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To Meekah Scott, he was a dream appear true, a Prince Charming dispatch off the pages of a bogie tale.

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To Meekah Scott, he was a dream appear true, a Prince Charming dispatch off the pages of a bogie tale.

He was handsome. Polite. Attentive. He beatific flowers, gifts. He swered attention, candied words and candied candy.

And he was in adulation with her.

``There were no arguments. He was extra, actually added nice. He was my dream man,'' Ms. Scott recalled. ``I anion he was wonderful.''

Then the airship of dreams began to boring deflate.

First there were bouts of jealousy. Afresh the fights: a few sves, loud words, slaps.

Then the beatings.

Within two years, the man of her dreams had become her active nightmare.

It was a daydream that would end in death.

She survived calm abandon by committing murder.

``I was aloof aggravating to stop him,'' said Ms. Scott, one of the declared Framingham Eight - a aculation of women bedevilled of annihilation w approved pardons on the area that years of corruption led them to annihilate rather than be killed.

In almost 41 percent of the slayings involving a spouse, women were articular as the killer, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.

In abounding of tse cases, the women were affronted back, the government said.

For example, aegis is declared in three Machusetts calm violence-related micides aftermost year, including the annihilation of a Hyannis man. In anniversary case, there was a history of corruption and a umption of abstinent orders.

According to a abstraction by specialists at the Center for Disease Control, aback women are violent, it is usually in aegis or retribution. It additionally follows a history of concrete abuse.

``I've heard from many, abounding women w accept been abused that they acquainted they accomplished the point area they had to annihilate him or annihilate themselves,'' said Linda Aguiar, controlling administrator of Our Sister's Place, a aged women's accommodation in Fall River. ``They feel like a captive of war . . . They see no way out.''

Sometimes they try to acquisition an actual way out by aggravating to ure themselves during an attack.

Four out of bristles women abused by spouses or boyfriends approved to abide the attacks in orted ways, according to a federal study. But best of tse - 57 percent - acclimated acquiescent agency such as aggravating to abscond rather than a weapon or affronted back, according to the U.S. Justice Department.

When women do action aback and annihilate a partner, generally it is in a fit of acrimony or self-defense, said Murray Straus, co-director of the ancestors ysis cl at the University of New Hampshire.

Angela Browne, a amusing and argumentative psyclogist, shares allotment of that view. ``Typically, the killing of the abuser was advenious and occurred in the bosom of an advance adjoin the women, during the admonishing appearance aback it became credible that an advance was about to begin, or during an escape attack by the women,'' she wrote in her book, ``When Aged Women Kill.``

Debra Robbin, above administrator of the New Bedford Women's Center and currently administrator of apprenticeship and training at Casa Myrna Vazquez accommodation in Boston, agreed.

``Women act to avert their lives,'' Ms. Robbin said.

Shannon Booker approved afresh to leave her admirer of 2{ years.

``It didn't actually amount if I left. He would chase me. He would corruption me and anyone I was blockage with,'' Ms. Booker said. ``He would appear to people's uses, breach out their windows. He would be pistol whipping added people. I would go aback not aloof for me but for the urance of added people,'' she said.

``I was abashed to break and I was abashed to go.''

Over the years, her admirer burst her jaw, exhausted and abject her bottomward the streets, and addled her over the head.

``One time he biologic me through the artery you could see the anatomy coil in my knee caps,'' Ms. Booker said. ``He would go off for annihilation at all. Maybe I took too continued at my grandmmother's abode or activity to the bend store.''

Still she stayed.

Ms. Booker, abandoned with two children, had developed up in advance affliction and with violence.

``It was like the norm,'' she said. ``Any relationship, anyone w I was with, abandoned me but Jose abandoned me the worst.''

It is the lative aftereffect of corruption over time that can advance to what yst Lenore Walker alleged the ``battered women's syndrome.''

Dr. Walker, afterwards three years of study, formulated the three-phase aeon of abandon that keeps women trapped in aated relationships through ``learned helplessness.'' Beneath her broadly actomed theory, the battering aeon ss with a apathetic tension-building phase, ascent into an access or battering followed by a calm, ``neymoon'' stage.

In the aftermost phase, the man is contrite, admiring and promises to change. Aback the aeon ss again, and the woman is clumsy to acquisition help, she feels clumsy to ascendancy the bearings and becomes pive, abject and helpless.

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``The alone is a close accepter that the batterer can ascendancy their activity and will be able to ascendancy them, coursing them down, aching them,'' said Kevin Reddington, a aegis advocate w auiously acclimated the aged woman's affection to absolve a Brockton woman of annihilation in 1989. ``They accept the badge can't advice them. . . the courts can't advice them. They feel actually captivated by this inidual.

``They accept the alone way they can avert themselves is to annihilate the batterer.''

Ms. Robbin said compionate a woman's aen of the bearings is key to compionate why she acts.

``I feel we let tse women bottomward as a society,'' she said. ``Maybe it was because there wasn't a accommodating response, because these women's corruption fell through some able somewhere, they ability that point of pelessness. Maybe they didn't apperceive advice was out there. Maybe the shelters were full, maybe addition kept allurement them what they did. They were victims and the actuality that they afresh end up in bastille in some cases sws that we've let them down.''

However, Dr. Straus said the cardinal of women adversity from aged women's affection w annihilate are attenuate and the men asleep are not consistently the affliction abusers.

``Most husbands asleep by their wives are not on the aator akin of violence,'' he said. ``The archetypal annihilation in the United States is aback two bodies get into an altercation over something, over some moral prinl, to appropriate some perceived moral amiss . . . That's the archetypal murder. I don't beggarly that there are not women w are abashed and in their addled situations kill, but they are the exceptions.''

When he was a aegis attorny, Louis Coffin, now a adolescent cloister judge, planned to use aged women's affection as a aegis for a Fall River woman aced of killing her calumniating bedmate in 1987.

Married for 38 years, Leonora Lelievre endured corruption and abandon afore cutting her husband, Camille, with a knife the night afore Thanksgiving.

``This was a longstanding calumniating relationship,'' recalled Mr. Coffin, w, as a accessible defender, was Mrs. Lelievre's attorney. ``Her bedmate was bubbler heavily througut the day. That day, he hit her in the head, smacked her, and she best up a knife and stabbed him.''

When badge actomed at the use, Mrs. Lelievre was on the attic with her husband, cradling his arch and sobbing.

``After I hit him, I hugged him and told him I admired him,'' she told badge at the time.

Mrs. Lelievre told autrities she stabbed her bedmate afterwards adversity years of abuse: burst ribs, a burst wrist, atramentous eyes. Anniversary time she approved medical help, Mrs. Lelievre fabricated exes for the injuries.

The day of the stabbing, the brace argued over a ysis Mr. Lelievre insisted she threw away. He hurled names and blame at her.

While autritative him a sandwich, he affective her and addled her on the head.

She told autrities she didn't bethink acrimonious up the knife or cutting him.

An dissection begin that Mr. Lelievre, w was unemployed, died of a ache anguish to the back. His claret booze akin was .23, that would accept been added than alert the acknowledged absolute of beaude for driving.

Mrs. Lelievre was evaluated by Dr. Walker w begin that the Fall River woman suffered from aged woman's affection - a key point for the aegis at the time.

``This helps explain the woman's behavior and why she aloof doesn't leave,'' Adjudicator Coffin said. ``The affection helps to explain things. They alarm it acquired powerlessness.''

Mrs. Lelievre - at age 59 - pleaded acable to ination in November of 1989. One ages later, she absolved out of the courtuse, free. She actomed a abeyant sentence, was ordered to accomplish 500 urs of ociation account and actomed three years probation.

She volunteered her time to blight patients afterwards the case was over.

Mrs. Lelievre afterwards died of cancer.

``This was aloof a nice, warm, admirable person. She never had any bent background. She was aloof ashamed by the accomplished thing,'' Adjudicator Coffin recalled. ``She admired her bedmate actual much.''

Raymond P. Veary, a above prosecutor w handled the Lelievre case, alleged aged women's affection a accurate defense, but is aated that a abridgement of affirmation of corruption - such as badge calls or medical annal - is acclimated as affirmation of it.

``From a lawyer's perspective, the pointing to the abridgement of affirmation as affirmation is actual annoying and troubling,'' Mr. Veary said.

``I ane it has to be advised case by case. We accept to be accurate of painting too broadly,'' Mr. Veary said. ``We can't acquiesce annihilation or killings to be indiscriminately absolved based on some affection which, by its description, has as affirmation an absence of evidence.''

Ms. Aguiar said the courts may be alert in accepting aged women's affection as a aegis but ociation charge admit - and accord with - calm abandon to ane approaching tragedy.

Ms. Aguiar remembers the adventure told by a aged woman w approved accommodation at Our Sister's Place in Fall River.

``We were sitting in a group, at a abode meeting, and bodies were talking about what they had been through, the losses, and accepting to accord up acquaintance with their accompany and families, and one woman said; `My mother is animated that I'm actuality and accomplishing this.'

``She went on to acquaint the adventure of her mother. She was eight or nine years old and her mother was a aged woman. On this one accurate black the mother was baking a big pot of baptize on the stove. The mother was aloof sitting there, staring into e. The woman asked her mother what was she doing. She told her daughter, `Just go in your room.'

``She remembered w awesome it was. Her mother was in the kitchen, sitting. It took a continued time for that baptize to boil.

When it did, she best up that big pot of baptize and went into the bedchamber area her ancestor was sleeping. Her mother best up the pot and caked it all over her sleeping father. `I ran out the aperture agreeable and they arrested my mother.'''

The mother was bedevilled of attempted annihilation and beatific to jail.

Meekah Scott woke up in the Boston accommodation she aggregate with her admirer and heard article bang in her mind.

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It has been two years aback she aboriginal met Troy.

Two years of breakups.

Two years of arguments.

Two years of jealousy.

And added than a year of beatings.

She would go into work, composition accoutrement the red approach prints appearance her face.

She would acquaint bodies she fell, she absolved into something.

``People were seeing it but I was still autritative exes for his behavior,'' she recalled. ``My anion was he would change.''

And afresh she woke up one morning and it all rushed at her.

``I aloof couldn't booty it anymore,'' Ms. Scott said. ``I had apparent my mother and my sister be baffled and abused. I realized, I'm activity through the aforementioned thing.''

She threw some clothes in accoutrements and absolved against the door. ``I told him I was leaving. He was absolute calm.''

She was afraid w accessible it would be to aloof airing out, finally.

She went to the door, accessible to airing out.

``He affective me by the close and began hitting me,'' she said. ``He said, `If I can't accept you, no one can accept you.'''

Finally, she was able to blitz out the aperture and alarm police.

By the time autrities arrived, her admirer had larboard the apartment. Badge waited as she retrieved her belongings.

When admiral left, Ms. Scott went to an alfresco pay blast to alarm a cab.

Her admirer returned.

She alleged to him. She said she capital to explain, to let him apperceive why she was leaving.

He came charging at her with a bike rack. He aerial it up. There was a knife on the ground. She best it up.

``He ran into the knife. He absolved away. I looked at the knife. It was clean. There wasn't any claret on it.''

She absolved up the artery as an ambulance approached. Ms. Scott, both eyes blackened, got in. ``I told them what happened.''

En avenue to the spital, she abstruse a ache victim had gotten into a cab. She prayed it wasn't her boyfriend. She prayed he wasn't hurt.

``I aloof got absolute hysterical,'' she recalled.

By the time she got to the spital, badge were cat-and-mouse to allocution with her - afterwards account her rights.

The man of her dreams aloof two years beforehand was now asleep of a ache wound.

She was bedevilled of ination in November of 1989 and actomed an 8 to 12 bastille term.

The types of calm abandon bodies face are as orted as the citizenry and the relationships they share, Dr. Straus said.

There is what he calls ``ordinary'' violence: slapping, throwing things, smashing dishes. There are austere aults that action infrequently in uselds. And afresh there is the abuser w terrorizes the useld.

``You accept to yze amid the actomed and what one of my colleagues alleged the aator akin of violence. This is the being w terroizes his spouse, around befitting her prisoner. Tse cases, adverse to what some bodies think, are actual rare.''

There are about 100,000 cases of aator abandon in the country compared with added types - alignment from throwing items to casual austere attacks - that cardinal up to 4 million, he said.

``The important affair is not to accept that they're all of one kind,'' he said.

Shannon Booker was already aged and aching aback her admirer insisted they go to an after-urs bar in Roxbury on March 30, 1988.

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``I didn't appee to go. He had baffled me beforehand in the day and I was affronted about it,'' she said.

But, whatever Jose wanted, he got.

They went out.

``He got some booze in him and he aloof addled out. ``He sed ault me. He abject me through the street. I could feel the calefaction from the arena on my knee caps. He hit me on the arch with a bottle.''

She ran to a friend's use.

``I alleged him and asked, `Why do you abide to exhausted on me.' He said, `Shannon, aloof amuse appear me. I adulation you.' I stood by him. I was there for him. That's what you do. I went aback to him.''

When she alternate me and opened the door, he was waiting.

``He punched me abounding force in the face. `Bitch, I got you,' he said.''

She began packing her clothes. ``He smacked me. He said, `You appee to leave?' He sing ault me again.''

Battered, she was in the couple's bedchamber aback he absolved in with a .357 Magnum. ``He placed the gun in the drawer. I took it out and I placed it beneath the mattress,'' she recalled.

He alternate - and resumed the beating.

``He sed asthmatic me.''

She affective the gun.

She fired.

```Bitch, you attempt me in the head. I'm gonna annihilate you,''' she quoted him as saying.

Then aggregate was a blur.

``I blacked out. Aback I came back, I was in the street, aggravating to banderole bottomward the police. No one would stop. I went to a acquaintance of my grandmother's. I told her what happened. She didn't accept what I was aggravating to say. I told her, I attempt Jose. I had the gun. I put the gun to my arch and I pulled the trigger.

``It was empty. I didn't apperceive I attempt him eight times. I was decrepit in blood.''

Police were called.

She was answerable with aboriginal amount murder.

Several studies appearance that women don't usually kill: alone 15 percent of the micides in the United States are committed by women.

But aback they do, the calumniating acquaintance is usually the victim. A ysis of 30 women in a California bastille w had asleep their mates begin that 29 had been abused by the victim and 20 said they asleep to ure themselves or their children.

Dr. Browne acclaimed in ``When Aged Women Kill'' that in the majority of ination cases amid partners, ``there were abounding `cries for help' above-mentioned to the baleful incident.''

It has been seven years aback Shannon Booker pulled the trigger, killing her admirer of 2{ years.

She pleaded acable to ination and actomed an 8-to-15 year sentence.

She spent six years in bastille and was paroled aftermost year.

``There is not a day that goes by that I don't ane about him,'' she said. ``They are apricot memories. . . This is a man w I already loved. There is still a allotment of me that still loves him''

After spending years in the women's accompaniment bastille in Framingham, Ms. Booker and Ms. Scott - both allotment of the Framingham 8 - now ignment abundantly with women's groups in an accomplishment to barrier calm abandon and animate victims to get help.

Both had lived with calm violence.

Neither believed there was a way out.

Ms. Scott said abused women suld leave the accord - and not attending back.

She said that is the alone way for both the abused and abuser to survive.

``I would adopt to see both of them live,'' Ms. Scott said. ``I don't accept in admiring addition to death.''

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