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If you accept a ample ancestors or like to benumb lots of your civil uce, Whirlpool’s tallest ed freezer with a freezing accommodation of over a ision of a cubic beat may able-bodied fit the bill. This exceptional stainless animate accomplished apparatus is a accepted 60cm advanced with abbreviate doors acceptance adjustment aing to a ancillary wall, and is the ideal accomplice to the ogous Whirlpool WME36562 X fridge.

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With an A activity apprait and frost-free operation, this abundant freezer offers air-circulation cooling for an alike temperature througut and Whirlpool’s 6th Sense sensor technology. This is claimed to benumb aliment up to 30% quicker than accepted non-sensor freezers. You get an array of shelves and drawers, low babble and the advantage of a bond kit for this and its accomplice fridge to accomplish one of the better accommodation side-by-side fridge freezers on the market. It’s a abundant advantage if you charge lots of freezer amplitude and a little appearance in one.

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This is an apparatus advised to be article of a centrepiece for your kitchen, and the WVE26552 NFX’s fit and accomplishment is added than up to the task. Whirlpool’s stainless animate on the aperture has a abysmal ‘steely’ re and is appreciably aggressive to fingerprints too. This gives the freezer a actual able and accomplished attending with a axial brand in allegory brownish finish. The controls are all buried abaft the aperture abrogation a bland and aerial appearance that prompted a casual neighbour to ert “oooh that’s a bit lush.”

The WVE2662 NFX (left) commutual with its fridge ogue the WVE36562 X

The WVE26552 NFX has a ample stainless animate handle adapted to the ancillary and the aperture can be antipodal for left- or right-hand opening. It requires a bit of a tug to accessible as there is no accessory to absolution the big aperture seal, but the activity is added bent than difficult.

If you accept a wpping 120cm gap in your kitchen, Whirlpool offers an alternative bond kit that ties the fridge and freezer calm and conceals the consuent to actualize a absolutely behemothic and beauteous attractive side-by-side fridge freezer. Moreover as both units are alone hardly added than a accepted worktop, the aggregate won’t stick out into the allowance like a US-style ancillary by ancillary model, either.

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On the central you are presented with a complete coffer of drawer fronts neatly lit by ablaze top-mounted lighting. This shines beeline bottomward the advanced of the drawers to brighten the accommodation aback anniversary is opened. Genius. The ascendancy console is ancd on the top-edge abaft the aperture so is activity to prove rather aerial up for some to reach. A aggregate of blow ons, admonishing lights and LED articulation affectation ascendancy temperature additional Fast Freeze, Party and an Eco Night modes.

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How abounding times accept you as a canteen in the freezer to arctic bottomward bound alone to balloon about it and ascertain it arctic and/or exploded some time later? The Whirlpool’s rather accessible Party approach is a admission timer of 30 account that you set aback you put a canteen in the freezer and abolish aback the anxiety sounds.

The Eco Night approach is not article we haven’t apparent on any ysis apparatus afore and is advised to accomplish the best of cheaper caliginosity electricity. After an on-board alarm to acquaint the time of day, this uses the 6th Sense technology to adviser aperture aperture temperature fluctuations and switches to night approach during continued periods of inactivity. We couldn’t accurately ysis this feature, but the aen is sound.

Nothing abbreviate of a ample chest freezer will benumb added aliment than the WVE26552 NFX. To put that into context, its 260-litre net accommodation is over 25% added than the actual better US-style side-by-side models we accept activated and able-bodied over alert the freezer accommodation of best accepted amplitude fridge freezers. It is vast.

The amplitude is disconnected into no beneath than seven compartments. From the top down; the top two are bead bottomward aperture fronts with bottle shelves. The top-most shelf breadth is bargain a little by the air apportionment fan.

The aing two compartments are standard-sized bright artificial drawers active on artificial sliders. Below these are two deep, ample accommodation drawers which coast out on runners to board the abeyant added weight aback absolutely loaded. The basal draw is abysmal but about truncated to board the compressor behind.

All of the drawers can be removed calmly for a acceptable comb on a worktop but putting the roller drawers aback accurately on their runners is a bit of a faff.

The WVE26552 NFX comes supplied with a ample freezer block to aculate a air-conditioned bag algid aback you are out and about, but if you appee contemporary freezer accessories like a absolutely automated ice maker you will accept to attending elsewhere.

While the WVE26552 NFX is not as quiet as its near-silent fridge counterpart, it is still very, actual quiet. We abstinent 41dB running, which agrees absolutely with the amount quoted on the EU activity label. Generally, aback there are two noises at the aforementioned time you alone apprehend the loudest (they don’t ‘add-up’) so with both this freezer and the ogous fridge active the babble is still activity to be about 41dB. As that is aing to the ambient babble in a library, it is safe to say this is a actual quiet machine.

We loaded up the WVE26552 NFX with 1kg of aliment per 10 litres of aculator e, which apprenticed a above bazaar internet boutique afore we could begin. We broadcast aliment ogously througut the appliance, including 2 litres of allowance temperature baptize that serves to appearance w bound beginning aliment can be frozen.

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We set the temperature to -18 degrees C and placed a abstracts logging temperature delving on every shelf and one in the water. We log the temperatures over two days, aperture the aperture bisected a dozen times per day.

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The WVE26552 NFX runs a two-ur compressor aeon and delivers about absolute after-effects for an A-rated freezer. We say ‘almost’ because it runs a little colder than the thermostat indicates – all of the lower shelves averaged amid -20 degrees C (lowest drawer) and -19 degrees C (second shelf from top) througut the test, with alone the top shelf averaging the programmed -18 degrees. While this will not abnormally affect your aliment storage, it will use hardly added electricity than carefully necessary.

Other than that, the WVE26552 NFX is rather boringly (for a freezer yst anyway) good.

Our ysis baptize sample went from allowance temperature to – 18 degrees C in a actual accelerated 12 urs, which justifies Whirpool’s affirmation that its 6th Sense technology freezes beginning aliment actual bound indeed. The baptize maintained about -20 degrees C consistently througut the test.

Thanks to the actual able air apportionment cooling the temperature ambit and bendability of the all but the top alcove is identical.

The WVE2662 NFX (left) commutual with its fridge ogue the WVE36562 X

Their beat is /- 2 degrees througut the compressor cycle. This did not change at all througut the two-day ysis and the aeon is identical every time. The top shelf averages -18 degrees, but has a appreciably added beat of temperature through the cycle, alignment from -21 degrees C at its coolest and peaking briefly at -14 degrees C aloof afore the compressor bliss aback in.

The three-ur abort ysis was aloof what we would apprehend from a alpine A apparatus with the air temperature ascent by aloof 5 degrees beyond all bristles drawers. The two top shelves fared hardly beneath well, ascent by about 7 and 8 degrees respectively, peaking at -12 and -9 degrees. The arctic aliment sample in the high roller drawer nudged up to -14 degrees – still able-bodied and absolutely frozen.

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Calculating on affliction case book of aliment on the actual top shelf, the WVE26552 NFX would be aliment safe for a little over 12 urs in the accident of a ability failure, altugh aliment in the added drawers would survive longer.

With its A apprait the WVE26552NFX claims to use aloof 246Wh of electricity per year. Kept at a connected allowance temperature of 19 degrees C and with the aperture opened six times per day for a acceptable 30-seconds anniversary time, we account the anniversary activity burning will be a little college than that at 274kWh.

Given the acute accommodation that aftereffect is still a acceptable one and compares favourably with ogously rated fridge-freezers of the aforementioned size.

If you were to run this and the ogous fridge calm you would use about 372kWh per year, which equates to about £56. Give or booty the amount of a baby beer, that is about absolutely the aforementioned active costs as the beyond US-style ancillary by-side models we accept tested.

The Whirlpool WVE26552 NFX offers huge freezer capacity, solid abstruse ysis after-effects and beauteous fit and accomplishment to accomplish it article of a centrepiece in the kitchen – decidedly aback partnered with the ogous fridge. It lacks the appearance of a US-style freezer and its runs hardly colder than ideal, but for tse attractive for a big freezer that is appropriately big on appearance after breaking the bank, it takes some beating.

It absolutely gives you added freezer amplitude than any of the best American-style fridge freezers we’ve tested, and the fridge and freezer combines amount the aforementioned or beneath than the pricier models out there. If amplitude is added important to you than appearance such as ice makers and baptize dispensers, you can’t go amiss here.

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An accomplished freezer, decidedly aback commutual with its affinity as a side-by-side fridge freezer combo.

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