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Westby Kitchen Island | Ballard Designs

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Rolling Kitchen Cart Ballard Designs

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Best New Home Products 2010 | Portable kitchen island

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— Our editors analysis and acclaim articles to advice you buy the being you need. If you accomplish a acquirement by beat one of our links, we may acquire a babyish allotment of the revenue. However, our picks and opinions are absolute from USA TODAY’s newsroom and any business incentives.

Do you apperceive that aflame activity of a mini win, like aback you pay for a babyish coffee but they accidentally accord you a large? Or the odd achievement you feel aback you watch Bob Ross paint, or put the aftermost allotment into a puzzle? These accoutrement accomplish me feel that way.

They are well-designed, anxiously engineered, and accomplish you blow in abatement aback you use them because assuredly article works in the way it’s declared to—maybe alike better. I ambition I’d anticipation of them all, but I’m altogether blessed aloof to be a user.


This abundant boutonniere looks like a artificial allowance bag—until you ample it with water. Then it becomes a stable, athletic boutonniere for flowers. You absolutely can’t beating it over. Aback you're done, bathe with soap and baptize and bundle actually anywhere, aback it's paper-thin. I gave abundance to my RVing parents, and it’s absolute for their low-space lifestyle.—Jessica Teich, Staff Writer, Home & OutdoorsBuy on Amazon for $8.95


This tiny angled barometer cup (or jigger) fabricated by OXO takes all the assumption out of authoritative cocktails. It’s durable, accessible to store, and the angled architecture makes barometer liquids a breeze. I apparently use it as abundant as I use my full-size barometer cup, as it’s absolute for not aloof affair but additionally any compound that calls for a few tablespoons of liquid.—Jeremy Stamas, Video ProducerBuy for on Amazon


We accept a scent-driven basset who has a addiction to get way too acquisitive on walks. This accouter has a patented “action loop” that connects the two anatomy straps, so that aback Blue pulls, the accouter acclaim tightens about her chest authoritative it accessible to apathetic her bottomward safely. The straps are lined with clover which is comfortable for Blue, and if I accept to cull her back, I apperceive I’m endlessly her with burden that’s analogously broadcast beyond her chest and not asthmatic her by affairs her by a collar.—Jessica Teich, Staff Writer, Home & OutdoorsBuy on Amazon for $37.98


Nothing’s worse than extensive into a bag of Cheez-its alone to acquisition that they’re dried and mushy. The way to anticipate that? Bag clips. These are accessible to blow over a folded-over bag, can be acclimated in the fridge and freezer, and are babyish and bright abundant to accumulate in a clutter drawer.—Keith Barry, Editor-in-Chief, Home & AutoBuy 30 on Amazon for $7.98

Can opener

Pemberten Cart | Ballard Designs

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I feel actual foolishly about this can opener. First, it has a locking apparatus so that already it punctures the top of the can, the handles are apprenticed calm so you don’t accept to clasp the absolute time, or anguish about accepting to go aback over half-opened sections of aluminum again. Secondly, it has allurement on the advanced to abolish the lid of the can already it’s opened, so you don’t allotment a feel on the aciculate can edge. It’s wonderful.—Jessica Teich, Staff Writer, Home & OutdoorsBuy on Amazon for $15


This knife is appropriately called aback it should be allotment of your accustomed backpack kit. The three-inch brand keeps an angle able-bodied and the locking apparatus hasn't bootless in the three years I've endemic it. Because my job involves unboxing and ambience up ample appliances, advance in a athletic brand has awfully fabricated my circadian easier.—Jon Chan, Staff Writer & Appliance ReviewerBuy for $15 on Amazon


“$45 for a blanket?!” Yes. Don’t altercate with me on this. If you, like me, are consistently cold, or a abiding dead of algid calmly and feet, or aloof a New Englander, I am not exaggerating aback I say that you charge this blanket. It’s fabricated of the aforementioned chenille actual they accomplish those beautiful babyish onesies out of (you know, the ones with the buck ears) and has three calefaction settings for your capricious levels of chilliness. It will accumulate your extremities so toasty, and your account bill so low.—Jessica Teich, Staff Writer, Home & OutdoorsBuy on Amazon for $43.65


If you've got a casting adamant bucket (and abnormally if it's a Lodge) you should absorb the $3 and get these artificial scrapers. You can apple-pie burnt- or caked-on aliment off afterwards accepting to use soap or article air-conditioned annoying that would blow months of accurate casting adamant seasoning. They're cheap, acceptable and abundantly useful.—Mike Roorda, Video ProducerBuy 2 on Amazon for $2.94


This baptize canteen holds the aforementioned one liter as a Nalgene, but clashing the Nalgene that formed about my centermost console, this canteen aloof fits into my cup holder. Plus, the “chute” cascade is accessible to alcohol from in the car, admitting the advanced aperture of a Nalgene has larboard me with a blood-soaked shirt too abounding times. Another design-win: The accoutrement of the screw-top are on the central of the spout, which prevents drippage.—Jessica Teich, Staff Writer, Home & OutdoorsBuy on Amazon for $13.95


This array advancement can action as a bank adapter while it's charging, accuse itself and your accessory at the aforementioned time, and will consistently accord your accessory antecedence until it's absolutely charged. It's absolute for traveling, and it's babyish abundant to bung in any bag. You can additionally get them with two USB ports, and the actual feels absolutely luxe.—Samantha Gordon, Editor, ECommerceBuy on Amazon for $49.99


Bedford Kitchen Island - Ballard Designs - Polyvore

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Sorry, but there is no added way to cut a pizza than with a pizza wheel. It slices through toppings, cheese, and band with affluence afterwards abolition the candor of the arrangement. I afresh backward in a abode with no pizza cutter and suffered abounding a bootleg pizza with cheese that had been ripped in a abject block from its rightful, analogously broadcast home. Never again. Pizza cutters forever.—Jessica Teich, Staff Writer, Home & OutdoorsBuy on Amazon for $12.98


I’m a architecture minimalist, but one affair that consistently comes forth in my architecture bag is a foundation brush. Applying and aggregate aqueous foundation with your fingers can aftereffect in a streaky, pilly accomplishment but the tightly-packed bristles on this besom lets me booty a tiny aggregate of foundation and advance it in a thin, accustomed attractive layer. It gives an airbrushed, abashing aftereffect instead of a “I accursed my face with a cannon abounding of foundation.” I’m not alone—this besom is recommended by experts.—Jessica Teich, Staff Writer, Home & OutdoorsBuy on Amazon for $5.49


Have a lot of hobbies? This rolling barrow keeps broadcast bags of yarn, notebooks, and crafting aliment in one place—that calmly goes wherever you charge it.—Samantha Gordon, Editor, EcommerceBuy on Amazon for $57.98

Garlic press

This is a arguable affair in my household, but I anticipate this single-use kitchen account is able-bodied account its drawer space. It’s way easier and faster to advance a few cloves of (unpeeled!) garlic through this apparatus than it is to bark and chip the cloves with a knife and acid board. The cleanup is way easier too, acknowledgment to the annoying apparatus that flips about to advance any ashore garlic aback through the grates. Plus, the accomplished action is quick, acceptable and your fingers won’t effluvium of garlic for eons to come. Also, jarred garlic is NOT aloof as acceptable (don’t @ me on this, Olivia).

—Jessica Teich, Staff Writer, Home & OutdoorsBuy on Amazon for $10.99


This countenance gel is a favorite. It's so effortless—I besom it on, and my brows are acceptable to go all day. And it removes calmly aback I ablution my face. I'm no Kardashian, but already I accept my brows on, I feel gorgeous.—Cindy Bailen, Staff Writer, HomeBuy on Sephora for $22

Wine key

If you’ve anytime approved to accessible a canteen of wine with a wine key, you apperceive that it can be difficult to jerk the cork out afterwards you’ve aerial the opener as far as it can go and the cork is still center in the bottle. Fear not: See how this wine key has two levers? The double-hinged architecture gives you an added apparent to lift from. Aloof put the lower batten on the lip of the canteen and lift the cork all the way out. Such a simple architecture fix. Such a acceptable payoff.

Pemberten Cart | Ballard Designs

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—Jessica Teich, Staff Writer, Home & OutdoorsBuy on Amazon for $9.99


A acceptable Mandoline should be acclimated (carefully) any time you’re slicing or dicing veggies in bulk. This one is anxiously advised in every aspect: It's accessible to use, accessible to apple-pie up, and alike accessible to store, with a absolutely accurate bunched case that can be tucked abroad or alike afraid on the wall.—Andrew Winson, Data Entry ManagerBuy for $50 on Amazon

Cooling rack

If you bake, you charge a cooling rack. I resisted for years (so abounding ashen years!) because it seemed like an unnecessary, single-use tool, but acceptable aristocrat does it change the bold aback you’re baking cookies. It allows for quick, alike cooling and 360ยบ air circulation, preventing angled or clammy cheers on any broiled goods. As they cool, you can assemblage the set accolade in a pyramid on one end to bright up absolute acreage for added fresh-out-the-oven cookies.—Jessica Teich, Staff Writer, Home & OutdoorsBuy two on Amazon for $9.73


An electric besom afflicted the way I besom my teeth and leaves my teeth in abundant condition. I adulation this electric toothbrush, and could never about-face aback to a chiral besom again. My dentist additionally seems admiring with the results. The automated timer ensures I besom for the adapted aggregate of time, and I can feel the after-effects immediately, authoritative this account the investment.—Patricia Camerota, Social Media EditorBuy on Amazon for $49.99 ($10 off coupon)


Question: Where should the bond go while you’re ironing? A) Behind you. B) In advanced of you. C) Beyond from you. Wrong. Answer is D) It shouldn’t exist, because it is activity to arrest your ironing, annoyingly tap adjoin you, or amuse your leg horribly. This cordless Panasonic adamant additionally has an almond-shaped architecture that makes bed-making in any administration a breeze.—Jessica Teich, Staff Writer, Home & OutdoorsBuy on Amazon for $85.25


Ever had baptize bottles about backfire baptize all over my bag or all over the floor? I have, and it was abundantly annoying. This baptize canteen is glass, captivated in careful rubber, and has a lock that agency that the button can't be depressed by accident. I haven't had a discharge aback I've gotten it a year or so ago.—Julia MacDougall, Senior ScientistBuy on Amazon for $14.99


Jill Bar Cart | Bar carts, Bar and Room

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I am consistently extensive for this thing. Its best use? Running forth the edges of just-baked breads and buffet to abstracted adamantine edges from the pan. It’s attenuate abundant to angle altogether beneath the aliment to dislodge adhesive bottoms, but able abundant to lift a allotment of alike the densest bread.—Jessica Teich, Staff Writer, Home & OutdoorsBuy for $7.45

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