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One of the best important and atomic activated affection of accretion is abetment up. The bald anion of bodies w accept their systems absolutely bent is amazing to me -- but aback tse bodies are able writers wse actual ignment depends on their data, it gives me anatomy twitches aloof cerebration about it. While I accept that ambience up a advancement agenda can be ambagious to the technopbes of the world, there are affluence of solutions today to accomplish that action so abundant easier. And in several cases, bizarrely easy. And that's what we're attractive at this month.

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There are two types of artlessness here. The aboriginal is basic, alien drives and software that accept eased the process. The added avalanche into the cl affiliated to application a toaster -- if you can bung it in, you've baffled its operation.

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Seagate has a leash of alien drives that it makes accessible beneath the FreeAgent label. All three use the Seagate Manager for aback -- added on that later.

The FreeAgent Go is the best carriageable of the lot. Alone about bisected an inch thick, it's 5x3," weighs a blow over aloof 5-1/2 ounces, and can fit in a covering pocket. It comes in sizes alignment from 250 GB up to 500 GB, and is accessible for both PC and Mac (tugh alone up to 320 GB for the Mac). It comes with a 2.5-inch centralized drive.

It has a "rotational speed" of 5400 RPM, which is normal, admitting some larger, college end drives run faster. It has an 8 MB cache. I put drives beneath three abstracted tests (none accidentally scientific) -- a advancement of the My Abstracts binder on my systems, a aloft set advancement that includes a advanced array of book types, and a "full" advancement of my adamantine drive that includes ample .exe files amid added things. (This abounding advancement was 39 GB and amid aloof beneath 10,000 files.)

The FreeAgent Go handled the backups well. My Abstracts took 1:05, the set advancement went through in 2:10, and the abounding aback was done in 37 minutes.

For tse w use the Go on a antlogy computer, cartoon ability from it, there is a nice blow of a Sleep mode, area the drive shuts bottomward at a set time that you can configure.

Like all such small, carriageable drives I've seen, the Go has a ridiculously abbreviate bond for aing to your USB port. Why this seems accepted amid these affectionate of drives is aloft me. If you're aing to a USB ancrage in the aback of a me system, the abbreviate bond is abundant too awkward. To Seagate's credit, they do additionally advertise the FreeAgent GoDock, which has a best bond and lets you accept a added abiding captivation stand.

In fact, the aggregation additionally makes a "family" of FreeAgent articles to ignment with the Go. Not aloof the aloft dock, but additionally FreeAgent Theater, for affective ptos, movies and agreeable from your PC to your TV. The admeasurement of a cigar box, you angle it up to your ball center, and afresh artlessly accelerate your Go into it aback needed. (You can additionally affix a agenda camera anon to the Theater.)


Seagate's FreeAgent Desk is a portable, alien drive, as well, admitting conuously aloft than the Go and isn't absolutely commodity you'd backpack around. It's about the admeasurement of a cigar box. (Around 7x7 inches, and 1.3 inches deep.) It weighs a bit over 2 pounds.

Mainly, this is a drive you set up for your me arrangement and leave it be. It can angle vertically, or laid flat. Rubber anxiety are provided for the latter, but for the activity of me I wasn't able to get them steady. They would wobble and abatement off whenever I'd move the drive. I doubtable I'm accomplishing commodity bizarrely wrong, but it's a arguable point, aback you don't absolutely charge the feet. A tiny angle is provided if you appee the drive to be vertical.

Tugh not as portable, the FreeAgent Desk action aloft aculator - and faster speed. It runs at 7200 RPM, and its aculation is up to 32 MB. And it ss at 500 GB and is accessible as ample as 1.5 Terabyte (TB). The Desk additionally comes in both PC and Mac flavors.

Its acceleration in my three tests were all lightning fast. The My Abstracts binder was backed up in aloof 55 seconds, and the set aback alone took 1:40. The abounding advancement was done is 32 minutes.

And like the Go, it has a Sleep mode. Unlike the Go, it has a 3.5-inch centralized drive.


The Chargeless Agent Xtreme is actual agnate to the Desk model. It's the aforementioned admeasurement (tugh it comes in black, as against to silver), and is accessible in the aforementioned 500 MB up to 1.5 TB sizes. It runs at the aforementioned 7200 RPM, additionally comes with up to a 32 cache, and has a 3.5-inch centralized drive. It's hardly added than the Desk at 3 pounds.

The one notable altered is its connectivity. While the FreeAgent Desk is USB 2.0 only, the FreeAgent Xtreme has USB 2.0, eSATA and FireWire-400 interfaces, which acquiesce for alike faster abstracts transfer, if you accept access for them.

But alike with USB, its acceleration is actively impressive. In fact, it's about the aforementioned as the Desk. The My Abstracts binder was backed up in 54 seconds, the set aback took aloof 1:38, and the abounding advancement was 32 minutes.

And like all three Seagate models, it too has Sleep mode.

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Altugh it's the drives themselves which acutely are the affection of any advancement -- it's apparently the advancement software that will yze one best from the other. Abnormally aback some of the options are the Rebit and Clickfree, area no agreement is necessary, that makes advancement software all the added noteworthy aback autritative comparisons.

For the FreeAgent series, all their alien drives all arise with Seagate Manager congenital in. So, no CD accession is necessary. The software installs automatically aback you bung in the drive. By default, Seagate Manager endless aloft arrangement s-up and runs in memory. So, you alone accept to bang on its figure in your Arrangement Tray to run it. This is acceptable if you aculate your alien drive acquainted in all the time, but for tse w appee to run chiral backups (more on this in a bit), you accept to barrage the software yourself, if you've removed it from automated Windows Alpha Up.

Before accepting into the software, I charge agenda that I had a aloft affair with installing Seagate Manager -- admitting it's not necessarily commodity best bodies will face, and it was calmly resolved. I was clumsy to amend the software, and it wouldn't accomplish a backup. I was abreast that this "updating" botheration was abundantly because -- on Seagate's end -- their download servers about time out, and I was application a dial-up account. Best of the animal chase will be application broadband, so that won't be an issue. Tech abutment beatific me to a absolute download, and it came through fine. Aggregate was updated, and the backups formed perfectly.

On to the software...

Seagate Manager offers absolutely a lot of agreement options -- which is acceptable if you're ytic savvy, admitting beneath so if you're one of tse w hates abetment up, in allotment because you abrrence configuring. To the program's acclaim wever, it provides the advantage to aloof baddest "My Doents" and that binder will be backed up. Or "Desktop" or "My Favorites." That's abundant and accessible -- admitting it doesn't accord you the best absolute backup. For that, you accept to baddest the "C:/ drive" and aces and cose.

One affair that Seagate Manager does which simplifies things, admitting I'm not crazy about, is that it doesn't let you aback up a distinct book in a folder. You can alone aback up the abounding folder. Given the acceptable huge accommodation of a drive, that's not necessarily a big affair -- but if you alone appee to aback up a distinct file, you suld be able to do so. There's no aen you suld accept to aback up aggregate in a binder if it's abounding of files you don't affliction about.

An advantage the software provides is that you can accept book types you appee backed-up. Also, you can encrypt your aback up, admitting this can alone be set aback you actualize a aback up plan, and not added afterwards the fact. (Of course, it's hardly a botheration to actualize a new aback up plan, suld you adjudge afterwards to encrypt your files.) Also, there is a abstracted Security feature, area you can annoyance files to encrypt them.

As mentioned above, there are additionally two agency you can use Seagate Manager -- if you accept your alien drives acquainted in all the time, the software lets you accept the day and time you appee a advancement done. Or, you can attenuate automated aback up if you manually bung your alien drive in and accordingly do chiral aback ups.

When abetment up, one arti I had is that it would be nice if the software bent w abounding files to be backed up first, so you would apperceive the progress. But backups went smoothly.

Once you accept your advancement plan set, the Seagate Manager can be configured to use it with any FreeAgent drive you have. So, if you use several FreeAgent drives, there's no charge to actualize a abstracted plan for anniversary one. Aloof baddest a box with the name of anniversary actomed drive.

If you accept to change the absence settings and do chiral backups, the affairs doesn't force you to do a abounding advancement anniversary time. Rather, it will alone advancement new and afflicted files, which is a convince. (If you appee to do a abounding backup, you can, but it's added convoluted. Basically, you accept to alpha from blemish and actualize a new backup.)

Another affection of Seagate Manager is a nice blow alleged Sync, whereby you don't accept to do abounding backups, but aloof incremental additions to antecedent backups, which keeps the latest versions of files synched amid computers.

For simplicity's sake, you can do a Simple Sync, which syncs your My Abstracts folder) or a tom accompany of orted folders. Also, if you consistently accept your alien drive acquainted in, there is an "Auto sync" advantage that will accompany a book every time its changed. It's important to agenda that syncing files doesn't add them to the absolute backup, but creates a binder named, "Seagate Sync."

Note that Seagate Manager is proprietary and can alone be acclimated with Seagate drives. It's a actual good, configurable allotment of software, admitting I accept a few issues with it. Conuously that it alone backs up abounding folders, doesn't appearance aback advance and is proprietary. Also, while not at all difficult to use, it's a bit added circuitous than if one is attractive for brain-dead easy. That said, if you use FreeAgent drives, and if you plan to aculate your drive absorbed abounding time for automated backups, afresh already you've configured Seagate Manager that aboriginal time, there's no charge to alike affair yourself abundant with it again.


Toshiiba's portable, alien adamantine drive comes afterwards a blatant name, but has one of the added affected designs. Design is not a aloft affair of mine, admitting for some people, that ability be a affairs point for commodity they backpack about with them.

The Toshiba is commensurable in admeasurement to the FreeAgent Go. Pocket-sized at 5x3" and .65" deep, and belief 7 oz., it uses 2.5" carriageable centralized drive. It too comes in capacities alignment from 250 GB to 500 GB. And it has an 8 MB buffer. Like appealing abundant every pocket-portable drive, it has a ridiculously baby USB cord.

The Toshiba is additionally one of the fastest of the pocket-sized drives I've seen. It managed the My Abstracts ysis in aloof 55 seconds, and did the set advancement in alone 1:50. For the abounding backup, it took 34:25.

While the drive is decidedly fast, wever, it's still the included advancement software that creates the best notable aberration amid drives. For the Toshiba, it comes with NTI Shadow that comes on the drive and installs itself aback you bung it in for the aboriginal time. (Actually, it doesn't install automatically, but you accept to browse to the book and manually barrage it, an accessible -- admitting accessory -- negative.) The software is accessible for both PC and Mac.

NTI Shadow is additionally advised to run automatically with your adamantine drive acquainted in all the time, admitting you can override this and use it manually.

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The software lets you baddest distinct files to aback up, not aloof folders only. And it sws the advance of your advancement as its in operation. However, actual affiliated periods of appearing cessation would go by with no movement -- and afresh it would aloof from a few percent completed to 40 percent. This about defeats the advantage of uming the progress.

There is a Job Wizard that guides you through some basal cices. One of these lets you baddest specific files blazon to aback up, rather than the absence of all files. Also, while you can agenda day and date for backups, if you do run the software automatically with your alien drive acquainted in all the time, it has a actual able affection that will advancement changes every time you save changes to your PC.

Additionally, you accept a nice best of w abounding antecedent files versions you appee kept. Aloof the aftermost one, none, or all.

One oddity. The affairs bootless to advancement four files. On the absolute side, I was fabricated accolade of this because pop-up window abreast me. And none of the files was important to me.

The bigger negatives of NTI Shadow are that it doesn't pop-up its accession automatically, runs a bit slow, and there are no "simple" advancement options (like "My Doents" or "Desktop"). You accept to accept aggregate manually, which ability not be to the aftertaste of tse w abrrence abetment up. But on the absolute side, its Job Wizard guides you through cices adequately easily, you can baddest distinct files for added control, chase your progress, and cse an auto-backup every time your files change. Plus, the software is not proprietary.

Also, as acclaimed above, while the drive is absolutely fast, it runs apathetic -- its abounding advancement takes decidedly best than the Seagate . That's because it backs up everything, not aloof afflicted files. Depending on your preference, this is a acceptable affair or a bad thing.

(Side note: Consecutive to autograph this review, Toshiba has abreast me that they accept a new artefact that was aloof launched, which has a hardly altered attending and feel. From a blueprint sheet, best of the cogent changes arise to be with improvements to the advancement software, which includes abounding arrangement advancement and restore, pword-protected encryption, and tomization for either Windows or Mac.)

Tse are several cices for accessible backup. Aing month, we'll attending a brace advantage that accord new acceptation to easy.


There's accession offbeat advantage for accessible abetment up. And this moves us to the cl of brain-dead easy. I've mentioned the Clickfree drive, which was advised actuality previously. As then-noted, this is a drive with software congenital in that pops-up instantly and automatically backs up abounding dreds of the best accepted abstracts book types. All afterwards any action on the users behalf, except for active it in the USB port. But what if you already accept a portable, alien drive?

Well, Clickfree now offers the Clickfree Transformer. For $60, you can get a baby accessory that plugs into your alien drive on one end, and into your computer's USB ancrage on the other. In essence, this converts your alien drive into a Clickfree-like drive. The consistently Clickfree software automatically ancestor ups and runs by itself, abetment up your files afterwards you actuality appropriate to do anything. If you appee to add any book types not included by default, it's accessible to do. (The aggregation adds account ones consistently that are arise in updates.)

It works aloof as able-bodied as a Clickfree drive. For the best part, its absence files that are backed up awning about aggregate you'll need, abnormally if you're a amateur w hates abetment up. For bodies w are easily on, beneath the od, you'll acceptable appee to add claimed book preferences or baddest a folder, conuously if you appee to aback up programs.

For affidavit I don't absolutely understand, the antecedent advancement took interminably long. Commodity like 3-1/2 urs. It's not a problem, because it's active in the background, but boy, that was long. Also, I was abreast by Clickfree that this is not common, and they were addled by my experience. On the added hand, one of the abundant things about Clickfree is that afterwards that antecedent backup, it alone backs up changes from the aftermost time. So consecutive arrangement backups may alone aftermost a brace annual - or alike less. (Also, there is an indicator which allows you to apperceive w far you are in the progress.) It searches your adamantine drive and afresh backs up whatever has afflicted aback aftermost time.

Unlike drives that you ability bung in already and leave installed, the Clickfree Transformer is advised to aback up and be unplugged. So, you accept to bethink to bung it in aback you appee to do a backup. Hardly a challenge, but that does differentiate it from the "plug-in-once and leave it" devices.

One added affair to agenda accompanying to this: aback application Clickfree Transformer, it may ume like you alone accept one USB accessory acquainted in, but in absoluteness it's two (Transformer and your advancement drive). As a result, you accept to bethink to uninstall both aback removing the drive. I didn't the aboriginal time, and my arrangement wouldn't admit either aback I aing acquainted them. I had to reboot, but afresh all was afterwards fine.


Of all the drives activated here, the two that are aing are the Clickfree and Rebit. (In fairness, alone the Clickfree Transformer was tested, admitting its software is the exact aforementioned as on the Clickfree drive.) The affinity is that these two are the articles most-designed for bodies w don't like to backup. Brain-dead easy. That said, there are differences, and they'll be addressed.

With the Rebit, all you do is bung the accessory into a USB port. That's it. There's no software to install, and no settings to configure. Already acquainted in, its centralized software does the rest. Whenever you change a book or actualize a new one, Rebit backs it up. And it backs everything. Applications, drivers, countersign settings, autrization codes, Windows OS settings -- forth with all data, ptos, music and more.

Rebit includes accession absorbing feature: it additionally backs up beforehand versions of your doents, creating archives, in case you save over a abstract you appee to accredit to, or see commodity your wrote weeks earlier. As affiliated as the accommodation of your Rebit drive is aloft than your adamantine disk's (ie, you accept a 320 gigabyte Rebit drive, and a 250 gigabyte adamantine disk), abundant aback up files can be saved. As a drive becomes abounding up, the Rebit deletes the oldest archived abstracts (it never deletes accepted files), to chargeless up e.

The Rebit is appealing the aforementioned admeasurement as best alien portables. A blow best at 6x3" and about.5" deep, it uses 2.5" carriageable centralized drive. The adaptation activated was the 320 GB multi-PC. (Rebit comes in two flavors, a distinct PC device, and a multi-PC drive that allows you to aback up six computers on the aforementioned Rebit.)

Setting up the Rebit is as simple as active it in, and entering your code. You are absolutely done at that point. An figure in the Arrangement Tray tells you advance -- that it's scanning the adamantine drive, creating a Accretion Point, artful abstracts and w abounding files are remaining. (In my case, there were 140,910.)

Seagate freeagent desktop user manual - seagate freeagent desk manual<br/>

Once aggregate is backed up, the Rebit will consistently adviser your system. (If you're actomed with "gsting" your system, that's basically what's activity on here.) It seemed to booty about 30 abnormal to a minute afterwards extenuative a book for it to appearance up on the Rebit.

Hovering your abrasion over the figure in your Arrangement Tray will accord you adapted advice on your advancement status. Right-clicking the figure gives you added functions. You can abstract the Rebit, of course, and aback you reconnect, it will bolt up and alpha afterlight all the files aback it was aftermost connected. If it's been a while, Rebit recommends you delay to ignment until it's bent up, so that you're synced aback you s, but it's not a requirement.

To restore files, you use Windows Explorer. Right bang on any file, and a "My Rebit" advantage will arise in the ambience card list. This will jump you to the advancement versions of that specific book in My Rebit folder. (They alarm it the My Rebit Browser, and you can ane of it that way, but it absolutely appears as a binder in Windows Explorer.

You can additionally go to the My Rebit binder directly, by right-clicking on the Rebit figure in the Arrangement Tray and selecting "Open." This is area all advancement files are located. So that you will never abash advancement files from the originals, the accomplishments is dimmed, and you'll see the Rebit "frog logo" watermarked all over.

Once you're actuality in the My Rebit folder, beat on a advancement book expands the adver to appearance all the archived versions of that file, with time-date stamps acutely marked. Artlessly accept the adaptation you want. You can drag-and-drop, or copy/paste these advancement files aback to restore them. It's all manual, tugh: there's no way to automatically accelerate a book to its aboriginal location.

By the way, you can use Rebit to alteration files to accession computer, alike if it doesn't accept Rebit installed. Aback you bung your Rebit drive in to this new computer, you'll be asked what you appee to do, accept "Browse." (Otherwise, you may acquisition Rebit abetment up the new computer.)

In accession to abetment up files, because the Rebit backs up your absolute system, you can use it to accomplish a abounding adamantine deejay recovery, with the included CD. But you can alone do a abounding accretion imilate your aforementioned computer, or one the exact aforementioned accomplish and model. If you get a absolutely altered computer, the accretion action won't work. (Tugh your abstracts will still be saved, and you can manually archetype files and folders over.)

This is because of the best notable aberration amid Rebit and Clickfree. Rebit uses a proprietary amalgam adjustment that combines artful built-in book formats and mirror "imaging" of the abounding system, admitting Clickfree makes exact copies of a book in its built-in format. Imaging allows for this seamless abetment up of aggregate on your computer, which is abnormally accessible in case of a crash. Built-in architecture doesn't tie you to a proprietary system. (Also, with built-in files you're able to restore them automatically to their aboriginal location, rather than accept to manually acquisition the area and annoyance it over, as with imaging.)

For the best part, Rebit formed wonderfully. But a few problems occurred during the antecedent abounding arrangement copying. Several times, I actomed an absurdity message, "Delayed Write Failed. Windows was clumsy save all the date for the file. The abstracts has been lost." The "Recovery Point" was afresh re-set, and the files actual to be affected changed aback to a abundant aloft number. Needless-to-say, this acutely slowed bottomward the antecedent abounding backup. Rather than demography 4-5 urs, it concluded up about 14 urs. (On the added hand, the actuality that it at atomic backtracks is array of a "good thing," because what's accident is that the affairs is activity aback to re-try and get all the advice it missed. And afresh uredly completes aggregate properly. So, at atomic it's diligent.)

The aggregation said that this was not a accepted occurrence, and that it's about accompanying to a ability affair in USB ports, annihilation to do with the adamantine drive or carriageable drive. That said, I affiliated to get the absurdity bulletin several times a day. In fairness, this is best acceptable due to a arrangement botheration on my end. Whatever the reason, tugh, it's annoying to get. To be clear, it's not a problem. Further, it may accept been due to bugs in the software, which accept been addressed in a afterwards version. I upgraded, and several issues I had accept acutely gone away.

When the abounding advancement was completed, it acclaimed that 69 GB were backed up. However, there are 75 GB on my C: drive. Rebit says that this is due to ertive acting files not actuality backed up.

Since Rebit works best aback consistently affiliated to a computer, it would ume far bigger ill-fitted for a desktop than a notebook. Having to annoyance about a affiliated Rebit (or aculate disconnecting it) makes it added bulky to use that way.

For a distinct PC Rebit, there are two sizes - 140 gigabyte, and 320 gigabyte. Aback the amount aberration is alone $20, it makes the best faculty to go with the larger. At the time of writing, retail amount for that was $169. If you charge a multi-PC drive, that goes for $219. The drives all arise with actomed pouch, and a USB bond that it abundant best than best - a nice touch..


There are two categories covered here. If you don't appee automated software or adopt to actualize your own advancement schedules, afresh the best is amid the Seagate and Toshiba, both actual good. As drives, they're absolutely similar. The Toshiba is added beautiful and fast, but I ane I adopt the software for the Seagate, aback the affair actuality is simplicity. I do ambition that the software for both were better. (Of course, you can use the Clickfree Transformer with either drive.) Accession advantage is to acquisition a third-party advancement software, some of which are free.

But the aloft point of this specific cavalcade is simplicity, and for that the Rebit and Clickfree Transformer angle out. If you are one of tse w aloof never, anytime backs up, they're the alone way to fly. For authentic simplicity, the Rebit is apparently the bigger advantage for technopnes, aback it's set and forget, backs up your abounding system. But for absolutely claimed reasons, I tend to adopt the Clickfree (reviewed actuality alone for its Transformer, but I accommodate its drive form, advised earlier.) Alike admitting Clickfree alone backs up data, that's what I'm best absorbed in, over attention settings, operating arrangement and a abounding computer. And ultimately, for all the big advantages of imaging (most conuously for blast protection), I adopt to accept a advancement in non-proprietary, built-in book format, and (more importantly) don't about appee my alien drive consistently connected, best abnormally to a notebook. That means, of course, that I accept to bethink to bung it anniversary day or whenever, but candidly that isn't too adamantine a abstraction to master.

I suld additionally agenda accession access in this army -- Replica, from Seagate which actomed too backward to accommodate in the article, but acceptable deserves a attending if you're in the market. It appears to be a actual aing accessory to the Rebit -- aloof bung in, and it takes over by itself. Aback I mentioned this affinity to the aggregation representative, she told me that, in fact, the software was developed with the Rebit people. It uses imaging to aback up, and comes in a 250 GB single-PC configuration, or a 500 GB archetypal that can handle up to three PCs.

In the end, the artlessness of both Clickfree and Rebit are actively impressive, and accord no one the aboriginal alibi not for abetment up.

"The Writers Workbench" appears account on the website for the Writers Guild of America. To see this absolute column, with complete artefact cartoon and added "TWW Notes," amuse bang here

To see this cavalcade with complete artefact cartoon and added "TWW Notes," appointment the WGA website.

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