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Amazon’s Echo acute apostle and Alexa agenda abettor are berserk successful, and that’s spawned a cottage industry of add-ons and accessories that accomplish the accouterments alike better. Appetite to cede Alexa portable? There’s an accent for that. Not annoyed with the way the Echo reproduces music? There’s an add-on for that. Is the Echo demography up too abundant adverse space? Buy accouterments to adhere it on the bank or alike arise it central your ceiling! 

We’ve put our calmly on 16 of the best accessories on the bazaar so that we can not alone acquaint you of their actuality but acquaint you how they accomplish and let you apperceive of any drawbacks they ability have. Best of these are accordant with the Echo and Echo Dot (2nd generation), aback the new models (the Echo Show, 2nd bearing Echo, et al) aloof came to market. Let’s get to it!

If you accept an aperture that’s in the average of your bank and bare by architectonics elements such as a countertop backsplash, Echogear’s Aperture Shelf ($15 on Amazon) can board not aloof any Echo accent but additionally beyond accessories such as a Sonos One apostle (there’s a weight absolute of 10 pounds).

This artificial shelf replaces your aperture awning (extra-long screws and metal plates for both styles of outlets are provided to defended it to the receptacle). The shelf is aloft the outlet, and the ability cable passes through a aperture in the back. The “legs” of the shelf are advanced abundant to board alike ample bank warts, but it can be arduous to adumbrate the balance cable for abate items like an Echo Dot (you ability appetite to adapt the accepted cable with a butt cable in such situations).

The Echo Dot is short, but its brand is aloof as ample as the full-size Echo. If the adverse or tabletop amplitude your home is already overcrowded, Arise Genie’s The Spot ($18 on Amazon) lets you adhere the Dot from an electrical outlet, finer abbreviation its brand to zero.

The Spot is a artificial cradle that holds an Echo Dot. It comes with a USB cable butt that plugs into the ability adapter that came with the Echo Dot. The adapter fits central a collar that the cradle hangs from. Flanges on the aback of the arise extend to the wall, so that acute the buttons on the Dot won’t cull the AC adapter out of the plug. The Spot can be acclimated with vertical or accumbent outlets, but it will anticipate you from active a three-pronged bung into the adjoining aperture in a duplex. 

Most outlets are installed about 12 inches aloft the floor, which isn’t an ideal area for either a apostle or a microphone. That goes bifold if the aperture you appetite to use is blocked by furniture. The Spot works abundant with outlets that are amid aloft countertops (kitchens, bathrooms, wet bars, etc.) or in workspaces such as the garage. The Spot is accessible in black, white, gray, and aqua.

Nothing Like This offers a agnate cradle for the 2nd-gen Echo Dot alleged This Dottie ($20 on Amazon). Unlike The Spot, it has an AC adapter congenital appropriate into the device. A USB cable butt is additionally included. This Dottie won’t block the lower aperture in a bifold if you bung it into the high outlet, as apparent on the accession pamphlet, but the buttons on the docked Dot will be upside down. Also, the weight of the Dot ability cull the AC adapter out of the aperture over time.

I’d acclaim active This Dottie into the lower aperture instead. You won’t be able to use a three-pronged bung in the high outlet, but the Dot’s buttons will be aggressive correctly. This placement, however, will be a botheration if there’s a blubbery backsplash below the outlet. The one in my kitchen, for instance, is about 1/2-inch thick. The Dot didn’t attending all that adorable afraid out at an angle, but the Dot was able to draw ability after a problem. This Dottie is accessible in atramentous or white and costs $9 and change added than the agnate The Spot, but bethink that it comes with an AC adapter.

I didn’t accept time to install this Alike Arise ($25 on Amazon), but I intend to—probably in multiples. It’s a ablaze abstraction that will accomplish an Echo Dot about abandon into your architecture. An Echo Dot fits central the mount, which has a border that leaves the Dot sitting alike with your bank or ceiling. The bend of the angled USB bung and butt cable that Arise Genie provides holds the Dot in place. Arise Genie additionally provides a band of alternate band to added defended the Dot, which I acclaim using.

You’ll additionally get an angled 3.5mm female-to-male adapter for abutting alien speakers, and a 10-foot braided USB cable. Arise Genie suggests application power-over-ethernet (PoE) to accumulation electricity to the Echo Dot. No ability accumulation is included, and you’ll allegation to acquirement either a ability injector or a PoE about-face additional a PoE splitter that you’ll install at the Dot end of the ethernet cable (Mount Genie recommends a WiFi Texas model, which Amazon sells for about $21) if you adjudge to go that route.


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A cardboard arrangement for acid a aperture in your bank or beam is included, which you should use with a aperture saw or a keyhole saw (a assignment army aperture saw would be easier and added precise). You don’t allegation to install a alliance box in the hole, the arise will block itself into the drywall.

Sanus specializes in TV apostle stands and mounts, but they additionally accept a brace of air-conditioned and arrangement accessories for the Amazon Echo. The Sanus Apostle Arise ($20 on Amazon)—available in atramentous or white—is a artificial arise with a silicone rim that deeply cradles an Echo Dot. It’s advised to be busted into the wall; alternatively, Sanus additionally provides two 3M Command Picture Hanging Strips that will do the job after damaging the wall.

The Dot’s buttons will be upside bottomward if you align it in the cradle so the Dot’s ability ascribe and aux achievement are at the bottom. The accession is to position the Dot so that the cable ability comes out the top and wraps about the Apostle Mount. You could additionally arise it to the ancillary of the outlet. About you administer it, this is a hardly less-attractive band-aid than the outlet-mounts we’ve apparent and you’ll appetite to blanket up the balance cable and defended it with a cable tie. Added than that, it’s every bit as able at accepting your Echo Dot off your adverse or desktop.

This little apparatus is a admixture berth and array for a 2nd-generation Echo Dot ($28 on Amazon). I like it bigger than the Fremo Evo (see below) for a brace of reasons: First, it doesn’t crave you to assuredly adapt the Echo by gluing a metal bowl to its bottom. Second, there’s a advance button on its advanced that can about-face the array on and off. If you apperceive you won’t allegation the Echo for an continued time, you can shut it bottomward and save the array for the times you do allegation it. Four LEDs announce array level.

The 7000mAh array is rated to aftermost 10 to 12 hours, depending on how abundant you use it. The berth itself, which is covered in your best of four woven-nylon fabrics (brown, red, aphotic blue, or ablaze blue), will assure the Dot. Unfortunately, it additionally blocks the Dot’s 3.5mm analog abetting audio output. As with the Evo, you’ll allegation to use the Dot’s AC adapter and cable to allegation the battery.

The Fremo Evo ($35 on Amazon)—available in atramentous or white—is one of several array options that cede an Echo Dot mobile. Not alone do you not allegation to anguish about the ambit from an AC outlet, you can booty your Echo Dot with you and affix it to any Wi-Fi hotspot. Fremo’s array is hardly beyond in bore than the Echo Dot itself, and it comes with a metal disc with adhering on both abandon so that you can arise the array to the Dot permanently.

It uses an L-shaped adapter with a Micro-USB anchorage for the Dot on one ancillary and pin-type adapter on the added for the battery. Fremo promises six hours of array activity from its 5200mAh battery, but this will acutely alter depending on how abundant you use the Dot. You’ll allegation to use the Dot’s aboriginal AC adapter to recharge the battery, as the Evo doesn’t appear with one of its own. Four baby LEDs on the advanced of the Evo announce actual array life.

We’ve looked at several array docks for the 2nd-generation Echo Dot. Ninety7 ups the ante with the Vaux ($49.95 on Amazon), which adds a baby apostle to the mix. The array is a 5000mAh archetypal that the aggregation says can ability the Dot for up to six hours, depending on how generally you arouse Alexa and accept to music.

An on/off button lets you bottle the array for those times you absolutely allegation it. You’ll allegation to use the Dot’s AC adapter and USB cable to allegation the battery, aback the Vaux doesn’t appear with its own. You can apprehend our all-embracing analysis of the Vaux for added details.

One of the Echo Dot’s shortcomings—besides its awful speaker—is its abridgement of a display. It will acquaint you the time, but alone if you ask Alexa first. Plop a Dot in the centermost of the iHome iAVS1 ($50 on Amazon), and it will not alone affectation the time for you, it will additionally advancement the Dot’s speakers (just bung the 3.5mm aux cable into the Dot). The onboard speakers are a footfall up, but that’s not adage much. Frequency acknowledgment is bound to the midrange—there’s about no bass—and you’ll allegation to accept carefully to get any faculty of stereo imaging.

The iAVS1 additionally comes with a preinstalled set of AAA batteries, but these will alone accumulate the anxiety activity in the blow of a blackout—your Dot-based anxiety won’t go off. The agenda anxiety affectation can be dimmed over eight stages, but it would be nice if there was an ambient ablaze sensor that did this automatically, so it was brightest during the day and dimmer but clear at night aback you’re sleeping. Lastly, there’s a USB charging anchorage in aback for your smartphone or agenda media player, but it puts out aloof 1 amp of power. It’s accessible in atramentous now and white soon.

This adorable case ($7 on Amazon) will add a little ability to your Echo Dot and action a bit of aegis in the bargain. It’s covered in the aforementioned alloyed nylon as Wasserstein’s Array and accessible in blue, brown, gray, red, and white.

This and the Silicone Skin (see below) are accessible alone through Amazon’s Add-on program: Their amount tags are lower than the amount to address them, you can acquirement them alone by abacus them to an adjustment of added than $25.

These banknote ($6 anniversary on Amazon) let you change the blush of your Echo Dot while attention it from knocks and bumps. For the $1 aberration in price, I anticipate Wassterstein’s bolt cases are the bigger deal—silicone is a bit of a dust and lint magnet—but you ability accept a altered opinion.

The silicone sleeves are accessible in black, blue, ablaze blue, tan, and white. Like the bolt protector, they are an add-on account (see description above).

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If you own the aboriginal Amazon Echo, you apperceive how calmly the too-tall accent can be agape over. Slipping these blubbery bonanza guards ($20 on Amazon) over the top and basal of the Echo won’t accomplish it any below blow prone, but they’ll at atomic beanbag its assured falls.

A cleft in the basal arena will board the Echo’s ability cord. Accessible in atramentous or white, they can additionally be continued to fit over the second-generation Echo, although that archetypal is below in allegation of protection.

Here’s accession band-aid for stabilizing the aboriginal Echo: The acute apostle is about absurd to beating over already you bead it into this acrylic bend ($19 on Amazon). A ample silicone pad isolates the apostle from the stand, and silicone anxiety on the cheers of its four aluminum pegs will added anticipate beating alteration from the apostle to whatever apparent you abode it on. A cut-out allows the ability band to canyon through.

The clear-cut dejected bend isn’t decidedly attractive, but it gets the job done. And it

can additionally board a 2nd-generation Echo—if you absolutely appetite it to. 

Screw this metal arise ($16 on Amazon) into the bank and you can accelerate a first-generation Amazon Echo central as if it were a bank sconce. It holds the Echo out and abroad from the bank at a slight angle, which makes its buttons and volume-control arena easier to use.

Unlike the acrylic apostle bend above, however, there’s no added to abstract the apostle from bend or the bend from the wall. The aperture is not ample abundant to board a second-generation Echo.

Ever ambition you could booty your first-generation Amazon Echo with you? Wasserstein’s Echo Charging Station ($30 on Amazon) can accomplish that dream a reality. You bung a disposable adapter into the Echo’s ability anchorage that has spring-loaded pins that acquaintance the array base. Strong magnets authority the abject to the basal of the Echo, so you can backpack it around. My advice: Put a brace of Sanus Bonanza Guards on it first.

Like Wasserstein’s Array for the Echo Dot, a ability button on the advanced of the abject turns the 9,000 mAh array on and off, and four LEDs address the array level. The array can be answerable with any 5-volt, 2-amp AC adapter and a Micro-USB cable, or you can use the provided 15-volt, 1.4-amp AC adapter instead. You can additionally allegation your smartphone or agenda audio player’s array by active a USB cable into the 5-volt, 2-amp USB achievement on the base. And if you’re anytime plunged into black from a blackout, there’s alike a anemic LED flashlight in the base. Accessible in white only.

It sounds like a close cocktail, but the Amazon Tap Bung ($20 on Amazon) for the Amazon Tap acute speaker—the alone Alexa-powered accent that we haven’t taken a affection to—is absolutely handy. It will assure its host from bumps and bruises, and a ample bend will additionally let you adhere it from a carabiner, hook, or alike a attach (you’ll allegation to board your own).

It’s a bit cher for what it is, and you’ll allegation to abolish it afore agreement the Tap on its charging cradle, but it’s accessible in bristles colors: blue, green, magenta, tangerine, and white.

This artefact is best advantageous aback your electrical outlets are amid in the average of your wall, but it is a abundant and arrangement abstraction nonetheless.

An able band-aid for ascent an Amazon Echo Dot in your home's bank or ceiling, area it's out of the way and yet absolutely usable.

This array renders your 2nd-generation Echo Dot both carriageable and added attractive; plus, you can bandy out a asleep array for a beginning one.

If you absolutely appetite to booty your first-gen Echo on the road, this array berth will accomplish it possible.

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If you own the aboriginal Echo, it's alone a amount of time afore you beating it over. These silicone bonanza guards

An accessible way to arise an Echo Dot to your bank after acute screws.

The Vaux won't wow you with its audio performance, but it does add a amazing accessibility agency to the Echo Dot and it sounds a accomplished lot better, too.

This case dresses up and protects an Echo Dot, not than a anchored Echo Dot needs abundant protection.

The Evo will chargeless your Echo Dot from a ability cord, but we'd like it a lot bigger if it wasn't advised to be assuredly ashore to the acute speaker.

While it's no acting for a abounding display, the iAVS1 will at atomic appearance you the time after your defective to ask Alexa to say it out loud.

A accessible way to adhere an Echo Dot on your bank after defective screws or tools, but the buttons on the Dot could end up upside bottomward depending on how you install it.

Holds an Echo Dot deeply in abode on the bank and can be installed after screws.

Here's accession way to assure your first-generation Amazon Echo: Arise it to the bank out of ability of kids and pets.It's not the best adorable solution, though.

This case will assure the basal and abandon of an Echo Dot, but silicone can be a dust and lint magnet.

This awning seems big-ticket for what it does, but it's one of the few options out there for attention this accurate acute speaker.

It's not the best adorable accent you'll acquisition for the Amazon Echo, but it will anticipate the apostle from accepting agape over (and it will board the 2nd-geeration Echo as well).

Michael covers the smart-home, home-entertainment, and home-networking beats, alive in the acute home he congenital in 2007.

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