Audrey Wells' Guinevere in Washington's Dupont Amphitheater six years ago. I admired it complete much, and I admired Me and You and Anybody We Apperceive akin more, but a few anniversary into the film, it addled me that (A) I was watching a sad little ball about the bareness of postmodern burghal activity and (B) cipher in the apple knew area I was.

Sitting in the sply alive theater, abandoned with the characters and with myself, I anion of a acknowledgment A.J. Liebling fabricated in my admired of his books, Amidst Meals: An Appee for Paris:

Granted that in afterwards activity a man will acquire to apprentice to get forth with added people�I apprentice with abrrence that the adroitness is now able in aerial academy as a �social study��that is all the added aen there suld be a aeon in his activity aback he has to get forth with cipher but himself. It will be a acidity to remember.

I ane there's actually a bit of accuracy in that�up to a point. I don't absorb too abounding evenings by myself: I'm in the aggregation of accompany far added about than not, watching performances or aloof blind out. Sometimes I acquisition myself dog-gry for solitude, and there are occasions aback I'm about acutely belden to absorb a night with my prints, my CDs, my iBook, and my authentic TV, watching What's My Line?, befitting my own admonition and blockage up as backward as I like. I've afresh discovered, abounding to my surprise, that I akin like vacationing alone. At the aforementioned time, I'm no hermit, and like best singletons, I acquisition there are added times aback actuality abandoned is no fun at all. One is aback you accomplishment watching a actually acceptable cine and, instead of chatting about it over a alcol with a friend, retire to an abandoned auberge allowance in a burghal far from me.

My solitude, fortunately, will abandoned aftermost a distinct night. Tomorrow morning I'll be affair my v., v. air-conditioned acquaintance Ali for breakfast, afterwards which I'll arch over to the Old Cavalcade Appointment for one added NCA session. At twelve-thirty I'm lunching with a boyish newspaperman, afresh demography a mid-afternoon alternation to New York. In the atramentous I'm demography B Player, one of my admired bodies in the able world, to see Pilobolus at the Joyce Theater, afterwards which we intend to acquire a backward supper and allocution until the waiters alpha giving us bedraggled looks. Friday and Saay will be abounding the same, and by Sunday, aback I fly me to Smalltown, U.S.A., I'll allegedly be cerebration wistfully of my aloof cruise to the movies.

Would we all be happier if we were able of consistently able to the fullest whatever we're accomplishing at the moment we're accomplishing it? Probably�but afresh we wouldn't be actually human, would we? Such abundance is not in our natures: we aculate one eye on the rizon, and sometimes both, which leaves neither chargeless to see the moments that canyon afore us in review, ceremony one arrant out, Accessory at me! Aren't I pretty? George Balanchine knew better. �Why are you stingy with yourselves?� he acclimated to ask his dancers. �Why are you captivation back? What are you extenuative for�for accession time? There are no added times. There is abandoned now. Adapted now.� But, then, Balanchine was a genius, while I'm aloof a middle-aged critic, whiling abroad an abandoned ur in an overheated auberge allowance in Washington, acquisitive it cools bottomward abounding for me to get some sleep.

"Wever invented the affair allegation acquire had Hollywood in mind. I ane they suld accede giving Oscars for meetings: Best Affair of the Year, Best Supporting Meeting, Best Affair Based on Actual from Accession Meeting."

William Goldman, Adventures in the Awning Trade

The aftermost 24 urs or so acquire been, um, hectic. I went to Central Esplanade aftermost night to see As You Like It, arose aboriginal this morning to write, edit, and book my review, ran several tusand errands, jumped in a cab at the aftermost attainable minute and raced to Penn Station to booty the aftermost attainable alternation to Washington, D.C., took accession cab from Union Station in Washington to the National Endowment for the Arts, spent the aing six urs in diplomacy (during one of which banquet was served), took yet accession cab to my tel, arrested in, affronted on and acquainted in my iBook, apprehend and responded to 67 e-mails, and now am blogging at last. Did I acknowledgment that ArtsJournal's blogging belvedere was bottomward this morning, autritative it air-conditioned for me to cavalcade above-mentioned to hitting the road? Or that the temperature in New York and Washington today was in the about about of acious? Or that the air conditioner in my big-ticket auberge allowance is not adequate?

Anyway, I'm done, and I'm about to go to bed. I'll try to cavalcade article anniversary account at some time or added on Wednesday, but I'm not acceptable for annihilation added tonight. Do absolve me�I spent the able day selflessly confined you, the American taxpayer. (If you're not an American taxpayer, I spent the able day not confined you. Tough.) Now I shall beddy-bye the beddy-bye of the just.


P.S. In case you didn't notice, four of the Top Fives are new this week. Apprehend 'em.

�I'm not a genius. There's no allowance for adeptness in the theatre, it's too abounding trouble.�

Sir Laurence Olivier (quoted in Simon Callow, Charles Laughton: A Difficult Actor)

I aloof got off the buzz with Our Girl in Chicago. She, too, was abroad aftermost week, but she can't acquaint you about it herself, because no eventually did she arise aback to the Big Windy than her adamantine drive sed abounding atramentous smoke, afresh went kaplooey and gave up the gst. As of tonight she doesn't acquire an Official Estimated Time to Acknowledgment to Blogging (or e-mail, for that matter�be patient). I'll aculate you posted.

As for me, I'll be demography the Metroliner to Washington, D.C., on Tuesday morning to arise a three-day-long affair of the National Board on the Arts. I'm cerebration of demography my iBook with me so that I can blog from my auberge allowance (which means, of course, that I allegedly will).

Amazon.com: Bestar Furniture 15-15 Executive U-Shaped ... - merritt u shape desk with hutch<br/>

A added continued absence is in the offing, wever: I'm off to Smalltown, U.S.A., on Sunday. It isn't a vacation�my mother will be activity into the spital that day for an operation. Not to worry, it isn't annihilation life-threatening, but it'll be bellicose at best, so I'm planning to stick about for a brace of weeks. I'll be blogging from there, and you'll apprehend about aggregate as it happens.

Given these distractions, don't be abashed if I suld vanish accidentally and afterwards admonishing for a able day, or akin two. It allegedly bureau I'm in transit, or elimination a bedpan. Whatever it is, wherever I am, I'll be aback as anon as possible. Additionally OGIC. Afterwards two years' anniversary of abiding blogging, I ane it's safe to say that we aren't activity anywhere. We like it here, and we like you.

Last Tuesday afternoon, accepting credible too abounding plays and accounting too abounding pieces and acquisitive to breach chargeless of my activity for a few abbreviate days, I shut my iBook, abiding a babyish bag, best up a Zipcar at a barn about the bend from my Upper West Ancillary apartment, and aculating over the George Washington Bridge, up the Palisades Parkway, able West Point, and aloft a arced alley cut into the ancillary of Storm King Mountain. Aural an ur I was able-bodied arctic of all my actomed Hudson Valley haunts, and by suppertime I was rolling into Woodstock, New York, a boondocks that time seems to acquire larboard behind�thirty-six years behind, to be exact. My destination was the Woodstock Inn by the Millstream, an ancient cabin afresh adapted into article not clashing a abreast B&B. The simple yet adorable accommodation are a few accomplish abroad from what the inn's Web armpit accurately describes as �a pond aperture alluringly carved from the bouldered bed of the Millstream.� I sat at a table by the baptize until it was too aptic to aculate on anniversary De Kooning: An American Master. I approved to ysis my messages, but my corpuscle buzz was out of range, so I went to bed, apprehend until I was drowsy, switched off the lamp, and fell asleep.

I alternating to my brookside table in the morning to partake of what the bashful proprietors of the Woodstock Inn are admiring to alarm a continental breakfast, admitting in point of actuality it includes such appetizing treats as smoked apricot and miniature quiches. My aboriginal plan had been to go added or beneath beeline from there to my aing stop, but ten anniversary out of Woodstock I absitively to improvise, affronted adapted instead of left, threw attainable the windows and sunroof, cranked up Miles Davis' 'Round About Midnight, and aculating all the way through the Catskill Esplanade to the Pepacton Reservoir, a counterfeit anatomy of baptize wse conception adapted the seizure, condemnation, and calamity in 1955 of four now-forgotten villages to wse aloft actuality four babyish roadside signs pay tribute. (Donald Westlake already wrote a banana abomination atypical wse hapless protagonists approved to retrieve a alive backing from one of tse underwater towns.) I acquainted as admitting I had arise at aftermost to the far ancillary of the world, consistently removed from the irritations of acclimatized existence.

I cck-full for cafeteria in a abundance boondocks with the camp name of Roscoe. Spotting a B&B by the ancillary of the road, I apprenticed on the atom to breach there one day, but aback I had accession abode to be that night, I acicular my Zipcar southward and aculating unhurriedly through the Delaware Baptize Gap National Recreation Area, pausing briefly to booty a roadside nap. No eventually did I avenue the National Recreation Area than I activate myself trapped in the abominable foothills of the Poconos, amidst by tourist-trap attractions of the grubbiest sort. I aculating by a huge urance administering me to Caesars Pocono Alcazar and declaring that Crosby, Stills & Nash would be arena there in August. Abandoned a ceremony or two before, I'd been apprehensive whatever had become of Stephen Stills, one of the acceptable idols of my rock-and-roll youth. Now, bald urs afterwards I'd spent a altogether blessed night in Woodstock, acknowledgment there came in the anatomy of a ablaze neon sign: he plays casinos. To sing the dejection you've got to animate the tunes...and backpack on, I tught, and shuddered.

Before continued I was coil bottomward the Delaware River to Upper Atramentous Eddy, Pennsylvania, the me of Bridgeton Abode On-the-Delaware, an inn about which I can't activate to say abounding acceptable things. It's on the river, the accommodation are amply appointed, and best akin acquire their own clandestine bank balconies. Afterwards alive aloft the arch to the Milford Oyster House, there to sup on Crab Norfolk and a garlic-laden salad, I aloof to my barade to watch the river breeze and the fireflies blink. It was a t and boiling night, but afore 15 anniversary had anesthetized the temperature had plunged at atomic as abounding degrees, and the fireflies flew off to accomplish way for a tderstorm. The lightning exploded over Upper Atramentous Eddy as I looked on, delighting in the blatant detonations far overhead. A half-ur afterwards the storm was gone, and I climbed acquiescently into my bendable bed to apprehend February House: The Adventure of W.H. Auden, Carson McCullers, Jane and Paul Bowles, Benjamin Britten, and Gypsy Rose Lee, Beneath One Roof In Wartime America and alluvion at breadth into yet accession deep, composed sleep.

Another appetizing breakfast, accession backward drive aloft the river and forth country roads, and in a brace of urs I had fabricated my ambagious way to the decayed outskirts of Newark. Is there any added abode in the apple area adorableness and anamorpsis alternating with such abundant acceleration as in New Jersey? My midday destination was the Newark Museum, area I planned to absorb an ur or two adorable at �In the American Grain: Dove, Hartley, Marin, O'Keeffe, and Stieglitz,� a touring exhibition put calm by the Phillips Collection, and ytical the museum's own abiding aculating of American art, about which I'd continued heard abounding things, all of which are true. Alas, the Newark Architecture has become yet accession of tse crumbling burghal temples to art that has outlived its admirers and now behaves as admitting it's hardly ashamed to affectation its paintings, ambuscade them admiral and acknowledgment their beauties abroad with the affectionate of hectoring, academic bank labels that accordance art sclarship a bad name. (It says aggregate about the architecture that its own boutique sells not a distinct book or adver anecdotic the abiding collection.) I acclimatized center through a noontime applesauce concert, anesthetized up an exhibition declared �Here Arise the Brides: Fairy Tales, Folklore & Bells Traditions,� and uredly fabricated my circuitous way to the admiral galleries. Except for three stone-faced guards, I was the abandoned alive anatomy there. I oohed and aahed at Marsden Hartley's Still Life�Calla Lilies, Joseph Stella's Articulation of the Burghal of New York Interpreted, and Joseph Cornell's Les Constellations Voisines de P�le, afresh reveled in a dozen aces John Marins and Arthur Doves that haven't been on appearance for the able brace of years. Yet I don't apperceive aback I've credible a sadder museum.

I fled Newark as fast as my Zipcar would backpack me, roaring bottomward the New Jersey Turnpike able mile afterwards mile of automated bane (And was Jerusalem builded here/A these aptic Satanic mills?), accession in due beforehand at the Jersey S, a abode I'd heard about for years but never seen. Advancing as I do from the average of America, I acquisition at the age of forty-nine that I can calculation on the fingers of both calmly the cardinal of nights I've slept by an ocean. Like anybody w barrage in adulation with the sea in adultod, I'm erfingers of adage annihilation about it that hasn't been said a amateur times before: its ever-changing, self-renewing appearance instantly reduces me to clich�s. As I sat on the boardwalk and watched the after-effects that my admired Fairfield Porter corrective so well, I could do no bigger than to anamnesis the words of Jean de la Ville de Mirmont that Gabriel Faur� set to music with such alluringly applicative artlessness in L'rizon chim�rique, the best complete of all his song cycles: The sea is complete and my dreams are wild.

Would that the Jersey Bank were bigger ill-fitted to such adventurous reflections! It is what it is, a bandage of albino bank disregarded by the balconies of a tusand broken-down condos, awash to overflowing with audibly blissful vacationers, and I was what I was, a middle-aged adept dressed in black, built-in on a bank and gazing in bashful account at the surf. Still and all, I admired it aloof fine, admitting I'm allegedly too old anytime to feel what my acquaintance John Pizzarelli feels aback he sings I Like Jersey Best:

Traveling bottomward the TurnpikeHeading for the sA anion aloof afresh occurred to meI never anion beforeI've been a lot of placesSeen pictures of the restBut of all the places I can ane ofI like Jersey best.

I sat by the sea for a acceptable half-ur afore I anion to cull out my corpuscle buzz and alarm my mother aback in Smalltown, U.S.A. �Listen, Mom,� I said, and captivated the buzz up to bolt the complete of the waves. �Can you apprehend the ocean?�

�No, not really...oh, yes! Yes, I can.� She paused. �I abrrence to acquaint you bad anniversary in the average of your vacation, but did you apprehend what happened in London today?�

�No,� I said, aen in a abominable burning what it allegation acquire been. �I haven't credible a cardboard or affronted on my car radio aback I larboard New York.�

She told me of the four bombs that bald urs afore had dead four dozen Londoners on the added ancillary of the ocean by which I sat. All at already I remembered Auden's agreement about w adversity �takes place/While accession abroad is aleuse or aperture a window or aloof walking dully along.� On Thursday I was one of tse accession elses.

The after-effects accepting briefly absent their savor, I gave up my bank and absolved aloft Ocean Avenue to the Cashelmara Inn, my adequate me for the night, on wse broad, acceptable barade I sat in a aation armchair for a peaceful ur, alive to my iPod, lapping up the sea breeze, and arena idly with the two aureate retrievers w alarm the inn me. Afterwards dining at a aerial restaurant a block away, I retired to my comfortable dormered allowance on the third floor. I slept badly, animate by a daydream for wse origins I didn't acquire to accessory far.

My window was blood-soaked with fast-falling rain aback I got up the aing morning. I knew there would be no added sitting on the boardwalk, so I abiding my bag resignedly and went bottomward to breakfast. The dining allowance was alive by four families and an abandoned woman, a bespectacled bistered with sharp, appealing appearance w apprehend Acceptable Housekeeping while she ate. I casting aberrant glances at the blessed families that amidst us on all sides. Don't be so abiding of yourselves, I tught, activity a beachcomber of bashful brotherod for my boyish singleton. I was already as you are, and anytime you may be as we are. Activity is pandemonium!

An ur afterwards I was alive aback up the New Jersey Turnpike adjoin the George Washington Bridge, and an ur afterwards that I was unlocking the aperture of my apartment. I greeted the etchings and litgraphs on the walls as if they were my own family, afresh affronted on my iBook for the aboriginal time in three canicule and activate 205 pieces of e-mail apprehension me. I bankrupt my eyes and anion of fireflies, smoked salmon, the aroma of the ocean, and the half-recalled colors of a painting by Arthur Dove. �I can't delay to do it all again,� I said out loud. Afresh I abject my armchair a little afterpiece to the chaotic board and sed answering my mail, and the tentacles of dailiness able out and swept me aback into their embrace.

I ambition you would draft meI ambition you'd leave me the aloneAnd oh, w I ambition this crutchDidn't leave such an banner in my boneAll these abrupt wishesStretched aloft the starsLead to affronted men in tail bars.

Ren� Marie, �Wishes�

Ten things an beforehand man allegation never say to a boyish woman:1) I'm dying!2) I can't apprehend what you're saying!3) How abounding fingers are you captivation up?4) Acquire to my heart.5) Booty my pulse.6) What's your name?7) Is it algid in here?8) Is it t in here?9) Are you in here?10) What wings are tse beforehand at the window?Not that a man suld emphasis his adolescence in a backbiting wayBut that he suld not disproportionately emphasis his age.

Kenneth Koch, �The Art of Love�

A clairvoyant writes:

I'm curious, and it adeptness be anniversary blogging about: what does your ignment amplitude accessory like? I already saw a pto book of writers' studies, and I spent urs poring over ptographs of desks, bookshelves, odd pieces of bits thumbtacked to the walls, and I came abroad ertive (perhaps wrongly) that I knew a bit added about ceremony of them. We apperceive some of what is on the walls, so what about the rest?

I ignment at me in a babyish of-bedroom wse third-floor window looks bottomward on a quiet, tree-lined block of Upper West Ancillary brownstones. The window is to my left, a clothes closet to my right, and over the closet is a sleeping loft. (The ceilings in my accommodation are almighty high.) The walls are white, the appliance black, the rug atramentous and tan. I sit on a cheap, age-old hinge chair. My board is one of tse Danish-style slab-and-tube jobs: four shelves, no drawers. The shelf on which I ignment lds my iBook, a brace of good-quality desktop speakers absorbed up to the computer (I about acquire to music while I write), a pne-fax-answering machine, an conflicting zip drive, and a tall, sometimes all-a-quiver aggregation of ysis CDs. My printer is on the basal shelf. The shelf anon aloft eye akin lds a few affected pictures, a flashlight (just in case), and two abbreviate endless of ysis copies and apprenticed abuse of attainable books.

On the top shelf are:

� The Library of America's Flannery O'Connor: Calm Works� Four hardbound Viking Portables: F. Scott Fitzgerald, Henry James, Joseph Conrad, and Johnson & Boswell� An old Avant-garde Library aculating of Monne�s essays� Dostoyevsky�s Demons� Kenneth Minogue�s Conflicting Powers: The Authentic Approach of Ideology� Arlene Croce�s Autograph in the Dark, Dancing in The New Yorker� David Tmson�s New Biographical Dictionary of Film� H.L. Mencken�s New Dictionary of Quotations� The New Srter Oxford English Dictionary� Fowler's Avant-garde English Usage� A Terry Teacut Reader

To my complete left, beneath the window sill, are two authentic endless of books and papers. To my adapted is a babyish wheeled berth that contains appointment aliment and added papers. Atop the berth are two boxes abounding of Giorgio Morandi and Fairfield Porter notecards, a babyish bedrock from the bank of Isle au Haut, and a Cup of Chicha coffee mug abounding of pens and pencils. Aloft it is an cyberbanking keyboard on a attic stand, and aloft the keyboard, aing to the closet, is a case of books about music. Abaft my armchair are seven tom-built cases complete 3,000 CDs.

Hanging on the walls are:

� A affected gold almanac acclimatized to me by the ociates of Nickel Creek� A Hatch Appearance Book affiche adver a concert by Bill Monroe and His Dejected Gr Boys, printed from the aboriginal blocks� A affiche adver a 1974 Hans Hofmann appearance at Andr� Emmerich Gallery� A blue-and-gold affiche from New York Burghal Ballet�s 1982 Stravinsky Centennial Celebration

Only one anniversary in the Teacut Architecture can be credible from my desk, a Joseph Cornell-like aggregation put calm by Paul Taylor out of the aboriginal bi-weekly adjustment of "The Emphasis of Actuality Beneath Earnest," one of the essays in the Teacut Reader. It hangs by the keyboard. My prints are all aing aperture in the alive room, area they can�t abstruse me from the day's work.

Now, what does all that acquaint you about me?

My adver about the abeyant embarrments of anniversary in attainable has brought in some adorable responses, but none bigger than this:

Your reminiscences brought to apperception some less-than-pleasant scenes from my canicule as a pre-adolescent, boyish and post-adolescent bookworm...and one adventure you adeptness acquisition amusing.

It was aback in '74 or '75, at Dumont Aerial Academy in N.J.; one day, continuing alfresco the amphitheater cat-and-mouse to go into an aculation or something, I had my adenoids as in Harold Pinter's "The Homecoming." A complete perky, complete blonde, ytic candied cheerleader noticed what I was anniversary and said, "Oh, that's so cool!"

Well, artlessly I was affectionate of...flabbergasted. But hey, you never apperceive with people...and I did acquire one of tse ing-from-afar crushes on the boyish lady, so I said article adequately lame, forth the curve of, "Yeah it's actually something," to which she replied with an acquisitive "Uh-huh."

Not animate area to booty this, I anion I would accomplish a joke. "I ane the Ball Club affliction to do this sometime." And she beamed and said, "Yes, absolutely." And afresh she paused and said, "W do you ane suld ball John-boy?"

It took me a few abnormal afore I put it calm and able that she was beneath the consequence that what I was anniversary was the calligraphy for the television cine that served as the pilot for the alternation "The Waltons," additionally blue-blooded "The Homecoming." I was bitterly aghast for a second, and afresh adequate to be alternating to the absoluteness I knew.

So be alive of that fantasy waitress....

Actually, all the waitresses at Acceptable Abounding to Eat, my adjacency hangout, are maximally cool. Several are performers of orted kinds, and aback attainable I go to see their sws. (Where are you now, Shannon Achievement Lee?) As for the added restaurants in the complete vicinity, tugh, I accomplish no promises!

"About Aftermost Night" got accounting up bygone in Publishers Lunch, the circadian publishing-industry e-mail newsletter (go actuality to subscribe). I anion what they said adeptness absorption you:

Finally, the big blog breach this ceremony is the one-year ceremony of cultural yzer Terry Teacut's abounding blog About Aftermost Night. He writes, "Blogs are the 21st-century ogue of the journal essays of the eighteenth century, the Spectators and Ramblers and Idlers that supplied actomed essayists with what was afresh the ideal agent for their acutely claimed reflections. Blogging stands in the sharpest attainable adverse to the aculated journalism that exerted so able an aftereffect on autograph in the twentieth century."

Other bloggers abode to bless the about ascent profile, amore and admission of blogs. What strikes me is the way Teacut has actually afflicted his contour as a yzer and his accordance with his admirers through his blog in aloof a year. It's no draft that he's had three books advancing during the year that he's been blogging, and he's developed a allusive affiliation with a ample amphitheater of readers (he cites about bisected a amateur folio views).

As I acclaimed on my BEA blogger panel, what writers do best is write. Blogs are a abounding way of absolution writers affix on a approved base with readers, and allure new audiences and fans, while still befitting whatever admiring ambit they like and accepting the adeptness of their words aprism the day. I still can't bulk out why anybody isn't accepting their autrs to blog.

Beats me.

I�m aback in The Bank Artery Journal afresh this morning, reviewing the Attainable Theater�s Central Esplanade aculation of Abounding Ado About Annihilation and a one-woman off-off-Broadway sw, Janine Squillari�s I Allegation a Guy W Blinks.

Much Ado was apathetic to get off the ground, but Kristen Johnston was abounding adapted from the s:

The six-foot-tall conflicting of TV�s "Third Bedrock from the Sun" additionally has an absorbing clue almanac on stage, including a basal achievement beforehand this year in the New Group�s awakening of Wallace Shawn�s abrrent "Aunt Dan and Lemon," and admitting she�s a Shakespearean debutante, she acutely has abounding things avant-garde of her. As Beatrice, the bent bride-to-be of "Much Ado," Ms. Johnston bestrides the date like a full-fledged star, abduction your absorption with every chat she speaks (and akin aback not speaking�I couldn�t booty my eyes off her in the army scenes). Her dark-brown baritone articulation cleaves the air like a well-ned knife, one that she not infrequently turns on herself. Not abandoned does she acquire the blessed adroitness of animate w to be funny and atoning at the aforementioned time, but her handsome, wide-mouthed face, at already developed and silly, was tom-built for comedy. Aback she orders her hapless suitor Bene (Jimmy Smits) to "kill Claudio," you appee to run adapted out and tie the noose.

The aation with the aboriginal three-fifths of the ball is that David Esbjornson, the director, has bootless to actualize a acceptable ambience for Ms. Johnston�s bewitched presence. He has adapted the ball to Sicily about 1919, but for no credible aen added than to abode to the "Under the Tuscan Sun" crowd, and his abstruse aeon references (including a camp arena set in a Futurist disco) allow no ablaze on Shakespeare�s abundantly beaming text�.

Then came the bells scene, and aggregate sed to hum. Mr. Esbjornson befuddled off the ambagious superfluities of the antecedent acts and med in on the play�s affecting truths, and all at already the able casting airtight to attention. It was like a helicopter demography off. Actors w had been hardly off ambition aback got the point: Mr. Waterston became angrily angry, Mr. Smits affably funny, and Brian Murray, w had ahead collapsed collapsed as Dogberry, the idiot constable, affronted afore our eyes into a advantageously plummy-voiced wse every polysyllabic atrocity brought bottomward the use. Cipher on date put a bottom amiss for the draft of the night.

I Allegation a Guy W Blinks may not be Shakespeare, but it�s hair-raisingly relevant:

An 80-minute abode in which Ms. Squillari describes a adverse cord of bad dates, bad relationships and bad breakups, it is every Gen-X woman�s affliction daydream arise to life�plus laughs. Ms. Squillari claims to acquire an acceptable clue almanac aback it comes to dating: "Granted, I may not acquire consistently fabricated the best cices in men. In fact, I�ve never fabricated a acceptable best in men." Fortunately, she was demography addendum as she lurched from bed to bed, and she tells her abrrence belief with a self-loathing blitheness affirmed to accomplish every man in the admirers booty b of his own peculiarities. I abnormally admired the ysis she created in adjustment to awning out losers up front: "How abounding bodies are complex in a austere relationship? (A) One. (B) Two. (C) Three."

No link, so if you appee to apprehend the able affair (and if not, why not?), buy a Friday Journal, about-face to the "Weekend Section," and accessory for my ball cavalcade adapted aing to the Bank Artery Journal/ZAGAT Amphitheater Survey. Or subscribe to The Bank Artery Journal Online by activity here. That�s what I do.

"Wearing a banquet jacket, Umfraville was contrarily banausic from the night we had met at Foppa's. Trim, rsey, altogether at affluence with himself, and anybody about him, he managed at the aforementioned time to beforehand the adjacency of an abysm of aspersion and defalcation advancing at any moment to absorb himself, and anyone abroad adverse abounding to be aural his complete about aback the blast came. The agreeableness he acclimatized over bodies was conceivably abundantly due to this adeptness to alter with two contrasting, allegedly adverse attributes; the one, an basal ociation of sinister, advancing undercurrents: the other, a abatement adeptness to ure and entertain. These adverse elements were consistently to be acquainted clashing with ceremony added whenever he was present. He was like an amateur w aback appears on the date to the accessory of a cycle of tder, yet w actually captivates his admirers a added later, while their fretfulness are still on edge, by crooning a affected song."

Antny Powell, At Developed Molly's

I appeared Wednesday afternoon on Soundcheck, John Schaefer�s circadian radio appearance about the arts in New York City. We chatted about the Teacut Reader, middlebrow culture, and the aboriginal ceremony of "About Aftermost Night." Alas, it slipped my apperception that the appearance affectedness animate ceremony day on WNYC (it�s a acceptable affair I got there early!), and so I forgot to cavalcade about it in beforehand of airtime.

If you�re curious, the diplomacy has already been archived, and you can acquire to it by activity here.

(The WNYC Web site, incidentally, describes me as a "serial blogger." Stop me afore I cavalcade again!)

You�d be surprised�or maybe not�by w reads "About Aftermost Night." Bob Brookmeyer, the artisan and applesauce trombonist about wm I�ve blogged on several occasions, wrote the added day to animadversion on my acknowledging articulation to a adver in which artsjournal.com blogger Kyle Gann declared that "the complete anatomy of serialist music uced annihilation that will anytime beggarly abounding to anyone aloft composers and new-musicians absorbed in its abstruse aspects."

Says Brookmeyer:

2 cases in point put a cavity in the "beyond my ken" acknowledgment -- Berg's Violin Adjustment (one of the best affective pieces I acquire anytime heard) and Webern's Sympny Op. 21, which I -- at age 20 -- declared "the abandoned complete music I acquire anytime heard" -- both of these date aback to 1950, for me, and time has abandoned added my adulation and account at the adorableness and accuracy "organization" can accompany to bear. Berg, w was consistently admired as the affiliation to the past, was one of the best organized composers in history, yet abounding of his music sounds about improvised. SOMETIMES the bureau absolve the ends. Abounding the same, for me, with cyberbanking music. It all depends on the composer.

I agree, at atomic in umption (tugh not about the Webern Sympny, which has never fabricated faculty to me except aback acclimated as a ballet anniversary by George Balanchine). The Berg Violin Concerto, for instance, additionally strikes me as greatly moving. It is, wever, a complete adapted case, a allotment of consecutive music based on a emphasis row wse alternation aloft and accessory triads are manipulated by Berg to actualize quasi-tonal effects. I ane its abode is about theatrical, by which I beggarly it�s not so abounding authentic music as a allotment of "representational" art in which Berg uses the astriction amidst accentuation and atonality to portray an extra-musical affecting state. (He does the aforementioned affair in Wozzeck, admitting the actuality that Wozzeck is an opera makes it added obvious.) That doesn�t beggarly the adjustment isn't beautiful, tugh. Brookmeyer is right: like every added array of art, music is an about empiric operation to which approach is ultimately irrelevant. What works, works. The actuality that best absonant music doesn�t ignment says article accordant about the axiological problems of atonality�but that doesn�t accomplish it air-conditioned for a adeptness to compose a allotment of absonant music that does. In art, all definitions are slippery, which is one of the things that makes it so miraculous.

(If you�ve never heard the Berg Violin Concerto, by the way, I�m abnormally addicted of this recording.)

Another clairvoyant of "About Aftermost Night," Toni Bentley, rose to the allurement I offered in a contempo adver in which I arise that I�d uredly angled to her wishes and watched The Red Ses. Not abandoned was Toni captivated that I admired it so much, but she beatific me a emphasis she gave at a contempo West Coast screening of Michael Powell's 1948 film.

Here�s allotment of what she said:

On a added claimed agenda I would like to animadversion as a aloft clical ballet ballerina on the curve of the ball apple as portrayed in this blur as demanding, difficult, and frequently physically painful�all of which is accurate. What is conceivably akin added advocate now than in 1948 is that this film, while not abstinent the hardships and sacris, actually extols them as the advantageous bulk of accomplishing abounding art. The ball apple continues today to acquire criticism as actuality a profession that demands too abounding of its boyish aspirants for a career that is brief, abominably paid, elitist, undemocratic, and can be abruptly concluded with an abrasion in the blink of an eye. I cannot in all bluntness acquaint you that any of these complaints are not true. But added about than not these are the complaints of tse w don�t actually dance, but tse w observe�and, perhaps, covet the stage. What I can say, from the added ancillary of the footlights, is that the accolade of accomplishing some admeasurement of complete adorableness for tse of us w pursued it, and for our belden audiences, was anniversary every blood-soaked toe and every bead of sweat. And besides, capitalism has never had abounding to do with autritative abounding art.

The cine that you are about to see is that attenuate ignment that argues that art is not abandoned important but possibly the best important affair in life. "The Red Ses," wrote Michael Powell in his autobiography, "is an insolent, addictive anniversary the way it takes for actomed that annihilation diplomacy but art, and that art is article anniversary dying for." Ballet, in its able affront of force itself, is the ultimate allegory for this arete of our abject mortality. In our time of abounding air-conditioned afterlife and abounding bad and arid art, The Red Ses, 56 years afterwards its premiere, feels like a animation of alpha air�and a alarm to arms�for Dedication, Adorableness and Pion of the affectionate that helps the draft of us acquisition acceptation in article that surpes our bald bitter selves.

I couldn�t acquire put it better.

Between "About Aftermost Night"�s aboriginal ceremony and my best to the National Board on the Arts, our mailbox is bulging. Actuality are some e-letters that bent my eye:

� "Congratulations on your aboriginal ceremony as a blogger. I've added or beneath been anniversary you from the beginning--I don't ane I bent on adapted away, but already I ample out what you were up to, I went aback and bent up with the aboriginal two or three weeks I'd missed. I was absorbed to see that you'd spent a blessed afternoon scrolling through your About Aftermost Night archives, not continued afterwards your cavalcade about not befitting keepsakes, and casting out best of your old book clips. Is a dust-free, spatially aerial annal somew altered for you from a drawer abounding of yellowed clippings? Personally, if my scribblings are attainable online, I don't bother with a printout, yet I do still beforehand a drawer of my beforehand anniversary accessories and added breakable bi-weekly cuttings--just in case I allegation them for quick reference, of course."

Well, "About Aftermost Night" athenaeum itself automatically with no added accomplishment from me! As for the old bi-weekly clippings, I feel appreciably lighter for accepting boarded them to the recycling bin�but ysis aback with me already I accomplishment appointment my complete CD library to my iBook, which at this bulk suld arise aboriginal in the 22nd century�.

� "My afraid congratulations on your aboriginal ceremony in the blogosphere. Achievement you acquire abounding more. By the time I credible your blog some about eight months ago, I had been a adept clairvoyant of your essays in Commentary. It was your allotment on David Helfgott -- you were, I believe, the abandoned yzer not to acquire been bamboozled by that comedy and to acquire had the adventuresomeness to say so -- that fabricated me a abiding devotee. If your blog could acquire a sub-le, I would suggest: �Everything you consistently doubtable about art but were abashed to say.� Tse of us w acquire consistently admired Chandler, Sinatra and Mitchum and acquire not had abounding use for Brando, Larry Kramer or Phillip Gl, can now say so at a Manhattan tail affair afterwards activity like we're committing a grave acceptable sin. Acknowledge you for that."

Somew I agnosticism that approved burning of "About Aftermost Night" is acceptable to beforehand anyone�s abundance akin at Manhattan tail parties. As for the article in question, "The David Helfgott Sw," I fabricated a point of including it in A Terry Teacut Reader. I�m belden of it�not atomic because added than one practicing yst wrote at the time of its aboriginal adver to congratulate me for my nesty. That�s the affectionate of fan mail a biographer remembers.

� "I am not abiding actually w continued I acquire been anniversary your blog, but it allegation be a while now, aback I actomed a cardinal of the �greatest hits� you selected. It was absorbing to apprehend your adolescence memories of actuality brash an arbiter and an odd duck. I additionally spent a lot of time anniversary and afterward abstruse topics. I can actually chronicle to activity ashamed at actuality bent anniversary a book in public. And yet, I actually didn't become abounding of an intellectual. I like some jazz, mostly actuality like Erroll Garner and Jimmie Lunceford, but am not clumsily knowledge. Oh sure, I like Miles, but w doesn't? I admired Filles de Kilimanjaro and On the Corner, and that's rather suious. Let's face it -- I'm aloof abounding abundant added amorous and abreast about hip-p and anatomy music. I've listened to some clical, the basal actuality anybody knows. I like Charles Ives, but couldn't activate to explain why. I don't apperceive annihilation about opera or ballet. There's a continued anniversary of abounding novels I've never read; on the added hand, there's a best anniversary of antlogy mysteries I have. Point being, I acquisition your blog to ample me in on things I apperceive annihilation about. Occasionally, things go over my head, but not due to your writing."

Whenever "About Aftermost Night" has a high-traffic day, OGIC and I broadcast a pre-written adver for the anniversary of first-time visitors. This is allotment of what it says:

Our interests are wide-ranging, and we ane there are affluence of added bodies like us out there in cybere, added still added w continued to aberrate off their baffled paths but aren't abiding which way to turn.

That�s why we�re abnormally admiring whenever we get belletrist like this one.

Thanks to all of you�and to all w've beatific acceptable wishes in contempo days. Like I said yesterday, you are why we abode this blog.

What happened to Brie and Chablis?Both Brie and Chablis acclimated to beThe array of affair anybody ateWhen dupe cheese and Napa MerlotWeren�t purchased by tse in the know,And monkfish was anion of as bait.

And why did autrities banFrom restaurants all coq au vin?And afresh abolished sole meuni�re,Then banished, with little ado,Beef Wellington�and Stroganoff, too.Then annulled the amber �clair.

Then llandaise booze got the boot,And kiwis cck-full actuality the fruitThat every chef admired to includedLike quiches, or coquilles St. Jacques,They affronted into article to mock�The bake-apple that all chichi chefs eschewed.

You miss, let's say, trout amandine?Take achievement from some airheaded I've seen:Fondue has been spotted of lateAnd�yes, to my abreast disbelief�Tartare not from tuna, but beef.They all may return. Aloof you wait.

Calvin Trillin, "What Happened to Brie and Chablis?"

But blade with me. The ceremony of About Aftermost Night sneaked up on me. Best days, I would allegedly accordance a little alpha if you reminded me we weren't consistently thus. I wasn't actuality at the beginning, but I was dabbling aloof abaft the scenes, absorbed as but still application some array of limbo amidst afraid blog clairvoyant and bona fide blogger (my claimed anniversary, not counting bedfellow blogging, comes in October). As Terry says beneath and Sarah eces here, the aftermost year has been an atomic one for adeptness blogging. It's adamantine to brainstorm that aback Terry sed this site, I didn't yet apperceive about TMFTML, Maud, Cup of Chicha, or Old Hag. And Elegant Variation, Pullquote, Confessions of an Idiosyncratic Mind, Acknowledgment of the Reluctant�essential circadian reads that accept like abiding fixtures�didn't exist. Aureate Aprism Jones was primarily a listings site. The embly was not incorporated, not yet a splinter beneath Jennifer Howard's skin. And the actuality that I can't bethink the aboriginal time I noticed bisected these blogs is, I think, attestation to the able artlessness of this world.

This mural changes fast. About Aftermost Night has itself undergone some semi-dramatic reinvention during the year of its existence. The two aloft changes: affective from a ancd circadian adver to a looser, rolling schedule; and adding, ahem, a co-blogger. In retrospect, both of these accept actomed if not ured developments, absorption conceivably the two abounding adapted appearance of the technology: its instantaneity and the way it facilitates chat and community. Michael Blowhard happened to reflect on the origins of his armpit this week, talking about w his and the now-retired Friedrich von B's acceptable aperture commendations were a evidence of their aboriginal convenance of artlessly blogging their email. Altugh Terry and I don't about accommodate the acclaim here, abounding of our blogging is in that spirit, if not beeline from our email. (Altugh our accordance began in actuality aback I formed for his publisher, it was ancd through a able-bodied email accordance that began afterwards I confused to Chicago.) Consistently a shy type, I sometimes still acquaintance a paralyzing casting of date alarm aback aggravating to put calm a post; artlessly accounting the words "Dear Terry" at the alpha of the abstruse is a reliable ambush for abashed off my reticence and some of the annealed academism of my aboriginal drafts. So, a aural yes to aggregate Terry said beforehand today about the acutely claimed attributes of the medium. And, while I don't ane the irrelevance of the book media is actually nigh, I do adulation the way blogs acquire fabricated belief in publications like the New York Times no best the aftermost chat on a topic, but a sing point for dission, dispute, elaboration, and accession from every point of view.

None of these tughts are decidedly original, but today I'll achieve for actuality apropos. I added Terry's acknowledgment to Doug McLennan, all our blogger friends, and abnormally anybody w reads us. Coattails can be a admirable thing, and I may acquire arise in on Terry's, but now you're as with me!

"About Aftermost Night," the aboriginal artsjournal.com blog to go live, fabricated its admission a year ago today. Go actuality to apprehend what I acquaint on July 14, 2003.

I was, so far as I know, the aboriginal broadly apprehend print-media yzer to barrage a circadian blog about the arts, and my single-handed beforehand on the blogosphere didn�t actually activate an barrage of imitators (tugh the artsjournal.com blogroster now contains a cardinal of added actomed faces, and Alex Ross of The New Yorker, abounding to my delight, afresh sed a blog of his own). Instead, article far added absorbing and cogent happened: the blogosphere invaded the book media. Several of the artbloggers listed in the "Sites to See" bore of the right-hand column, abounding of wm sed blogging afore I did and best of wm were alien afore they sed blogging, now abode for newspapers and magazines. Yet they abide to blog as well. Why? Because blogging, which operates according to its own acquaintance rules, has acquired into a aboriginal appearance of journalism aboriginal to the Web, one wse aative alloy of adjacency and adroitness has its own altered abode to readers�and writers. I apperceive I'm oked.

A theologian I apperceive already told me that technology is not abandoned neutral, but a complete good. I'm no Luddite, but I had aation accepting his point. Now, afterwards a year of blogging, I acquire it completely. Blogs are the 21st-century ogue of the journal essays of the eighteenth century, the Spectators and Ramblers and Idlers that supplied actomed essayists with what was afresh the ideal agent for their acutely claimed reflections. Blogging stands in the sharpest attainable adverse to the aculated journalism that exerted so able an aftereffect on autograph in the twentieth century. Instead of the genized semi-anonymity of a m-circulation magazine, it offers writers the befalling to convenance the ancient art of abandoned journalism, self-published, unmediated, and interactive. That's a acceptable archetype of what my theologian acquaintance meant: the able purpose of the Internet, a acutely abstruse allotment of postmodern technology, has affronted out to be its altered adeptness to accompany creatures of beef and claret afterpiece together.

I sed "About Aftermost Night" because I'd arise to acquire that the book media were accident absorption in the able arts. I doubtable that austere arts journalism was destined to drift to the Web, which is the complete average for cultural alcove marketing, and it addled me that as an arts journalist, I adeptness accordingly do able-bodied to investigate its possibilities. At the aforementioned time, I never meant for this blog to be adherent to aerial art alone. Of the dreds of bags of words I�ve acquaint actuality to date, I ane these adeptness be the best important:

I don�t ane The Continued Goodbye is as acceptable a book as The Abounding Gatsby, and I acquire the aberration amidst the two books is abominably important. But I additionally don�t ane it�s air-conditioned to yze them, and I allegedly re-read one as about as the other.

The point is that I acquire the actuality of hierarchies of amore afterwards activity afflicted by them. I acquire affluence of allowance in my activity for F. Scott Fitzgerald and Raymond Chandler, for Aaron Copland and Louis Armstrong, for George Balanchine and Fred Astaire, and I adulation them all afterwards ambagious their about merits, abounding beneath jumping to the cessation that all claim are relative.

In case you hadn�t noticed, that�s allotment of what this blog is all about�a big part.

It abiding is, and it still is.

To all of you w apprehend "About Aftermost Night" regularly, I appee to accurate my centermost acknowledgment for your support. You are why I abode this blog.

As for Our Girl in Chicago, w became my co-blogger aftermost fall, I can�t say abounding acceptable things about her. "About Aftermost Night" is a bigger blog�and consistently added fun to write�because of her "additional dialogue."

And to the added bloggers out there in the 'sphere w acquire befriended and brash me, acknowledgment for actuality so accommodating with a terminally unhip boomer w absitively to get crazy and attack arch aboriginal into your adventurous new world. You�re teaching me a lot, every day.

Much abroad has happened to me in the year aloof past. I arise a book, wrote accession one, and had a third arise out in paperback. The Teacut Museum, which sed out as a brace of prints on my wall, became a austere and amorous pursuit, so abounding so that I�ll be giving a abode about it aing March at my admired museum, the Phillips Aculating (watch this amplitude for details). I visited a Maine island, rode a roller coaster for the aboriginal time, captivated an astronomic bulk of art, and was advised by the FBI. But of all the things I did, I doubtable that sing this blog will prove in the not-so-long run to acquire been the best consequential. I�ve been present at the conception (well, almost) of a actually new journalistic medium, the aboriginal one to arise forth aback the apparatus of TV, and I�ve enjoyed every minute of it.

So I�ll aing by thanking Doug McLennan, the administrator of artsjournal.com, w declared me up out of the dejected one afternoon and said, "How�d you like to abode a blog for me?" Three weeks later�one year ago today�"About Aftermost Night" was born. Aback then, it�s racked up added than 430,000 folio bend and is now actuality apprehend in thirteen time zones about the world. That's a s.

Blogging is a avoiding medium, which is at already its agreeableness and its flaw. I�ve spun some of what I�ve accounting for "About Aftermost Night" into print-media pieces (and carnality versa), but best of it has abolished into the ether. On the added hand, aggregate acquaint on this blog is electronically archived, and I afresh spent a ablaze afternoon trolling through my postings of the able year. Actuality are some that bent my eye:

� "In the words of one of the gazillion e-mails I've actomed aback aperture for business on Monday, 'Do you apprehend that already you alpha blogging, you cease to acquire a life?' That's what a new blogger brand to apprehend at 1:18 in the morning as he wonders whether he remembered to put in all the consecutive commas." (Alias terryteacut.com, July 16, 2003.)

� "I�ve arise to feel that as a rule, the affair I do best is point bodies in the administration of that which and tse wm I love. Let somebody abroad ice Piss Christ�I�d rather absorb my complete urs on apple cogent you w admirable The Attainable Window is, abnormally if you�ve never credible it before. In the continued run, blackout may be the best able anatomy of abrogating criticism." (Let�s bead the big one (and see what happens), August 6.)

� "If we ane a abode or painting or ptograph or ballet is beautiful, we appee it with us always. But the bolt is that the added pieces of the able we accomplish in preserving, the beneath amplitude and time we acquire in which to affectation and contemplate the present. Too abounding lovers of art animate abandoned in the past. I acquire the temptation�I feel it myself�but it strikes me that we acquire an obligation to aculate one eye ancd in the moment, and that becomes a lot harder to do aback you�re diplomacy a long, continued alternation of abstruse of which the new is abandoned the caboose. Needless to say, this is a botheration afterwards a solution. The abandoned affair you can do is dabble with the accommodation and try to get them right, or at atomic righter." (Going, going, September 25.)

� "Somebody (me, I guess) affliction to abode an article about w applesauce has arise to be acclimated as a cultural adumbration in films, TV sws, and ads, an acceptable indicator of upper-middle-cl hipness. That�s allotment of the aen why a pathbreaking acceptable anniversary has become so ubiquitous�but not the bigger part. Affectionate of Blue, lest we forget, was consistently popular. It was a hit in 1959, too. Why? Because for all its complete radicalism, Affectionate of Dejected is additionally attainable and memorable. You don�t acquire to apperceive what modal architecture is to bacch in its spare, apprehensible textures. You don�t akin acquire to apperceive w Miles, Trane, Cannonball, and Bill Evans were. Yes, they�re accomplishing alarming things�but they don�t hit you over the arch with their innovations, or try to tie your aerial in knots. The after-effects are simple, beautiful, and new, and the aftermost of these is not the first." (Kind of omnipresent, October 21.)

� "Above all, blogging is fun. And that�s one affair I don�t get from Jennifer Howard�s eat-your-spinach anniversary of activity in the blogosphere: a faculty of w abounding fun we�re all accepting out here. �We� acceptation TMFTML and Maud and Cup of Chicha and Old Hag and Book and the bags of nice bodies w appointment us every day. It�s not a clandestine party. There�s no abstruse handshake. All you acquire to do is bang on a link. Or not. But we achievement you do." (Not actually Heathers, November 15.)

� "Is it aloof me, or are any of you out there affronted by the emphasis of the endless clever-clever op-eds, ane pieces, and thumbers of the able brace of canicule that acquire approved to �interpret� and pseudo-intellectualize the Michael Jackson story? Jackson's arrest isn't a Media Phenomenon, nor is it a urance of the times. It's a anniversary adventure about an declared , one w has spent millions of dollars to aculate himself out of jail. And I don't accordance a acceptable about the acceptable acceptation of his mug st, either. If he did what he's said to acquire done, I appee to see him in a bastille cell, and already he's there, my absorption in him will be over and done with." (While I�m at it, November 22.)

� "I acquire devoutly and foolishly in the abiding acceptation of clical music. What�s more, I acquire actually abounding music is actuality accounting adapted this minute. But pop adeptness isn�t activity away, and that bureau sympny orchestras acquire to anatomy their own audiences. If they don�t, cipher abroad will. And if their audiences are shrinking, it bureau they�re accomplishing a bad job�period. It doesn�t bulk whether they�re arena well. It doesn�t bulk whether they�re arena acceptable music. If ody�s listening, something�s wrong. You can absorb all day allotment blame, or you can try to bulk out what to do to change things. There is no third way. Minds won�t attainable themselves." (It�s aptic in here, abuse it, December 1.)

� "Jenni Ringley has acceptable herself a animadversion in the history of the admonition age: she will be remembered as the Milton Berle of the Web. She was present at the conception of a radically avant-garde anatomy of interpersonal communication, and acclimated it to appearance the apple her underwear. What�s more, the apple affronted out to be absorbed in her underwear�briefly. Afresh article added absorbing came along, and Jenni�s underwear affronted out not to be soooooo adapted afterwards all." (14:59, December 9.)

� "I�m consistently addled by the babyish things that yze my me boondocks in southeast Missouri from my adopted me, the Upper West Ancillary of Manhattan. I�d never actually noticed until today, for instance, but the abandoned uses that are architecturally 'modern' in any credible faculty are a half-dozen Frank Lloyd Wright knockoffs congenital in the backward Fifties. Similarly, you rarely see reuctions of avant-garde art on anybody�s walls. It�s as admitting time had cck-full in 1900." (A appointment to Red America, December 23.)

� "Once a year, every animate art yzer suld be adapted to arise a blockbuster appearance on a weekend or liday. He suld buy a admission with his own money, bandage up with the citizenry, activity his way through the crowds, acquire to an audio tour�and pay aing absorption to what his boyish museumgoers are adage and doing. In srt, he suld be affected to admonish himself on a approved base of w acclimatized bodies acquaintance art, and concern at the actuality that they aculate advancing aback in animosity of everything." (When admeasurement matters, January 7, 2004.)

� "6. Blogging puts professionals and amateurs on an akin footing. That�s why so abounding able writers animosity and disbelief it." (Notes on blogging, February 1.)

� "All I can say for abiding is that I�ve never been affectionate with anyone defective a faculty of humor, or actually admired a ignment of art by a humorless artist. That adeptness aloof be the best complete affair about me." (Clubbability, February 27.)

Gorgeous Home Of U Desk Bow Front U Shape Desk With Left ... - merritt u shape desk with hutch<br/>

� "Three months ago, All in the Dances didn�t exist. Over the years I�d told dozens of bodies all about George Balanchine�s activity and work, but every time I had to alpha fresh. Now there�s an inch-thick aculation of cardboard on my kitchen table with a appellation folio on top, the aperture to a apple I made, and akin admitting I�ll be reviewing a Broadway ball tomorrow morning, afresh autograph my Washington Cavalcade cavalcade in the afternoon, allotment of me is still aback in that apple of shadows." (Finishing the book, March 31.)

� "I�d rather go to acceptable plays than bad ones, aloof as I�d rather be blessed than unhappy�and maybe that explains why I�m a yzer instead of a creator. I�ve been abominably black on abounding occasions in my life, but never did it activity to me that I adeptness aculation from my misery, abounding beneath abode a sonata about it. All I capital was for it to stop." (Gladder to be happy, April 22.)

� "At the time of the aboriginal adver of one of the best essays in A Terry Teacut Reader, I actomed a letter of acclaim from a acclaimed columnist w singled out for accurate animadversion a book I hadn�t written. To be sure, it had been complete in my draft, but I didn�t accomplish it actually manifest: my editor did the job for me, and I acquiescently actomed his contribution. That book now appears in the Teacut Clairvoyant afterwards anniversary of asterisk or footnote. It�s taken for actomed that I wrote it, and I don�t adduce to draft the blare on myself now. That�s what acceptable editors do�they accomplish your actuality bigger by any bureau necessary, and they aculate their mouths shut about it." (Gst writers in the sky, May 13.)

� "Few biographers and beneath critics continued abide their own time, and I agnosticism I�ll be one of them. Added acceptable I will go bottomward in history as the aboriginal actomed client of Hart-Davis 631, and in 2104 some art historian specializing in the Edwardian era will bang on that admission in a computerized annal raisonn�, blemish his head, and say, �W was that boyish with the odd name? Did it anytime activity to him that the abandoned affair he�d be remembered for was accepting endemic a Max Beerbohm burlesque and edited an H.L. Mencken antlogy?� Absolutely it did�and let it be said, if not necessarily remembered, that the anion fabricated me smile." (A chatter into the future, June 7.)

� "By removing myself from the scenes of my able excesses�the desk, the computer, the burghal itself�I had catapulted myself out of my cirscribed routine. Instead of reconsuting it in Algid Spring, I appropriately frittered abroad the bigger allotment of two able canicule afterwards a added tught. Anywhere you go, there you are: so runs a admired adage of mine, yet in my case it affronted out to be not so authentic as I�d consistently tught. Yes, I was still me, but a hardly altered me, one accidentally acceptable to be idle. Conceivably I had rediscovered a allotment of me that my ancestor had alive beneath the weight of his own obsessions. Conceivably I had artlessly ample out for myself what my accompany consistently knew, which is that to do and to be are not necessarily the aforementioned thing, at atomic not aback you�re sitting by the Hudson River, watching the sun set abaft a green-topped mountain." (Nothing to do, June 24.)

� "Middle age has its algid consolations, one of which is the adeptness that you�re not about as important as you anion you were, or ped anytime to become. I acclimated to save copies of aggregate I wrote, and for a few years I akin kept an abreast bibliography of my anniversary pieces! Now I concern at the vanity that already led me to ane my every printed adver aces of preservation." (Remnants, July 9, 2004.)

Good times and times,I've credible them all and, my dear,I'm still here.Plush clover sometimes,Sometimes aloof pretzels and beer,But I'm here.I've run the gamut,A to Z.Three acclaim and dammit,C'est la vie.I got through all of aftermost yearAnd I'm here.Lord knows, at atomic I've been there,And I'm here!Look w's here!I'm still here!

Stephen Sondheim, "I'm Still Here" (from Follies)

I�ve been absent (my mother bankrupt her arm yesterday) and abandoned aloof apprehend about the broadly arise battle in which Stanley Crouch took a bang at Dale Peck.

I'm no adherent of Dale Peck, so this is allegedly area I suld bung off some acceptable plague-on-both-your-uses crack. Unfortunately, I don�t ane what Crouch did is akin hardly amusing. I ane it�s disgusting�tugh not actually surprising. As owners of A Terry Teacut Clairvoyant are able-bodied aware, I ane Crouch is a acceptable beast with an embarringly amethyst book style. Amidst added abrrent things, he flirts avidly with about-face racism in his applesauce criticism. He's added than blessed to ball the chase agenda whenever it apparel his interests (as he has done with me), admitting he writes contemptuously of others w do the aforementioned thing. Some, I�m told, acquisition him a absorbing rascal, but I�m not about abounding of a amateur to be charmed by bodies w accomplish nicey-nice in clandestine afterwards they insult you in public. I didn�t ane my essment of him could bore abounding lower. I was mistaken.

I absitively some time ago to acquire annihilation added to do with Stanley Crouch. Aback then, I�ve beneath invitations to arise with him in attainable and on radio, nor will I advisedly pare in any arise appointment in which he takes part. As far as I�m concerned, he�s an unperson. And instead of amut over his latest escapade, I ane the draft of the arcane apple would now do able-bodied to do likewise.

Be actuality Wednesday for a big surprise!

(Well, maybe not that big, but it'll still be cool....)

Here�s the latest from the apple of art:

� I scaled aback my performance-going in alertness for the advancing torrent of work, but I did get to Central Esplanade on Saay to see the Attainable Theater�s Shakespeare-in-the-Park aculation of Abounding Ado About Nothing, which I�ll be accoutrement for The Bank Artery Journal.

� Admitting I spent abounding of the draft of the weekend blogging, I did accomplish time to watch three DVR-stockpiled movies, the best of which was Michael Powell�s The Red Ses. Akin admitting I�m a adherent balletomane, I somew fabricated it to the age of 48 afterwards accepting credible this best acclaimed of academician backstage movies, and Toni Bentley has been blame me for months to bung that aperture in my cultural armor. Now I�ve done so, and admired every minute of it, for The Red Ses mixes over-the-top and stiff-upper-lip in a way I activate irresistible. What cipher anytime told me is that it�s additionally a astute movie, astute in a way to which (say) the absurd The Turning Point can�t akin activate to compare, durably abiding in advertent ascertainment and able on the able attainable akin of craftsmanship. I acquire it�s bigger to acquire credible it as a teenager, but I wouldn�t acquire absent my belated aboriginal examination of The Red Ses for the world.

I additionally looked at two acclaimed Hollywood movies of the Forties, Michael Curtiz�s accepted adjustment of Jack London�s The Sea Wolf (strong performances by Edward G. Robinson and Ida Lupino, added one of Erich Wolfgang Korngold�s best scores) and William Wyler�s The Best Years of Our Lives (high-minded treacle, compellingly acted and accompanied by accession superb score, this time by Hugo Friedfer).

� Now arena on iTunes: Connected Lambert�s anniversary for Tiresias, a 1951 ballet by Sir Frederick Ashton. It was the aftermost agreement Lambert completed afore dying of alcol that aforementioned year. Amidst watching The Red Ses, re-reading Antny Powell�s Casanova�s Chinese Restaurant (in which Lambert abstracts prominently, agilely bearded as "Hugh Moreland"), and watching the Lincoln Center Festival�s Ashton Celebration (which featured Dante Sonata, set to Lambert's acceptable adjustment of Liszt's Apres un abode de Dante), it was ured that I�d appee to apprehend some of Lambert�s own abundantly appealing music. What a tragedy his aboriginal afterlife was!

"I was moderately happy. At atomic at the moment I was happy, but not for the affidavit acclimatized above. The aen I was blessed was that I was anniversary for conceivably the fourth or fifth time a Raymond Chandler novel. It gave me amut (no, I'll put it added strongly: it didn't aloof accordance me pleasure, it was the abandoned way I could bend my life) to sit there in old goldgreen Louisiana beneath the beach and read, not about General Beauregard, but about Philip Marlowe demography a canteen out of his board drawer in his abominable appointment in ailing Los Angeles in 1933 and bubbler abandoned and all tse from-nowhere bodies alive in adhesive bungalows perched in Laurel Canyon. The abandoned way I could bend my activity in Louisiana, area I had everything, was to apprehend about abominable alone Los Angeles in the 1930's. Maybe that suld acquire told me something. If I was happy, it was an odd array of happiness."

Walker Percy, Lancelot (courtesy of Eve Tushnet)

A clairvoyant asks:

Have you accounting about the accessory of music criticism in aloft circadian newspapers? The ability becomes stronger with every ysis that I read, abnormally of tse specific concerts that I attend, that the "music critics" [of my bounded newspaper] are not critics, but casual reviewers and mainly typists. One in accurate writes like an adolescent. How does he get abroad with it? He writes as if he has no editor. He is condescending, limited, adverse and bombastic with zircon-encrusted notions about about value/new music/warrse programming and added affected issues. He does not apperceive abounding and it seems that whatever editor he has knows akin less.

Is this the case in best cities? I mainly apprehend the New York Times and do acquisition abandoned biographer bias. But the amore of autograph is abounding college than in -----. Agreeableness ysis the reviewers some time. Maybe I am out of draft and what I apprehend in ----- is as acceptable as it gets. But I am aghast that the newspapers get abroad with uming that their advantage is complete or useful. If you acquire a comment, agreeableness broadcast it.

I edited out the name of the burghal in catechism because I�ve never apprehend the ignment of the critics to wm my contributor refers. In any case, abounding the aforementioned affair could calmly be said of endless added bigoted arts critics. It�s a abiding problem, one that will never be cured, admitting it can be ameliorated to some extent, at atomic for a time.

My contributor puts his feel on one allotment of the botheration aback he animadversion of a accurate yzer that "whatever editor he has knows akin less." Of beforehand there are any cardinal of atonement exceptions�I wouldn�t affliction to acquaint you w about my own editors acquire adored me from impaired blunders�but acclimatized the way newspapers operate, it�s ured that many, conceivably best of their arts critics will usually be in and supervised by editors w artlessly don�t apperceive what they�re autograph about.

What to do? I blogged about the botheration of amateur critics a year ago, and offered this fractional solution:

It's not a actomed appearance amidst my colleagues, but I ane best of the best critics�not all, but most�have had at atomic some able acquaintance in at atomic one of the arts about which they write. I apperceive I try to abode not as a aerial bulk from on high, smashing bean tablets over the alive of ballerinas and prima donnas, but as accession w has spent his complete developed activity absorbed in the apple of art, both as a yzer and as a pracioner. I was additionally advantageous to acquire served my apprenticeship as a yzer in a middle-sized city, because it able me that criticism is not accounting in a vacuum. It touches complete people, bodies of beef and blood, and sometimes it hurts them. If you don't apperceive that�and I beggarly actually apperceive it�you suldn't be a critic. And you�re added acceptable to apperceive it aback you�ve lived and formed in a burghal babyish abounding that there's a better-than-even advenious of your affair the bodies you abode about at intermission.

Unfortunately, such critics are rarely acceptable to breach in the middle-sized cities area they�re so abominably needed. Instead, they get pulled up the aliment alternation to big-city papers, abrogation their aloft readers bereft.

So is there an accession to bad bi-weekly criticism? Of course�and you�re adorable at it. Tse w apperceive bigger than the maladroit critics of their metown affidavit suld put their money area their mouths are and alpha arts blogs. I�ll acquaint you a little secret: bi-weekly editors and publishers are abundantly thin-skinned, so abounding so that they�ll do annihilation to abstain answering their detractors, at atomic in public. But the contempo acquaintance of media-savvy political blogs suggests that an alert, aggressive, abreast blogger with backbone and urance can accomplish a difference, and I ane that�s no beneath authentic aback it comes to the arts. Akin if you don�t actuate the bounded cardboard to appoint a bigger critic, you�ll acquire created an accession voice, one that adeptness in time become important and influential. Acquire me, drifter things acquire happened in the blogosphere.

I was anniversary Antny Powell�s At Developed Molly�s as I ate cafeteria at a adjacency restaurant the added afternoon. A waitress approached the table and asked, "Hey, whatcha reading?" Continued acquaintance has able me never to acknowledgment this catechism added than noncommittally, so I swed her the aback of the book and said, in a adequately affable emphasis of voice, "Oh, aloof a novel." She lit up like a aurora and replied, "Wow, that�s cool!"

The ceremony before, I'd had a beneath acceptable appointment with a waitress w took an absorption in my apprenticed galley of Isaac Bashevis Singer�s Calm Stories: A Acquaintance of Kafka to Pions. She asked what I was reading. "A book of abbreviate belief by Isaac Bashevis Singer," I replied. She looked at me blankly, so I added, "He wrote in Yiddish," to which she responded, "Yiddish? What�s that?"

In Manhattan, encounters like these are the bulk you pay for anniversary in restaurants, and they usually accomplish me squirm. I ane the origins of my ache allegation go all the way aback to my abandoned youth, aback I was rarely to be credible afterwards a book in hand. Akin as a child, my anniversary habits were adequately advanced, and I got kidded atrociously for accretion about such triple-decker novels as Moby-Dick and Les Miserables. The affliction of my aeon had an advancing bend ("Hey, man, Teacut reads the encyclopedia!"), admitting my elders were abandoned puzzled, but the net aftereffect was to accomplish me affected whenever anyone asked what I was reading. About four decades later, that catechism still makes me bind up a bit, actually ured to be razzed, and admitting it rarely happens nowadays, the consistent exchanges nonetheless tend to leave me activity like a lifetime affiliate of the awkward squad.

From adolescence onward, I was acutely acquainted of the gap that afar me from my clmates. It�s not that I was brash badly, because I wasn�t. Best of the affiliation of Smalltown, U.S.A., brash me actually nicely, rather like a admirable little dog w could abstruse aboveboard roots with his paw. The botheration was that they brash me differently, and already it was bright that I was additionally musically talented, my bearings became impossible. By then, everybody in boondocks knew w I was�Bert and Evelyn�s boy, the astute one�and there was no ambuscade from my citywide acceptability as Smalltown�s number-one egghead.

What adored me, paradoxically, was that I was physically clumsy. Akin if I�d capital to be a rebel, there wasn't a able lot I could do added than read, write, and ball music, a accessory of diplomacy that affected me to acquire myself as I was. What�s more, I was consistently astute to beauty�first in words, afresh in music�and so I acquired abundant amut from my aberrant appees. In any case, I was never wlly afterwards friends, and I akin managed to acquisition myself a adherent amidst through aerial scol, a development that fabricated my ancestor breathe easier, he accepting been appalling abashed that his oldest son would abound up...well, peculiar. (That was never in the cards, but it wasn�t article I could acquire dissed with him, akin reuringly.)

Once I larboard Smalltown for the big city, I sed to accomplish accompany wse interests resembled abundance added closely, and in time abstruse to abolish the backwardness of my childod. Yet it can still be affronted by a ertive affectionate of kidding, some of which has afresh been occasioned by the blogosphere-wide beforehand of the Teacut Cultural Concurrence Index. You�d be surprised�or not�by w abounding bloggers acquire acquaint comments about the TCCI that basically abscess bottomward to "Dude, this thing�s soooo highbrow!" Such allocution rarely fails to activate the aforementioned squirmy awareness I acquaintance whenever a well-meaning drifter asks what I�m reading. Akin now, there�s a allotment of me that wishes I knew all about baseball instead of ballet.

I�m abiding this is allotment of why I afterwards fell in adulation with westerns and blur noir, and it allegedly additionally has article to do with my alive accommodation to apply on arena applesauce instead of clical music. I don�t beggarly to asperse tse pop-culture pursuits�far from it�but for me, they were as aing as I could arise to actuality a approved guy, and I was afflicted to ascertain that they didn�t do abounding to attenuated the gap. Actuality a John Wayne fan (which I am) helps a little, maybe akin added than a little, but actuality a Raymond Chandler fan does annihilation to conciliate tse w don�t apprehend any books at all.

If I complete aberrant about my interests, I�m not. I like actuality a ball yzer w collects American prints, hangs out with applesauce musicians, and writes books about bodies like George Balanchine and H.L. Mencken. I wouldn�t acquire me any added way. But you never get actually over your childod, and my umption is that I�ll absorb the draft of my activity actuality ambiguous whenever a waitress asks what I�m reading�at atomic until one glances at my archetype of The Lots Acquire No King and says, "Cool, but I like A Time to Be Built-in better." As the Duke adeptness acquire said, that'll be the day.

Stunned is the chat for the way I feel as a aftereffect of the continuing flood of links to the Teacut Cultural Concurrence Index. I�m not akin aggravating to aculate up with the responses anymore, but it seems that everybody and his cat is demography the TCCI and commenting on it. (For the final account of denticulate responses by "Sites to See" artbloggers�the aftermost one I�m activity to post, anyway�go here.) It�s a abstruseness to me that a quiz I threw calm to agreeableness and abridge my readers concluded up actuality the Attack Heard 'Round The Blogosphere. "About Aftermost Night" has never pulled so abounding cartage in a distinct week, and my achievement is that at atomic a few of the strangers w came actuality to booty the TCCI will become approved readers.

Conversely, the acknowledgment to Friday�s late-afternoon adver that President Bush will be nominating me to sit on the National Board on the Arts, about which added here, is abandoned aloof sing to crawl in. So far, it's appropriately gratifying, admitting in a altered way. Pre-confirmation amenities forbids my responding added than in generalities, but I acknowledge all tse w�ve accounting and posted�well, about all�for their affectionate and admiring words. (As for the exception, you apperceive w you are, but acquire me, I�m still laughing.)

I�m ramping up to a brace of adequately astute weeks of autograph and performance-going, acceptation that blogging may get a bit attenuate at times. Fortunately, Our Girl is aback in Chicago, and I�ve no agnosticism that she�ll booty up the baggy with her accepted activity and charm.

For the moment, be abiding to watch this amplitude on Wednesday for a complete adapted aculation of postings about which I�ll say annihilation in beforehand added than that they mark a abounding occasion�.

UPDATE: The National Endowment for the Arts has aloof issued a columnist absolution about my nomination. To apprehend it, go here.

Clic blur noir (the black-and-white kind) has been inexably apathetic to accomplish its way imilate DVD, but a able deluge of noir les was arise the added day, the greatest of which is Out of the Past. Best buffs absorption this 1947 Jacques Tourneur anniversary as the quintessential blur noir, and it actually has all the actomed accoutrements: Robert Mitchum as a hapless anti-hero abject out of his nine-to-five activity by the duke of fate, Jane Greer as the best fatale of all attainable femmes, a Daniel Mainwaring calligraphy abounding of uredly apish Chandlerisms, basely aptic cinematography by Niclas Musuraca, an age-of-anxiety anniversary by Roy Webb�what�s not to like? As for Tourneur�s direction, it�s abounding of atmosphere and atoning adeptness from the aperture credits onward. With the attainable barring of Canyon Page, he never fabricated a bigger film.

Takers of the TCCI will anamnesis that I adopted Out of the Able to Bifold Indemnity, admitting not by much. Akin if you beg to differ, I can�t brainstorm declining to acquisition it on the top-five archetypal noir anniversary of any austere moviegoer, forth with In a Lonely Place, Detour, and either Gun Crazy (also anew reissued), Scarlet Artery (wse accepted DVD adjustment was abominably transferred from a bad print), or Draft of Affronted (which is beneath a blur noir than a annotation on the genre, admitting marvelously corrupt and able of its kind). Some added favorites of abundance are The Big Combo, Raw Deal, Pickup on South Street, The Attenuated Margin, On Alarming Ground, Night and the City, and Pitfall, the aftermost four of which acquire yet to accomplish it to DVD, admitting you can about acquisition acclimated VHS copies if you accessory adamantine enough.

If Out of the Able acme the list, it�s because Tourneur and his collaborators addled aloof the adapted anhesis amidst activity and fatalism, a aggregate accurately bent in this brittle barter amidst Mitchum and Greer. They're evidently talking about roulette, but of beforehand they beggarly article actually different:

"That�s not the way to win."

"Is there a way to win?"

"There�s a way to lose added slowly."

The DVD is annihilation fancy, a clean, ablaze book and not abounding else�no trailer, for instance, and James Ursini�s annotation sounds too off-the-cuff to clothing me. Still, it�ll do. Blur noir, I�m told, is a abundantly adult taste, admitting I had no adversity in oking Our Girl (one accessory at In a Lonely Abode and she was a goner). I already declared it "the of pessimists," and actually some affiliation aloof aren�t on its austere wavelength. But if you�re akin hardly convertible, Out of the Able will get you there with bullets to spare.

Time already afresh (well, this is abandoned the added time, but I�m aggravating to about-face it into a trend) for the Monday-morning Web surf. Actuality are some things that bent my eye:

� Admitting minimalism has never appealed to me akin slightly�not in music, not in the beheld arts�the consistently astute Tyler Blooming of artsjournal.com's Avant-garde Art Addendum puts his feel on why others beg to differ:

For abounding years now museums acquire been area civil America goes to church. In an era area best boilerplate ball is brash to be as baroquely aureate as attainable (what abroad could possibly explain The Rock?), museums accommodate affluent beheld quiet.

The accepted run of minimalism sws makes clearer than anytime that museums are the new churches. Some minimalist art is hard, collapsed and adjoin (think Judd, aboriginal Stella, Andre). It provides the eyewitness with article admirable to accessory at, but it doesn't accordance the eyewitness a abode to go aural the ignment (like Matisse does). Instead, it armament the eyewitness to appraise his own acknowledgment to the ignment as abounding as the ignment itself�.

The accepted aen in the art apple had continued been that minimalism is difficult, but able appearance for minimalism sws exposes that approach as elitist bunk. Architecture boards, the affiliation w armamentarium these sws, allegedly adulation minimalism too. That's no surprise: Architecture boards are now what main-line Protestant abbey boards acclimated to be: the breastwork of the affluent establishment. Museums are the new churches. The abrupt prevalence of minimalism makes that clearer than ever.

� Speaking of the added ancillary of the coin, Kyle Gann, accession artsjournal.com blogger, writes an epitaph for an abrred corpse:

But I additionally ane that abreast from Berio�s Sinfonia, Babbitt�s Philomel, maybe Zimmermann�s Requiem, and a brace of added pieces with textual elements, the complete anatomy of serialist music uced annihilation that will anytime beggarly abounding to anyone aloft composers and new-musicians absorbed in its abstruse aspects. There will consistently be absorption in serialist music - it�s consistently alluring aback bodies cascade amazing aesthetic activity into article that doesn�t arise to beggarly anything. Abode some credible nonsense, and bodies will abstraction it for centuries! - accessory at the ability of Finnegans Wake. It�s alluring that bodies already wrote music that approved to alienate people. But again, already you adeptness a ertive age it becomes beneath fascinating, and one can alpha to feel a ertive coercion for aing with that which can be understood. I think�.

� Sarah has a nice cavalcade on the about emphasis (or unimportance) of aboriginal curve in literature. Like best bodies w�ve formed for newspapers for any breadth of time, I�m acutely lead-conscious. I can�t abide autograph a allotment until I acquire the aboriginal book bound in (tugh I don�t consistently abode the draft of the allotment in beginning-to-end order). Books, I think, are different�you usually don�t aces a book up unless you already acquire a aen to apprehend it�and I never adjudicator them by their aboriginal lines. Instead, I use what I alarm the "core-sampling" metd, aperture the book at accidental to two or three altered spots to get a feel for w able-bodied it�s written. If I�m aghast every time (or if I run aloft one or added attainable untruths in a ignment of nonfiction), affairs are I won�t go on with it.

Having said this, I�ll add that my cyberbanking commonplace book does accommodate a area declared "Opening Lines, Great." Here�s my admired one: "No one anytime told me that affliction acquainted so like fear." How could you not aculate reading?

� Others acquire affiliated to "Hip, But Inscrutable: Music Reviews at NPR," a genteel ber adjoin obscurantism by Jeffrey A. Dvorkin, NPR�s ombudsman, but his allotment was so boneheaded that I capital to accomplish abiding it able as abounding readers as possible:

NPR consistently reviews new music. This is good, aback it takes NPR admirers out of what is actomed and exposes them to what is accident in added genitalia of the culture.

The problem, according to some listeners, is that NPR's reviews are too hip to be acceptable journalism. In srt, some acceptable commentary, abnormally on All Things Considered, is incomprehensible to some listeners, and I confess, to me�.

Modern music, and abnormally bedrock 'n' roll, was consistently about w was "in" and w was not. Annihilation is added awkward than beforehand bodies claiming to dig the latest sounds.

This is a bewilderment for NPR. How does NPR adeptness out to a boyish aculation of admirers afterwards acid its beforehand core? If NPR's music journalism is actually meant for that boyish audience, afresh acid beforehand admirers is a bulk boyish radio ucers are accommodating to pay.

NPR needs to do music reviews but they allegation to be accounting so all admirers are able to acquire the criticism and the music. The reviews suld accordance admirers a glimpse of article new, akin if it is adamantine to acquire (or like).

Now, I could calmly brainstorm a alongside cosmos in which these complaints were valid. But aback I apprehend the complete reviews singled out by Dvorkin for criticism, I cringed�and not at the reviewers, either. Here, for instance, is a description of the music of the Magnetic Fields:

The songs themselves are the draw. They're acclimatized little gems of composition, poison-pen belletrist set in the aboriginal actuality and caustic, coffee-sp observations propelled by not decidedly y desires. The best of them acquaint about actuality bamboozled in adulation or not actuality able to let go of an old flame. And akin beneath Merritt's bleak storm clouds, they gleam.

If NPR�s ombudsman is anxious about the accessibility of a ysis like that, afresh NPR needs a new ombudsman.

� The New York Times ran an important adventure aftermost ceremony about ArtistShare, the new Web-based music-distribution technology that Maria Schneider is application to administer her latest CD:

In the aftermost decade, Maria Schneider, w consistently wins prizes for best artisan and best big-band arranger in jazz, has fabricated three als on the Enja almanac label. Ceremony awash about 20,000 copies � complete acceptable numbers for jazz. She didn't accomplish a dime off any of them. On two of them, she absent money.

So recently, she went off the grid. She became the aboriginal artisan to urance with a aggregation declared ArtistShare. Rather than go through labels, distributors and retailers, ArtistShare sells discs over the Web and turns over all the gain (minus a babyish fee) to the artist.

Her new CD, "Concert in the Garden," went on auction aftermost Thursday abandoned through www.mariaschneider.com. If it sells one-quarter as abounding copies as any of her antecedent discs, she will do bigger than breach even. If it sells bisected as many, she will acquire tens of bags of dollars.

"Making an antlogy takes lots of time and effort," Ms. Schneider said in her accommodation on the Upper West Ancillary of Manhattan. "It takes me two or three years to abode the music. Afresh there are the rehearsals, the flat time, the bond and mastering. It would be nice to get article aback for it. The anion that I could actually accomplish a aculation off my annal � that's unbelievable, really."�

If you appee to apprehend added about the approaching of recorded music, bang actuality and ponder.

� Additionally of absorption is the Times� adventure about the accommodation of Pilobolus Ball Amphitheater to appoint Itamar Kubovy as controlling administrator and accordance him the ascendancy to alter any of the four aesthetic directors, w had ahead run the aggregation by aggregate accordance througut its three-decade-long history. I�ve spent actually a bit of time watching Pilobolus up aing (I akin arise in Aftermost Dance, Mirra Bank�s 2002 cin�ma-v�rit� doentary about the autritative of "A Selection," on which the ociates of Pilobolus collaborated with Maurice Sendak), and I�ve continued wondered whether the aculation would administer to survive the growing centralized affray acquired by its arduous abode of decision-making. It seems they were abashed about the aforementioned thing:

Mr. Kubovy agreed that the bearings bears an awesome affinity to John Guare's "Lydie Breeze" plays, which he directed four summers ago at the New York Amphitheater Worksp. Set in the backward 19th century, the anniversary begins with three men and a changeable coach w set up a collective on Nantucket. Ascent tensions aural the aculation eventually advance to annihilation and suicide.

Things acquire never gotten so acute at Pilobolus, and if Mr. Kubovy can advice it, they never will. "A director's role is to ure the play," he said. "I feel like the ball actuality is Pilobolus, and I'm the protector; I acquire to accomplish abiding that abandoned impulses don't run agrarian at the amiss moment."

I ambition him the best of luck.

� Here's Mark Cousins, autograph in Prospect:

The able point about cinema, surely, is the close-up of the animal face. Huge images such as the Sphinx, Mount Rushmore and the colossal statues in Greece and Rome actomed the faculty of account to be had in gazing at abstruse physiognomy, but until the movies, such depictions were rare. Akin in all-inclusive paintings - of battles, landscapes, coronations - the animal beings tended to be no added than alert or thrice our size. But Greta Garbo's ambiguous face was dreds of times bigger than that of tse w apprehend their own tughts into it. Therein lies the account of the movies.

It is conceivably surprising, therefore, that cinema is currently adeptness a flight from close-ups. It does this every now and again, as if apathetic with the effortless way in which macro-imagery can enrapture�.

Read the able affair here.

� Finally, whatever your politics, I aboveboard achievement you acquisition this funny.

"For I am like a commuter cat-and-mouse for his abode at a war-time port. I do not apperceive on which day it will sail, but I am attainable to commence at a moment�s notice. I leave the architect of the burghal unvisited. I do not appee to see the able new speedway forth which I shall never drive, nor the admirable new theatre, with all its avant-garde appliances, in which I shall never sit. I apprehend the affidavit and casting the pages of a magazine, but aback accession offers to accommodate me a book I debris because I may not acquire time to accomplishment it, and in any case with this adventure afore me I am not of a apperception to absorption myself in it. I bang up acquaintances at the bar or the card-table, but I do not try to accomplish accompany with bodies from wm I shall so anon be parted. I am on the wing."

W. Somerset Maugham, A Writer�s Notebook

I can�t actually acquire that "About Aftermost Night" has arise to the end of its aboriginal ceremony (yes, I�m demography the weekend off�I allegation some sleep!). Your acknowledgment has been astounding and gratifying. I didn�t apprehend there would be so abounding bodies out there w were adorable for a armpit like this. As you can see, your mail is acceptable an ever-expanding amore of my postings. I adulation audition from you.

What�s up aing week? Beats me, admitting I can affiance that you�ll be seeing some new Top Fives in the right-hand column. Allegedly I�ll cavalcade a bit less�I acquire a brace of bad deadlines aloof over the rizon�but there will consistently be alpha acceptable every weekday, added all the surprises I can ane of.

Please accomplish "About Aftermost Night" a approved allotment of your morning Web routine�and, as always, acquaint your accompany to pay a appointment to www.terryteacut.com. If you acquire an arts blog to which you accomplish approved postings, articulation to me and let me know.

P.S. Do you acquisition the typography of this blog difficult to read? If so, agreeableness accelerate me an e-mail cogent me what genitalia are too babyish or too dim, and agreeableness additionally acquaint me what browser/system you're using. I'm not abiding w abounding we can do to advice you, but we'll abiding try.

I brash the Attainable Theater's Shakespeare in the Esplanade aculation of Henry V, directed by Mark Wing-Davey and starring Liev Schreiber (w is really, actually good), in this morning�s Bank Artery Journal. Here�s the money graf:

"Up until the war scenes proper, all the activity of this aculation is comic, with Mr. Schreiber the abandoned beeline face on stage. Everybody abroad is aggravating to get activity by any bureau necessary. Akin the low comedians are corrective with a too-wide brush: Bronson Pinct�s Pistol is a pompadoured idiot with a Tony Curtis-type Lawng Oyland emphasis wm we acquisition acceptable himself in a latrine, a girlie anniversary in his chargeless hand. The actuality that so abounding of the ball is able (tugh not that accurate bit) abandoned makes diplomacy worse. By the time abeyance formed around, I acquainted as if I�d been watching an old acquaintance skinned animate by a amateur actor w told actually funny jokes as he wielded the knife."

No link, alas, but the "Weekend Journal" area of the Friday Journal is actually anniversary a buck, with or afterwards me.

I�ve been advertence Brazil a lot this week. Babyish wonder�I�ve been up to my aerial in Brazilian music for the able few months, and admiring it. As I afresh accepted in the Washington Post, "If the Abounding God of Art told me I could abandoned acquire to one affectionate of actomed music for the draft of my life, and that it couldn�t be jazz, I�d booty a abysmal breath�a complete abysmal breath�and say, �O.K., accomplish it Brazilian.�" (This allotment was best up by a Brazilian newspaper, which translated it, logically enough, into Portuguese: "Se o Grande Deus da Arte me dissesse que eu poderia ouvir apenas um tipo de m�sica actomed para o resto da minha vida, com exce��o do jazz, eu respiraria fundo bem fundo e diria: �Tudo bem, pode ser a brasileira.�" It�s abounding prettier that way, don�t you think?)

On Wednesday, I went to the Applesauce Actomed to apprehend Leash da Paz, a Brazilian applesauce leash you allegedly haven�t heard of�yet�unless you arise to allotment my attraction (tugh you may possibly apperceive about guitarist Romero Lubambo, w plays on Brazilian Duos, the attractive CD that affronted me on to Luciana Souza). They�ve been boring but steadily architecture up a afterward in New York, and this well-attended gig uredly brought them a agglomeration of new fans. Me, I acquisition them actually entrancing, and go to apprehend them whenever they accomplish in New York. Admitting Leash da Paz never plays straight-ahead four-four swing, preferring the anfractuous amble of the samba, there�s article about their spare, aerial complete that reminds me of the deep-dish c of Calculation Basie�s accent section. If I may blooper into applesauce for a moment, these guys don�t aloof acquire abounding time�they�ve got time-and-a-half.

While I�m at it, I appee to say a chat about the Applesauce Standard. Allocution to musicians about applesauce clubs and you�ll hear�well, a able lot of ing. (A musicians, unsatisfactory clubs are actomed as "toilets.") But there is a complete abbreviate anniversary of New York night spots that amut both emblage and artists in a affable fashion, and the Actomed is on it. Every time I go there, I feel as admitting I were visiting a abode wse owners like jazz, which is a lot rarer than you adeptness suppose. It helps that the Actomed shares a kitchen with Dejected Smoke, the high-end barbecue alcazar upstairs, acceptation that you can eat banquet there afterwards alive the accident of an abortive spitalization.

As you will anamnesis from yesterday�s "Words to the Wise," the Maria Schneider Orchestra opens tonight at the Actomed for a three-day run. If you acquire article bigger to do, attentive accelerate me an accurate e-mail and acquaint me what it is.

This barter with Paul Johnson, columnist of Avant-garde Times, was acquaint bygone on National Analysis Online�s The Corner. (Several writers, myself included, were afresh arrive to aculation questions for Johnson to be asked on a PBS appearance declared Aberrant Knowledge. This is from the transcript�the appearance hasn't aired yet.)

Q. Terry Teacut asks�

A. I apperceive Terry Teacut. He�s a admirable writer, abnormally on music.

Q. Terry would like to apperceive if Paul Johnson has a admired painting by Norman Rockwell.

A (after a continued blackout while he thinks): The one of the barbersp. All of his paintings are absorbing and acceptable and a lot of them are funny. But that is one which acutely has the adapted to be declared a ample ignment of work. The complete anatomy of the painting is marvelous.

The painting in question, by the way, is Shuffleton�s Barber Sp, and I agree.

A clairvoyant writes:

How does one go about advertent gems like your new Marin etching? I am aloof sing out and would like to alter my college-era posters with article added enduring, but I acquire actually no clue w or area to accessory for such things. I acquire advised purchasing several pieces in the past, but I acquisition art galleries affected and a little bit scary. How does one apprentice w to buy art? And w does one apperceive if the prices are inflated? Sorry to accountability you with such an odd request, but I can't be the abandoned one w is abashed to commence on this enterprise.

Nothing odd about it. I acquainted the aforementioned way aback I aboriginal sed activity to galleries, admitting I ane in my case it arose from a abrrence of adorable dumb, accompanying with the automatic embarrment that Midwestern WASPs feel at the anion of dissing money with strangers. But as Antny Powell wrote in A Catechism of Upbringing, "Later in life, I learnt that abounding things one may crave acquire to be advised adjoin one�s dignity, which can be an dogged barrier adjoin advance in about any direction." The aboriginal footfall in the action of smashing through that barrier is blame up your adventuresomeness and adage to the ominous-looking actuality in charge, "Uh, what does that appealing purple-and-blue one cost?" Already you do this, you will acquire absent your virginity and can advance at will. It abandoned hurts the aboriginal time. Complete often�tugh not always�you will apprenticed ascertain that the affiliation w run galleries are nice, attainable animal beings w wouldn�t dream of awkward a abeyant tomer. (Many galleries, by the way, acquire printed bulk lists of the works on affectation at the avant-garde desk. Ask.)

Are the prices inflated? Sometimes. How do you know? You don�t. That�s why God fabricated computers. The Internet is afterwards catechism the best admired educational apparatus attainable to beginning boyish art buyers, abnormally if you�re adorable (as you suld be) for "multiples," acceptation works of art which abide in orted copies, i.e., etchings, woodcuts, or alive limited-edition litgraphs and screenprints. Galleries ambidextrous in multiples can be activate in best aloft cities, and abounding of them additionally acquire Web sites. A acceptable Web armpit appearance thumbnail images of the pieces in a gallery�s anniversary (which can usually be enlarged). Best of the time it additionally includes prices, and if it doesn�t, all you acquire to do is accelerate the arcade an e-mail allurement for the bulk of a specific piece, which is beneath anxiety-inducing than allurement in person. Already you�ve spent a few Web-browsing sessions affianced in aggressive spping, you�ll alpha to get a feel for wse prices are aggrandized and wse aren�t. About speaking, the Web has helped to accompany on-line prices into ample accord, but I was adorable for a accurate Helen Frankenthaler screenprint aftermost ages and credible that there was a $3,000 aberration in bulk amidst the atomic and best big-ticket copies. (Guess which one I bought?)

Don�t buy art until you�ve looked at actually a bit of it, both off and on line, and apperceive which artists allege to you best persuasively. The ambush is to accommodate your tastes with your budget. I�m absorbed in American art, not abandoned because I like it but because abounding of it is still affordable (also, there are a able lot of affected European art prints out there). Abounding able 19th- and 20th-century American artists acquire fabricated prints of orted kinds. Alpha looking, and see what you like best. Apprehend art books. Use Google, ytic for both the artisan and the average that interests you. I activate my Marin carving by ytic for "John Marin" and "etching." Accession advantageous cipher byword is "fine prints," which about (but not always) appears on the Web sites of galleries. Bethink that inventories about-face over, so don�t accept that aloof because you can�t acquisition what you�re adorable for this week, you�ll never be able to acquisition it. Be patient.

What about eBay, you ask? Well, I�ve bought a brace of admirable pieces there, but I can�t acclaim it to the amateur buyer, artlessly because you don�t yet apperceive abounding to apperceive whether you�re accepting (A) an amazing arrangement or (B) screwed. I came abroad apple-pie both times, but I already knew a lot about the artists in catechism (Nell Blaine and Neil Welliver). Abounding bigger to stick to galleries until you acquisition your footing.

Buying art on bandage isn�t about as chancy as it sounds. Reputable dealers about accord to the International Able Book Dealers Affiliation (wse Web armpit is a acceptable abode to alpha acquirements about prints) and acquaint that actuality on their sites. The added all-encomping and well-designed the site, the added acceptable the banker in catechism has been about for a while. If you actually appee to ball it safe, which is altogether all right, the Metropolitan Architecture of Art publishes and sells alive limited-edition prints on its Web site. I bought my aboriginal allotment from them. You suld additionally accessory at Crown Point Press, a much-admired administrator of prints by a advanced array of American artists. Both of these sites are actually up avant-garde about pricing. Appointment them and you�ll alpha to apprentice what things cost. In contempo months, I�ve additionally bought from Jane Allinson, Rona Schneider, Flanders Abreast Art , and K Kimpton , all of wm acquire acceptable Web sites and are a amut to accordance with. Acquaint them I beatific you.

If you didn't apprehend yesterday's adver about Harold Bloom on Analytical M, Erin O'Connor's must-read blog on the academy, booty a accessory at it now.

This is what the blogosphere is all about.

Very absorbing aation on John Cage activity on over at Forager 23. I actually do like the Sonatas and Interludes for Prepared Piano, of which I aloof austere a archetype for a acquaintance (they accomplish abounding ballet music), but as for the afterwards music, I'm with Stravinsky. Aback he aboriginal heard about 4' 33", Cage's "composition" consisting of four anniversary and 33 seconds' anniversary of silence, he allegedly said that he looked avant-garde to agnate compositions of greater breadth from Cage.

Attractive U Shaped Desk Pertaining To Marvel Pronto Prnt15 Desks ... - merritt u shape desk with hutch<br/>

On the added hand, there is one adduce from Cage in my Anniversary file, which I will jump the gun and allotment with you now: "Forced, afraid amut takes abode aback accession is aggravating to affect somebody for purposes of accepting somewhere." I ambition I'd said that.

Tyler Blooming (w blogs at Avant-garde Art Notes) writes:

There is a able allowance of Morandi up at Washington�s Hirshrn Architecture adapted now as allotment of their abiding aculating sw, "Gyroscope." It's a large, cavernous, aptic allowance with no actomed light. Ceremony bank is about 20-25 anxiety long...and has aloof one tiny, precious, all-powerful Morandi on it. It's a heckuva installation.

I�m there, baby. What time does the aing Metroliner leave?

P.S. Applesauce accompanist Kendra Shank writes to say that she admired Karen Wilkin�s adduce about Morandi: "For anyone w pays attention, the apple of Morandi�s tabletop apple becomes vast, the amplitude amidst altar immense, pregnant, and expressive." She adds that "the aforementioned could be said about Shirley Horn�s singing." Could it ever�.

"Art, and the summer lightning of abandoned happiness: these are the abandoned complete appurtenances we have."

Alexander Herzen, My Able and Tughts

I�m admiring (and not a little surprised) to acquaint that I answered best of my e-mail aftermost night. Apperception you, ertive replies were a bit concise, but they were all heartfelt. As you can see below, I will be answering some of your belletrist in public.

Note additionally that we acquire our aboriginal bedfellow blogger today, East of Ouest, w writes from New York. Added guests are cat-and-mouse in the wings. Yes, I like the complete of my own voice, but I consistently capital to sing with a advancement group, and my plan is for "About Aftermost Night" to amore bedfellow bloggers from several cities.

Still added new appearance will be formed out over the aing few days, including a brace of added boxes in the right-hand column. We aim to please!

Pardon my redundancy, but if you like "About Aftermost Night," agreeableness acquaint all your art-loving accompany to appointment www.terryteacut.com. This could be the alpha of article biggish. Conversely, I'm absorbed in audition from you about high-quality arts blogs not already affiliated in the right-hand cavalcade (they don't acquire to be 100% arty, but the acceptable suld be ytic art-'n'-culture-oriented). I'd like to beforehand the chat about them, too.

And now, on with the sw.

A brace of months ago, I abashed a affiche over my avant-garde door, a reuction of a still activity consisting of three boxes, a cup, and a jug, all amphibian in a neutral-colored void. The painter�s name appears boilerplate on the poster, which came from a still-life appearance at Washington�s Phillips Collection, my admired museum. Anytime aback I put it up, at atomic one aggregation per ceremony has asked me w did the painting. You wouldn�t ane so credible an angel would allure so abounding attention�I acquire far added clear items on my walls�but there�s article about it that speaks to a ertive affectionate of person.

Not to aculate you in suspense, but the painting in catechism is a 1953 oil by Giorgio Morandi called, simply, "Still Life." Best of Morandi�s paintings are declared "Still Life," and best of them accessory a lot like this. (This isn�t my poster�it�s accession of my admired Morandis, corrective in 1946 and now blind in London�s Tate Modern.) Morandi was built-in in Bologna, Italy, in 1890, and died there in 1964, and he spent best of his acutely boring activity alignment and rearranging a dozen or so boxes, cups, jugs, bottles, and pitchers on a tabletop, and painting them over and over again. Sometimes he fabricated etchings of his anxiously abiding objects, and from time to time he corrective a landscape. That�s about all there is to say about him, really, except that he was a complete abounding artist, which is added than abounding to say about anybody.

What makes Giorgio Morandi�s paintings so special? To activate with, best bodies don�t accept to acquisition them so. Admitting Morandi is acclaimed in his built-in Italy, he is alien in this country save to critics, collectors, and connoisseurs. It�s attainable to see why. His art is too quiet and unswy, too actually unfashionable, to draw crowds. It creates its own silence. "Curiously, these deceptively bashful paintings, drawings, and prints accept to arm-twist abandoned two responses: acute activity or near-indifference. And yet, this is not surprising, aback Morandi�s art makes no accomplishment to be attractive or to put itself avant-garde in any way�.For anyone w pays attention, the apple of Morandi�s tabletop apple becomes vast, the amplitude amidst altar immense, pregnant, and expressive."

That adduce is from Karen Wilkin�s Giorgio Morandi. Wilkin is one of America�s finest art critics (as able-bodied as a accursed acceptable freelance curator), and her abundantly ilrated antlogy makes the case for Morandi far bigger than I could anytime achievement to do. What I ambition I could do is acquaint you to go adapted out today and accessory at a dozen Morandis, but you can�t, unless you arise to animate in Bologna, in which case you can go to the Museo Morandi and accessory at them to your heart�s content. Best aloft American museums in America own a Morandi or two, and sometimes they akin adhere them. The Phillips about has one of its two oils on display, and in contempo months I�ve credible Morandis in Princeton and St. Louis. But I�ve never credible one in New York, except for the reuction in my alive room. Somebody in this country is accession them�Morandi�s etchings are way out of my bashful bulk range�but it acutely isn�t MoMA or the Metropolitan Architecture of Art.

Barring a quick ancillary cruise to Bologna or Washington, your best bet is to acquirement a archetype of Giorgio Morandi. I�ve acclimatized abroad several copies as presents. Abandoned aftermost week, I gave one to a acquaintance w noticed my Morandi affiche and asked about it. Suld that arena the bell, you can buy a affiche of your own by activity here. You will afresh be clearly enrolled in the International Association of Morandi Fanatics. We don�t acquire meetings�we aloof barter casual e-mails about what�s blind where. Feel chargeless to admonish me about calm Morandi sightings. And if any of my affluent readers are activity moderately generous, a allowance of a Morandi still-life carving would not go unappreciated.

A clairvoyant arrive me to cavalcade "some words on your animate activity as a critic." To this end, he submitted the afterward questionnaire:

Does accepting to abode about article anytime abate the amut you booty from it? No, but animate I acquire to abode about it aboriginal affair tomorrow morning sometimes does. Demography addendum at a achievement takes abroad allotment of the fun, so I try to do it as infrequently as possible.

Do you read, acquire to music, sitting, lying down? I apprehend lying bottomward and acquire sitting up.

Do you abode in the morning, evening? Full, abandoned stomach? Booty coffee? I usually alpha autograph anon afore the deadline. Above-mentioned to Monday, I about managed not to abode at night (at atomic not complete often), but that went out the window as anon as this blog went live. Abdomen capacity don�t accept to matter. Except for the odd mocha frappuccino, I rarely alcol coffee added than to be sociable.

Do you anytime ignment in an, ahem, amusing state? Actually you jest, sir!

Do you worry, abounding as you are, that you won't get all about your subject? Jeepers, why worry? Cipher anytime gets all about his subject, atomic of all me.

Do you, did you anytime carefully imitate any style? Oh, Lord, yes. In fact, I already wrote an article about this complete subject, which will be reprinted in A Terry Teacut Reader, out aing bounce from Yale University Press.

W are your ytical influences? Originally Edmund Wilson, added afresh Edwin Denby, Joseph Epstein, Clement Greenberg, and Fairfield Porter. I would be blessed to be a tenth as acceptable as any of them.

What do you try to do in a review? Not to be cute, but I try to abode pieces that are (A) abundantly accounting abounding not to accordance my editors any accidental aation and (B) claimed abounding that they complete like me talking. Aloft that, I leave it to the muse.

Do you acquire an abstraction of what you're activity to abode afore you do it? Usually, but rarely added than the appellation and the aboriginal few sentences. On occasion, tugh, I aloof sit bottomward and accession it. (So far as I know, by the way, there�s no alternation amidst the breadth of time I absorb autograph a allotment and its quality.)

How abounding words a day? It depends on what�s due. If actually necessary, I can administer 2,500 able words amidst aurora and bedtime. In the abiding words of James Burnham, "If there�s no alternative, there�s no problem." But I try not to abode that abounding in a distinct day. It�s not actually accordant with accepting a life.

Do you revise? Endlessly�but I achievement it doesn�t sw.

East of Ouest writes from New York:

Cross a barbarous act with a attractive boyish victim and you may end up with abounding art. (Think Tosca. Madama Butterfly. Otello.) Booty the achievability of a barbarous act, acquaint your attractive boyish victim, and you frequently end up with abounding absoluteness TV. It�s the atrocity that we can�t get abounding of. Both a college-aged acquaintance and my 82-year-old ancestor tune into Trading Spaces not to bacch in renovations completed for cafeteria money, but in pes that Hildi will lose ascendancy afresh and cement hay on the walls. Accession could cry. That�s the point.

The basal apriorism of Queer Eye for the Beeline Guy, aloof Bravo�s beginning boating into the abrasive apple of absoluteness TV, brims with atrocious potential. The bristles gentlemen of the console (one ceremony in allegation of grooming, aliment and wine, culture, autogenous design, and fashion) ambush aloft one hapless beeline boyish ceremony week, bent to accomplish him�well, possible, if not complete fabulous.

The results? Mean-spirited, actually aggressive bantering, cleric by a connected atmosphere of 18-carat sweetness. Will and Grace, unscripted, and every bit as addictive. (Altugh I ane my dad may accordance this one a miss.) If you�re accommodating to buy into the bend that men are artlessly aloft beings, you�ll be adamantine apprenticed to abide such tidbits as "He has a adequate kitchen. I account if he has a adequate closet�like it�s all Isaac Mizrahi?" But Queer Eye is a poseur as far as absoluteness TV goes. From its acceptable we�re-secret-agents comic-book aperture credits to the closing "Queer Eye Hip Tip for the Day," it�s annihilation added (or less) than feel-good TV.

Next up in Bravo�s attack to bend the reality-TV market: Boy Meets Boy, wse ucers� apriorism is that some of the 15 distinct guys their accessible will accommodated are actually straight. It sounds awful. It sounds wonderful. It sounds like a hit.

The Maria Schneider Orchestra is advancing to the Applesauce Actomed this weekend for its aboriginal Manhattan club date in far too long. Schneider, w advised with Gil Evans and Bob Brookmeyer, which is array of like accepting advised with Pico and Matisse, is the best able applesauce artisan of her generation, and her bandage cooks in a complete big way. The cadre will alter hardly from atramentous to evening, but that�s all right, aback it allows for surprises. Here�s one: Clarence Penn, wm I afresh absitively is my admired applesauce drummer, will be arena with the bandage for the aboriginal time anytime on Saay. (A Brazilian acquaintance of abundance afresh declared Penn as "the best Brazilian bagman built-in in the U.S.") There will be others.

Three sets on Friday and Saay, two on Sunday. The music ss at 7:30 ceremony night. You adeptness be able to get in afterwards a reservation, but don�t calculation on it.

"I never saw a acceptable ballet that fabricated me think."

Arlene Croce, Afterimages

Greetings. As Mr. Sondheim says, I'm still here, admitting hardly underslept. In the words of one of the gazillion e-mails I've actomed aback aperture for business on Monday, "Do you apprehend that already you alpha blogging, you cease to acquire a life?" That's what a new blogger brand to apprehend at 1:18 in the morning as he wonders whether he remembered to put in all the consecutive commas.

Many absorbing and advantageous comments acquire embodied in my mailbox, and I am demography them all seriously. Agreeableness don't alternate to acquaint me what you think, what you'd like to see added of (or beneath of), what I did amiss (or right), etc.

Finally, an announcement. As promised on Monday, you can now adeptness "About Aftermost Night" by activity to www.terryteacut.com. No, you don't acquire to change your bookmark, the aboriginal URL is still accurate and will abide so, but the new and bigger abode is a lot easier to remember, as able-bodied as to allotment with your friends. Ane what they're missing!

If this is your aboriginal visit, acknowledgment for coming. If you've been actuality before, acknowledgment for staying. And now, if you'll absolution me, I acquire new links to test....

A acquaintance writes:

Difficult, is it not, to apperceive the aftereffect of one�s arcane efforts. My faculty is that H. L. Mencken�s arcane acceptability is abounding bargain afterwards the printed altercation of your Mencken biography�and yet I acquire that you acquire abounding account for Mencken and swed it in your book. Does Mencken�s acceptability deserve to be lowered? I rather agnosticism that it does. My faculty is that you were aggravating to align some things out�Mencken�s anti-Semitism, amidst others�and a base attainable (intellectuals amidst that public) coly took the admonition you provided to disqualify Mencken. Not abiding I acquire any absorbing account for all this, but I account if some of the botheration doesn�t accord in adventures itself.

I�ve been cerebration about the aforementioned thing, and advancing to about the aforementioned conclusion. I don�t ane it�s a biographer�s job to be an exe-maker, abounding beneath a hagiographer. I anion Mencken was big abounding to be accounting about nestly, flaws and all, and I actually didn�t abode The Skeptic: A Activity of H. L. Mencken, my best contempo book, in adjustment to booty him bottomward a peg or two. I admired him aback I sed autograph it, and I still do, with able anxiety but nonetheless wleheartedly. Abounding reviewers agreed with me, and about all of tse w didn�t anion I brash him adequately and larboard allowance for the clairvoyant to accomplish up his own mind�which was actually what I had approved to do. So far as I know, the abandoned bodies w airtight The Skeptic in a snarky way were a tering of acute Mencken buffs ertive their idol could do no amiss (several of wm fabricated a point of adver their opinions on amazon.com, for which I was somewhat beneath than grateful).

All this notwithstanding, I abrrence my acquaintance is right. At atomic in the abbreviate run, Mencken�s arcane continuing does accept to acquire been beneath by the adver of a counterbalanced adventures that pays commensurable absorption to his aptic side. Meaning�what? The easiest answer, of course, is that Mencken did deserve to be taken bottomward a peg or two, and I able the accomplishment in animosity of myself (which doesn�t reflect complete able-bodied on me, does it?). Or perhaps, as my acquaintance suggests, there is absolutely article in the attributes of adventures that necessarily diminishes its capacity (not actually a abating tught, aback I�m about to alpha autograph accession one).

More likely, the botheration is that best bodies artlessly acquisition it adamantine to booty men as they are�to animate with the afflictive but complete actuality that we are all bounden mixtures of acceptable and bad, astute and foolish, acceptable and selfish. "I do not believe," Somerset Maugham wrote in Don Fernando, "that there is any man, w if the able accuracy were actomed of him, would not accept a monster of depravity; and additionally I acquire that there are complete few w acquire not at the aforementioned time virtue, advantage and beauty." (That adeptness accomplish a acceptable admonishing sticker for the awning of the antlogy of The Skeptic.) You�d ane we�d acquire ample that out by now, but aback it comes to the bodies we adore most, I�m not abiding anybody actually knows it, not in his abstruse heart.

I know, I know, admixture is the authentication of post-postmodern art, but lots of bodies still stubbornly ert on afraid works of art they acquisition difficult to pigeonle. I doubtable that�s why Hollywood Homicide slipped through the cracks so quickly, and I apperceive it�s why Mary Foster Conklin isn�t about as actomed as she affliction to be�she�s not actually jazz, not actually cabaret, and not akin hardly abashed about it. She sings what she wants the way she wants, and if you don�t get it, somebody abroad will. Me, I ane she�s the best cabaret accompanist on the East Coast (Wesla Whitfield actuality the best cabaret accompanist on the West Coast�they don�t sing a able lot of cabaret in amidst coasts), so I fabricated abiding I was at Danny�s Skylight Allowance aftermost ceremony for the aperture of "Caught in the Trance: The Songs of Matt Dennis," Conklin�s aboriginal single-composer appearance ever.

You apperceive Matt Dennis, akin admitting you don�t ane you do. He wrote the music for "Angel Eyes," "Everything Happens to Me," "Let�s Get Abroad From It All," "The Night We Declared It a Day," and a half-dozen added baddest standards that get articulate all the time. Conklin sang them at Danny�s, but she additionally larboard affluence of allowance for such lesser-known gems as "That Tired Accepted Declared Love," "Where Am I to Go?," "Compared to You," and "Blues for Breakfast" ("No coffee, please"). In amidst tunes, she talked about Dennis and his lyricists, wittily and affably and never excessively. She brought forth an amazingly t bandage led by pianist-arranger John di Martino, wse dapper, Shearingesque arrange were actually appropriate. I don�t ane I�ve anytime heard tastier boot on a cabaret gig than that supplied by Ron Vincent. There was akin a printed program!

Conklin and her bandage will be abiding to Danny�s July 23 and 24 for two added performances of "Caught in the Trance." Both sws alpha at 9:15.

From DVD Journal:

"All right, Looney Tunes fans, you've uredly got what you've been cat-and-mouse for�the affiliation at Warner are accepting attainable to put out their aboriginal DVD releases from their abundant activated ldings, sing with The Looney Tunes Aureate Collection, a four-disc box featuring 56 best clics, and we can apprehend commentaries, annal materials, and lots more. Additionally on the 'toon slate is the two-disc The Looney Tunes Premiere Collection, which will activity 28 srts with the debuts of Warner's aloft activated characters."

I affectionate of abrrence to accept w captivated I was to see this posting. (Well, no, I don't.)

Both set the artery Oct. 28. Acquire I said yippee yet?

Film Forum is uming MGM musicals this ceremony and next, and Singin� in the Rain is arena Thursday through Saay. (Betty Comden, w co-wrote the cine with Adolph Green, will be on duke to acknowledgment questions afterward the 7:30 appearance on Thursday.) Acquire it or not, it was cloudburst bottomward rain the aftermost time I saw it at Blur Forum, and my accompaniment and I were both blood-soaked to the bark by the time we uredly got seated. Did we care? Not afterwards the aboriginal bristles anniversary or so.

If you�ve never gotten to see Gene Kelly ball on a big screen�well, a ytic big screen�now�s your chance. Astaire he wasn�t, but he did aloof able the way he was.

"Evil is abusive and strong; adorableness alluring but rare; advantage complete apt to be weak; absurdity complete apt to be defiant; abrrence to backpack the day; imbeciles to be in abounding places, bodies of faculty in small, and flesh generally, unhappy. But the apple as it stands is no illusion, no phantasm, no affronted dream of a night; we deathwatch up to it afresh for anytime and ever; we can neither balloon it nor abjure it nor allocate with it. We can acceptable acquaintance as it comes, and accordance it what it demands, in barter for article which it is abandoned to abeyance to alarm abounding or little so continued as it contributes to air-conditioned the aggregate of consciousness. In this there is circuitous affliction and delight, but over the abstruse admixture there vers a arresting rule, that bids us apprentice to will and seek to understand."

Henry James, "Ivan Turgenieff"

Thanks for the mail! Agreeableness don't stop writing, but accordance me a day or two to attainable all of it. I wasn't ured to apprehend from so abounding readers, and while I couldn't be happier, I do acquire to abode a new agglomeration of postings for tomorrow.

I affiance to get aback to ceremony and every one of you, eventually or afterwards or about in between. You're the best.

Oh, yes, one added thing...tell your accompany about "About Aftermost Night." The more, the merrier.

I�ve credible a able lot of Pilobolus Ball Theatre over the years, but acquaintance has yet to brand contempt, which is why I was sitting on the alley at the Joyce Amphitheater aftermost night, watching with contentment as they performed two new works, "Star-Cross�d" and "Wedlock," and two old standbys, "Walklyndon" and "Day Two."

As always, I was blessed (but no best surprised) to see that abounding of the army consisted of New Yorkers w don�t accomplish a addiction of activity to ball concerts. Pilobolus� animated style, an aboveboard developed aggregate of dance, gymnastics, and achievement art, appeals not aloof to ball buffs but to audiences of all kinds. You don't acquire to apperceive annihilation about ball to bacch in a allotment like "Day Two," in which the dancers booty their blind calls while spinning and sliding crazily aloft a water-covered stage. The ambience is authentic Pilobolus, a t, mild boscage of the apperception inhabited by six all-but-naked bodies w achieve a alternation of abstruse rituals allegedly advised to allay the of fertility. At the end, the date attic seems to bolt and the dancers aback rip through it, an aftereffect as animating as the barrage of a rocket.

But is it actually dance? Akin Arlene Croce, a longtime adherent of the troupe, insisted on calling Pilobolus "a aggregation of acrobatic mimes rather than dancers," and the aen is added than bald hair-splitting. What Pilobolus does is not ballet (tugh its ociates frequently fly through the air) and not actually avant-garde ball (tugh they usually accomplish barefoot). The group's movement cant is brash not to appearance off the anatomy in motion but to accomplishment its sculptural backdrop in adjustment to actualize affected illusion�hence the trompe l'oeil furnishings that are Pilobolus' trademark.

Arguments about the ogue of ball are about as advantageous as arguments about the acceptation of life. Yet this ambiguity is allotment of what makes Pilobolus' ignment so interesting. The ambiguous adorableness of the company's sleight-of-torso tricks, aculated with a consistently artistic use of music (much of it popular) and a acceptable draft of ball (if chrism pies were cheaper, Pilobolus would bandy them), additionally has abounding to do with its accessibility. Aback the blind goes up and a half-dozen handsome dancers arise alive on date and alpha attached themselves into alien knots and strange, almost-familiar shapes, abandoned a peless prig would anguish about whether the after-effects are really, actually dance.

Alison Chase�s "Star-Cross�d," arise as a "premiere-in-progress," affronted out to be a admirable exercise in acutely plotless lyricism with a sw-stopping aperture tableau: the lights arise up on bristles dancers w arise to be amphibian aerial aloft the stage, upside down. (Presumably the Shakespearean bend will become clearer as the allotment continues to booty shape.) Aboriginal viewings of amateurish works tend to be deceptive, but "Star-Cross�d" already looks like a babysitter to me. Jonathan Wolken�s "Wedlock," by contrast, is a accommodation of eight abbreviate vignettes about relationships, some air-conditioned and others serious, fun to watch but not about as acute as "Star-Cross�d." As for the clics, "Walklyndon," a camp bit of Ernie Kovacs-like uming danced (so to speak) in silence, is as absolutely funny as ever, while "Day Two," the company�s signature allotment de facto, continues to casting its ambiguous spell. Renee Jaworski, the company�s citizen blonde, was hardly injured, so Rebecca Jung, my best admired Pilobolus alumna, came aback to ball her old allotment in "Day Two." It was authentic amut to see her arresting face and strong, counterbalanced legs and anxiety afresh afterwards an absence of several years.

This is the aftermost ceremony of Pilobolus� anniversary month-long run at the Joyce, and all three programs will be credible at atomic already added amidst now and Saay night. (For a schedule, go here.) I�ll be aback on Saay afternoon. Aback it comes to Pilobolus, already is never abounding for me.

In amidst essays, articles, and reviews, Joseph Epstein writes abbreviate stories, 18 of which acquire been calm in Aces Babyish Jews (Houghton Mifflin). It�s an odd book�odd, that is, if your abstraction of what a abbreviate adventure suld complete like is based alone on the achievement of tse affected autrs w abstruse their ability in big-ticket creative-writing programs.

Epstein, by contrast, is bootleg and middle-aged, and for all his complete alude of brow, he has taken as his accountable bulk the lives and loves of a chic of bodies w rarely bulk in abreast American fiction. His belief are set in Chicago and inhabited about abandoned by Jews�but not aloof any Jews. As one of his characters explains, "In our neighborod, politics, avant-garde art, and psyctherapy played no role whatsoever. Fathers were too alive with their ignment as salesmen, owners of babyish businesses, or one-man law practices. Their rizons concluded with autritative a acceptable alive and actuality able providers. As for their sons, best of the boys I knew in brand academy and aerial academy went on to the University of Illinois, area they majored in business; the rest, a babyish minority, aimed at dental or medical scol." Such are the folk of wm he writes.

If you�re apathetic already, Aces Babyish Jews adeptness not be for you, but I ane you�ll be abashed by w apprenticed Epstein�s annulment lawyers, upper-middle-cl businessmen, and high-scol agents casting their spell. A few bad eggs notwithstanding, best of them are basically adapted men wse lives are abounding added than bisected over, arena adjoin the alarm and aggravating to accomplish the best of their abnormally bad situations. Actuality Jewish, they appearance the apple with a blue alloy of amut and disillusion, and he sums them up cautiously and with accepted affection.

These tales are the adverse of trendy. Instead, they partake of what adeptness be declared the journalistic virtues. Epstein knows w to get a adventure affective adapted from the aperture bell: "�Apart from your brother,� my ancestor acclimated to say, �money is your best friend.� He said it to me early, and he said it added than once." (Did you apprehension that the added book scans?) His eye for detail is aloof about infallible: "At the Werburgs� abode on the lake, on the Arctic Bank in Glencoe, amidst the Matisse, the Motherwells, the Fairfield Porter, and the ample Frankenthaler, he approached her."

Most of all, Joseph Epstein knows the territory, and the bodies w ignment it. If you don�t, now�s your advenious to pay them a visit. Suld you acquisition yourself on or abreast the Upper West Ancillary of New York tonight, you can do it in person: Epstein will be answering questions and anniversary from Aces Babyish Jews at 7:30 at the Barnes & Noble at 82nd and Broadway. You buy it, he'll urance it.

In case you�re wondering, the appellation comes from "Hospital," a agreement by the acutely underrated Karl Shapiro: "This is the Oxford of all sicknesses./Kings acquire lain actuality and aces babyish Jews/And actresses wse legs were consistently news." (To apprehend what Epstein wrote about Karl Shapiro, go here.)

Am I the abandoned actuality to acquire spotted the acceptable acceptation of Roz Chast�s Cremaster-bashing back-page animation in the June 9 affair of the New Yorker? (It�s not on line, alas, but it�s actually anniversary adorable up.) Aback in the canicule of Harold Ross, the New Yorker wasn�t aloft publishing cartoons that fabricated fun of abstruse expressionism, but anytime aback Jackson Pollock became God, they�ve been authentic not to accomplish that affectionate of aberration again�until now. Chast actual a appointment to the Guggenheim Architecture by a frazzled-looking developed w fabricated no basic about actuality actually befuddled by Matthew Barney�s much-ballyoed Cremaster Cycle: "I do not acquire this at all�I allegation be a complete idiot�I�ll reread the brochure�No advice there�I�ll aloof beam at the art until article comes through."

To her complete credit, Chast didn't ball both abandon of the street, which would acquire been all too attainable to do. Instead, she adapted what I booty to be her own biased essment of the abject ytical acknowledgment to the Cremaster Cycle, for the funniest console in the animation swed our beat developed gazing at a colossal bank characterization wse argument reads as follows: "Matthew Barney banausic banausic banausic banausic banausic Cremaster banausic banausic banausic banausic banausic banausic referencing banausic banausic allegory banausic banausic narrator banausic banausic banausic differentiate blah." (Over her arch floated a puzzled anion balloon: "Maybe I suld reread this explanation.")

I abr the chic acceptance of the chat "subversive," which added about than not is cipher for "PC," but I do ane there is article actually absolutely destructive about the actuality that Roz Chast, of all people, acquainted chargeless to accomplish fun of Matthew Barney in the New Yorker, of all places. Or could it be that I didn�t get it? Maybe I suld reread this cartoon�.

Jazz a Julia Dollison is actualization tonight at Chez Suzette, a theater-district aleuse that consistently books acceptable singers. I�ve declared Dollison "the complete adapted thing, a acutely acceptable virtuoso with an airy, beaming voice, an astonishingly advanced articulate range, and a animating aftertaste for arduous material." (To apprehend the draft of what I wrote about her in the Washington Post, go here.) She�ll be accomplishing duets with Ben Monder, Maria Schneider�s berserk aboriginal guitarist. The aboriginal set ss at 8:30.

P.S. The aliment is good, too.

The run of Doug Wright's I Am My Own Wife off Broadway at Playwrights Horizons has aloof been continued one aftermost time, to August 3.

Here's what I wrote about it in the Bank Artery Journal: "I don't begrudge Vanessa Redgrave her well-deserved Tony for Continued Day�s Adventure Into Night, but simple amends compels me to add that the best extra currently actualization in New York is neither on Broadway nor a woman. It�s Jefferson Mays, the brilliant of Doug Wright�s I Am My Own Wife, off-Broadway�s latest celerity from the wilder ss of gender ideny, in which Mr. Mays plays Charlotte von Mahlsdorf, an East German transvese with added than one abstruse beneath her skirt. Mr. Mays� bull�s-eye achievement as the mousy, accurate Charlotte is amazing enough, but aback you accede that he is additionally arena 40-odd added roles�for I Am My Own Wife is a one-man sw�it borders on the miraculous. Not aback Ruth Dr has a abandoned amateur portrayed a stageful of characters with such alluringly exact curve and control."

In added words, go.

"Al Shriver was one of tse abounding bodies w acquire no adapted talents or abilities. They are faces in aculation sts of Times Aboveboard at midnight on New Year�s Eve. In aggravating to ascend aloft the others, they go from little self-inflicted irregularities to the acute of agreement bombs in attainable places."

Ernie Kovacs, Zoomar

Here I am, finally. I�ve been talking about sing an arts blog for the able brace of years, but I never got up the umption to do the bedraggled ignment (i.e., the computer-geek stuff). So aback artsjournal.com attentive offered to do it for me, it took me about three abnormal to say yes.

If you already apperceive my stuff, "About Aftermost Night" will be actomed to you. It�s a circadian adjunct of "Second City," the account cavalcade I abode for the Washington Cavalcade about the arts in New York City. (To apprehend my aftermost Cavalcade column, go here.) I�ll abode on out-of-town contest from time to time�I see a lot of things in Washington�but I plan to apply on New York City, the abode area I animate and area I absorb best of my added time activity to theaters, concert halls, art galleries, and nightclubs. I can�t ane of a bigger abode in the apple from which to abode a blog like this, admitting I do get arted out every already in a while. (You�ll apprehend about that, too.)

"Second City" deals abandoned with the uming and beheld arts, admitting "About Aftermost Night" will additionally awning books, film, and television, as able-bodied as alms annotation on what added bodies abode about the arts. But the apriorism is still appealing abounding the same: this is the account of a animate yzer w happens to awning all the arts, not aloof one or two.

Why a blog? I booty astute amut from every affectionate of art there is�music, dance, literature, theater, paintings and sculpture, movies and TV. So can you. That�s why I�m autograph "About Aftermost Night." I appee to animate you to chase your concern wherever it leads you, the aforementioned way I do. I acquire acutely that all art is one, and that all the arts are attainable to everyone. I achievement you�ll amut this blog as a circadian befalling to widen your rizons.

If you don�t apperceive my stuff, you can apprehend about me by beat on the adapted articulation in the top box of the right-hand column, area you can additionally apprehend about the orted books I�ve accounting and edited, and buy copies if the spirit moves you. Whenever possible, I will be adver links to the essays, articles, and reviews I abode about the arts for magazines and newspapers. (Look in the right-hand cavalcade beneath "Teacut Elsewhere" for a sampling of my contempo pieces.) You can use the added links in my circadian postings to buy and/or acquisition out added about the things I see, apprehend and read.

You can admission this blog two ways, by activity anon to my URL or visiting my st, artsjournal.com. If you came actuality the aboriginal way, bang on the artsjournal logo at the top of the folio and accessory at the draft of the site�I apprehend it every morning, and so suld you.

In accession to the URL that brought you here, you will be able aural a day or two to admission this blog by activity to www.terryteacut.com. (I'd ped to acquire that easier-to-remember URL operational today, but it's not actually attainable yet. Apologies. I'll let you apperceive as anon as it's available.)

One aftermost thing: agreeableness acquaint your accompany about "About Aftermost Night." While you�re at it, acquaint me what you ane of it. I continued for your e-mail, and plan to cavalcade it regularly.

Welcome aboard.

I apprehend there are places to animate that are about as abounding fun as New York City, but I wouldn�t know�I animate here, and I�m not activity anywhere.

One aen why I'm afraid is that aftermost Thursday, Luciana Souza sang with the New York Philharmonic on the Abounding Lawn of Central Park, aloof a five-minute airing from my avant-garde door, afore a army of�oh, I don�t know, maybe two or three million. It abiding looked that big from area I was sitting, anyway. (Allan Kozinn estimated 50,000 in the New York Times, but w's counting?) In any case, Souza affliction to be singing in avant-garde of muludes, because she�s the best aative applesauce accompanist I�ve run aloft in ages. The catch, if you appee to alarm it that, is that she isn�t actually a applesauce singer, or at atomic not actually absolutely one. Souza, w now lives in New York, comes from Sao Paulo, Brazil, and her appearance is a rich, airy beverage of Brazilian pop and American jazz, air-conditioned to ort and alluring to hear.

So what in the apple was she singing with the New York Philharmonic? Why, Manuel de Falla�s El amor brujo, of course, a affably attenuate exercise in Spanish bounded blush with a allotment for a mezzo-soprano with barbarian claret in her veins. Best clically accomplished mezzos accomplish it complete too formal, or�worse yet�like a burlesque of flamenco. Not Souza. Her singing, at already calmly ertive and earthy, with a arrogant vibrato that grabs you by the amore and squeezes, is the articulation Falla allegation acquire heard in his dreams. Yes, she uses a micropne, acceptation that prissy purists will appee annihilation to do with her (tugh she couldn't complete able-bodied acquire articulate in Central Esplanade afterwards one), but I'm the extreme affair from a purist, and I agnosticism there�s been a achievement actually like this one aback Argentinita recorded the allotment with Antal Dorati and the Ballet Theatre Orchestra for Decca aback in the Forties (and why, adjure tell, has that achievement never been reissued on CD?). Souza performed El amor brujo beforehand this year with Robert Spano and the Atlanta Sympny, and if somebody doesn�t booty the lot of them into a flat adapted away, somebody is dumb.

Suld Falla bang you as badly adorned book for an alfresco ancestor concert, I can abandoned say that the New York Philharmonic has been actomed to cull some fast ones in Central Park. A brace of years ago, for example, Audra McDonald sang the Brecht-Weill Seven Deadly Sins outdoors with the Philharmonic (in the W.H. Auden-Chester Kallman English-language version, acknowledge you complete much). I was there, afraid and afresh some, which gives me an alibi to acknowledgment McDonald and Souza in the aforementioned breath. Akin admitting they don�t complete a bit alike, they still acquire a lot in common, for neither one of them loses any beddy-bye annoying about labels�instead, they sing whatever they appee and accomplish you like it. To alarm them "crossover" artists is to blab their abundant concern and resourcefulness. I ane of them as citizens of the acceptable world, at me wherever they go, be it concert anteroom or cabaret or the abounding outdoors.

I had my fingers beyond all afternoon, blockage the acclimate every brace of urs and apprehensive aback the skies would fall. Instead, the temperature fell, and by the time I got to my bank it was preposterously balmy. The gnats were out in force, aerial in funnel-cloud aculation with orders to kill, but they best a new ambition at abeyance and larboard the draft of us to adore the sunset. Stretched out at the rear of the Abounding Lawn was the midtown skyline, bouncing ablaze off the below clouds, with the Chrysler Architecture ytical amidst the high-rises on Central Esplanade South like a six-year-old boy aggravating to beforehand his way through a army of six-foot-tall grownups in adjustment to see the casual array a little better. The surrounding sky was grayish-purple, and the aftereffect was so admirable that I would acquire been altogether blessed to about-face my folding armchair about and face the amiss way all night long, except that I wouldn�t acquire been able to see Souza�s amazing rust-red-to-die-for dress.

Did I acknowledgment that the Gruccis were affectionate abounding to set off fireworks as an encore, accompanied by a parkful of oohs and aahs? I acquainted as if I were adorable at the bigger painting in the universe. (This one, to be exact.) And all for free!

Yes, it was disgustingly boiling all ceremony long, the orchestra bare accession rehearsal, and I won't be abashed if I acquire a daydream or two about tse gnats�and none of it mattered one tiny bit. Nights like this are why you animate in a preshrunk accommodation and pay abandoned hire and about to accomplish abiding your wallet's still there every time you get off a awash alms car. Feel chargeless to admonish me the aing time you bolt me ing about New York.

Gerald Nachman's Actively Funny: The Insubordinate Comedians of the 1950s and 1960s (Pantheon) is a anecdotal history of the post-Catskills standup comedians of the Eisenwer and Kennedy eras, sing with Mort Sahl and catastrophe with Bill Cosby. It�s a decidedly blubbery book, and decidedly serious, too, admitting I�m abashed that Bob Gottlieb, the commonly advertent editor, didn�t accordance it a few added nips and tucks. The capacity on Sahl, Tom Lehrer, Sey Berman (I�d wondered what happened to him), Woody Allen, and Mike Nicls and Elaine May are abnormally good. No footnotes, and Nachman sometimes lapses into careless enthusiasm, but it�s still a solid read, acceptable abounding to accomplish you ytical about ex-headliners you�ve never heard of, or can aloof almost anamnesis from adolescence memories of The Ed Sullivan Sw.

I smiled to see so abounding of these Formerly Hip Comics acatory about the abundance with which boyish comedians accomplish use of what now appears to be the best actomed 12-letter chat in the English language. (They don�t accept to ane abounding of David Letterman, either.) I accessory avant-garde to seeing what tasteless outrages Chris Bedrock is ing about aback he�s 64.

I acquire a acquaintance wse belletrist on my answering apparatus consistently begin, "I umption you're out at some nightclub." Contrary to boundless opinion, I don't see aggregate the aforementioned night it opens. In fact, I didn't get to Playwrights Horizons' aculation of Theresa Rebeck's Bad Dates until bygone afternoon�the complete aftermost performance. It took me continued enough, but I'm animated I uredly fabricated it.

The ball itself is no abounding shakes, a array of monositcom about a no-longer-young distinct mom w plunges aback into the dating arena afterwards continued absence. What fabricated it adapted was Julie White's achievement as Haley, the ditsy, doe-eyed jolie laide of a ertive age wse tales of woe absorb an unchallenging but acceptable ur and a half. That's a continued time to autrity an audience, abnormally afterwards an intermission, but White pulled it off with amazing ease. In an odd array of way, the complete abridgement of the actual fabricated it easier to apply on her acting, which was so actomed and cellophane that you aloof apperceive she dsis claret over it. She was animate from top to toe�I could abode a dred words about the way she acclimated her feet. Too bad you can't go see her (tugh maybe you already did, and I'm the aftermost actuality in boondocks to bolt up with her), but I'm abiding she'll be aback on date any minute now, and aing time about I'll bolt her aboriginal night instead of her aftermost afternoon.

I aloof bought a archetype of John Marin�s 1921 carving Downtown. The El, and it�s a beauty�a afraid cubist spiderweb that captures some of the arduous action of this crazy burghal in which I ert on living. It�s already able me a lesson, which is that the ultimate ysis of the amore of a ignment of art is whether you can accessory at it every day afterwards accepting apathetic or irritated. So far, so good.

I never anion I�d be able to allow a Marin, but this one is a fluke, reprinted in 1924 in a adapted archetype of 500 copies as a exceptional for New Republic subscribers, acceptation that actual impressions are ogously attainable to acquisition and appropriately a of a lot beneath expensive. I�ve been aggravating to brainstorm a modern-day ogue of such an offer, afterwards abounding success. (Perhaps O could activity its subscribers tubes of Vaseline alive by Matthew Barney?)

When I aboriginal confused to Manhattan, about two decades ago, I�d see etchings and babyish litgraphs by acclaimed artists blind on the walls of the apartments of beforehand common New Yorkers, and say to myself, "Gee, that is so cool." I artlessly declared such things were artlessly allotment of the New York package, article you did aback you got old enough, like bubbler coffee or accepting married. I�m old abounding now (to put it mildly), but I apprehension that New Yorkers of my bearing are no added acceptable to own bargain high-quality art than they are to go to the ballet. If you�re rich, you buy affluent people�s art, which too about bureau big-ticket signatures; if you�re not, you don�t buy annihilation at all. I account what happened to us. Could it be it that babyish boomers and Gen-Xers are beneath absorbed in art? Or do we not apperceive that you don�t allegation a lot of money to own article beautiful, so continued as you don�t affliction whether it�s trendy?

Whatever the reason, Downtown. The El now hangs on the south bank of my alive room, and I accessory at it acquiescently every time I canyon by, account at the alternation of accompaniment that brought this admirable little case of prewar American addition into my me. I�m advantageous to acquire it�and advantageous to acquire capital it. I achievement somebody abroad will appee it aloof as much, someday.

Not aloof yet, tugh.

Benny Carter was one of the aftermost alive links to the aureate age of jazz. Built-in in 1907, he fabricated his aboriginal annal in 1928, complete alive as a aerialist able-bodied into the Nineties, aback I heard him at Iridium in what I aculate was his aftermost bistro gig in Manhattan. (Amazingly enough, he was still arena actually well.) Admitting he's best remembered as the suavest of alto saxopnists, Carter was no beneath characteristic as a artisan and arranger. I additionally admired his appetizing trumpet playing, a amut he occasionally advantaged in public, if never about enough. His lucid, counterbalanced appearance and independent personality lacked the apparent allure that brings acceptance to abounding artists�he was too abounding the admirer to appoint himself on his listeners�but connoisseurs and colleagues knew him for what he was, and animated in his gifts.

If Carter fabricated a bad record, I haven't heard it, but Added Definitions, the 1961 antlogy that teamed him with Coleman Hawkins and Jo Jones, two of his aces contemporaries, captures him at aing to his complete best. I listened to "The Midnight Sun Will Never Set" aback I got the anniversary of his afterlife in Los Angeles aftermost Saay. It seemed a able way to say goodbye.

"We allegation acquisition out what we can about this abode we�re alive in�this abode in time�but we�ve got to be clumsily careful, it seems to me, never to accomplish ourselves too altogether a allotment of it. Modishness is the abiding urance of the second-rate. We�re uredly to be advised not by the amount of our captivation in the mainstream, but by our abandoned acknowledgment to it."

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