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I was in Shanghai, China, afresh to address on Volvo’s new electron-slathered premium/performance brand, Polestar. Alike admitting I was alone there a abbreviate time, I capital to be abiding I captured what the accepted carscape of Shanghai is like, because it’s bewildering. And now I appetite to addle you, too.

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Automotively, China is array of like about-face of-the-20th aeon America appropriate now, at atomic in agreement of aloof how abounding automakers there are operating. In the aboriginal 1900s, authoritative cars was array of the internet balloon of that era, and there were many, abounding now-forgotten companies authoritative cars.

China seems to be in a aeon like that appropriate now. One appraisal I heard alleged the cardinal of alive Chinese automakers at 103! Walking about Shanghai, it abiding seems like that could be an authentic estimate, because the cardinal of badges and brands you’ll see at any moment is, to American eyes, appealing staggering.

The boilerplate age of the cars is absolutely young, and about all the cars attending appealing modern—the strange, low-speed electric cartage with the crazy administration or absolutely arrant Western knock-offs are mostly out in the countryside, so the cities are busy with new-ish cars that all attending array of like the all-encompassing cars acclimated in allowance ads or the fabricated cars from videogames.

I begin it all absolutely exciting. Seeing a car cast that you don’t anon admit isn’t article that happens generally in circadian activity in America, but in Shangai I was perpetually walking about in a accompaniment of blithe bafflement, adage things like “What the hell was that? Was that a starfish on the grille? What’s that one with the horse head? Are those two dolphins?”

Anyway, accompany me on this little bout of the mostly alien allegory of Chinese cars!

We’ll alpha with a accustomed one, at atomic to our British readers. The newer London Atramentous Cabs accept been Chinese-built for some time now, and in China they’re chargeless to be colors added than black. Such as cartoon-pig pink, like our acquaintance here.

The oldest cars I saw in accepted use were these Volkswagen Santanas. There’s a cardinal of versions and faces on these things, but they’re all based on the second-gen, 1981-1988 Volkswagen Passat.

They’ve been congenital in China aback 1985, and accept backward in assembly until at atomic 2012, maybe longer. They’re mostly acclimated as taxis and added fleet-type cars now, but you do see an casual clandestine one. They’re about as abutting to a Chinese Crown Vic as you can imagine.

There’s electric scooters and bikes absolutely everywhere, and some are actual avant-garde and glassy looking, like this guy here. It looks about like article Apple would accept fabricated about 2003.

Okay, here’s our aboriginal alien brand: that red august bird-W affair is Wuling. Wuling is additionally allotment of SAIC-GM-Wuling, which is a collective affiliation with Wuling, addition Chinese carmaker SAIC, and our own GM.

Most of the Wulings I saw were little, competent-looking vans.

Even for apparent brands, there’s some surprises. This is, I think, a Guangqi Honda, and, added importantly, a aberration of the JDM Honda Odyssey that’s beneath like a arid old minivan and added like a big, glassy base wagon. This affair was absolutely appealing cool.

There’s at atomic two collective ventures with Volkswagen in China, acceptation that VW are abnormally baffling. This Lavida here, for example—I’m appealing abiding I saw at atomic two or three added Lavida variations (one may be the ‘New Lavida?), all about the aforementioned year, that looked appreciably different. I anticipate they’re all based on the aforementioned Mk4 Golf/Jetta platform.

What you’ve heard about the Chinese bazaar admiring Buick isn’t some rumor advance by septuagenarians in an attack to affect the younglings—it’s true. This Buick Excelle is a China-only car, a Buick adaptation of the Chevy Cruze, array of. Aforementioned platform, at least.

It’s so aberrant seeing these alien Buicks. It messes with the mind.

I admired this Iveco 4x4 possibly armored barter thing. It looks like such a competent brute.

That egg-shaped with the lambda-looking affair in it is the attribute of Chery, and that appears to be a Chery eQ electric car. Apparently, afterwards all the government incentives, it’s alone about $9,600 US, authoritative it one of the cheapest “real car” cartage in China. It’s got a ambit of 120 afar or so, which is appealing good! It’s like a bargain Nissan Leaf with a friendlier face.

So abounding vans. I’ll be honest with you, I can’t bethink what the hell this one is. I’m attractive into it added and I’ll update. This is a cast I saw a lot, how appear I can’t bulk this one out? Jeez.

Ah, okay! Thanks to my pal Tycho over at Car News China, I apperceive what this is: a Brilliance Huasong 7 HPV!

Another absorbing van abutting to that Audi, this one with a affably adorned grille. It seems to be A Jinbei, which has a actual heraldic-looking beaker or shield-and-sword attractive badge.

This van is a Foton, allotment of the BAIC Group, and I anticipate this accurate archetypal is a Foton View. I anticipate it’s a adaptation of the Toyota Hi-Ace.

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I aloof admired the name of this place. Abundant Beer! That’s fun. It’s like addition let that artifice meme name their business.

I was absolutely aflame to see this one: A Great Wall Coolbear! This is about a first-gen Scion xB/Toyota bB, with big artificial fender skirts and a altered advanced end. But attending at that greenhouse, and that rear quarter— that’s an xB!

Here’s the aberrant front:

Also agenda the badass roof arbor with the four active lights, which I affectionate of appetite for my first-gen xB, which I’ve rebadged as a Coolbear already. Seeing this abutting to a accepted xB is like seeing the aftereffect of one of those accompanying studies area one accompanying was aloft by academes in London and the added by hyenas in the veldt somewhere.

Hey, that’s the Starfleet cast on the adenoids of that van! Holy crap, attending at that. This seems to be Changan Commercial Vehicle’s cast as well. I admiration if they accept agitation affairs their vans and trucks in red?

Ah, the bird’s head. This seems to be the cast of Soueast Motor Co., which is partnered with China Motor Corporation, Fujian Motor Industry Group, and our old pas Mitsubishi. This looks to be a Soueast Delica, which I anticipate is a accountant alternative of the Mitsubishi Delica van.

This British Racing Green is absolutely the blush of China Post vehicles, which is absolutely fetching.

Some of the scooters accept become article above scooters, and are binding their way into microcar territory. Like this one, which has what seems to be a commercially-made asylum and a tacked-on accurate block in back.

Oh, and lots of Spiderman stickers. Appealing sweet.

That’s a appealing great-looking minivan, right? In the U.S., there are no Buick minivans, but this Buick GL8 looks like it could be a complete adversary to the Honda Odyssey and Chrysler Pacifica, right?

It’s a little deceptive, though. That’s a second-gen GL8, and while it looks absolutely modern, it’s absolutely based on the old, underwhelming Chevy Venture platform.

Still, that’s a hell of a re-skin.

BYD has apparently the best animated lighting architecture of all the Chinese manufacturers. The taillights attending like they were affected from the wall-menu of a boom parlor’s ‘tribal’ architecture options.

There’s some French cars around, like this China-market Peugeot. I like the funny arced acme affair on the C-pillar, there.

More awe-inspiring Buicks. This looks to be an aboriginal 2000s one; I like the awning ornament.

What the hell is a Haval? I’ve never heard of Haval, but this Great Wall sub-brand seems to be the “No.1 SUV cast in China,” at atomic according to their website. I anticipate this is a Haval H8?

These were absolutely absolutely handsome and seemed like they’d fit in in any Target parking lot in America, easily.

Remember British carmaker Rover? They’re mostly dead, but they’ve been array of re-animated in China as this, a Roewe. I wasn’t able to acquisition anyone who could absolutely acquaint me how this is pronounced.

This is a Roewe 550, and these are advised affluence cars in China. They absolutely attending appealing good, I think. It’s based on the old Rover 75 platform, and uses an agent acquired from the Rover K-series engines.

I’m afraid this belvedere is still around.

I was calling these “Tri-troëns” because the cast has three chevrons to Citroën’s two. I anticipate this is an LDV V80 van/bus. It looks like LDV is now alleged Maxus, and is allotment of Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation, if that helps you chronicle to it.

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This is a BYD F0, and is basically a knockoff of a Citroen C1. Nice bottle hatch.

Here’s a added aboriginal BYD, a BYD Yuan, which is a bold-looking and avant-garde SUV, with all the contemporary administration cues like the burst D-pillar/floating roof.

Here’s my question, though: the name. Yuan is the assemblage of Chinese currency. Would this be like if Ford had a new bunched SUV called the Ford Dollar?

There were a fair bulk of these aberrant electric account vehicles. I admired them, they acquainted like the sorts of things you’d accept cycle about in the accomplishments of your low-budget rom-com set on the Mars antecedents in the year 2145.

Here’s a nice, non-taxi Santana, an earlier one based on the advanced end. This is appealing abundant a archetypal car in the ambience of Chinese traffic.

If this looks array of familiar, that’s because it array of is: the Soueast Lioncel is basically a fifth-gen Mitsubishi Lancer.

Another Jinbei van. I like how Lincoln-like they accomplish their chromy grilles.

This was a aberrant affair I saw all over Shanghai. Cars would accept abundantly aphotic brave windows, about blurred looking, and afresh accept this awe-inspiring gap so the disciplinarian could see the rear-view mirror.

If they charge that aperture for the mirror, that doesn’t accord me a lot of aplomb that the disciplinarian can absolutely see that able-bodied out of the blow of the car’s windows, right? I mean, the mirror is appropriate there.

Yet addition bearing of a glassy Buick GL8 minivan. Buick has two circumstantial and about identical minivans in China, we accept none. Where’s the outrage?

Here’s addition Volkswagen Lavida, and to me this doesn’t alike attending like a Volkswagen.

Shangai cops assume to be a bit added eco-friendly than cops in the U.S., active about in their Roewe constituent amalgam cop cars.

This was the alone VW Golf I saw; the Chinese assume to adopt sedans to hatchbacks. Still, this is a appealing acceptable Golf to see. Wait, that’s a Polo, not a Golf, right? We don’t get Polos here.

Man, I adulation these Toyota Alphard vans. Why does Toyota decay their time with the debilitated Sienna aback they could be affairs this badass affair in America? Americans would eat up that massive crazy grille, I aloof apperceive it.

In case you were apprehensive what the humanoid from Berzerk has been accomplishing aback the ‘80s, it looks like he got a acceptable abiding gig actuality the ‘walk’ guy on China’s street-crossing lights.

Just a quick PSA: China’s blah dog technology makes the U.S. blah dog industry attending like complete garbage. We’re falling behind, people, corn-dog-wise, and article has to be done.

I’m not sure, but I anticipate this double-decker bus was a adaptable boutique? Is that a thing?

Sure, the logo is array of a Citroën knockoff, but you can’t exhausted Golden Dragon for a badass name for your van. Or your Chinese restaurant.

Roewe makes some appealing handsome SUVs, I gotta duke it to them.

I saw these twin-dolphin Yin-Yang-like badges on trucks all over the place; it’s the logo of Dongfeng Motor Corporation, and they assume to be a big amateur in the van/truck/bus arena. Plus, they accept the logo you’re best acceptable to acquisition as someone’s baggage stamp.

It’s amazing aloof how abounding modern, up-to-date, premium-feeling SUVs are around. This one is the Haima S5, and, again, it would attending altogether accustomed amid about any two American-market SUVs.

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At atomic until you peeked central and saw the chiral 5-speed and opened the awning to acquisition a 1.6-liter engine. Still, I anticipate those are array of pluses.

I was apprehensive how all those electric scooters were re-charging, and afresh I assuredly saw this: a coin-operated recharging station! Once you alpha attractive around, you see these things army on walls all over the place. Brilliant!

I admiration if article like this could assignment here, in big cities, for apartment-dwelling EV owners?

I could not bulk this one out. The alone clear cast said “Yo-Yo,” which is acceptable abundant for me.

These types of awkward electric cartage were everywhere, accomplishing all kinds of jobs. I was told they’re absolutely factory-built, which afraid me, as I anticipation they were DIY adaptations.

They attending like a abrasion apparatus motor was aloof added to the aforementioned basal pedal-powered mechanisms, chain-driving the rear wheels. They’re abundantly basic, but they got the job done, all over the place.

Hey look! An MG! MG lives on in China, aloof in a actual actual altered anatomy than anyone anytime thinks of MGs.

People’s acclimate aegis solutions for scooters are actual creative.

I absolutely like the figure-8 lights on this scooter.

This seems to be some array of trike for addition after use of their legs, but with massively able arms. Don’t accede to arm-wrestle whoever owns this thing.

Holy crap, a brace of black tweels in the wild! This is one of those rental bikes, so the abstraction of not accepting to accumulate annoy burden maintained charge be a huge tweel advantage. I don’t apperceive if I’ve anytime apparent a bike with airless tires like this before. It’s appealing cool.

Another nice archetype of the apathetic change of scooter into microcar.

Look at that guy. He’s apprehensive why the hell any sane being would booty a account of a Dodge Journey. He’s right.

China’s the alone abode you’ll absolutely acquisition the elongated, ‘executive’ trim of a Porsche Panamera. It’s all for added rear-seat legroom.

Same goes for this Audi A6L. The L is for ‘long’ or ‘legroom’ or maybe ‘La-Z-Boy” aback those aback seats are like recliners.

This is a Changan Raeton. Changan is one of the ‘big four’ Chinese car makers, and I anticipate their cast looks like a fox head.

This was such a nice dejected Santana, I had to booty a picture.

Another Changan! SUVs assume to get a cast analysis involving their names set into grilles, absolutely large.

I saw these ‘starfish’ cars all over the place; this is the JAC S2, a tidy little SUV with a CVT and apparently a acceptable best for a DDS with a PhD into some S&M.

This is a Peugeot, but I capital to appearance it to you because the convenance of customizing your anatomy pillars with Hello Kitty shelf cardboard is all but alien in the U.S.

Also important: dejected accents in headlights assume to be array of a affair there.

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Let’s end on a accustomed agenda to accompany us aback from confusion: this pearlescent blush McLaren 12C. It’s about calming, in this context.

Now I appetite to rebadge aggregate I can with horse active and starfish and dolphins and Starfleet badges.

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