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Woman Fat West Virginia Watching Tv In Living Room

This is my aboriginal appearance afterwards the election. What an amazing November! Daddy has been elected, Hillary is hiking in the dupe active into strangers for those absolutely ad-lib and not at all staged photo ops, and Jill Stein is about to be kicked out of the Green Party!  

How you can watch TV without paying for a licence | Daily Mail Online

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If rumors are to believed, I am one of the prime candidates to be Donald Trump’s secretary of acceptable looks, absolute beard and admirable skin.

It’s a new cabinet-level position I can say, with all due modesty, that I am abnormally able for. I’ll accumulate you posted. I had burden to accompany the bout aback in New York or California, you know, the big media cities, or as I like to alarm them afterwards the election, “Butthurt Containment Zones.”  

But I am acutely admiring that the additional leg of the bout begins in the Midwest and the Rust Belt, which is accurate Donald Trump territory.

West Virginia was axial to Trump capturing blue-collar Democrat voters, the accustomed men and women the Democrats accept affronted abroad from.  His account in a atramentous miner’s helmet was an amazing moment.

If you can’t accept how alarming [that] account is, you apparently contributed to Jill Stein’s blab effort.

And you additionally apparently eat Kellogg’s products!

I absolutely accept some adapted here….They aloof aren’t absolute good, are they? I mean, who alike eats cereal? Fat bodies I guess. Afterwards a decade of advanced boycotts, tantrums and amusing media storms, it’s time for conservatives to accept some fun. It started with GamerGate, continues with #DumpKelloggs and won’t end any time soon. Congrats, progressives — this one is on you, too.

I apperceive some bodies accept no appetence for boycotts, but you can hardly accusation conservatives for absent to accept some fun, can you? Over 150,000 bodies accept already active the Dump Kelloggs address at Breitbart.com. I’ve got some added calling out to do, and not aloof of chichi breakfast atom manufacturers. Earlier this week, I accustomed a cord of letters from apprentice organizers at Iowa Accompaniment University and Minnesota Accompaniment University.

They all said absolute agnate things. That their administrators were hitting them with absurd aegis fee hikes aloof a few canicule afore the event. This has been done before. It’s the latest glace tactic of university administrators: they’re too abashed to ban me outright, so they accord poor apprentice organizers absurd aegis fees at the aftermost minute afterwards any time to accession the funds.

Iowa accompaniment alike had the adventurousness to get aback to us, cogent me that “physical altercations” at DePaul and “bomb threats” in Florida meant that aegis requirements had to be ramped up. That’s altogether reasonable. Except that both of those things happened months ago — and they happened to me!  They waited until now to acquaint apprentice organizers, aback acceptance accept no time whatsoever to accommodated the new requirements.

Still, at atomic they replied. It’s been two canicule and we still haven’t heard annihilation from Minnesota, admitting assorted attempts from my aggregation to ability them. Both of these universities are adjourned by taxpayers, by the way, and are potentially breaking the law by abnegation to accommodated aegis requirements themselves.

But it’s not, of course, aloof about the technicalities. It’s about principle. These three colleges, set up to accommodate a safe amplitude for chargeless accent and chargeless inquiry, accept become bastions of acquiescence and cowardice. Added colleges, like the University of Chicago, accept responded to the age of safe spaces with a adventurous defence of chargeless expression. These three colleges accept done the opposite, and they deserve to be about abashed — afresh — until they change course.

Ritual accessible abasement is wholly adapted in this case. So if you accept some time on your easily later, why don’t you address a affable letter to Richard Davenport, President of the University of Minnesota, or to Steven Leath, President of the University of Iowa. Explain to them the amount of chargeless speech, and why bookish bent will, in the continued run, be abundant added alarming to them than one alarming faggot.

Anyway, I’ve done some research, and it turns out that West Virginia University ability be the best triggering academy in the best triggering accompaniment in all of America. I accept locals alarm this accompaniment West “BY GOD” Virginia.  Think of how that offends atheists!  Think about the Muslims triggered by it not actuality West “By Muhammed, accord be aloft him” Virginia!  

Just the appellation of the accompaniment pisses off all the adapted people. Your amulet is the Mountaineers, a affably affectionate symbol.  Mountaineer  is one of those jobs that feminists don’t accomplish a chatter about. They don’t appetite adequation in mountaineering because the salaries aren’t aerial abundant and there are no bendable carpets or axial heating at the top of a mountain. Oh, and aggressive harnesses accomplish your ass attending fat.

And that’s aloof the start. I apprehend your backwoodsman amulet fires a burglarize during football games. It’’s like your academy was advised to repel leftists!  Of advance those sorts of bodies still accept that white bodies with rifles accomplish the all-inclusive majority of murders, alike in Chicago.

How you can watch TV without paying for a licence | Daily Mail Online

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There is one affair I don’t like about this academy though. Professor Daniel Brewster. Now, Professor Brewster teaches sociology, which comes in aloof aloft gender studies in my rankings of “burger flipping majors” — but not absolute far above.  I apprehend he’s addicted of blowing bourgeois students, who generally acquisition themselves accountable to leave his chic mid-lecture. I apprehend he’s hosting a, and I quote, “multicultural LGBTQ event” at this absolute second.

What’s more, I heard he abreast acceptance this anniversary that if they abounding his accident — which aloof so happens — aloof so happens! — to overlap anon with abundance – they would get added credit! In added words, acceptance who opt for my accident over his will get a lower grade. Acceptance told me he accurately did this to avert bodies from my event, and aback we emailed him for his ancillary of the story, he didn’t abjure it.

Professor Fatass’s Twitter contour contains this quote: “I acceptable the actuality that acceptance feel safer alive that I will be an apostle for them and that I am accommodating to action for their rights and their inclusion.” Able-bodied that’s not true, is it Professor Stuff-Your-Face-With-Froot-Loops? In fact, the adverse is true. If apprentice affidavit is correct, he actively works to exclude acceptance – bourgeois and autonomous acceptance – from his class, and acutely has no account for the adapted to accede and altercate different, alarming credibility of view.

He is the clothing of the blight bistro abroad at universities: admonition altruism in accessible and practicing censorship in private. But Mr. Brewster aside, I’m afflicted with West Virginia.  If I do eventually begin a administering of men’s studies, this ability aloof be the abode to do it. In the meantime, let’s get bottomward to business.

Less than a ages ago, America afflicted its course. It turns out that not alone did the hundreds of bags of millennials who abutment Daddy appetite to accomplish America abundant again, but so do millions of others, including abounding constant Democrats. Abnormally aback this is my aboriginal allocution aback the election, it has to be a celebration, of advance we will accumulate it easygoing and tasteful, like aggregate I do!

But no acceptable achievement affair can appear afterwards a bit of gloating.  Before we get into the austere stuff, we accept to see some examples of what we’ve aloof defeated, to admonish the leftists and the enactment cucks that, able-bodied … SORRY GUYS, YOU LOST! I’m activity to comedy a few abbreviate clips in adjustment to flavor our victory.  Of advance we charge alpha with the all-powerful Ann Coulter, who alleged the acclamation of Trump absolute early… but alike bigger than her words was the adorable acknowledgment they accustomed from leftists.

How about Obama, who aloof can’t stop actuality disastrously wrong. With some of his friends, too, who had the aforementioned views. And if the predictions of Trump accident aren’t fun enough, what about the reactions. The celebrities are great. My claimed favourite was Miley Cyrus crying. I accept aloof three words for these abominable babies. I’m animated he’s dead!  

If you recall, we accept a huge account of celebrities who had appear they’d leave the country if Trump won. It apparently seemed like a safe comedy for absorption at the time, but now they’ve got egg on their faces, because, of course, none of them are absolutely leaving.  Some of them accept gone silent, while others like Amy Schumer say it was a joke.  

Well congratulations Amy, on the aboriginal antic you wrote yourself afterwards burglary from absolute comedians! Alike if they had left, Hollywood leftists accept been apparent as racists.  They alone capital to go to Canada, Australia, and added overwhelmingly white countries. None of them would alike appear to my built-in United Kingdom. I assumption it’s aloof too assorted for them, what with all the agitator attacks and Islamisation.

We apperceive Hollywood loves communists, but they wouldn’t alike go to Venezuela. I did broadcast a plan this anniversary to advice them out.  My simple proposal, the MILO Plan, is to backpack Hollywood celebrities, journalists, and anyone abroad too afraid to alive in Trump’s America…  to Cuba. They can culturally adapted the food, and maybe alike the abjection and ache of active beneath a barbarous dictator.

Actors adulation attention, and Cuba will charge some camera-hungry absorption seekers to accord their absorption to now that Fidel has become one one of the alone acceptable communists.  His brother Raul aloof doesn’t accept the aforementioned allure you know?  All of the poverty, none of the machismo. What do you think?  Should we accelerate Lena Dunham, Cher, and Jon Stewart bottomward to Cuba? They’d apparently all catechumen to Islam in the hopes of cheating into Gitmo. The commons are better, I hear. No Kellogg’s for one thing.

Regardless of which accumulation you appear to be a allotment of, Donald Trump and his admiral will accept abiding furnishings on your life. For some, this has already happened.  The workers for Carrier in Indiana will accumulate jobs that were activity to Mexico. The aforementioned affair with Ford workers in Kentucky.  He is extenuative the abridgement and he hasn’t alike taken appointment yet!

Others accept acquainted a abrogating effect, like Matt Harrigan, who absent his job as CEO of a aggregation alleged PacketSled afterwards aggressive to assassinate Trump with a assassin rifle. He claims it was a joke. Maybe he should address for Amy Schumer — it seems they’re both admirers of actuality unfunny, blah and absolute cunts. The affair about Daddy is, absolutely or negatively, you’re gonna feel him!

When I wrote about Trump’s acclamation two weeks ago, after-effects of agitated protests were occurring in American cities.  Those accept abundantly calmed down. Perhaps addition chock-full advantageous for the rioters, and the buses that brought them to the protests in comfort. These protests will absolutely acknowledgment by commencement time, if not before. I for one don’t apperception seeing them. Sunlight doesn’t cure hysteria, but it does appearance the apple who the sane ones are.

I mean, I’m a flamboyant, antic faggot, but It’s still easier to booty me actively than some of my detractors. Every articulation on the Larboard bleated about how they feared protests and riots by affronted Donald Trump supporters if and aback he absent the election, yet it is the leftists themselves antibacterial acreage and blocking roads. Anybody can see area the abhorrence is advancing from. Everyone.

It is array of like how they are claiming the acclamation was chic adapted afterwards they said that was impossible. Democrats, the aberration amid amusing media and absolute activity is you cannot aloof annul what you said and pretend it never happened.  You’re hypocrites — and these riots and blab demands betrayal you.

How you can watch TV without paying for a licence | Daily Mail Online

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The protesters themselves will accept acceptable jobs accessible if they accept to go straight. Otherwise they will be ambidextrous with men like Sheriff David Clarke and Sheriff Joe Arpiao.  Good luck, guys. My money is on the sheriffs. To accord you a flavour of how absolutely afflicted the Larboard is about all this, we are now in a post-election aeon in which leftists are appearance abhorrence crimes in an accomplishment to acrylic Trump supporters negatively.

A Muslim woman at the University of Louisiana claimed Trump supporters attacked her. It didn’t happen. A gay man from Canada alleged Chris Ball says he was additionally attacked, and acquaint bright pictures with a blood-soaked face as proof. It additionally didn’t happen, according to the police. Do you accept any abstraction how poor your abhorrence abomination hoax adventure has to be for the added accessory Snopes.com to say it’s untrue?

These hoax crimes admonish me of Rolling Stone. They set out to address on the abduction ability of American campuses, but aback they couldn’t acquisition any examples, they aloof fabricated bits up. As usual, I am advanced of the curve. I wrote a continued time ago about the growing catching of affected abhorrence crimes that has sprung up over the accomplished 10 years — and opened the aftermost leg of my Alarming Faggot bout by allurement why lesbians accomplish so abounding of them.

Hoaxers are alone harming their own cause. While abounding are acceptable to abstain absolute abuse for authoritative up belief in abode of absolute abhorrence crimes by Trump supporters — which don’t abide — what the Trump admiral agency for these artistic fools is a affably incriminating amusing media aisle for abeyant employers.

Media cycles end, but the Internet never forgets. This is a admired assignment abnormally for academy students. Abounding of  the hoaxers appear from campus, and they are ruining their future. The two liberals at Northwestern who defaced the interfaith abbey with spraypaint aren’t acceptable to acquisition a job unless it is for George Soros, or maybe a pizza restaurant in Washington DC.

The Republican enactment fought adjoin Trump about until the end of the race… afore aggravating to blot up to him in a action so glace and Machiavellian I am tempted to bread the chat Cruzesque. You apperceive how they talk. “Yes, I spent the absolute attack acknowledging the Democrats, but if you don’t accord us positions in the White House you’re damaging affair unity!” The enactment acclaimed Daddy’s win not with a bang, but with a whimper.

Establishment Republicans accept a bright future: boxy primary elections adjoin Trump-like opponent’s absorbed on clarification the swamp. Paul Nehlen was the ancestor for this movement. His action with Paul Ryan was aloof a little advanced of its time. In the future, bounden enactment Republicans assured to be advisedly in primaries will be in for a awful surprise: the Trump anarchy is aloof beginning. If they’re an obstacle to daddy’s efforts to accomplish america abundant again, I adumbrate they will bound acquisition themselves in a action for their political lives.

The Trump alternation isn’t endlessly soon: his abject is in it for the continued haul. And if the enactment anticipate that voters will balloon their atrocious attempts to stop Trump, they’ve got addition anticipate coming. Trump is activity to cesspool the swamp, he’s activity to get aback ascendancy of America’s borders, and if the enactment try and angle in his way, they’ll go the way of the Clintons and the Bushes. Stumped.

If the GOP expects to accumulate accepting attack donations, it had bigger get in band with the Trump alternation pronto. Millennials don’t accept abundant to contribute, but your parents do, and they are with Trump too. The latest account from the enactment GOP is the application of Mitt Romney for Secretary of State. MIttens, if you remember, was the best alone  NeverTrumper of them all.

Wow Mitt, you didn’t leave abundant jerk allowance there did you? Why did you attack harder againsts Donald Trump than you did Obama in 2012? I will accord you my opinion, which I apperceive you all cherish: Mitt Romney should be agent to Cuba, so he can adhere out with all the bodies who abhorrence Trump as abundant as he does.

The big losers of the accepted election, the Democrats, are active authoritative their defeat alike larger. It’s like they abash accident elections for the civic debt. All of their desolation is aimed at Trump instead of acclimation the affidavit they absent the election.

For one thing, the absolute primary was chic for crooked, chilling Hillary, who is ailing in every way. Among the best astringent of her maladies is her antipathy for accepted Americans. She absolutely believed that the abutment of a few elites in the media and in Hollywood would be abundant to baffle the country into voting for her. The Democrat Affair followed Hillary’s advance in labelling anybody who didn’t accede with them racist, sexist, Islamophobic, and every added appearance adroit appellation they could anticipate of.

Some of us knew this meant the “basket of deplorables” would abound to accommodate about everybody in America, but abounding were abashed to eventually see themselves lumped in with the affliction offenders, as absitively by the extremists who run the Democrat party. The era in which you could alarm addition a racist, sexist, or homophobic and apprehend them to aloof shut up… That’s over. That, in fact, is how they absent the election. But they still anticipate that branding their opponents with abracadabra is the way to accident them. It’s pathetic!

Take a attending at this. It’s the cardinal of times the New York Times has acclimated the chat “racist” in its articles, from its founding to the present day. It’s not sustainable. It’s like a balloon in the banking markets. One day soon, it’ll appear abolition down. Of course, the absolute botheration with Democrat appearance backroom is how acutely apocryphal all their claims are. The 52 per cent of white women who voted for Donald Trump are not sexists. The 33 per cent of Hispanic males who voted for Trump are not racists.

And, buzz it, alike the beeline white males who voted for Trump aren’t racists or sexists either — aloof abashed of the Democrats and their affairs for the country. They’re the dejected collar workers in states like West Virginia, annoyed of actuality aria to by Democrats who pretend they’ll assure their jobs. The Democrats abide to move abroad from the boilerplate and appear the best biased left-wing positions. They’ve alone the backroom of boilerplate america and accepted the backroom of affronted academy advisers and Huffington Column bloggers. And they admiration why they lost.

I’ve already mentioned the celebrities who planned to abscond the country, but a few added thoughts are in adjustment for this accumulation of appropriate snowflakes. The Larboard panders to bodies like Lena Dunham — who is balloter kryptonite. The added America sees of bodies like her, the beneath acceptable it is that the Democrats will anytime win addition election.

How you can watch TV without paying for a licence | Daily Mail Online

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Instead of saying, GET OFF OUR TV SCREENS YOU HIDEOUS MAN-HATING DYKE, advocate America admirable Dunham, captivated by her “edgy” abhorrence of white people, with absolutely anticipated results. One celebrity charge be alleged out for extra-special attention: Joss Whedon, who I’m appealing abiding is absolutely calling for an abolish of the government:

Joss is an amazing guy. No amount how generally he gets agape about by leftists, he comes aback allurement for more. He was chased off Twitter by leftists who were mad that Scarlett Johannsen’s appearance in The Avengers has a aphotic backstory in which she was fabricated infertile. This was allegedly sexist, and leftists on Twitter appropriately alleged on Joss to annihilate himself. And yet he still doesn’t assume to accept why so abounding bodies voted adjoin the larboard and their mad appearance politics.

So what is the approaching for anti-Trump celebrities? They will breach famous, and accumulate authoritative millions. But as they become added agitated in their action to Trump, they will abrasion out their welcome. Mark Wahlberg is adapted — bodies chase celebrities for entertainment, not finger-wagging and academic about politics.

The media threw aggregate they had at Donald Trump, and none of it worked. None of it!

Every clammy tactic they’ve developed aback the aboriginal TV camera was invented and the aboriginal bi-weekly formed off the press presses was deployed, and it assiduously failed. Amid Wikileaks’ acknowledgment of bunco amid the media and the Clinton campaign, and the shockingly biased advantage of Hillary’s chase with Bernie and afterwards with Trump, the media has been disgraced.  

You don’t accept to booty it from me. Aloof browse the Twitter timeline of Michael Tracey, a advocate and above Vice anchorman who banned to aback Hillary afterwards she defeated Bernie Sanders, and spent the blow of the acclamation highlighting the media’s abortion to absolutely butt the Trump phenomenon. Admitting actuality one of the alone lefties to get it right, Vice accursed him anon afterwards the acclamation — for actuality too beggarly to Lena Dunham!

The media is already abashed to apprentice that the Trump administering will not baby them, and admission to the Trump White House will not be automated for journalists who are about on the DNC payroll. Trump understands the media business bigger than the media themselves, which is why he ran circles about them throughout the absolute campaign.

The bedraggled little abstruse the media doesn’t appetite to accept is that Trump generates such acceptable agreeable that they can’t advice accoutrement him alike aback they abhorrence him. And behindhand of what the media says about Trump, he will allege anon to the bodies both in person, and via amusing media. Imagine my blitheness as the media and the tech companies try to cast Breitbart and others as “fake news”.  The boilerplate media is putting out affected account daily, but we’re the bad guys for cogent the truth. Accord me a break.

If we’re in a column accurateness era, it’s the boilerplate media who put us there. It wasn’t alone the media that was chic adjoin Trump — alike the pollsters approved to do him in. The Pollsters fabricated the aforementioned aberration with Brexit. Admitting the actuality that their buddies in the media were crumbling no befalling to alarm supporters of British ability racists and bigots, they still affected that voters would be blessed to acquaint complacent city pollsters aggregate about their voting intentions.

The aforementioned affair happened with Trump. I can’t calculation the cardinal of bodies who played forth with the anti-trade anecdotal in accessible to allay their city accompany and colleagues, alone to agilely cull the batten for Trump in the voting booth. Pollsters charge to accept a few words with their accompany in the advocate bubble, because their virtue-signalling and accessible awkward and abracadabra are finer antibacterial their profession.

Nobody is activity to be upfront about their political preferences if they’re activity to be alleged racists, sexists, and the blow of the left’s admired buzzwords. Perhaps aback we can accept honest disagreements afterwards actuality compared to Nazis and rapists, the accurateness of acclamation will improve. Until then, sucks to be you, Nate Silver!

And that … leaves the blow of us… the deplorables! President Trump agency an American government that will serve the people, and be abiding in accepted sense. We’ve already abstruse that Daddy will restore the apprehension of Churchill to its applicable abode in the Oval Office, acclimation an aboriginal abuse by Obama.

Trump will booty a $1 bacon as President, and in his aboriginal anniversary as President-elect has Canada and Mexico accordant to revisit NAFTA and Russia accordant to not date a nuclear war. Not bad for a aboriginal anniversary on the job. If Donald Trump stays accurate to his attack promises, and all affirmation credibility to him accomplishing so, his bassinet of deplorables has the befalling to leave a abiding mark on America not alone in its authoritative institutions like the absolute court, but additionally culturally.

Conservative acceptance and free-speech activists will no best ache recriminations on American campuses if emboldened Trump supporters abide to advance above the admiral and into culture. What Trump agency for us is that we’ve won the aboriginal battle. At a minimum, he’s a all-important advance alteration from the excesses of the amusing amends left. At most, he’s the saviour of the Aboriginal and Additional Amendments, protector of the Absolute Cloister and best of the little guy. In added words: aloof what America needed.

And the Larboard can cull out its hair, barge its anxiety and bandy out artificial allegations of racism, sexism and whatever abroad as continued as it likes. The armament of acceptable accept prevailed. My bulletin to the acceptance at West Virginia University and to anybody watching via beck is DO NOT TAKE YOUR FOOT OFF THE GAS. We accept fatigued aboriginal claret in this new ability war, but we accept a continued action ahead.

We charge abide angry for chargeless accent and claimed albatross for Donald Trump’s acclamation to be a abiding victory.

How you can watch TV without paying for a licence | Daily Mail Online

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Written from able remarks. 

How you can watch TV without paying for a licence | Daily Mail Online

Image Source:

How you can watch TV without paying for a licence | Daily Mail Online

Image Source:

How you can watch TV without paying for a licence | Daily Mail Online

Image Source:

How you can watch TV without paying for a licence | Daily Mail Online

Image Source:

How you can watch TV without paying for a licence | Daily Mail Online

Image Source:

How you can watch TV without paying for a licence | Daily Mail Online

Image Source:

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