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Editor's note: About the holidays, abounding nonprofits abridgement the aliment and donations that acquiesce them to account those in need. Anniversary year, the Rapid City Journal publishes a ambition account submitted by dozens of bounded accommodating groups with the achievement that readers can acquisition the absolute nonprofit and donation to advice those beneath fortunate. Contact advice is included with anniversary listing. This year's account was aggregate with assistance from the Helpline Center.

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About the organization: Children’s Home Association of SD is a clandestine nonprofit whose mission is to protect, adorn and enhance the lives of accouchement and families. Black Hills locations accommodate Children’s Home Adolescent Advancement Center, Black Hills Children’s Home and Association Based Services.

Needs: Twin XL Fleece blankets; New water-resistant gloves and mittens (especially for age 8-18); New beyond children’s coats and developed babyish and average coats; New able-bodied shoes (especially big kids admeasurement 4, 5, 6 and 7); Discovery Kids Amazing Facts Books; Guinness Book of Apple Record Books; Building toys like Legos, Kleenex, Magna Tiles; Comedy Doh & Comedy Doh Sets; Developed Appearance Books; Black Pencils; Markers; Crayons; Sketch Pads and “How to Draw” Books; G-rated DVDs; New Agenda Amateur and Lath Games; Headphones; Children’s Books on CD; Drawing Toys such as Crayola Ablaze Designer and Agenda Drawing Pad; Magna Doodle; Books Anatomy Drama by Nancy Redd & What’s Happening to My Anatomy by Lynda Madaras (used books are fine).

Where to donate: 1330 Jolly Lane, Suite 2A, Rapid City

About the organization: Painted Prayers illuminates the arts and adroitness as a able apparatus for affecting and airy growth.

Needs: Bare canvases of any size; acrylic paints; artisan acrylic brushes; wax paper; markers; black pencils; cement sticks; affiche board; bare journals; aprons; bead cloths.

Where to donate: South Maple Affiliated Methodist Church, 202 E. Indiana St., Rapid City, or The OWN, 622 Capital St., Rapid City

Working Against Abandon Inc.

About the organization: Alive to actualize a association chargeless of calm corruption and animal advance through advocacy, apprenticeship and abutment services.

Needs: Gas Cards Buzz Cards, Rapid Ride Bus Tickets, Algid Atom and Non-Perishable Foods, Meats, Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, Allowance Certificates to Wal-Mart or Sam’s Club, Developed sized winter coats.

Where to donate: WAVI, 527 Quincy St., Rapid City

About the organization: Youth & Ancestors Casework is a nonprofit alignment that works to advice abutting the befalling gap for disadvantaged accouchement and adolescent bodies in and about the Black Hills community.

Needs: Monetary donations to armamentarium year-round adolescence programming; children’s accouterment (gently acclimated or new); children’s winter accoutrement (gently acclimated or new); children’s socks and underwear (new); children’s sweatpants and sweatshirts (gently acclimated or new); children’s toys; diapers; books; puzzles; academy supplies; adeptness supplies; gas cards; toilet paper; cardboard towels; cardboard plates and artificial utensils; domiciliary charwoman supplies; claimed hygiene products; laundry detergent; alignment tubs, drawer systems and containers.

Where to donate: 1920 N. Plaza Blvd.

Mothers Against Bashed Alive (MADD)

About the organization: The mission of MADD is to end bashed driving, advice activity benumbed driving, abutment the victims of these agitated crimes, and anticipate arrears drinking.

Needs: MADD would acknowledge allowance cards for appointment aliment and printing. Donations throughout the year to advice us with our mission. Chargeless announcement to advice get the bulletin out: Think afore you alcohol and do not alcohol and drive. This anniversary division accord law administration and aboriginal responders a break. Tie a red award on your car to admonish anybody not to alcohol and drive. Ribbons accessible at MADD office, 426 St. Joseph St.. Best of all MADD wishes there would be no added victims of these agitated crimes. Additionally we achievement that all of the nonprofit's wishes appear true. Merry Christmas!

Where to donate: 426 St. Joseph St., Rapid City

About the organization: New Alternatives provides apartment to adolescent adults alive with brainy illness. Arise offers alternatives to detention, and we advice adolescence alive with brainy affliction at Canyon Hills Center — Spearfish.

Needs: Hygiene items (shampoo, conditioner, anatomy wash, deodorant, razors, lotion, attach clippers, etc.); blankets and bedding; winter coats for teens; PG or PG-13 movies; kitchen aliment (pots, pans, bake-ware, kitchen utensils); books (teen best-sellers); arts and crafts; and lath games.

Where to donate: 2920 Sheridan Lake Road, Rapid City

About the organization: Amusing Account Agency: Counseling, Adoption, Lakota Circles of Hope, Prosperity Initiative, Uplifting Parents, Disaster Abutment and added programs for those in need.

Needs: Movie passes, allowance cards and bathe passes for our Uplifting Parent and Prosperity Initiative Programs for clients. Babyish layettes, diapers and blueprint for client's babies and adolescent children. Appointment supplies. Able-bodied maintained, lower breadth autos and vans.

Where to donate: 529 Kansas City St., Suite 100, Rapid City

About the organization: We admission the wishes of accouchement adverse life-threatening medical altitude to adorn the animal acquaintance with hope, backbone and joy.

Needs: Ambition enhancements (items charge to be new): headphones; SD anamnesis cards; Disney-themed toys; iTunes allowance cards; biking games; LEGO sets; superhero themed toys; bounded allowance cards; puzzles; new adolescence backpacks; batteries (AA/AAA); sports themed toys; journals; photo albums; DSLR camera to accommodation to ambition families. Appointment needs: four collapsible easels.

Where to donate: 14 St. Joseph St., Suite 302, Rapid City

Black Hills Breadth Council, Boy Scouts of America

About the organization: We adapt adolescent bodies to accomplish ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the ethics of the Scout adjuration and law.

Needs: Stump grinder adapter for a Bobcat, mini excavator, ache cone stain for barrio at camp, donation of $500,000 for new battery abode at camp, bedding of drywall, new archery equipment, $50,000 for new shotgun ambit at camp, $10,000 to $15,000 donation for new afflicted shelters and barbecue tables, appointment aliment (pens, pencils, paperclips, highlighters, etc.), two 12-gauge shotguns, two 20-gauge shotguns, shotgun shells for 20- and 12-gauge, adobe pigeons for shotgun shooting, volunteers to serve as Merit Badge Counselors, accomplishment trades volunteers, carpeting or attic donation for board office, acrylic (used or unused), alluvium for roads, culverts for alley improvements, toilet cardboard and cardboard towels, charwoman supplies, two electric washers, two electric dryers, hardware, shovels, rakes, hoses, new BB accoutrements and BBs, assorted lumber, $10,000 or Polaris Ranger for camp, white EZ-ups, $1,000 donations to board endowment, ten 8-inch folding tables, two new Abundant Duty trucks for camp.

Where to donate: 144 North St., Rapid City

About the organization: Supports added than 600 bodies with a array of disabilities.

Needs: Lath games, backyard games, art aliment (beats, paints, etc.); exercise equipment, shoe racks, kitchen items (pots and pans, accessories in able condition, refrigerator, stove, stackable washer/dryer, babyish freezer); alfresco barbecue new or hardly used.

Where to donate: Will depend on item. Best to anxiety first.

About the organization: The Allied Arts Armamentarium has served as a affiliated allotment bureau for the arts in Rapid City and the Black Hills back 1971. Allied Arts Armamentarium is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Operating and promotional abutment for arts organizations, as able-bodied as allotment for added nonprofit, grassroots association art projects. Together, our groups represent the best alive and accustomed arts organizations in the Black Hills, who with our admission recipients, accommodate over 1,200 culturally adorning contest for our association anniversary year.

Needs: We are acutely beholden for any budgetary donations, every bulk helps us accomplish our mission. Acquire a admission to an accident you are not able to use? Donate it to our Share-a-Seat affairs and we will accomplish abiding it goes to able use. Also, amuse accelerate your Ancestors Fare receipts for our Absolute Your Dollars campaign.

Where to donate: 529 Kansas City St., Suites 215 & 219 Rapid City, SD 57701 (2nd Attic Offices Catholic Amusing Casework Building) PO Box 4080 Rapid City, SD 57709

Behavior Management Systems Abounding Circle

About the organization: Today, over 11,000 bodies from a 20,000-square-mile breadth await on Behavior Management Systems to advice them cope with the stresses of life. Comprehensive counseling casework and analysis programs awning a cardinal of adverse issues and disorders from addictive behavior and disabling all-overs to schizophrenia, stress, and suicide, and abundant of what avalanche in between. While the admeasurement of the alignment and the ambit of its behavioral bloom affliction casework acquire afflicted and acquired decidedly over the years, the company’s amount eyes charcoal the same: “Building absolute change amid ourselves and the communities breadth we live, work, and play.”

Needs: Abounding Circle is a residential affairs attractive for children's admeasurement 1T to 8 in boys and girls accouterment shirt, pants, socks, undies. Accouterment is for accouchement who appear to Abounding Circle with their mothers; generally the accouchement generally acquire alone the clothes they are wearing.

Where to donate: 350 Elk St., Rapid City, SD 57701

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Behavior Management Systems Mainstream

About the organization: Today, over 11,000 bodies from a 20,000 aboveboard mile breadth await on Behavior Management Systems to advice them cope with the stresses of life. 

Needs: Attractive for 15 allowance cards to Walmart for the audience that do not acquire ancestors associates or that would contrarily not acquire a allowance on Christmas.

Where to donate: 111 North St., Rapid City, SD 57701

Bella Pregnancy Adeptness Center

About the organization: At Bella, we acquire that every woman is a woman of adorableness and abundant worth. No amount what your affairs are, we acquire you are a woman of amount who is able of authoritative your own decisions. Bella exists to be a adeptness for women and men with pregnancy-related needs. We are not actuality to acquaint you what to do but to accumulation you with the support, advice and apprenticeship you charge to accomplish decisions.

Description of needs: Babyish items (new or like new babyish clothing, new baby car seats, cribs & mattresses, diapers, wipes, etc.); two ample awning collapsed awning TVs for applicant and agents education; budgetary donations to amend our Earn While You Apprentice educational material.

Where to donate: 119 E Admission Street, Suite 2, Spearfish, SD 57783 (Jan. 2 or after)

Black Hills Raptor Center

About the organization: The mission of the Black Hills Raptor Centermost is to conserve and assure built-in birds of casualty and their accustomed habitats through education, rehabilitation and research.

Description of needs: Budgetary donations for our adeptness project; rolls of appearance tape; bend over sandwich bags; $20 allowance agenda for a advance to buy ammunition so a bird can get transported to Pierre for rehabilitation; burrow of archetype paper; postage stamps; ample constructed acid board; athletic artificial dishpans

Where to donate: Box 9713 Rapid City, SD 57709

About the organization: The Club for Boys is committed to accouterment absolute adventures that advance self-esteem and appearance in a caring, safe, and fun ambiance for all boys.

Description of needs: Sponsors are capital for affiliate families with bound assets for Christmas by accouterment adeptness or anniversary decorations. Sponsors can either do the arcade themselves afterwards accepting a ambition list, or accord funds and the agents can do the arcade for you.

Where to donate: 320 N. 4th St. Rapid City, SD 57701

C.O.R.E - Association Organized Assets in Educating Adolescence (Freshman Impact)

About the organization: Alive to save boyhood lives through alternate bactericide education. Freshman Impact: Caught in the Moment is a able one-day blockage affairs for adolescent boyish students. The acceptance see up abutting and apprentice through hands-on activities the accessible after-effects of amiss choices and the abiding furnishings physically and emotionally on their bodies, their families and friends, and their community. The affairs promotes advice and developing affinity amid the adolescence and law enforcement, blaze and accomplishment personnel. The affairs brings calm local, county, accessory and federal assets to brainwash students, parents and academy agents on annihilative boyish issues and the consequences. Law enforcement/fire/rescue departments can use the affairs as inter-departmental training for their cadre in emergency acknowledgment skills, alive as a aggregation with added breadth departments, and announcement association relations. As a team, anybody works calm to advance adolescent teenagers authoritative safe choices and preventing annihilative behaviors. It is important to accord our adolescent teenagers the accoutrement to advance constant abilities and ethics to accomplish the best choices.

Needs: Budgetary Donations; Conference table for minimum of 10; Cubicle Appointment Walls Minimum of 6 anxiety tall; Conference table chairs; Appointment board and chairs; Metal crabbed four or bristles draw filing cabinets. Appointment furniture: We can align for aces up as well.

Where to donate: 22732 Rando Cloister Box Elder SD, 57719

Cornerstone Accomplishment Mission

Needs: Cornerstone will be accession $10 Walmart allowance cards to be acclimated for the women and accouchement of Cornerstone. There is usually a curtailment of adeptness for earlier children. Any added cards will be acclimated to advice the ladies buy aliment they contrarily could not afford. Large/sturdy backpacks, bus passes, laundry & bowl soap, gas cards, money donations. Kitchen items of eggs, milk, fruits and vegetables, coffee, cereal; Kitchen items can be brought to 30 Capital St. Added items can be brought to Admin Offices at 401 11th St.

Where to donate: 401 11th Street Rapid City, SD 57701 or 30 Capital Street Rapid City, SD 57701

Crisis Intervention Apartment Service, Inc.

About the organization: Crisis Intervention Apartment Service, additionally accustomed as CISS, is a nonprofit Calm Abandon Apartment in Sturgis, SD. We accommodate housing, food, transportation, and awning the needs of men, women, and accouchement who are beat from DV.

Needs: CISS is currently in charge of budgetary donations to alter the carpeting aural the apartment as able-bodied as the ablaze fixtures. Added items that we go through frequently are shampoo, conditioners (adults and kids), charwoman aliment (laundry and basal cleaning) and added basal toiletries. Some added items would be dressers, pillows, abounding and accompanying admeasurement bedding. Advice accomplish a Christmas Aliment Box for families in need. Anniversary aliment box contains abundant aliment to accommodate the ancestors a appropriate Christmas meal forth with anniversary treats. Aces up a box at CISS, or ample your own.

Where to donate: PO Box 842 Sturgis, SD 57785-0842

Fork Real Association Café

About the organization: Fork Real is a affiliate of One Apple Anybody Eats Foundation, a arrangement of added than 60 association cafes. Our mission is to body association by accouterment alimental and adorable commons to the bodies of Rapid City behindhand of their adeptness to pay.

Needs: Monetary donations; Frequent flyer afar would abetment in traveling to Annual Café Operators Training and Education; Bartering 2 aperture Reach-in Refrigerator for aliment storage; Bartering Upright Freezer; Industrial Immersion Blender (available at Rapid City Bartering Kitchen Store); Pre-paid accumulator assemblage for 12 months; Bartering brand electric duke Mixer; New dinnerware/place settings; New business laptop or desktop; Ample collapsed awning computer monitor; Color Printer.

Where to donate: 201 Capital St., Rapid City, SD 57701

About the organization: At the Helpline Center, we acquire anybody deserves advice back they charge simple answers, association access or achievement during difficult times. The mission of the Helpline Centermost is authoritative lives bigger by giving support, alms achievement and creating access all day, every day. We accomplish our mission through the afterward amount account areas: 211 Helpline

Description of needs: Budgetary donations.

Where to donate: 529 Kansas City St., Suite 201 Rapid City, SD 57701

About the organization: The Hill City Senior Centermost is a bounded alignment committed to the account of our earlier adults in the communities of the Black Hills. The Centermost will accommodate opportunities for these individuals to accommodated and accompany alternate interests that will enhance their ability and animate captivation in the community. We strive to accommodate activities and contest to accomplish the needs in our area.

Description of needs: Adeptness should be new items that you would like to accord or acquire yourself (i.e. clothing, gloves, hats, toys, domiciliary items, books, or claimed items (please, no perfume, architecture or ambrosial toiletries). Amuse no abundant or brittle items because of commitment issues. Handmade items are welcomed. Allowance cards to civic chains are acceptable. Donations of wrapping paper, tape, etc. are additionally welcomed.

Where to donate: 227 Walnut Avenue Hill City, SD 57745

Historic Homestake Opera House

About the organization: A celebrated nonprofit assuming arts breadth congenital by the Homestake Gold Mine in 1914 has about 100 volunteers and 50 contest all year-round including music, theater, movies, presentations, and tours while commutual apology of the amphitheater as appropriate activity allotment allows.

Needs: New agenda projector for presentations; Folgers approved coffee; Dry coffee creamer; White cloistral cardboard cups; Plain granulated sugar; Bartering admeasurement bag new airheaded kernels; appointment cardboard - 8.5x11, 11x17, 12x18; Babyish Changing Stations - two at atomic for capital ablution and added floor; Latex-free Gloves for painting/cleaning; Aliment Account Gloves; Spray Furniture Polish; Broom/Dustpan; Windex Glass Cleaner; Gallons of Vinegar; Multi-Surface Mr. Clean Cleaner; Clorox or Lysol Wipes; Folded Cardboard Towels for Dispenser/Baskets; Brawny/Viva/Bounty Roll Cardboard Towels for Cleaning; Toilet Paper; Air Freshener; Single Pump Duke Soaps and Gallon Refill; 5-gallon Buckets; Rags; Flashlights; Batteries - C and AA; Ablaze Bulbs; Screwdriver flat/Phillips; 5 Aboriginal Aid Kits – stocked; 3 Shark vacuums (1 for anniversary floor); Barge for apology projects and date design

Where to donate: 308 Julius St., Lead, SD 57754

["388"]Round Table Folsom Blvd - StarrkingschoolRound Table Folsom Blvd - Starrkingschool | round table folsom blvd

About the organization: The HOPE Centermost was accustomed in 2010 as an beat activity of Aboriginal Affiliated Methodist Abbey in city Rapid City. Initial planning for the activity was apprenticed by an bidding charge of those alive in abjection and/or afterwards homes, adjacency churches and businesses, and added nonprofit agencies to acquire a day centermost in Rapid City that would be able to accommodate basal day casework in the city area.

Description of needs: The HOPE Centermost is collecting: thick, aloof black scarves, mittens, hats, gloves, socks, snow pants, snow boots, winter coats and cloistral accouterment of all developed sizes. Also, acclaim used, or new blankets and sleeping accoutrements to accord out throughout the algid season. Donations acceptable all yearlong, abnormally during the algid months.

Where to donate: 615 Kansas City St., Rapid City, SD 57701

About the organization: We assignment with bounded groups to amalgamation awful alimental aliment that is beatific to craving bodies about the apple and athirst bodies about the corner.

Needs: Budgetary donations to accredit us to backpack added food; Groups, businesses and individuals who would like to backpack commons in an accumulation line; Vacuum cleaner; Ample jugs of duke sanitizer; Food-grade gloves.

Where to donate: 700 44th St. Rapid City, SD 57702

Love INC of the Black Hills

About the organization: Love INC of the Black Hills helps churches advice bodies in need. Love INC started in 2001 and now works with over 60 Black Hills breadth churches. Love INC coordinates abbey assets and volunteers through assorted programs advised to advice those in charge in our community.

Description of needs: Love INC is accession new and/or acclaim acclimated blankets of all sizes; Woodworking tools; Furniture; Adventure Accessory (Skis & ski boots, snowboards and boots, antic equipment, camping gear, exercise or sports clothing); Nonperishable aliment items (cereal, spaghetti booze and noodles, hamburger helper, canned adolescent or chicken, soups, canned vegetables or fruit); Archetype paper; 1-inch three arena notebooks, stamps.

Where to donate: 140 North Street Rapid City, SD 57701

Love INC of the Black Hills, Activity INC.

About the organization: Love INC of the Black Hills helps churches advice bodies in need.

Description of needs: During the holidays, Activity INC acceptance attempt to acquire able food, abnormally back ancestors and accompany are generally visiting. Aliment Donations for the abdomen are needed, abnormally canned meat, fruits, breakfast items, burning mashed potatoes, biscuit and gravy.

Where to donate: 140 North Street Rapid City, SD 57701

Mailing Address: PO Box 3255 Rapid City, SD 57709

About the organization: Mercy Apartment is a nonprofit that provides affordable apartment to low-income families, seniors, and individuals with disabilities. Bodies who acquisition a home with Mercy Apartment acquire generally struggled with some of life’s toughest challenges. Aerial apartment costs, job loss, illness, actuality abuse, trauma, and abreast are a few barriers association face as they assignment to actualize a abiding life. We admit that bodies generally charge added than a home to body a abiding life, which is why, in accession to housing, we accommodate citizen services, which offers programs in the breadth of community, bloom and wellness, finance, and out of academy time.

Description of needs: Budgetary donations, adeptness aliment of all kind, developed and accouchement books, puzzles/games, winter accouterment such as hats, gloves, mittens, scarfs, blankets, appearance books, markers/crayons, new socks.

Where to donate: 914 Explorer Street Rapid City, SD 57701

Minneluzahan Senior Citizens Center

About the organization: Minneluzahan Senior Citizens Centermost is a nonprofit alignment whose mission is: “To animate seniors to abide alive and complex in a amusing and recreational ambience by accouterment programs and activities.”

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Needs: Best of our “wants” are items that we charge for use in our fundraising activities: (2-3) Ample basin pots; (2) Ample canopies; (5) Ample white annular tables (60 inches in diameter); (4) 8 bottom continued white artificial tables; 50-100 stackable chairs; Agenda tables and chairs; (1) 80 to 100 cup coffee maker; 18 quart electric roaster; New Sound System; Cardboard shredder; bookcase; or donations to awning costs to alter the bare items.

Where to donate: 315 North 4th St. (next to Club for Boys)

Northern Hills Breadth CASA Program

About the organization: Northern Hills Breadth CASA Affairs seeks to advance and assure the best absorption of abused and alone accouchement through the advancement efforts of accomplished volunteers. We conduct account training sessions for CASA volunteers and association associates to apprentice about casework accessible for accouchement and families.

Needs: Budgetary donations; Lightweight Projector for training presentations.

Where to donate: 741 N. Fifth St., Spearfish, SD 57783

Northern Hills Eye Foundation

About the organization: Northern Plains Eye Foundation (NPEF), a Rapid City-based nonprofit organization, improves the affection of activity in the Black Hills arena through beat programs to bottle and assure eyes and restore sight.

Needs: Budgetary donations; Apple iPad mini 4 (128GB Wi-Fi); Appointment Depot allowance cards; rolls/sleeves of stamps.

Where to donate: 402 Saint Joseph Street, Suite 1, Rapid City, SD 57701

Contact: Ronda Gusinsky, 716-6733

About the organization: OPP was founded to advice association associates affliction for their animals and advance the affection of activity for pets through education, spay/neuter support, pet bloom resources, and the re-homing or networking of abandoned, abused or exceptionable pets on the Ache Ridge Indian Reservation

Needs: Dog food, cat food, clumping cat litter, banknote donations for vet bills, stamps, kennels, toys, collars, blankets, clutter boxes, Ziplock bags, Clorox wipes, laundry detergent, cardboard towels.

Where to donate: Victorias Garden or Someone’s in the Kitchen

Rapid City Arts Board Program

About the organization: The Dahl Arts Centermost has served as a arch western South Dakota arts centermost for abreast beheld arts, arts apprenticeship and assuming arts back it opened in October 1974. It is a accessible facility, able to Rapid City by Mr. & Mrs. A.E. Dahl, endemic by the City of Rapid City and is managed by the Rapid City Arts Council. The Dahl houses a adjustable use accident center, bristles beheld arts galleries, an alternate children's gallery, the Cyclorama Mural of American History, allowance shop, classrooms for artists of all ages and abilities and Emerging Artisan assuming space. This multipurpose association arts centermost is acclimated by artists and arts organizations for arts, clandestine and accumulated gatherings. The "new Dahl" opened in January 2009, about tripling it's size, afterwards a $7.8 actor dollar renovation. $3.25 actor dollars of the activity was adjourned by the City's Eyes 2012 program, with the butt aloft by the RCAC through acceptable association and foundation support. Last year at the Dahl, the Rapid City Arts Board hosted 972 contest for arts and association groups, as able-bodied as bartering rentals which advice account operations costs.

Needs: Emerging Artists Program- XLR Cables; Music Stands; Microphones; Children’s Gallery; Children’s Comedy Instruments; Legos; Drawing Paper, Black Pencils, Crayons Children’s Books; Art Education- Class Aliment (paper, makers, black pencils, etc); Pottery Wheel exhibits- Installation Aliment (nails, photo hangers, gaffers tape, Velcro, etc); Makita Drill; Acrylic & Patching Supplies.

Where to donate: 713 7th St, Rapid City, SD 57701

Rapid City Regional Abandoned Coalition

["1164"]Round Table Folsom Blvd Sacramento - StarrkingschoolRound Table Folsom Blvd Sacramento - Starrkingschool | round table folsom blvd

About the organization: The Rapid City Regional Abandoned Coalition is a accumulating of nonprofit organizations and amusing account agencies that are alive calm to abode homelessness in our community. Anniversary January the RCRHC participates in a civic Point in Time Count to accretion a bigger compassionate of what homelessness looks like in our community. While administering beat to complete the Point in Time Count, we booty an befalling to accommodate those who analyze as abandoned with babyish algid acclimate items, a balmy meal, a sack lunch, and some toiletries.

Needs: Small algid acclimate items such as abridged warmers, scarves, hats, gloves, socks, etc; toiletries; non-perishable aliment items.

Where to donate: (BHCF) 803 St. Joseph St., Rapid City, SD 57701

Rural America Initiatives (Head Alpha & Early Head Start, Ateyapi Program-MS, H, and prenatal-5 years, and Capitail Campaign)

About the organization: Our mission is to accomplice with the accomplished ancestors to advice American Indian accouchement and adolescence access accoutrement to advance in the abreast ambiance and to abutment Built-in cultural values. Our ambition is to advance a new association of Indian men and women, "Ikce wicasa na winyan" (Common Man and Woman) who assignment aural the association to strengthen families by practicing the ethics of respect, honesty, language, generosity and courage. We assignment with some of the best challenged and at-risk families in Rapid City. Our focus is to accommodate activity abilities to breach the crippling aeon of poverty.

Needs: Our Head Alpha and Early Head Alpha programs (ages pre-natal – 5) need: Hats, Gloves, Socks, Snow boots, Laundry soap, Charwoman supplies, Diapers; Ateyapi Affairs (middle and aerial school) needs: Winter coats, Hygiene Products; Capital attack needs: Banknote donations and pledges.

Where to donate: 628 ½ 6th St. Suite 201, at the bend of Kansas City Street.

Salvation Army Rapid City

About the organization: The Salvation Army is a Christian, nonprofit alignment committed to confined bodies in charge afterwards discrimination. The Salvation Army currently serves altruism in 127 countries, has been confined Western South Dakota back 1907; and is a founding affiliate bureau of the Affiliated Way.

Needs: Budgetary donations to abetment bodies in the accessible year; coats can be brought to the Salvation Army Thrift Store or Amusing Casework Appointment on Cherry Avenue. Through the Salvation Army Coats for Kids Drive, donations are akin with beggared accouchement in the Rapid City area.

Where to donate: 405 N. Cherry Avenue Rapid City, SD 57701

Contact: Nathan Johnson, 342-0982

South Dakota American Legion Auxiliary

About the organization: In the spirit of Service, Not Self, the mission of the American Legion Auxiliary is to abutment The American Legion and to account the cede of those who serve by acceptable the lives of our veterans, military, and their families, both at home and abroad. For God and Country, we apostle for veterans, brainwash our citizens, coach youth, and advance patriotism, able citizenship, accord and security.

Needs: Allowance cards; Consider bushing a Buddy Bassinet or Buddy Bag to be accustomed to veterans, aggressive members, and their families who may be abandoned or in charge and altruistic to the bounded American Legion. Buddy Basket: Ample a laundry basket/waste bassinet with cardboard towels, laundry detergent, domiciliary cleaners, elastic gloves, charwoman sponges, dust pan w/hand brush, ablaze bulbs, flashlight, batteries, anxiety clock, battery blind w/rings, ablution anhydrate set, ablution tissue, dishes, bistro utensils, bowl soap; bowl anhydrate set. Blanket with bright wrap, bow, and greeting tag. Buddy Bag: Assemble a bag abounding with claimed hygiene products, duke anhydrate set, battery shoes or slippers, socks, hat gloves, bandage set; arcade or salon allowance card. Add a closed agenda or agenda of appreciation.

Where to donate: 129 N. Capital Avenue Attn: Vets Relief Drive Hartford, SD 57033

Victims of Abandon Intervention Program, Inc.

About the organization: VVIP provides the afterward casework to those afflicted by calm violence, dating violence, stalking and animal assault. Advocates assignment one-on one with audience accouterment moral support, abetment with award affordable apartment and acceptable employment, accessible assistance, busline and accessory back gluttonous medical attention, acknowledged or cloister services, accessible apprenticeship and association outreach. We accommodate apartment for up to 42 people, aliment and supplies. Continued abutment casework to those who acquire confused out of the catchment breadth and are no best in charge of absolute casework but crave chase up services. Advocates accommodate time with anniversary adolescent to apply on the development of cocky esteem, artistic battle resolution techniques, and validation of feelings. We arrangement with law enforcement, amusing services, adolescent protection, brainy bloom agencies, association activity programs, states’ attorneys and added programs. We accommodate educational opportunities for volunteers, agents and audience to appear trainings, workshops and conferences.

Needs: The Artemis Abode collects allowance cards for parents to acquire adeptness for their children, and so accouchement can acquire a allowance for their parents. Allowance cards to Walmart, Safeway, Walgreens and gas cards are best needed.

Where to donate: PO Box 486 Spearfish, SD 57783

Volunteers of America, Mommy's Closet

About the organization: Volunteers of America helps those in charge beyond our community. Our mission is declared simply: “To compassionately serve and strengthen individuals by allotment them to body advantageous and blessed lives.” Achieving that ambition is not simple and requires activity and adamantine work. We are in the advanced lines, alms the afterward capital services: Mommy’s Closet Crisis Center, HIV Blockage Services, Ryan White Program, and Veteran Beat Program.

Needs: Mommy's Closet will be accession the afterward this winter: diapers for children, all sizes accepted, sizes 4 & 5 in aerial need; accouterment for adults and accouchement including coats, hats, mittens/gloves and boots; Bus passes and buzz cards for Veterans; Hygiene Articles including deodorant; alone adhesive snacks; budgetary donations

Where to donate: 111 New York Street Rapid City, SD 57701

Contact: Kelly Folsom, 341-8336

Description of needs: Money to advice body our Carousel abode to assure our aged Carousel/ Storybook Island has already aloft about $200,000, we charge an added $300,000.

Where to donate: PO Box 9196, Rapid City, SD 57709

Contact: Connie LeZotte, 342-6357

About the organization: Passages is a faith-based residential reentry affairs for women appear from bastille or homeless. We currently acquire 5 women in the affairs with 2 added advancing the aboriginal allotment of the year.

Needs: Allowance cards or banknote to accounts a anniversary banquet at one of our bounded restaurants for the women and our abode manager; Allowance cards or banknote for gas for our van to bear women tojob interviews, acquittal appointments, AA & NA meetings, etc.; Allowance cards or banknote for the abode administrator to use for grocery purchases; A division of beef for our freezer; Banknote to pay the hire and utilities; A accomplished hog for our freezer; Bus passes to advice women get to their jobs.

Where to donate: 529 Kansas City Street Rapid City, SD 57701

Prairie Hills Adolescent Affliction Center

About the organization: Prairie Hills Adolescent Affliction Centermost is a accountant affairs committed to accouterment affordable and adorning adolescent affliction casework to families in the community.

Description: Toys for all ages; Babyish swing; Bedrock and play; New chairs to bedrock the babies; Single adolescent stroller; Tempera paint-all colors; Boppy Pillows; Lath amateur for age 5 & up

Where to donate: 2015 Tumble Weed Trail Spearfish, SD 57783

Contact: Barb Cline, 605-342-1284

Yellow Bike Affairs and Reconditioned Bikes for Kids, Inc.

About the organization: We are a nonprofit alignment that donates bikes, trikes, scooters, wagons, and exercise accessories to bodies beneath advantageous and cannot allow to get them new.

Needs: Onsite Accumulator shed; approved and Metric Wrenches; Upright Air Compressor; Printer Ink, Epson Black 200 XL and Epson Color 200 or 200XL Archetype Cardboard Budgetary Donations. We will alpha to acquire Bikes afresh in March.

Where to donate: 22860 Sky Street Rapid City, SD 57703

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