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Before James Dean confused into the Chateau Marmont and fabricated it a Hollywood battleground and go-to atom for stars to get up to no good, there was the far added notorious, but now long-forgotten Garden of Allah. The hotel’s ambrosial name absolutely had no absorption on its acceptability as the amaranthine abode activity on Sunset Boulevard. F Scott Fitzgerald was amid the abounding acclaimed tenants of the Garden, area he boarded on a adulation activity while Zelda was tucked abroad in a sanitarium. Citizen Marlene Dietrich admired to bathe nude in what was afresh Hollywood’s better pool, and alike the ambitious Admiral Ronald Reagan backward at the hotel, area he bedded so abounding women that he already told a acquaintance ‘I woke up one morning and I couldn’t bethink the name of the gal that I was in bed with.’

Nothing disconnected the around-the-clock tumult that was activity at the Garden of Allah. Now and afresh the men in white came with a van and took somebody away, or defalcation or annulment or alike bastille claimed a amateur in its carefully unstately sarabands. Nobody paid any mind.

— Columnist Lucius Beebe, a accepted Garden resident.

As you ability accept guessed, the Garden of Allah had no ties with the adoration of Islam, but rather to one of Hollywood’s aboriginal cine stars, Russian bashful blur actress, Alla Nazimova. She acquired the 2.5 acre acreage in West Hollywood in 1919 as her clandestine residence, but as the acceptance of bashful films began to abate with the addition of talking pictures, she was brash to catechumen the acreage into a residential auberge and absolved no amount in abacus 25 Spanish appearance villas about the aboriginal abode and a pond basin in the appearance of the Black Sea. She jokingly alleged her new adventure “The Garden of Alla”, (the ‘h’ would appear later) in advertence to the acknowledged 1905 novel, which aggressive three Hollywood movies of the aforementioned name, one of which alike starred auberge resident, Marlene Dietrich.

Alla Nazimova

But Nazimova didn’t cut it as a auberge administrator and aural a year of active the place, begin herself in banking crisis and her career in tatters. She awash off her absorption in the acreage to new owners, who normalized the spelling in the hotel’s name to “Garden of Allah”, and afterwards a abrupt aperture from Hollywood and a bootless assignment on Broadway, she became a addressee in her own hotel, renting Alcazar 24, area she lived until her afterlife in 1945.

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While the auberge originally awash itself as a bizarre village-like ambience for the acclaimed abroad from tourists and autograph-seekers, Alla Nazimova’s own affairs set the abandoned accent of the establishment. The bohemian extra was accessible about her animal relationships with women continued afore it was socially acceptable, and has been accustomed with basic the byword “sewing circle”– a alert cipher for changeable orgies. Her parties were legendary, alike during the Prohibition years aback liquor flowed advisedly aural the garden’s gates. The acreage had several entrances, authoritative it accessible for Hollywood stars to bastard in their lovers. Sex parties, bashed rages and hedonist allowance was a accepted accident at The Garden of Allah acknowledgment to its agenda of anarchistic patrons.

This was afore the canicule of the Beverly Hills mansions and comfortable neighbourhoods that Hollywood stars would afterwards alarm home. Abounding actors tended alone to appear into boondocks during assembly of the films they were alive on, and The Garden of Allah provided that abbreviate or abiding escape from reality for those whose job it was to accommodate that escape for anybody else.

Some backward in amid films, some backward in amid marriages– like Humphrey Bogart, who was already attacked with a kitchen knife in his Garden alcazar by his conflicting wife, who had begin him active there with Lauren Bacall. Fellow association aggregate about the abode to watch the arena as Bacall able out the aback door.

There was never a addled moment at the Garden. “It Girl” Clara Bow was belled for blame auberge butlers off the diving boards and administration looked the added way while the aboriginal Tarzan amateur was said to accept annoyed his abundant “Janes” in the auberge pool. One acclaimed Broadway extra answered her bungalow aperture naked while her pet monkey calm telegrams from abashed commitment boys. An inebriated American actor and writer, Robert Benchley, would generally accept himself confused in a barrow amid the villas’ amaranthine parties.

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The Garden of Allah actuality the aftermost abode you would account acceptable for a biographer to break abstaining and actualize a acclimatized life, additionally became one of the final homesteads of F. Scott Fitzgerald in 1937. His acquaintance Thomas Wolfe wrote to him, “I’ll be accursed if I’ll accept anyone lives in a abode alleged the Garden of Allah”. While accustomed on a accord with his biographer and lover Sheilah Graham (who would additionally address a book about the hotel, The Garden of Allah), Scott did absolutely administer to achieve some of his aftermost arcane achievements there.

A postcard from F Scott Fitzgerald to himself

It’s additionally believed to be the aftermost abode Scott anytime met Ernest Hemingway, addition citizen of the Garden during his abstruse assignment in Los Angeles aggravating to advance his documentary on the Spanish Civil War. Of their aftermost meetings, Fitzgerald said: “I allocution with the ascendancy of failure–Ernest with the ascendancy of success. We could never sit beyond the table again.”

Walking from alcazar to villa, you ability apprehend the ballyhoo of Fitzgerald’s typewriter afore affective on to the complete of applesauce baron Benny Goodman or accompanist Eartha Kitt practising for their abutting gigs. Frank Sinatra met his approaching wife Ava Gardner there and backward in abutting bungalows.

Despite the bender and the scandal, the Garden was additionally an absurd artistic haven, accepted by the continued account of iconic names who chose to break there. Orson Welles, Buster Keaton, the Marx Brothers, Greta Garbo, Ginger Rogers and Laurence Olivier– it’s easier to say who didn’t analysis in at the Garden rather than who did.

In afterwards years, drugs became the adulteration of best at the Garden of Allah, and not continued afterwards Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield could be begin on the alveolate dancefloor in a brume of cannabis smoke, the auberge had become a rather ailing scene. Prostitutes were approved visitors to the bar, villas were added frequently burgled and alike the mob was rumoured to be sending in their molls to seduce, allurement and bribery celebrities.

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Newer stars in Hollywood like James Dean and Montgomery Clift were allotment to break at the adjacent Chateau Marmont instead. As the City of Los Angeles was expanding, anon enough, the absolute acreage the Garden was congenital on became added admired as bartering acreage than the auberge itself.

Garden of Allah from the air

In 1959, accounts man Bart Lytton, admiral of Lytton Savings and Loan, appear that he had purchased the Garden of Allah Auberge and advised to batter it to accomplish way for a new capital annex for his bank. He offered to bandy one aftermost activity to bid adieu to The Garden of Allah and attendees came costumed as old-time stars in a nod to its aboriginal history.

Alla Nazimova’s beginning 1923 bashful film Salomé was apparent on a ample poolside screen, and from the looks of photographs taken on the night, guests absolutely fabricated abiding the auberge lived up to its rather blowzy reputation. Afore the annoyer came in, an on-site bargain emptied the auberge of all its furnishings, accessories and oddities for gift hunters. And aloof like that, Hollywood’s best belled auberge abode activity was gone after a trace.

Today, the armpit boasts a band mall, and a coffer branch. For a few years, Lytton kept a archetypal of the auberge on affectation alfresco the bank, which eventually abolished for about 40 years. It afresh resurfaced in 2010 aback a bounded hairstylist, David Meyers, who was attractive to charter a boutique amplitude in the remodelled Lytton centre, begin it covered in dust.

The archetypal and last-remaining evidence of The Garden of Allah is now sitting in Meyer’s active allowance as a coffee table, absolutely complete with its miniature electric lighting arrangement absolutely restored. I bet it’s a abundant chat piece.

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There is no abode for a Garden of Allah that, for one abrupt moment, was Camelot. It was assured that Hollywood as we knew it, and its satellite, Alla’s garden, should abandon together.

— Sheilah Graham, The Garden of Allah

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