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CORVALLIS — Elizabeth Prevish knew it could be boxy to acquisition a abode to hire in Corvallis, but she had no abstraction aloof w adamantine it would be aback she absitively to backpack from Redmond in May.

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A distinct mom, Prevish has two sons, ages 3 and 13. The earlier boy struggles with a austere affecting disorder, and Prevish was captivated aback she got him placed in the Children's Farm Home for inpatient ysis in January.

After months of autritative the three-ur drive beyond the mountains to appointment her son, she got approval to alteration her federal apartment allowances from Deschutes County to the mid-valley — but ran into a brick bank aback she approved to use them in Corvallis.

So far, she says, bisected a dozen bounded landlords acquire banned to acquire her Section 8 agenda — alike admitting such bigotry is actionable beneath Oregon fair apartment laws.

"One of them listened actual intently. He anion it was 'interesting,' but he said he capital to delay a few canicule and aculate added applicants," Prevish said. "If I acquaint them up front, they're actual quick to say it's not activity to ignment out."

She's had some concise rentals in Lebanon and Albany, but both were too far from the Farm Home, and she had to leave the aftermost one afterwards accepting into a altercation with her freelder over aliment issues. Since then, she's had no abiding address. Afterwards spending a anniversary in a abandoned shelter, Prevish and her adolescent son are now blockage in a donated affected bivouac in a abbey parking lot while she continues to attending for a abode in Corvallis.

But time is active out.

If Prevish can't defended apartment by Nov. 7, she could lose her Section 8 voucher.

And there's an alike added acute consideration: Until she can autrize a abiding apartment situation, the Children's Farm Home wants to aculate her boyish boy in residential treatment. For now, he's alone actomed off the breadth for abrupt appearance periods.

"I charge to lath a me for my son to be absolved to," Prevish said.

A allowance hand

The Section 8 affairs was created in 1974 as an alteration to the U.S. Apartment Act of 1937. Administered by the Department of Apartment and Urban Development, it provides federally adjourned abetment to poor families, the aged and the disabled to advice them acquiesce safe, appropriate and germ-free using. To autrize for a agenda from their bounded apartment autrity, recipients about charge acquire beneath than bisected the average ets for the breadth breadth they live. Best recipients acquire beneath than 30 percent.

Unlike alleged project-based istance, which is angry to alone barrio or apartment projects, Section 8 vouchers are advised to be acclimated on the clandestine rental market. Recipients charge pay about 30 percent of their account adapted gross ets for hire and utilities, with the actuality paid by the bounded accessible apartment autrity.

The bulk of abetment for anniversary agenda is bent by ancestors admeasurement and added factors and is declared to reflect bounded bazaar ante for various-sized dwellings, admitting the "fair bazaar rents" set by apartment autrities generally lag abaft in bound markets such as Corvallis and Albany. A agenda can't be acclimated if hire and account costs for a emblage beat the voucher's akin of istance, and acreage owners are not appropriate to lower their rents to lath Section 8 recipients.

Fair apartment laws in Oregon acquire continued banned landlords from acute adjoin tenants on the base of race, religion, nationality, ancestors or conjugal status, gender, animal acclimatization or disability.

Source of ets is additionally a able category, but Oregon law acclimated to lath an absolution for federal apartment subsidies such as Section 8 vouchers.

That afflicted July 1, aback Abode Bill 2639, additionally accepted as the Apartment Best Act, bankrupt that loople. Specifically, it says landlords can't adios a -to-be addressee alone for absent to use a Section 8 agenda to pay rent.

Pockets of resistance

Clearly, some landlords haven't gotten the message.

Bob Loewen, a rental apartment specialist with the burghal of Corvallis, said at atomic a dozen acreage owners in Linn and Benton counties still acquire a absolute action adjoin accepting the vouchers.

"What I acquire apparent is in Craigslist ads that still say 'no HUD,' 'no apartment istance,' in some cases 'no Section 8,'" Loewen said.

So far, all the landlords in abuse that he's contacted acquire been baby operators w say they were blind of the new law. Loewen said all the ample rental administration firms he works with arise to be in compliance, but he additionally knows there are some acreage owners w aloof don't appee to ignment with the program.

"There are bodies w ane anyone w's accepting government abetment isn't alive hard, needs to go get a job and cull themselves up by their bootstraps, that array of thing," he said.

That atude is not bound to the mid-valley.

Pegge McGuire, controlling administrator of the Fair Apartment Council of Oregon, said her bureau gets about a dozen calls a anniversary from about the state, alignment from acreage owners with questions about the law to Section 8 recipients wse vouchers acquire been angry down. And while she has no close numbers on w abounding bodies acquire been break denied using, her acquaintance tells her the abiding crawl of complaints indicates a abundant beyond problem.

"In accepted ... alone one in 10 bodies w acquaintance actionable bigotry try to do annihilation about it," she said.

As Loewen indicated, McGuire said big acreage administration firms ume to be on lath with the new law, with best of the refusals acutely ociated with mom-and-pop rental acreage owners. And, for the best part, the Section 8 rejections arise to axis from benightedness rather than acerbity — but not always.

"In some cases, we're accepting a little pushback from bodies w say, 'We don't acquire to booty tse.' Well, yes, you do," McGuire said.

"We're still award Craigslist ads and added ads breadth landlords are aboveboard acute adjoin Section 8."

Education adjoin enforcement

The law includes a cardinal of protections for acreage owners.

First of all, it doesn't force landlords to hire to accession aloof because they're on Section 8 — it alone requires them to accede all rental applicants equally, whether they acquire a agenda or not. And while a acreage charge canyon a basal urance ysis to autrize for Section 8 payments, owners can't be affected to accomplish big-ticket aliment aloof because they're requested by a HUD inspector.

In addition, the Apartment Best Act set up a state-supported armamentarium to balance landlords w acquire aation accession on cloister judgments adjoin capricious tenants, up to $5,000.

But the law additionally has teeth: Acreage owners can be fined up to $11,000 for acute adjoin Section 8 recipients.

So far, the Fair Apartment Council is still in apprenticeship mode, allotment to allocution to landlords about the law rather than abuse them for breaking it.

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Only three academic complaints acquire been filed to date with the Bureau of Labor and Industries, the accompaniment bureau answerable with administration the Apartment Best Act. But administration accomplishments are acceptable to admission up already apartment admiral adjudicator that landlords acquire had abundant time to acclimate to the new requirements.

Tina Kotek, apostle of the Oregon Abode of Representatives, thinks there's been abundant time already.

The Portland Democrat acclimated her political ascendancy to advance the Apartment Best Act through the Legislature afterwards a alternation of bi-weekly accessories in the Oregonian accurate w Section 8 recipients were actuality bound into austere neighborods because they were clumsy to use their vouchers in added adorable genitalia of town.

As HB 2639 was actuality drafted in 2012, Kotek said, she formed carefully with rental acreage interests to abode the apropos of landlords. And alike afterwards the bill was anesthetized in the 2013 session, accomplishing was delayed until this July to acquiesce added time for notification.

By now, Kotek said, landlords suld be absolutely acquainted of the new law — and low-income renters suld be able to booty abounding advantage of it.

"It's absolutely a actual difficult rental bazaar in lots of places, and you don't appee to disadvantage accession aloof because they acquire a voucher," she said.

According to HUD, there are 33,776 Section 8 vouchers in Oregon account added than $188 actor in anniversary hire payments. Kotek said that makes Section 8 the bigger affordable apartment affairs in Oregon, and low-income uselds disturbing to acquisition a appropriate abode to alive suld be able to use it in the adjacency of their cice.

"It's a basal candor affair that was the sing point (for the Apartment Best Act), but the bigger affair is we acquire an affordable apartment botheration in Oregon," Kotek said.

"We acquire to acquire a card of items to advice bodies acquire admission to added affordable, affection using."

Demand and supply

The charge for apartment abetment has never been greater actuality in the mid-valley, breadth dreds of families absent their mes in the Great Recession.

"We're ambidextrous with yesterday's average cl," said Linn-Benton Apartment Ascendancy Controlling Administrator Donna Holt.

"We acquire bodies cull into our parking lot and they acquire accouchement active in a van. We see it every day. It's heart-wrenching."

About 2,500 mid-valley uselds currently acquire Section 8 vouchers, and there are addition 3,000 names on the cat-and-mouse account — and it can booty two to three years to get to the arch of the line. And already bodies get a voucher, they acquire 60 canicule to use it or lose it. If they can't acquisition a abode to hire afterwards two months, their agenda goes to the aing being on the cat-and-mouse list.

According to apartment ascendancy figures, alone 62 percent of Linn County recipients are able to acquisition Section 8 apartment afore their vouchers expire. The success amount in Benton County is aloof 53 percent.

The Apartment Best Act won't accomplish any added vouchers accessible — alone added allotment from HUD can do that — but it could accord renters added apartment options.

"That's absolutely our pe," said Jennifer Sanders, arch operations administrator for the Linn-Benton Apartment Autrity. "But we haven't apparent any advance yet ... . I ane it's too aboriginal to acquaint yet if this is activity to accomplish a difference."

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Like the Fair Apartment Council, the Linn-Benton Apartment Ascendancy is alive on educating acreage owners and managers about the new anti-discrimination requirements, as able-bodied as the allowances of alive with the Section 8 program. And tse efforts arise to be advantageous idends.

Duerksen & Associates, which manages about 1,000 units in the Corvallis-Albany area, cck-full accepting Section 8 vouchers for a while but is now alive with the affairs again. Dawn Duerksen, a accountant acreage administrator with the company, said it's been a absolute experience.

The HUD ysis action is added automated than it's been in the past, the paperwork isn't adamantine to ample out, and apartment ascendancy admiral acquire been actual accessible about the applicant's rental history with the Section 8 program, she said.

"We didn't acquire w we could use the apartment ascendancy to acquisition a acceptable tenant," Duerksen said. "You're accepting an added advertence with them ... so it can be a acceptable thing."

Scott Lepman of Lepman Properties, which owns and manages rental units in Albany, said he's formed with the affairs for years and hasn't begin Section 8 tenants any added alarming than added renters.

The appliance requirements for Section 8 edger out some acid characters afore a agenda is issued — bedevilled offenders, aated abyss and biologic dealers, for instance, don't autrize for the program.

But the absolute key to autritative abiding you don't hire to a bad Section 8 tenant, Lepman said, is artlessly to administer the aforementioned screening belief best landlords use for every rental applicant: a acceptable rental history with no antecedent evictions, an able income-to-rent ratio, a apple-pie bent accomplishments ysis and a solid acclaim rating.

"I ane a lot of landlords adopt not to hire to Section 8 people, but our acquaintance is it isn't the Section 8 that's the botheration they perceive," he said. "It's bodies — whether they awning bodies accurately or not."

Beyond that, he thinks programs like Section 8 lath important amusing benefits.

"If you attending aback in history, what they acclimated to do is barn poor bodies in ample projects," Lepman said.

"Their activity affairs will be abundant bigger if they're alien to the accepted population, breadth they're apparent to what added tenants do ... imilation of tse bodies is not a bad thing, it's a acceptable thing. That's my opinion."

One added chance

For Elizabeth Prevish, things may be sing to attending up.

She afresh begin a bogus me a few afar south of Corvallis that fits her needs — with a freelder w was accommodating to acquire Section 8. The account hire was a little added than her allowances will cover, but the buyer agreed to lower the hire if he could accomplish up the aberration by charging a account fee for the washer and dryer (a accepted tactic in high-rent areas).

The abode additionally needs some improvements — a HUD ambador articular nine aliment that charge be fabricated to accommodated Section 8 standards for urance and habitability.

The freelder told Prevish he's accommodating to do the work, but she's a little worried. Some of the aliment could be costly, and she's abashed he ability change his apperception about spending the money — abnormally if he finds addition bedfellow in the meantime.

"He still has the acreage up on Craigslist, and that gives me an afraid feeling," she said.

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And if the accord does abatement through, Prevish said, she doesn't apperceive what she'll do next. She's active out of options — and energy.

"I acquire cck-full attractive for added places because I am absolutely beat out," she said. "I'm tired."

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