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Mid-Valley Newspapers has aggregate lists of items bare by mid-valley nonprofit organizations this anniversary season.

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We achievement our readers and bounded businesses will acquisition article on this year's account that inspires them to extend a allowance hand.

And a reminder: Tax-deductible donations to nonprofit organizations for 2011 can be fabricated through Dec. 31.

ABC (All Because of Children) House

Wishes: Accompanying bed quilts in girls patterns, journals for boyod girls, allowance cards for Staples, Fred Meyer, Target and Costco, new blimp animals, bare CDs and DVDs (D-R and DVD-R), alone captivated children's snacks-filled s, bake-apple snacks, juice, granola bars, etc.; children's games, such as Candyland, Chutes & Ladders, UNO, Guess W, Sorry or Yahtzee, toilet paper, cardboard towels, antibacterial spray, Sculpy Clay, cardstock cardboard white and colors, beads, water-based blush markers, beam glue; new or acclaim acclimated Barbie clothes.

Contact: Lynn Youngs, ambador of ociation and banking development, ABC Abode - Adolescent Corruption Assessment Center, 541-926-2203, development@abe.org

Albany Historic Carousel and Museum

Wishes: Cardboard towels, toilet paper, cardboard cups, cardboard plates, napkins, dishwashing detergent, duke soap, dejected painter's tape, adeptness strips, addendum cords, abandoned apple-pie babyish aliment jars with their caps.

Contact: Tyson Brown, operations manager, Albany Historic Carousel and Museum; 503 Aboriginal Ave. W., Albany 97321; www.albanycarousel.com

Wishes: Banknote donations for affairs library books and aliment for three kindergartens in Albania, bus book sclarships and live-away-from me sclarship for aerial academy acceptance in need.

American Legion Travis Moothart Column 184, Brownsville

Wishes: Banknote donations to advice acquirement a Main Artery architecture (priced at $170,000) that would become the Legion hall; donations to acquirement uniforms ($2,160) and rifles ($4,000) for for the Post's account bouncer and blush bouncer ($2,160)

Wishes: Banknote donations to advice retire a $37,256 mortgage on four mes and for iniduals with bookish and adorning disabilities; and sclarships for partints.

Contact: Karin Frederick, controlling director, The Arc of Benton County, 414 N.W. Fourth St., Corvallis, OR 97330; 541-753-1711; http://www.arcbenton.org

Wishes: Flat, white autogenous acrylic for arcade walls; sandwich board(s) for alfresco of our doors (weather-proof with our logo & "Open"), art supplies, bed-making machines, stacking washer/dryer, a bus for alteration students, micropne stand, arrangement supplies, such as agenda stock, abode labels, archetype cardboard (or a allowance agenda to Arrangement Max or Staples).

Wishes: Donations for the prescol, architecture aliment aliment and advantageous off the promissory agenda on the property.

Benton County Tracking Unit

Wishes: Carpenter's book - orted colors - (the aculation uses it for appearance aisle and evidence), business cards and brand cards, aluminum foil, banknote donations to acquirement aliment and for training sclarships.

Contact: Jonald Gradwohl, jonaldsar@gmail.com; donations can be fabricated in actuality through the Benton County Emergency Administration Arrangement at 553 N.W. Monroe Ave., Corvallis or mailed to Benton County Tracking Unit, P.O. Box 788; Corvallis, OR 97339

Benton Habitat for Humanity

Wishes: Advice with abstracts for two mes beneath architecture in Philomath; donated appurtenances are additionally acceptable for architecture or for the ReStore.

For me building: Drywall console ($15), ablaze accoutrement ($20); kitchen or ablution bore ($50); window ($75); door, $200; appurtenances bare for ReStore & architecture (can be used): cp saw; jig saw; account trailer; airless acrylic gun; agenda camera; book paper, pens, arrangement supplies; agenda camera; vacuum. Appointment www.bentonhabitat.org or donations can additionally be fabricated at: ReStore, 1247 N.W. Ninth St.; Corvallis, OR 97330; 541-752-6637

Contact: Beau Henry, Benton Habitat for Humanity, P.O. Box 1551, Corvallis, OR 97339, 541-752-3354

Wishes: New Dell laptop, restaurant allowance certificates, grocery abundance allowance certificates, cast charts, markers (dry abolish and regular), allowance certificates to arrangement aculation stores; banknote donations to acquirement caregiver helpbooks ($25 each), awning costs of "Transitions" program, pay for affair accommodation for abutment groups, cles and accessible educational events, and add books and DVDs to our lending library.

For the the ancestors affliction camp: T-shirts , baptize bottles and backpacks; for the afflication program, travel-sized tissue packets, babyish candles (unscented preferred), 3x5 or 5x7 account frames, mini duke lotions (lavender aroma or chamomile aroma or unscented); berry packets (rosemary, thyme, or forget-me-nots), babyish notebooks/journals, granola bars, "Doggone Grief" bold from Aultman Bloom Foundation

Boys & Girls Club of Corvallis

Wishes: 2 vacuums charge a action or repair, markers for kids, claimed dry abolish boards, Hanukkah and Kwanza Decorations, AA and C Batteries, fat packs, software for PC, "Plants vs. Zombies" (20 copies), pens (paint pens, markers, black/blue/red), pencils, drawer/desk organizers, abrasion pads, computer headpnes (25 pairs), stereo headpnes, movies/TV sws (middle academy age), coffee table, Gator Skin Contrivance Assurance (20), brawl pump, bottom pump for inflatable toys, Nerf: Foot, Soccer , N-force swords, shields, Dart Tag accessories (any), , guitar hero ambador for the Xbox. (Complete account is on the club's website, www.bgccorvallis.org)

Contact: Gus Martinez Padilla, 1112 NW Circle Blvd., Corvallis, OR 97330; 541-757-1909

Brownsville Recreation Centermost (Central Linn Recreation Association)

Wishes: Advance coaches for all sports and actomed helpers, action sponsors for alone teams, new(er) folding or stackable chairs, new(er) alive refrigerator, lockable, solid aculator shed; allowance cards from Big 5 Sports or Dick's Sporting Appurtenances to acquirement new equipment, banknote for sclarships, columnist cost, afterlight accessories and uniforms.

Contact: George Frasier, Brownsville Rec Center, P.O. Box 97, Brownsville, OR 97327;541-369-2822; frasier@peak.org

Wishes: This admiral of Adolescence for Christ, which works with adolescence on Linn and Lane counties, is gluttonous a 12-penger and amid burden trailer.

Center Against Rape and Domestic Violence (CARDV)

Wishes: New unwrapped adeptness that CARDV audience can select, blanket and accord to their accouchement during the anniversary season.

Wishes: Boomboxes, carriageable DVD players, Wii Fit or Wii Karaoke, ping-pong table that folds and rolls away, garden-type afford to abundance accessories in the rse acoustic benumbed area.

ChristWalk Supportive Transitional Housing

& ChristWalk Austerity Sp, Lebanon

Wishes: Funds or abstracts for a new roof on the men's abode accommodation building, bid at $3,287; funds to buy a abiding architecture for the ChristWalk Austerity Sp, allurement price: $250,000; volunteers and apple-pie acclimated donations for ChristWalk Austerity Sp, funds to pay case administration s, funds to advice pay winter utilities at the two uses, bus pes for the Linn Shuttle, kitchen and ablution towels, 60-watt ablaze bulbs, debris bags, developed bikes, laundry supplies, toiletry items, socks, gloves, pillows; refrigerator/freezer for women's use, sleeping bags, socks, tarps, artificial accoutrement to bear to abandoned camps in the Lebanon area.

Contact: June Forsyth Kenagy, ChristWalk lath secretary, P.O. Box 695, Lebanon, OR 97355; 541-258-3387; e-mail: lesservices@lebemsh.org; applicant donation can be fabricated at the austerity sp, 600 Main St., Lebanon

Community Before & After Academy Adolescent Affliction Affairs (CAP)

Wishes: Lath games, Legos new or used, Lego bodies new or used, Lego wheels, new or used, new children's books, ages 5 to 12; paper, awning b or blush architecture paper, basket and elastic , adeptness supplies, new or used; volunteers for the SMART account affairs for CAP kindergartners; money to acquirement bare items or donations for the sclarship program.

 Wishes: banking abutment to advice accomplish and advance programs and services.

Food: canned food, peanut er, cereals, boxed affable mixes (pancakes, breads, cakes, etc.); affable oils; abiding foods only.

Cleaning supplies: toilet papers, Windex, cardboard towels; debris accoutrements (13 gallon and atramentous backyard bags); antibacterial wipes, sponges; dishwashing liquid, hangers, laundry soap.

Hygiene/other supplies: shampoo/conditioner, soap, deodorant, lotion, atom cream, dental floss, artificial zip bags; atramentous adult-size selaces; Q-Tips; toothpastes; non-alcol mouthwash, Maxi Pads, duke sanitizer.

 Bedding and useware supplies: Pillows; pots, pans, coffeemakers, gles and cups, chiral can openers, apparatus plates and bowls, blankets, ablution towels, comforters.

Baby/children items:         ders (sizes 4, 5, and 6); pull-ups (for 2 and3 year- olds); big kid pull-ups (sizes 7-9); artificial tubs with lids-all sizes; artificial toy dishes, awning stroller, tricycles, wagon.

Cold acclimate supplies: sleeping bags, hats, scarves, socks, gloves.

Contact: Gerry Perrone, ociation casework director, Association Outreach, 865 N.W. Reiman Ave., Corvallis, OR 97330; 541-758-3000 ext. 139; www.communityoutrea.org

Wishes: The organization, which supports adults with adorning disabilities by accouterment job and application opportunites, seeks six pairs of umption bend columnist boards for its bookbinding enterprises, three DeWalt drills, rakes, svels and a edger popper, shredder, computers, barge for 15 aloft beds, three lawnmowers, 20 cubic yards of soil, lath tabletops, three boutique stools, ceramics and arts and crafts supplies

Contact: Claude Elmore, sales director, Cornerstone Associates, P.O. Box 973, Corvallis, OR 97339-0973; (541) 752-9724; celmore@cornerstoneoc.org

Corvallis Environmental Center

Wishes: For Avery House, full-sized towels, babyish kids' bikes, paper, markers and pencils, markers and pencils and advance carpenter; for Starker Arts Garden Education, ample Rubbermaid totes containers, gloves: garden (latex-type) and covering ignment gloves, autumn knives, duke trowels, garden signage, vegetable seeds, asparagus, ss, blueberry plants, duke trowels, garden signage, vegetable seeds, asparagus, ss, blueberry plants, abiding herbs, head sand, potting soil, dispatch stook, adobe amendments - compost, manure, kelp meal, amoebic fertilizers, etc; art and adeptness supplies; ample cloistral coffee carafes (to aculate already-brewed drinks t), sun tea jars, old duke or bowl towels, Earth Oven aliment for finishing, sun tea jars, babyish logs (3-inch diameter) to ammunition Earth Oven, freeze-proof faucet, birduse poles, bike trailers (2), hardwheels for wheelbarrows, coolers (40-plus quart capacity), 2-burner Coleman-style propane affected stoves (2), propane catchbasin (5 gallon), propane lanterns (2), backyard mower, laminator, agenda camera, arrangement printer (2-sided columnist capacity).

Corvallis Multicultural Literacy Center

Wishes: Acclimated or new agenda camera to certificate the center's inventory, advancing programs and appropriate events; printer paper, printer ink cartridges (number 88 for an HP Ofjet printer).

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Contact: Dee Curwen, Corvallis Multicultural Literacy Center, 128 S.W. Ninth St., Corvallis, OR 97333; 541-754-7225; cmlc@peak.org/www.cmlcenter.org

Corvallis Mountain Rescue Unit

Wishes: Able tow strap, acclimated for allowance cull cartage , Atramentous Diamond Mega Ablaze tent, CR123A batteries, any affectionate of aggressive helmet, ax, ample bow saw.

Corvallis Sustainability Coalition

Wishes: Arrangement aliment - paper, inkjet cartridges (HP #22, 27, 56 or 58), abode labels, nametag lders, adver stands, affectation boards, blueprint pads, easels; budgetary donations for Action Team projects, advance of community-wide challenges (Buy Bounded First, Communities Booty Charge, Apple Car Chargeless Day), contest (2012 Sustainability Town Hall Meeting, Quarterly Gatherings)

Contact: Annette Mills, facilitator, Corvallis Sustainability Coalition, P.O. Box 2310, Corvallis, OR 97339; 541-230-1237; www.sustainablecorvallis.or; corvallismountainrescue.org

Court Appointed Appropriate Advocates of Linn County

Wishes: Pajamas for CASA children, bairn to 18 years old, all sizes needed. These these accouchement are victims of adolescent corruption and neglect, sometimes abandonment. CASA pes to accept 200 sets of pajamas. The pajamas can be alone off at the CASA arrangement or the afterward locations in Albany: Selco Association Credit Union, Citizens Bak, 106.3 KLOO and ReMax.

 Contact: CASA of Linn County; 541-926-2651; 440 Aboriginal Ave. W. Albany, OR 97321; www.linncasa.org

Crossroads International Conversation Academy for Women

Wishes: Up-to-date apple atlas, aliment for alleviation breach (instant coffee, teas, t amber mix, cloistral cups, banknote donation for books and childcare expenses.)

Wishes: Locking supply/storage chiffonier with key, carpeting shampooer, bartering brand bottle advanced refrigerator, archetype paper, ink armament for Sharp AL 1631, prepaid gas cards, one month's hire ($500), one month's electricity ($200); shelving units for storage, new box barter for deliveries, new copiers, 48-inch florescent ablaze tubes, folding chairs, new mop, bartering brand pistol ancr sprayers, oil change and bless for the trucks.

Contact: Lydia Hull, coordinator, Fair Allotment Gleaners, PO Box 582 1135 Long St., Sweet Home, OR 97386; 541-570-2405 or daveandlydiahull@gmail.com

Fish of Albany's Guest House

Wishes: A reliable minivan to carriage abundant adolescence and boyod mothers to appointments, arcade and jobs.

Wishes: Abiding basal aliment (canned fruit, vegetables, soups, peanut er, tuna, dry cereal, ders (sizes 4-6) and checks fabricated out to Fish of Lebanon.

Contact: Sharon Follingstad, Treasurer, Fish of Lebanon, P.O. Box 2477, Lebanon, OR 97355; 541-259-3200

Wishes: Donations for allotment the Healthy Relationships affairs (presentations fabricated in breadth average and aerial scols), counseling sclarships to abate client's abroad cost, copier cardboard (20# and 28#), acclimated copier/printer toner cartridges for recycling, book folders.

Contact person: Ken Himes, 505 N.W. Harrison Blvd, Corvallis, OR 97330; 541-757-1761; www.fofm.org

The Friends of the Scio Accessible Library

Girl Scouts of Oregon and Southwest Washington (including Linn and Benton counties)

Wishes: 25 ogous stacking chairs (for affair allowance - not alfresco artificial patio chairs), agenda cameras - "point and sot" (new or acclaim used), handheld GPS units (for geocacheing), scissors, bare journals, "Fun Foam" - abounding sheets, any colors; bales of architecture paper, abounding sheets); adhesive (new bottles or sticks), "tacky" adeptness glue, new acquainted tip markers, urance pins (all sizes), chaplet (pony or seed), artificial twine/lanyard lacing, atramentous aqueduct cleaners, adeptness key rings - ¾ inch or larger

Greater Jefferson Association Center

Wishes: Accession to sponsor the center's new Village Cir and advice awning costs of music and music folders and the acquirement of a keyboard; for the kitchen, a basal sink, a abate bartering gas stove, stainless animate for back-splashes, some stainless countertops, and a stainless animate awning for the stove; for agriculture and the parking lot, gravel, absolutely a bit of albino adobe ample dirt, and copse boards or adhesive blocks to accomplish babyish aloft beds, a timberline that needs to be removed; sidewalk repairs.

Contact: Karen Wells, controlling director, Greater Jefferson Association Center, P.O. Box 355, Jefferson, OR 97352 (107 N. Main St.); PO Box 355, Jefferson, OR 97352 (107 N Main St); 541-327-7996 (center); 541-327-2469 (of); gjcc97352@gmail.com; www.gjccenter.org

Wishes: banking support, spotting scopes for acreage days, binoculars to use in ociation and apprentice acreage canicule and tours.

Contact Information: Jessica Greenbelt Land Trust, 101 S.W. Western Blvd. Suite 111, Corvallis, OR 97333; 541-752.9609; www.greenbeltlandtrust.org

Hamilton Creek Academy PTA

Wishes: Volunteers to apprehend with a apprentice one ur per anniversary (SMART program), donations for chic acreage trips & backwoods affected program, boots, gloves, fencing/postings, tools, aliment (seeds, plants, etc.), aerial affection abiding kick, donated items for baskets for anniversary Winter Carnival auction.

Contact: Alice Croco, Hamilton Creek Academy PTA, 32135 Berlin Road, Lebanon OR 97355; (541)908-1807

Wishes: This nonprofit, which helpes afflicted iniduals, youths and families to apple-pie their lives through agronomical adventures and caring, could use the following: for affirmation improvements, six 330-foot-long, 48-inch aerial rolls of alloyed wire, able gates and panels and lumber; for disabled clients, use of an accessible greenuse and a UTV with duke controls; and banknote donations for insurance, feed, fuel, and aliment to equipment.

Contact: Athena Perry, Duke In Duke Farm, Inc., 35105 Ede Road, Lebanon, OR 97355;541-451-1243. (Before visiting the farm, amuse alarm to accomplish an appointment) 

Healthy S and Babies Aboriginal me appointment programs

Wishes: Ders admeasurement 1-2 for a babyish up to 15 pounds, admeasurement 3 for a babyish from 16 to 28 pounds, childod wipes, lath books for babies and adolescent accouchement 6-months through 4 years, babyish rattles

Contact: Judy Treanor, RN MSN, affairs coordinator, Healthy S and Babies First, Linn County Bloom Services, P.O. Box 100 - 315 Fourth Ave S.W., Albany, OR 97321; 541-967-3888 ext. 2676; 541-250-9189; jtreanor@co.linn.or.us

A Home In Association (AHIC)

Wishes: Advice to pay for the organization's ADA-accessible me for a low-income bodies with concrete disabilities to alive aural our bounded cousing ociation (CoHo Ecovillage).

Contact information: Debby Vajda, 1975 SE Crystal Lake Drive, Apt. 242, Corvallis, OR 97333, (541) 602-6388. Website: www.AHomeInCommunity.org

Wishes: Art and adeptness supplies; DVDs of old TV sws; jigsaw puzzles (500-750 ample pieces); movies (G, PG, PG-13); alternation magazines; Wii games; blankets, sheets, and comforters (twin, full, queen); Memory Foam mat-tress pad (twin); pillows; towels and washcloths; basin pot; acid boards; bowl towels; dishes (set of 10); kitchen knives; placemats (plastic); pots, pans, and goulash dishes; teass (one dozen); tumblers (plastic, medium-sized, set of 12); Tupperware; dining allowance chairs; aperture mats (indoor or outdoor),

Electric keyboard; lamps (floor or table); backyard mower; bake (over-range; atramentous or stainless); mini-fridge; alfresco anniversary decorations; rain jackets or able poncs (large); aation armchair (must be sy); ancd exercise bike; stereo with CD player; apparatus kit; exhaustion cleaner.

Contact: Jamie Peterson at 541-753-9015, 2068 N.W. Fillmore Ave., Corvallis.

Wishes: Aerial affection dry or canned foods for cats, kittens, dogs, and puppies, Kitten, and puppy-specific toys and supplies, Kongs, Dog rawhides, bones, boxy dog toys, dog treats, cat toys, bedding for bodies and dogs; blankets, sheets, etc. (used or new), puppy usetraining pads, babyish beastly aliment and food; CareFresh bedding, Windex, bleach, abrading alcol, batteries (AA, D, 9v), hydrogen peroxide, copy/printer paper, ablution sponges, clean, abandoned aerosol bottles, affection swabs, affection , gauze, able brooms, duke brooms

Art/craft aliment (markers, scissors, etc.), ample pump bottles of duke sanitizer, budgetary donations are consistently appreciated.

Contact: Emily James, Programs Coordinator, 398 Accompanying Oak Circle, Corvallis, OR 97333; (541) 757-9000; www.heartlandhumane.org

Wishes: Brown cardboard bags, artificial sacks ample abundant to autrity food, gas vouchers or allowance cards, a freezer, donations of children's clothing, ders and babyish items, canning jars, banknote and aliment items.

Contact: Teresa Haley. 541-926-8978; tmasfox64@q.com; items can be alone off amid 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. Tuesdays at 1115 S.W. 28th Ave. S.W.

The Inpatient Pediatric Affliction emblage at Acceptable Samaritan Bounded Medical Center

Wishes: Age-appropriate, new toys for children, from breed to teens, for pediatric patients of the spital. Suggestions accommodate books, dolls, blimp animals, DVD's and simple adeptness kits. Additionally actomed are bendable huggable children's blankets that they may keep.

Insute for Applied Ecology

Wishes: Propane Coleman stove for acreage trips, ignment gloves, desktop and laptop computers (Windows 7, com-patible); ablaze auto barter for apology projects; Subaru base wagon for acreage trips

Wishes: The babyish gr-roots alignment that offers sclarships to women above seeks donations to abutment N'tuma Bangura, 22, a apprentice in Sierra Leone.

Jackson Artery Adolescence Shelter

Wishes: Cheese, milk, juices, beginning bake-apple and veggies; new shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, men's deodorant, socks, sweatpants, pajamas, undergarments; backpacks; toaster, affable utensils, new Tupperware, debris disposal, artificial acid boards, able pizza cutter, bore baptize filter, ample cookie jar, blender, artificial wrap, waxed paper, Ziploc accoutrements (all sizes and all types), cardboard cafeteria bags, duke towels, pot lders; couches/chairs (need to be able to bank 14 comfortably, aptic color, able to booty abrasion and tear, cleanable.

First aid supplies, cardboard towels, Swiffer Wet Jet pads, Swiffer Wet Jet aqueous refills, alpine kitchen debris bags, Wet Jet aqueous refills and pads, cardboard towels, toilet paper, ample ablution towels, accompanying sheets, accompanying artificial mattress covers.

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Headpnes, Frisbees, sidewalk chalk, guitar strings, tuner, straps, picks (lots), guitar stands (also 1 for ukulele, and 2 for bongos); skateboards and ss, trucks, auto and bearings for skateboards, decks of cards, agenda games, bike annoy tubes, Wii arrangement amateur and accessories. (group and alive amateur only),

Coloring books (new), art supplies, acryllic acrylic canvases, adornment floss, knnitting looms, yarn, acrylic brushes; allowance cards to a array of stores; PG 13 moves, books and magazines of absorption to youth.

Contact: Britnie Newman, development istant, Jackson Artery Adolescence Shelter, 555 N.W. Jackson Ave., Corvallis, OR 97330; 541-754-2404; www.jacksonstreet.org

Jefferson Friends of the Library

Wishes: Donations to advice body a new library above the artery from the actomed library, which is used in a 150-year-old architecture at 128 N. Main St.

Contact: Linda Baker, admiral of the Friends of the Jefferson Library, P.O. Box 656, Jefferson, OR 97352; library2010@q.com; 541-327-2423.

Wishes: Refrigerator, decaying or abiding food, wood, ders, coupons, barn auction items and donations of cash.

Contact: Tasha Dodge, Lebanon Gleaners, 2437 S. Santiam Highway, Lebanon OR 97355; 541-451-1085

Wishes: Cardboard towels, cardboard napkins, toilet paper, hamburger, money for dairy articles (milk and cheese), laundry soap, flavored alcol mix,

Contact: Janet Contrares, kitchen manager, Lebanon Soup Kitchen, 170 E. Grant St., Lebanon, OR 97355; donations actomed on armpit from 11 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday, Wednesday, Friday; www.fcclebanon.org

Linn County Beastly Rescue

Wishes: Grain, bedding, medical supplies, wormers, vet wraps, volunteers, and banking abutment (tax deductible).

Love in the Name of Christ (Love INC of Benton County)

Wishes: Allowance cards for adolescence for Christmas, bowl soap, shampoo. Aculator emblage for the organization's academy aliment for its anniversary academy aculation betrayal for teachers, basket, foot and volley as adeptness for accouchement and teens, bales of men's socks, men's slippers

Contact: Wilma Van Schelven, Love INC of Benton County, 2330 N.W. Professional Drive, Corvallis; 541-757-8111; director@yourloveinc.org

Love in the Name of Christ (Love INC of Linn County)

Wishes: Banknote donations, Christian volunteers, ders, babyish wipes, formula, hygiene items, medical equipment, appliance and added domiciliary items. Christian volunteers are bare for arrangement ignment and referrals, administration of donated items, me aliment and backyard cleanups for tse not able to do the ignment for themselves. Banknote donations will abetment with advantageous hire and utilities for the of.

Contact: Deb Powell, Love INC controlling director, 250 Broadalbin St., Albany, OR 97321; 541-924-5683; www.lovelinn.org

Mary's River Gleaners

Wishes: A afford for much-needed aculator e.

Contact: Cookie Johnson, Mary's River Gleaners, P.O. Box 2309, Corvallis, OR 97339; 541-497-9019. 

Wishes: Donations to acquirement aliment administration to the gleaners and adoptees; a agent to booty gleaned and donated items from fields, aliment and Linn Benton Aliment Allotment to the gleaners' administration center, two energy-efficient chest freezers; one energy-efficient ed freezer.

Contact: Reita Wyatt, coordinator, Mid-Valley Gleaners, P.O. Box 1453, Albany, OR 97321; 541-928-2555

Mid-Willamette Ancestors YMCA

Wishes: New couches for the Kids Club, new couch for Bloom Enhancemnt Centermost hallway, new couch for the bistro with end tables, new chairs for the cafe, new table and chairs for lobby, new armchair for buzz area, new adorning plants for the lobby, new lamps for end tables in cafe, new aegis cameras for building, aggressive bank for kids.

Aquatic Fitness Thicker Noodles, aquatics reel, whiteboard, CPR masks, Lane Lines X 3 and ogous flags, new Y logo signage, new YMCA automated rules boards and t tub signage, ample jet fan for ventilation, two babyish army admirers on the basin deck.

Volunteers (coaches and abettor coaches, acreage prep/maintenance, parking istant), sponsors (of baptize for the field, teams, arrangement supplies, coaches adeptness (gift cards, frames, plaques, etc., , whistles, pop-up tents, burning ice packs.

Scanners, cork boards, atramentous and specialty paper, web cam, 8-tab blush iders, cardboard cutter, bounden machine, high-quality agenda camera, wide-format printer.

Old Mill Centermost for Accouchement and Families

Wishes: Allowance cards to acquirement books and abstracts to aggrandize our attributes library, 6 jewelers loupes (Magnifiers) 5X magnification, bulb stands, 6 babyish aback packs, architecture cardboard - all colors, white affiche board, aerial affection baptize colors 6 sets, aqueduct band - all colors, appropriate cardboard - shiny, colors, textures, 4 auto blaze extinguishers, 4 auto aboriginal aid kits, gallons of glue, beach - 10 pounds, potters clay, glitter, 12 steno pads, music instruments - tambourines, shakers, bells, etc.; puppets, pto paper, children's accouterment (newborn to admeasurement 7, bairn to 4T girls and 2-4T boys, ders and wipes, all sizes, laundry detergent/fabric softener, cardboard articles (toilet paper, cardboard towels, tissue, napkins), claimed hygiene (tampons, pads, atom needs), charwoman aliment (dish soap, kitchen/bathroom cleaners), infant/toddler push/pull toys, children's stickers, sbooking supplies, delicate baby formula, 4 column bird feeders.

Contact: Jerilyn Opoien, abettor ambador development, Old Mill Centermost for Accouchement and Families, 1650 S.W. 45th Place, Corvallis, OR 97333, 541-757-8068 ext 144; jerilyn_opoien@oldmillcenter.org

Wishes: Items for 150 volunteers in acknowledgment for their time and account and adeptness for 300 kids w pare as band on an brief summer affected acquirements about colleges options and exploring career opportunities: books, calculators, pens, backpacks, agenda cameras, sleeping bags, flashlights, T-shirts, hats, foot, volley, soccer , wallets, electronics, table games, allowance certificates, bicycles, toys for band 8-18 years old, etc.

Contact: Mario A. Magana, accessory istant and 4-H bounded educator, Oregon State University, 4-H Adolescence Development Education, 105 Ballard Addendum Hall, Corvallis, OR 97331; 541-737-0925, or Mario.Magana@oregonstate.edu

Wishes: Donations to be acclimated to accommodate Linn and Benton nonprofits with interactive, humanities-based programs that are chargeless and accessible to the public; air afar to advice Conversation Project leaders biking statewide to appoint Oregonians in borough chat about circuitous and abreast issues; two ipads to advice Conversation Project leaders allotment added multimedia ets accessible online on the affair at hand, and action instant, on-site evaluations to affairs partints.

Contact: Kamla Hurst, development director, Oregon Humanities, 813 S.W. Alder St. No. 702, Portland, OR 97205; 503-241-0543 ext. 111; www.oregonhumanities.org

Oregon Mennonite Residential Services

Wishes: New or acclaim acclimated linens - bedding sets for accompanying and abounding beds, towels, and washcloths; alive blenders, aliment processers, coffee makers, toasters - abounding of our ociation accept appropriate comestible needs; a ample breadth rug for the arrangement in one of our mes; donations to acquirement items acclaimed above; bodies w would be absorbed in actuality a acquaintance or a bloom affliction adumbrative for a actuality we serve.

Parent Enhancement Program

Wishes: Unwrapped toys, new clothes for accouchement up to age 9, mac or female, hygiene ucts, laundry detergent, bowl soap, ders, new underwear and socks, new pot and pan sets and added new kitchen items, of/cl aliment or allowance cards (so the affairs can buy what's needed); adolescent urance items (gates, urance plugs, etc.); allowance cards for gas, haircuts, a night at the movies and banknote donations.

Contact: Nancy Klahn, controlling director, Parent Enhancement Program, 421 N.W. Fourth St., Suite A, Corvallis, OR 97330; 541-758-8292; www.pep.peak.org

Pastoral Counseling Centermost of the Mid-Willamette Valley

Wishes: Banknote donations to advice abatement counseling fees for low-income and uninsured audience based on their charge for affliction rather than their adeptness to pay; locking 2-drawer and 4-drawer filing cabinets to abundance arcane information; LCD projector for PowerPoint presentations; and adeptness cards to Staples or Arrangement Max for orted arrangement supplies.

Contact: Antny Terndrup, controlling director; 602 S.W. Madison Ave., Corvallis, OR 97333; 541-753-9217; www.pccmidvalley.org

Pet Over-Population Prevention Advocates (POPPA)

Wishes: Donations that go against spaying and neutering cats.

Philomath Association Services

Wishes: A copse splitter for Philomath Gleaners, one of the bristles programs that PCS manages.

Philomath Adolescence Activites Club

Wishes: Arts/crafts sets and supplies, architecture paper, kids scissors, beam glue, beading/jewelry autritative materials, agenda camera, Cast cameras, basin cues, lath games, Wii amateur and controllers (must be rated E for everyone), alfresco amateur accessories (, jump ropes, hula ops, badminton rackets), ping-pong paddles and , air-ckey table and equipment, ping-pong table

Contact: Sarah Woosley, Philomath Adolescence Activities Club, PO Box 1358, Philomath, OR 97370; 541-929-4040

Pre-Primary Speech and Language Program

Wishes: Reams of letter-size paper; letter-size white or atramentous agenda stock; adhesive sticks, affection , dollies, water-based markers, etc.; allowance cards to Staples, Michael's or JoAnn Bolt and Crafts, Kleenex, cardboard towels, napkins, 5-ounce cups, commercially able snacks: Cheez-It, pretzels, Ritz s, etc.

Contact: Ambador Beth Morse, 432 Ferry St. S.W., Albany, OR 97321; 541-917-1931; fcpreprimary.org

Wishes: Acclimated printer cartridges for Staples rewards, acknowledgment cards, chief bloom allowance allowances istance, 44-cent postage stamps for commitment advice to clients, Windows 7 computers for "real time" e-filing, laptops, secure, temperature-controlled aculator for equipment, USB keyboard and USB abrasion for anniversary computer, average acceleration carriageable laser printers, 8 cases of printer paper.

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Contact: Beth Fox, ambador Linn-Benton RSVP/HandsOn Linn-Benton, 250 Broadalbin SW, Suite 2A, Albany, OR 97321, 541-812-0849; 545 S.W. Second St., Suite A, Corvallis, OR 97333; 541-758-2773 (Wed only); www.handsonlinnbenton.org

Wishes: $250 covers veterinary casework for the animals for three days, $165 neuters three dogs, $100 spays two cats, $50 feeds all of the animals for one day, $25 vaccinates one dog or one cat, $10 microchips one dog or one cat.

Contact: Chris Storm, controlling director, Safehaven Humane Society, 33071 Hwy 34 S.E., Albany, OR 97321; 541-928-2789; www.safehavenhumane.com

St. Vincent de Paul, Lebanon

Wishes: Blankets for low-income families, toys for accouchement of low-income familes to be acclimated for Christmas gifts, underwear for children, socks for children.

Contact: Betty Dadey 541-258-3681, or St. Vincent de Paul -Lebanon.

Wishes: Advance kettle ringers, toy donations, places to put an Angel Timberline for bodies w would like to acquirement adeptness for a adolescent or chief over 60, acquirement and/or donation of the Christmas meat, ham roll, turkey roll, or turkey; non-perishable foods to administer to bodies in need, blankets, volunteers to administer Christmas aliment boxes Dec. 17 and donations of banknote gifts.

Contact: Maureen Lawliss, The Salvation Army, Albany Corps, 541-990-5754 (cell) or 541-928-4774 (of)

(part of Linn County Lamb & Absolute Fair)

Wishes: New failing 8-foot tables to alter old tables that are above repair; structural adjustment of the attic in kitchen.

Contact: Robert Wateruse, president, ZCBJ Hall lath of trustees, P.O. Box 328, Scio, OR 97374; 503-394-3643; www.zhall.org; bulletin band for the hall: 503-394-2922

Senior Meals/Meals on Auto Program

Oregon Cascades West, Council of Governments

Wishes: Donations are bare for the affairs that serves nutritious, t commons to mid-valley seniors.

Contact: Diane Harvey, supervisor, 1400 Queen Ave. S.E., Albany, OR 97322; 541-924-8455

The Chief Citizen Foundation of Benton County

Wishes: Donations are acclimated to account earlier adults in Corvallis and Benton County through banking abutment of the programs, contest and casework provided by the Chintimini Chief Centermost in Corvallis.

Contact: John Locker, Chief Citizen Foundation of Benton County, 2601 N.W. Tyler Ave.,Corvallis, OR 97330; (541) 766-6959; www.foundationforseniors.org

Senior Dog Rescue of Oregon

Wishes: Temporary advance mes, consistently mes, volunteers, collars and leashes, collapsible wire dog crates, columnist costs, money for vet affliction and rehab, doggie carriage van repair, appropriate diets aliment and medicine, a van and accession to acrylic dogs on it, accord to SDRO aback buying/selling on eBay; agent donations (car, truck, motorcycle, trailer) active or not to Speed's Towing (503-234-5555 donations@speedstowingpdx.com) with a allocation of gain activity to SDRO).

Wishes: For Sharing Hands PackSnack Affairs (weekend agriculture affairs for accouchement in the Central Linn Scols and Head S), jars or alone packets of peanut er, and banknote to acquirement nutritious, shelf-stable foods to accelerate me with kids for the weekends aback they may not accept abundant to eat; shampoo, deodorant, tooth paste, bar soap, laundry soap, disposable ders; banknote for acquirement of turkeys and hams for the Christmas Greeters Program.

Contacts: Cyndi Anderson, Sharing Hands Lath affiliate and PackSnack Committee chair, P.O. Box 93 Brownsville, OR; 541-466-3043; Don Andrews, controlling ambador of Sharing Hands, P.O. Box 335 Brownsville, OR 97327; 541-466-3110

South Corvallis Aliment Bank

Wishes: Donations of basal claimed affliction and domiciliary items such as ablution soap, shampoo, dental hygiene ucts, toilet paper, laundry detergent, and bowl soap. Anniversary needs: hams and turkeys and added anniversary foods. Consistently needed: high-protein items such as affable soups and stews. Donations can be alone off 1 to 3 p.m. Mondays, Wednesdays, 5 to 7 p.m. Thursdays, and 10 a.m. to apex Saays at 1798 S.W. Third St.

Strengthening Rural Families

Wishes: Donations for the organization's new Promise Project, which seeks to articulation all family-service ets to "connect families with a continuum of services."

Contact: Andrea Myhre, controlling director, Strengthening Rural Families, 1229 Main St., Suite 101, Philomath; P.O. Box 1528, Philomath, OR 97370; (541) 929-2535; http://www.ruralfamilies.org

Sunshine Industries Unlimited

Wishes: basal bed-making machines (new, or acclimated in acceptable alive order) for use in bed-making projects for iniduals with adorning disabilities; any sewers or quilters with bolt or bolt debris they ability be able to accord would additionally be abundantly appreciated. Thank you actual much.

Contact: Sunshine Industries Unlimited, Inc. Roseanne Lupoli, CEO; Chuck Tmpson, lath chairman; (541) 367-5384, 3714 Long St, P.O. Box 178, Sweet Home, OR 97386; (541) 367-2765; sunshineindustriesunli-mited.com

Sweet Home Gleaners   

Wishes: $5000 for a lift aboideau on truck; new, college fence for aback yard, new buzz system; adapted computer arrangement tughtout donation room, aliment room, cashier, arrangement that is able to network; $2,000 for ammunition expense, new sercuity system; new attic tugut store, contacts of business that ambition to advice with donation year round.

Sweet Home Gleaners, Inc.

Teen Challenge Pacific Northwest

Wishes: Sponsors for students, barbecue tables, backyard furniture, canopies, folding chairs, sprinkler system, applicant refrigerator/freezer, bowls, plates, pans, cardboard napkins (8 ounce), artificial gles, cardboard plates, artificial serviceware, toilet paper, vitamin C, Kleenex, sanitation wipes, debris bags, cardboard towels, brooms, mopheads, Febreze, etc., arrangement supplies: staplers, paper, envelopes, stamps, Scotch tape, appearance tape, pens, scissors, etc, computers, software, arrangement server; arrangement chairs, attic shampooer, exhaustion cleaner, accord items: stamps, stationery, greeting cards, notebooks, paper, pens, donations to acquirement books, towels, washrags, kitchen towels, accompanying admeasurement bedding: pillows, pillowcases, comforters, sheets, cartage for affairs use: pickup, mini, vans or 12-15 actuality vans; donation items for resale: cars, trailers, boats, motorcycles, etc.

Contact: Ron Wenning, controlling director, Boyod Challenge Pacific Northwest, Willamette Valley Men's Cen-ter, Willamette Valley Men's Center, 31700 Fayetteville Drive, Shedd, OR 97377; 541-491-1002; www.teenchallengepnw.com/wvmc

Turner Christian Church Aliment Bank

Wishes: Canned protein (like tuna, meats, chili, pork and beans etc.), canned fruits and vegetables, boxed commons such as macaroni and cheese and hamburger helper, bake-apple or vegetable abstract and aloof about any abiding aliment account commonly abounding in me kitchen cupboards. Added nonfood items such as bar soap and toilet cardboard are consistently needed.

Wishes: For veterans and families, locally, and White City and Roseburg Hospital, new socks (men's and wom-en's of any kind), men's T-shirts with pockets, men's jeans, women's jeans, women's blouses, shirts etc., jackets and sweaters, acclimated accouterment in acceptable condition, children's clothing, new or used, children's toys, adopt new.

Gift certificates of donations of canned goods, potatoes, noodles, etc.; enlarge our ladies abetting amplitude with an accession to acquiesce beyond contest and storage, donations of architecture abstracts and architect activity requested, kitchen advancement to accommodate a beyond awning over the barbecue and ovens and a composition air system, new dishwasher for the kitchen, acrylic for central canteen and dining room, advancement of one for the abate electrical panels, (materials and labor)

Wishes: Warm coats, gloves, hats for all ages, blankets, sleeping bags, flashlights and batteries, banknote donations to buy aliment for the Christmas Affairs and a new architecture with lots of e.

Contact: The Vina Moses Center, 968 N.W. Garfield Ave., Corvallis, OR 97330; 541-753-1420;www.vinamoses.org

Wishes: Allotment for abstracts to body wheelchair ramps, donated aculator amplitude and volunteers bare for transportation, grocery spping, allowance with architecture wheelchair ramps, backyard work, ablaze usekeeping and arrangement help.

Wishes: Trowels, ses, corrupt nozzles, dribble irrigation system, river rock, pea gravel, compost, es, algid frames, wheelbarrow, small, child-sized svels (approx. 3 ft. length), ample baptize catchment tanks, handwork and woodwork materials, absolute yarn, lamb skins, clay, absolute duke carders, duke accoutrement for woodworking, hides (deer, elk, cow) - for boom making

Soccer , basketball, adaptable soccer goals, amphitheater and , contrivance , accessories aculator cabinet, badminton accessories (high quality); baseball/softball gloves and .

Full calibration archetypal of animal skeleton, set of metric weights for science cles, pulleys with block and tackle, ropes and ok, atramentous filters for ablaze demonstrations, alive microscopes (compound and dissecting), anatomization kits

Globes with actomed cartography updates, chic sets (20) of novels and/or abbreviate adventure compilations, music-related materials; set of African-style drums (20), tenor recorders, marimba (full sized), xylopne, stringed instruments (violins, cellos), abnormally adolescent sized.

Vacuum(s), child-sized table, soup pot, comedy slide/structure, babyish refrigerator (dorm size), ample baskets, alive academy bus/acitivity bus (can backpack 15-20 people), affection cardboard cutter, arrangement cabinets and bookshelves

Contact: Lonnie Drouhard, administrator, Corvallis Waldorf Scol, 3855 N.E. Highway 20, Corvallis, Ore. 97330; 541-758-4674; www.corvalliswaldorfscol.org

Wishes: Donations to advice accommodate banking abetment to Benton County ociation in emergency need.

Wishes: Top adobe and case admixture for grounds, bank for access outside,  windows washed, carpets cleaned, new exhaustion (industrial), duke abuse for advanced steps, automotive abundance allowance certificates, backyard accoutrement sharpened, new rakes, burden washer, basal toolbox with accoutrement including a atrium set.  window abrasion tools, i.e. squeegee; microwave, new chairs for lunchroom, new brooms.  

Contact: Assignment Unlimited, 515 S.W. Western Blvd., Corvallis, OR 97333

Wishes: Donations for a baptize clarify ample abundant to clarify all the bubbler baptize at the Shanthi Nilayam Orphanage in India. It is me to 35 orphaned boys w are HIV positive. (cost of a baptize clarify is $1,050.); and donations for a television set and CD amateur for the Nithya Sahay Matha Hostel in Repalle, India, for girls from impo-verished families.

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