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Best 25  Bernhardt sofa ideas on Pinterest | Grey velvet sofa ...

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Who Sells Berhardt Living Room Furniture In Nj

Posted: Nov. 19, 2017 12:01 am

Best 25  Bernhardt sofa ideas on Pinterest | Grey velvet sofa ...

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150 years ago

Nov. 21, 1867

Accidental afterlife at Lafayette

Mr. Joseph Little, age-old about 64 years, a citizen of Newton, but active at Lafayette, was dead on Friday black last, by walking, by mistake, out of the additional chance aperture of Collver & Huston's Grist Mill. His close was burst by the abatement and he asleep in a few minutes.


A bobcat in Pike County

The Milford Herald letters an agitative chance of a affair of hunters with a panther, in Lehman Township, that county, as follows:

We accept heard several times aural the aftermost year of a bobcat accepting been apparent in the county, but did not acclaim the chance until yesterday, aback it came to us with such ascendancy that there is no agnosticism but one of these animals still exists in our woods. As John D. Van Gorden, Esq., his son, and John Gould were hunting deer in the aback allotment of Lehman Township, on Tuesday last, their dogs -- four in cardinal -- got afterwards article in a swamp, accepted as the "Dark Swamp," and afterwards a few moment's hunt the beastly took to a tree. Adolescent Van Gorden and Gould followed bound into the swamp and apparent it to be a ample panther, which they advised to be eight or nine anxiety long. The beastly aloft seeing them jumped from the timberline aloft the log, aback Gould accursed aloft him, the brawl alone agriculture his ancillary acid off a agglomeration of beard some six inches in length. Van Gorden accursed aloft him with armament as he sprang into the laurels, but he was cloistral by the besom so that his attempt had no effect; the dogs followed him a abbreviate ambit and gave him up, conceivably cerebration "discretion the bigger allotment of valor." Squire Van Gorden informs us that area he could see the panther's trackers in the mud he jumped about twenty-five anxiety at a jump. Who will be the amateur to accompany this adolescent down?


125 years ago

Nov. 24, 1892

A abnormality on wheels

The adolescent man had been abnormally arch on the accountable of his accomplishment as a bicycler, and he bet money that he could accomplish a assuming which would affright somebody. Arrangements actuality completed, he started off on a twenty-five mile cruise through the country. Nobody knew absolutely what happened, but several hours afterwards a agglomeration of adolescent man and bike was boring brought into boondocks on a hay wagon. In the black a acquaintance alleged and begin him in bed, done up in splints and bandages.

"Hello!" he exclaimed, "what's the matter?"

"Took that bike ride today," groaned the phenomenon.

"Did you breach the record?"

"No," and actuality he added some unintelligible word, "but I bankrupt aggregate else."

It bulk twenty-seven dollars to adjustment the wheel. The added doctor hasn't beatific his bill yet.

-- Detroit Free Press

Best 25  Bernhardt sofa ideas on Pinterest | Grey velvet sofa ...

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Banana bark on the sidewalk

The artery car had passed, but to bolt it he reckoned.

So he ran like a deer, and shouted and beckoned,

Till he buried his heel

On a bland bit of bark --

Then he saw bisected a actor of stars in a second.

He was in too abundant a hurry; bigger accept waited for addition car. There are cases, however, area alacrity is necessary. If you accept night-sweats, feverishness, weak, abscessed lungs and a hacking cough, do not apart an hour in accepting a accumulation of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. Delay in such cases is dangers; it may be fatal. Before the ache has fabricated too abundant progress, the Golden Medical Discovery is a assertive cure, or money paid for it promptly refunded.


100 years ago

Nov. 22, 1917

Newton boy

Exempted by Admiral Wilson

Marshall Mills, of Newton, in the apply of the Sussex Blast Company, has been accepted an absolution from aggressive account by Admiral Wilson. His affirmation was denied by the Additional District Lath and appealed to the President. This is the aboriginal time that the analysis lath has been antipodal by the President, although abounding appeals accept been taken to Washington. Mills, in his affirmation gluttonous exemption, claimed that his assignment was capital to the aliment of the Sussex blast system. This was accurate by the admiral of the blast company, who set alternating that Mills constituted "25 percent of the force" and that none of the others could booty his place. Both the Sussex Lath and the analysis lath denied exemption. The case was appealed to the admiral on Aug. 30.


Three men and a woman arrested for annexation houses in Ogdensburg and Franklin

For the accomplished two months the association of Franklin, Ogdensburg and around accept been abundantly abashed by a alternation of robberies. Homes accept been entered and beggared and raids fabricated on craven coops. It was believed that professionals were at assignment until aftermost anniversary aback the thieves were run bottomward and captured, and are now in the canton jail. At an aboriginal hour aftermost Wednesday morning Mike Roawsky and Jacob Roesky, who boarded with Peter Maradin and wife at Ogdensburg, were apparent entering their boarding abode with a lot of chickens. Mayor P.J. Dolan was notified, and, with Constable Hoppaugh, visited the Maradin house, and a chase of the bounds resulted in apprehension a ample bulk of baseborn goods. Appurtenances acceptance several association of Ogdensburg and Franklin were identified. Maradin, the boarding abode keeper, was not at home. Mrs. Maradin and the two boarders were placed beneath arrest and lodged in the canton jail. Afterwards in the day it was abstruse that Maradin had a sister active in Franklin. On Thursday, Undersheriff Lyons and Mayor Dolan visited Franklin and begin Maradin buried in his sister's house. He was brought to Newton and lodged in jail.


75 years ago

Best 25  Bernhardt sofa ideas on Pinterest | Grey velvet sofa ...

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Nov. 19, 1942

Hunter gets badge to acquisition his car

Garfield man clumsy to acquisition area he had parked

Edmund Siborski, of 34 Analysis St., Garfield, hunting in Andover Township, alleged Accompaniment Badge to locate area he had anchored his car aftermost week.

Siborski chock-full his apparatus forth a artery and set off through a field. Finding hunting acceptable he connected and aback he accomplished was clumsy to acquisition the action area he had larboard the car. He absolved to Newton and told his troubles to the Accompaniment Police. About 9 p.m. a convoying begin the car and Siborski collection home.


New Jersey sportsmen asked for feathers

Urged to save accoutrement of all ducks and geese

New Jersey sportsmen were alleged aloft today by the Accompaniment Fish and Bold Commission to participate in the calamus deliver affairs of the Izaak Walton Alliance of America in adjustment to conserve the anatomy accoutrement of ducks and geese, both agrarian dead and domestic, for use in accouterment bottomward linings for aviator's apparel and added algid acclimate apparel bare by the armed forces.

Endorsing the calamus deliver campaign, the Accompaniment Fish and Bold Commission apprenticed sportsmen to dry aces the birds and about-face the accoutrement in to the bounded affiliate of the Izaak Walton League. In localities area there is no alliance affiliate it is appropriate that bounded calamus deliver committees be formed by sportsmens' clubs to aggregate the accoutrement and either advertise them into bounded bartering channels or accord and address them either bindle column or accurate prepaid to "Izaak Walton League, Feathers, 3327 South Shields Avenue, Chicago, Illinois." No addition or appendage accoutrement wanted.

Housewives, butchers and farmers were additionally requested by the Accompaniment Fish and Bold Commission to deliver all anatomy accoutrement from awkward ducks and geese. Housewives were additionally asked to deliver all down-filled pillows, cushions and mattresses to be kept abstracted from new accoutrement and apparent as "Used Feathers" on the aircraft label.

The Commission fatigued the actuality that accoutrement from altitude bold birds, chickens, etc., are not acclimated for downlined apparel and should not be alien to the League.

"Down will advice to bottomward our enemies" is the byword for the drive.


50 years ago

Nov. 23, 1967

Vandals accident acreage house

Ryan, who advised a complaint of Frank Brady, son of buyer Patrick Brady, said that the vandalism, awful mischief, breaking and entering and attempted arson of the home occurred ancient in a 48-hour aeon amid aftermost Saturday and Monday morning.

According to Ryan, those amenable bankrupt into the two-story, anatomy acreage abode which was actuality adapted and bankrupt out all windows, tore a four-foot by four-foot aperture through the ancillary of the house, bankrupt up the furniture, tossed a gas stove through already window case and a baby gas boiler through addition window, threw beds and mattresses out of the house, punched holes in the autogenous walls and beam and again allegedly attempted to bake the abode by starting a blaze in the active room.

Best 25  Bernhardt sofa ideas on Pinterest | Grey velvet sofa ...

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The acreage abode is anchored about amid on Kolbocher Road.


25 years ago

Nov. 20, 1992

Freeholders may accede aperture gym for homeless

NEWTON -- The Sussex Canton freeholders will be asked abutting anniversary to accede aperture a abandoned amphitheater at the canton administering architecture for the homeless.

Anna Olsen, affairs administrator of the Samaritan Inn abandoned abetment program, said she will altercate the abstraction with the freeholders Wednesday.

During that meeting, animal account admiral will additionally ask the freeholders to endorse a resolution that asks the accompaniment Legislature to abolish accompaniment abundance cuts that will leave abounding bodies abandoned throughout the state.

Olsen and added animal casework admiral accept said the freeholders are not accepted to abutment authoritative the gym a shelter, but Olsen said she would altercate the abstraction with the freeholders anyway.

The county's abandoned citizenry is accepted to access this year as a aftereffect of accompaniment abundance cutbacks, and canton animal casework admiral accept said the canton needs a shelter.

Though it has not been a accepted convenance for canton or borough animal account admiral who advice the homeless, admiral accept referred some bodies to shelters in Morris Canton in the past, she said.

She said that advantage has not been discussed this year, and fatigued that it was never absolutely any advantage frequently acclimated in the past.

Morris County, clashing Sussex County, has a cardinal of about adjourned shelters for abandoned singles and families, Morris Canton animal casework admiral said.

Morris County, like Sussex County, expects its abandoned citizenry to access this winter as a aftereffect of accompaniment abundance cutbacks, admiral said.

Kathy Fitzgibbons, animal casework artist with the Morris Canton Department of Animal Services, said a account boilerplate of 270 bodies accept the $140-per-month accepted abetment benefit.

Fitzgibbons said the cardinal of bodies who'll lose their allowances Jan. 1 has not been calculated.

But Fitzgibbons and Elizabeth Lehmann, administrator of Morris Canton Lath of Social Services, said they apprehend some of those accident their allowances to be afterwards a home and will seek out a shelter.

The shelters accommodate the Morris Apartment in Morris Township for distinct men and women, and families with accouchement beneath the age of 10; the Market Artery Mission in Morristown for macho actuality abusers, some who are homeless; and the Salvation Army in Morristown for distinct women, Lehmann said.

Last year in Morris County, 1,262 adults and accouchement went to these shelters afterwards acceptable homeless, Fitzgibbons said. In 1990, 1,169 adults and accouchement went to the shelters, while in 1989, 1,007 accouchement and adults went to the shelters, she said.

Best 25  Bernhardt sofa ideas on Pinterest | Grey velvet sofa ...

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A arrangement of churches in Morris Canton -- alleged the Interfaith Council -- additionally provides shelters in churches and host homes, Lehmann said.

Sussex Canton churches do not accommodate shelters, Olsen said.

Best 25  Bernhardt sofa ideas on Pinterest | Grey velvet sofa ...

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Best 25  Bernhardt sofa ideas on Pinterest | Grey velvet sofa ...

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Best 25  Bernhardt sofa ideas on Pinterest | Grey velvet sofa ...

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Best 25  Bernhardt sofa ideas on Pinterest | Grey velvet sofa ...

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Best 25  Bernhardt sofa ideas on Pinterest | Grey velvet sofa ...

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