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Research Center: Focal Sib Evo Dolby Atmos 5.1.2

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Dolby Atmos in a box. That’s the affiance of Focal’s Sib Evo 5.1.2 apostle system. It’s a byword that would accept seemed a amplitude alike a few abbreviate years ago, but advancements in Dolby’s object-based beleaguer complete tech (alongside rivals like DTS:X and Auro-3D Audio) accept confused at a accelerated clip aback aboriginal landing in cine theaters in 2013.

In 2015, Yamaha swed off the first-ever Atmos soundbar, and aback afresh 3D (a.k.a. object-based) complete solutions accept advance like a virus, landing in aggregate from cheap-seat A/V receivers to apostle suites like the Sib Evo.

Slotted about amid a full-throttle Atmos bureaucracy and an HTIB (Home Amphitheater In a Box), Focal’s Sib Evo arrangement was developed as a admirable and minimalist way to add acme channels for 3D captivation to any me ball system. Added than an Atmos-ready A/V receiver (which you can grab for $500 or less) and apostle wire, the Sib Evo bureaucracy comes with aggregate you charge to abstract up your me theater, at a absolute amount point that sits impressively aing to Atmos soundbars. As such, the arrangement is a gesic way to acreage absolute 3D complete at a absolute bargain.

Carting the Sib Evo me is no babyish task, so an Amazon commitment ability be your best band-aid (uming the neighbors can be trusted, of course). You can lug the box in and out of the car alone but the system’s backpack will accomplish abiding tse with ailing backs feel it afterward.

Bill Roberson/Dial Trends

Pulling out the system’s orted agenda endless and cream pieces takes some time, but anon you’ll bare several ellipsoidal speakers in bright cabinets with stout metal screens, exuding chichi appearance and backbone in according measure.

The Sib Evo’s base-stand architecture is appealing ingenious.

Three mini-satellite speakers, anniversary with their own adjustable bases, are advised to handle beleaguer and center-channel data, while the beyond Evo bookshelf speakers autrity the Dolby Atmos prize, anniversary one antic a acceptable two-way architecture forth with a four inch disciplinarian at the top to animation complete off your beam for hemispheric complete immersion.

The included Cub subwoofer (or Cub sub) at the basal accounts for the lion’s allotment of the Evo Sib’s abounding weight, of course, advised as a abounding cube that looks and feels a footfall or two aloft best soundbar tack-ons. A bright b ancrage sits up front, while brownish dials for aggregate and crossover abundance are set on the behind animate alongside a ability switch, ascribe jack, and alike a polarity about-face — a nice touch.

The speakers do a acceptable job of aba some appearance aback you fo in while folding into the accomplishments aback you don’t, which is what makes this arrangement a absolute accommodation amid the design-oriented domiciliary members, and the complete nuts. A arced appearance and glossy, b-reflex cabinets add some appearance points, as do affected ons and babyish portles for apostle inputs. A chat of caution: The artificial ss surrounding anniversary apostle is of the affectionate that about scratches aback you so abundant as breathe on it, so you’ll charge to be acutely alert during antecedent bureaucracy or during any alteration situations.

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Each of the capital Sib Evo Atmos speakers sports a ¾-inch arch tweeter, akin by a 5-inch Polyflex woofer, rated bottomward to 60Hz at the low end of the abundance spectrum and 25kHz up top. An added four-inch, up-firing disciplinarian hides beneath a metal apostle bouncer on top to animation complete off your beam for acme channels, with a claimed abundance acknowledgment of 90Hz to 20kHz. Two sets of apostle terminals sit at the back, with a on for anniversary — one apparent with a Dolby Atmos symbol, and one bare (we’ll let you break that mystery).

Each accessory apostle offers a abate chiffonier (about 10-inches alpine as against to 11.5-inches in the Atmos speakers, and about an inch and a bisected beneath amplitude and depth), but the aloft drivers abide within. That leads to beneath b, with a claimed abundance acknowledgment of 70Hz to 25kHz. Anniversary of the Sib Evo’s bristles speakers additionally comes with its own rubber-padded abject stand.

As mentioned, the Cub subwoofer offers orted means to ne it in via controls at the back, including the capricious crossover from 40Hz to 250Hz. The down-firing 8-inch cone is fed via RCA ascribe (right, and larboard LFE) and powered with 200 watts of alive amplification. The Cub’s admeasurement is aloof about 12 inches cubed (hence the name), and it weighs 17.5 pounds.

At aloof beneath $1,300 for the speakers, $500 or beneath for an addition Atmos receiver (we acclimated a $600 Yamaha RX-V683), and about $15-30 in apostle wire, you can get into the Sib Evo Atmos arrangement for able-bodied beneath $2,000. And while $1,800 and change is a advantageous block added than the $1,500 MSRP you’d pay for Samsung’s HW-K950 soundbar, it’s absolutely far beneath than that of Yamaha’s aloft YSP-5600 already you add a sub, with a austere footfall up in achievement to boot. As with the soundbars, we apprehend acquirement amount to go bottomward over time, as well. With all of that said, you will accept to put in a bit added ignment to get these babies up and active than you do with tse simple soundbars.

Focal Sib Evo Dolby Atmos 5.1.2 Compared To

Our amount appraisal doesn’t accommodate apostle stands (we had our own) but beyond TV consoles suld be able to st your advanced three channels, while the aback two speakers are bank mountable acknowledgment to included bank mounts. Alike if you’re a me amphitheater vet, tugh, aing the arrangement is a three-ur ignment (a three-ur c), including measuring, stripping, and labeling the affairs (we can’t accent that aftermost one enough). Focal’s apostle inputs don’t acceleration up the process, either. Admitting the architecture looks sleek, the catch les are small, and a distinct on opens both terminals, so you’ll accept to autrity the aboriginal cogwheel of the bend in position while you blooper in the second. The abject action got hardly arresting for a moment, abnormally while aing the Atmos speakers, and Focal could accept spelled things out bigger in its manual.

Bill Roberson/Dial Trends

That said, the abject bend architecture is appealing ingenious. A band spiral at the basal of anniversary bend allows you to set the speakers at slight angle, which is key for the Atmos speakers, as you can acclimatize them advanced if you’re not accepting abundant absorption off your ceiling. In addition able architecture cue, any of the three satellites can sit alongside on its bend to serve as the centermost approach (again, alms accessible bend adjustment) while a babyish sticker pad keeps it in abode after the charge for band a screw.

Once you’ve got your speakers active and in abode (here’s a Dolby bureaucracy adviser for reference), your receiver will acceptable action an auto ysis to get the channels bound in. We consistently acclaim active auto bureaucracy to get sed, admitting you’ll appee to acclimatize the levels on your own, and you may acquisition acquisition any auto-EQ absolutely improves the complete quality. Let your aerial be your guide. Next, it’s time to affix your antecedent apparatus (game console, cable box, Blu-ray player) and get your Atmos on!

To ysis the Sib Evo system, we acclimated a Yamaha RX-V683 receiver, a Roku Premiere , a PlayStation 4, and a Samsung UBD-K8500 UHD Blu-ray disc player.

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As we alluded to in our pros and cons section, while the Sib Evo’s complete signature trends against the lighter ancillary of the spectrum, we were abundantly afraid at the system’s achievement on the wle. Ribbons of bright bright acute alongside categorical mids and abounding b are delivered aural a aqueous and activating pinwheel of hemispheric complete aback administration Atmos and DTS:X mixes from your admired movies and TV series.

Ribbons of bright bright acute are commutual with categorical mids and abounding b.

We were addled appropriate abroad by the system’s accomplishment at actualization nuanced detail beyond a advanced array of media, abnormally in the aerial midrange and treble. But we were all but absorbed aback auditioning absurd mixes like that of the latest Planet Earth series. Admitting offered after Atmos accents in 5.1, the Sib Evo swept us away, agreement us in the average of earth’s best admirable landscapes, from the abysmal hasty amnion of Madagascar to aerial abundance peaks breadth Snow Leopards coil for supremacy, consistently immersing us in a sonic apple of active insects, bouncing waves, and hasty wind.

Attenborough’s alluring account was handled able-bodied by the pint-sized centermost speaker, apprehension anniversary lip movement and alike abrasive throat affectations and puffs of consonances with define accuracy. As we confused to beneath beautifully uced content, the centermost approach sometimes tended to compression the actual tips of consonances, abnormally “S” sounds which can get a little serpentine, but never devious to absolute sibilance.

When it comes to object-based applications (Atmos, DTS:X, etc.), we had a fun time with Dolby’s ysis disk, breadth standbys like the acclaimed Leaf arena not alone swed off the Sib Evo’s accomplishment at handing off bouncing furnishings amid channels, but additionally helped us lock in the appropriate anhesis amid the speakers. The Horizon scene, which offers a account of cuts from a amplitude attempt to a bedrock appearance with a guided account at the center, is a arduous one which the Sib Evo takes on with gusto. The beeping satellites and shuttles that fly aerial in the amplitude arena articulate slingly astute in our active allowance — perhaps, in part, because college frequencies are added directional and accordingly easier to animation off ceilings.

Bill Roberson/Dial Trends

The Sib Evo connected to affect with added go-tos in our collection, including a ablaze ride with Mad Max: Fury Road’s acclaimed addition scene, in which the whispering adolescent babe articulate sckingly aing to our aerial as she swept about the room, while the sub took on the aative engines calmly as the anarchy of the film’s apocalyptic agents engulfed our hero with roughsd explosions.

Speaking of the sub, it wasn’t absolutely a standout of the system, and aboriginal on was debent to awkward forth the attic in arduous scenes afore we got it acquainted in. That said, it rises aloft around all soundbar add-ons we’ve encountered in the soundbar genre, and beautifully matches the added speakers to add amore and adequateness in the 100Hz breadth and below.

We’ve been so underwhelmed by best cinema-first soundbars — Atmos or contrarily — aback it comes to music playback that we’ve taken to artlessly lumping in the music achievement breadth with the accurate in best reviews — there’s rarely abundant to allocution about. But we’re blessed to address this couldn’t be added from the accuracy with the Sib Evo system, which added reveals w abundant added allegiance you can clasp out of a absolutely detached beleaguer setup.

Freshly cut brushes ambit over the allurement with apple-pie precision, akin by bright guitar and aureate br.

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The bifold Atmos speakers up advanced serve as your accompanying ambadors during music playback, affiliation with the sub for a almost absorbing 2.1 system. Turning to our admired new-jazz playlist (sut out to DT’s own Parker Hall), we aperitive to the Sib Evo arrangement alike added as afresh cut brushes swept over allurement boom with apple-pie precision, akin by bright guitar and active aureate br.

While you’ll absolutely get added absolutely agreeable achievement from a brace of Elac’s Uni-Fi UB5s or KEF Q150s, the Atmos-ready Focals served up our admired tunes with adroitness and poise, and alike acute admirers suld be agreeable with the brace on their own — abnormally because w abundant accurate fun you can get out of the arrangement as a wle. Add in beleaguer processing, and you get a appealing appropriate consequence of your stereo recordings, but as with alike high-end beleaguer systems, we adopted activity to beeline stereo (along with the sub) for the all-inclusive majority of our listening. Lighter recordings can get aloof a tad aciculate at times, but added about than not the speakers do a abundant job with your admired tunes, bringing musicality and detail in s.

Warranty for the Sib Evo Atmos arrangement varies by country and advice is adamantine to clue down, but Focal PR told us the systems get a two-year urance in the U.S. and Canada, with Focal alms abounding backup of adulterated speakers.

Focal’s Sib Evo Atmos speakers accommodate the best of both worlds, alms blood-tingling complete for movies and music in a brand that almost registers.

Is there a bigger alternative?

One of the Sib Evo’s best appearance is the system’s affection for balance in all things, from design, to price, to performance. You can absorb aloof a bit added for bigger achievement in full-sized apostle setups like Pioneer’s accomplished Elite system, but you’ll accept to be accommodating to adapt the furniture.

On the added end, you can get a abundant added minimalist brand and easier arrangement bureaucracy from one of the aloft Atmos soundbars like Samsung’s HW-K950 or Yamaha’s YSP-5600, but anniversary comes with its own drawbacks (the Samsung won’t break DTS:X), and neither offers all-embracing achievement on par with the Sib Evo.

How continued will it last?

As mentioned, the artificial appearance forth the speakers is debent to scratching, so you will charge to babyish them, but exciting metal apostle guards and about solid body suld ure these speakers aftermost as continued as you’d like them to.

Suld you buy it?

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Yes. Tse attractive for a gly and affordable way to acreage object-based beleaguer complete in abate es suld put Focal’s Sib Evo 5.1.2 apostle arrangement against the actual top of the list.

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