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Animated movies are not artlessly for kids.

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Everyone knows that films like Toy Adventure 3 and The Incredibles 2 were fabricated as abundant for the bearing who grew up with the originals as for kids today.

Though generally light-hearted, activated movies are still a austere business. Six of the accomplished grossing activated movies accept anniversary fabricated over $1 billion accepted and eleven activated films are ranked amid the top 50 accepted highest-grossing films of all time.

It is notable back activated movies fabricated by altered studios absolution cautiously agnate movies at absolute agnate times. It leads to questions of who got in first? Who wore it better?

It would be absolute accessible to tote out a account of B-movies that are arrant ripoffs of added acclaimed ones. No prizes for bookish which movies A Car’s Life, Frozen Land and What’s Up are aping. Instead, we are absorbed in similarities amid movies you ability accept absolutely seen. Let’s face it, you would accept to be mad to absolutely sit through those abominable copies.

Your breadth may alter on some of these entries as, objectively, what you accede a bigger activated cine is bottomward to claimed aftertaste and what you attending for in a story. Back looked at through a lens of nostalgia, it is difficult to be objective.

With that in mind, actuality are 15 Activated Movies That Ripped Off Bigger Ones.

Antz and A Bug’s Activity may absolute able-bodied accept been the agitator for the analytical altercation active through this list, area Pixar and DreamWorks absolution acutely agnate movies at abnormally agnate times.

Antz may accept baffled A Bug’s Activity to the theatres but back DreamWorks began alive on their bug-based flick, Pixar was already abysmal into assembly on theirs.

Antz about has the aforementioned apriorism as A Bug’s Life: an odd, misfit insect discovers that he is added than a faceless bombinate of an backbreaking administration and goes on to abundant things. Antz was fabricated faster and so skimped on action affection but had affluence of gags and a casting of acclaimed actors to acrylic over inadequacies with brilliant power.

During production, there was a accessible altercation amid DreamWorks co-founder Jeffrey Katzenberg and John Lasseter of Pixar over the arguable parallels.

Despite such a adumbral start, both movies were abundantly absolutely accustomed by audiences.

The advertisement of Disney’s Coco was met with enthusiasm. The blur boasts a attractive style, active songs, and is a anniversary of one of Mexico’s best iconic celebrations, The Day of the Dead.

Though declared by Pixar as a “unique idea” done in the colourful appearance of Mexican folk art, abounding affronted admirers reminded the flat that this blur was not so aboriginal afterwards all.

In 2014, 20th Century Fox appear The Book of Life, a computer-animated agreeable fabricated by Reel FX Creative Studios, additionally set during the Day of the Dead. It had abstinent success but those who did see it acclaimed it for the acute assuming of the subject, admirable animatio,n and aberrant soundtrack.

Of course, there is no abuse in adequate two Day of the Dead aggressive animations, but it would be arbitrary to balloon about The Book of Activity aloof because Disney steamrolls beyond the aforementioned ground.

When DreamWorks absolution Over the Hedge in 2006, it did not absolutely change the way we see activated movies. However, it at least gave audiences a absonant ball about a con-artist racoon, an active squirrel, and their bristling accompany award out that bourgeoisie is advancing on their backcountry lives.

Roll advanced to 2014 and addition blur about a accumulate planning a break-in of his animal neighbours comes to the big screen. The Nut Job spent beneath time on characters and plot, and added time on bad puns about nuts.

The Nut Job was accustomed abnormally by viewers. Of course, DreamWorks did not accept absolute rights to squirrel-related heists, but if you are activity to re-tread such a agnate story, at atomic accomplish it funny.

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It was apparent back fish-focused activated movies Award Nemo and Bluff Account came out consecutively in 2003 and 2004.

Comments were fabricated on the affinity in affair and in interviews at the time DreamWorks Animation’s CEO, Jeffrey Katzenberg, said: “any similarities are bald coincidence. We’ve been accessible with the Pixar bodies so we don’t footfall on anniversary other’s toes.”

Granted, the plotlines of both films are absolute different. Could the two studios accept aloof hit on a fun, able ambience concurrently?

While Dreamwork’s Bluff Account appearance characters with developed problems, such as debt with accommodation sharks, Pixar’s Award Nemo is about affectionate love, a artifice that adolescent audiences could added calmly analyze with.

It is absolute that the two films accept a lot in common. The adverse allegory amid the added acknowledged Award Nemo and confusingly targeted Bluff Account agency if they did archetype Pixar’s premise, it didn’t assignment out so well.

Illumination Entertainment, already amenable for the disgustingly accepted Despicable Me and Minions Movie, appear The Secret Activity of Pets in 2016.

The apriorism is simple: it follows what pets get up to back their bodies are not around. In itself this is a apriorism we accept apparent before, with movies like Cats V Dogs. Yet these movies about our favourite four-legged accompany all had added plots of their own to analyze them.

The Secret Activity of Pets seems to rip off Toy Story’s blueprint exhausted by beat.

Like Toy Story, we accept a adequate bureaucracy for the pets. The advance appearance is acclimated to accepting all of the absorption of his owner, absolutely like Woody. Then they accept a new pet who attracts all the absorption of the buyer and causes conflict, aloof like Buzz.

It could be worse, but one can’t advice but feel that we accept apparent this done before.

The Land Afore Time is abundantly influential. Appear by Universal in 1988, it spawned abounding “sing-a-long” direct-to-video sequels, and alike became a television alternation in 2007. Absolute few households in the ‘90s did not accept at atomic some of the abounding sequels on VHS.

When Disney appear Dinosaur in 2000, it was absurd not to analyze it to the added activated dino flick.

It followed a cautiously agnate blueprint to The Land Afore Time, with long-neck dinosaurs for the protagonists, who lose parents and biking with a baby bandage of accompany to a greener haven, stalked by a “Sharptooth.”

Although boasting beauteous computer activated visuals, Dinosaur’s artifice was generic. It aimed for a across-the-board storyline but lacked abundant affect to accomplish it feel epic. Perhaps if Disney had pulled off a appropriate movie, no one would accept agitated to analyze it to the acutely agnate predecessor?

Warner Brothers’ Happy Feet came out in 2006, with Sony’s Surf’s Up afterward carefully on its chubby penguin appendage in 2007.

The similarities are obvious: both movies are about penguins. But penguins are popular. There accept been affluence of added movies cashing in on the fad, arguably started by March of the Penguins in 2005.

In theme, the two movies accept little in common. One is a mockumentary, attractive into the anniversary Penguin World Surfing Championship. The added is a austere ball about environmentalism, religious fundamentalism, and accepting who you are.

Although both well-received, neither blur absolutely hits the mark. Surf’s Up has a artifice that could accept formed aloof as able-bodied with bodies rather than penguins, and Happy Feet has so abounding letters it gets confusing.

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Following the acknowledged acceleration of Pixar, action studios began authoritative mostly CG films. This array of trend does not appear brief and there were a few bumps forth the CG road. Disney’s Abundance Planet and Don Bluth’s Titan A.E. were two such bumps.

Both movies accumulated hand-drawn acceptable action and 3D computer action in a way that didn’t absolutely gel.

They were additionally both activated sci-fi adventures featuring an angsty adolescent hero in control of an important map. The heroes accompany a assorted spaceship crew, including a father-figure and a adumbral traitor, on an adventuresome journey.

The dystopian Titan A.E. is absolutely aimed at an earlier admirers and acquired article of a bandage following. For the added activated Abundance Planet, the ambition is treasure, while in Titan A.E. it is a new home for the animal race. Yet the characterizations and the ambience are so acutely agnate that abounding admirers noticed parallels.

If it had happened once, it could accept been advised a coincidence. If it had happened twice, eyebrows ability accept been raised. The actuality that again DreamWorks and Disney absolution absolute altered movies with about identical bounds makes it assume naïve to accept it is annihilation but on purpose.

A accumulation of animals, aloft in captivity, acquisition themselves accidentally abrogation New York’s Central Park Zoo and acquisition themselves apprenticed for Africa. The creatures bandage calm to advice get home cautiously as they ascertain that the boscage is meaner than they had anticipated.

That arbitrary could accept been anecdotic both Madagascar (2005) and The Wild (2006).

The movies accept about identical set ups and absolute agnate messages.

As activated movies booty so continued to develop, the absolution date does not necessarily necessitate which one ripped off the other. In fact, Madagascar landed a lot better, with ball numbers and songs that fabricated it added popular.

Based about on Vera Chapman’s ‘The King’s Damosel’, Warner Brother’s Quest for Camelot: The Magic Brand is an Arthurian account in the aforementioned attitude as Disney’s admired The Brand in the Stone.

In absolute fact, besides the aforementioned ambience and the accent of the aforementioned bewitched sword, the movies are absolutely different. It ability be forgiven, if the blow of it wasn’t such a arrant Disney ripoff in every added way.

With activated sidekicks, bright agreeable numbers, and a adventurous charlatan who looks a lot like Belle (especially as she stands aloft a bluff singing about how she wants article more), the blur tries far too adamantine to fit the Disney formula.

It has some redeeming features. The articulation acting is stellar, featuring aptitude such as Cary Elwes, Gary Oldman, and Pierce Brosnan, and some of the songs (notably Celine Dion’s “The Prayer”) had a accepted activity of their own alfresco of the characterless film.

In 1994, little accepted flat Crest Action absolution The Swan Princess, a bogie account agreeable based on Swan Lake. It ticks about every box of a Disney classic: a admirable princess, a handsome prince, addictive agreeable numbers, abhorrent talking animals, and an angry sorcerer. They alike appear a agglomeration of Swan Angel merchandise.

The Swan Angel is based on no apparent movie. The baby flat ripped off the Disney blueprint and hoped addled parents would aces up the VHS, mistaking it for a Disney Angel movie.

Perhaps this is why, years later, Disney got its animus with The Angel and the Frog. Affronted admirers of the abate account cine complained that the way Naveen (in frog form) looks and behaves analogously to Jean-Bob, Odette’s French frog friend, and the apple of baptize back Facilier’s spell is burst looks aloof like Odette’s transformation.

Perhaps that accomplish them even?

Hayao Miyazaki, co-founder of Flat Ghibli, has accustomed audiences such around-the-clock masterpieces as Spirited Away, My Neighbour Totoro and Howl’s Moving Castle.

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Miyazaki additionally was the academician abaft Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water, a Japanese steampunk series, originally aired from 1990 to 1991. Nadia ran for 39 episodes, and was after advertisement in the United States.

A nerdy, academic, adolescent man with big glasses and a bowtie searches for Atlantis, forth the way falling in adulation with an exotic, able heroine, in a high-tech abysmal with a assorted crew. Already they ascertain Atlantis, the charlatan uses her chaplet to agglutinate with the bewitched ability antecedent and save the day.

Sound familiar? Eagle-eyed action admirers accept acicular out that Disney’s Atlantis, appear in 2001 bears a abominable affinity to this set-up. Alike the similarities amid accessory ancillary characters and artifice credibility are uncanny.

Disney’s 2013 Planes was already carefully a aftereffect of Pixar’s Cars franchise. The similarities amid the movies about anthropomorphized cartage aggressive in accelerated races, although undeniable, are on purpose. Admitting not actuality produced by Pixar, the blur was co-written and executively produced by Pixar and so this “ripoff” was pre-approved.

What was beneath accurate was Lionsgate’s own absolute to DVD cine Wings. Unlike abounding of the added direct, low-budget copies of acclaimed animations out there, this has a decidedly apparent Hollywood cast, including Josh Duhamel, Hilary Duff, and Rob Schneider.

Like Planes, it appearance a adventurous even attractive to attack in a acclaimed race. That’s appealing abundant all there is to it.

Planes was already a all-encompassing cash-in and the lower budget, agilely fabricated Wings is all but unwatchable.

Shark Bait is a 2006 South Korean-American CG animation. It was accepted as The Beach in the UK and Northern America and, admitting its cachet as a co-production amid South Korean and American, it never accustomed a affected release.

The artifice revolves about a (suspiciously accustomed looking) baby orange angle called Pi and his attack to win the affection of (suspiciously accustomed looking) feminine blush angle Cordelia, while ambidextrous with a tiger bluff that is anarchic him and the citizenry of the reef.

Criticized for references to assorted added movies and its accessible ripping off appearance designs from both Bluff Account and Award Nemo, it was additionally a simplistic adventure with banal animation.

Just one attending at the DVD awning shows that they were artlessly cashing in on attractive like the other, added accepted movies.

Izzie’s Way Home is an American direct-to-video blur produced by The Asylum. The Asylum are added acclaimed for such abstract as Sharknado, with this fish-centric action actuality their aboriginal activated release.

This low-budget cheat is absolute agnate to Pixar’s family-friendly sequel.

Izzie is an odd-ball angle who lives with her ancestor Harold. He tries adamantine to assure her from bullies and from actuality alternate to the ocean by the animal who maintains the aquarium. In a shock twist, Izzie and Harold do end up actuality alternate to the sea, and are separated. The blur centres on Izzie befriending the added angle as she and her ancestor chase for one another.

With a cautiously agnate awning design, ambiguous articulation acting, and characterless animation, there is little to acclaim this movie. This abandoned banknote grab is one of the best obvious.

Are there added activated ripoffs? Let us apperceive in the comments!

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