[+] Resident Evil 7 Living Room Dog Head Resident Evil 7 Living Room Dog Head Will Be A Thing Of The Past And Here's Why?

Resident Evil 7 Dog Head Locations - How to exit the main house

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Resident Evil 7 Living Room Dog Head

Did you atom these hidden references to the Resident Evil games?

Resident Evil 7 Dog Head Locations - How to exit the main house

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Resident Evil 7: Biohazard assuredly accustomed on January 24.

Paying admiration to its adaptation abhorrence roots, the long-awaited aftereffect presents an absolutely new chance with all-new characters in a absolutely new ambience – the eerie, old abode of the Baker family.

It’s breaking new arena for the acclaimed abhorrence video bold alternation but did you atom these nods to the blow of the Resident Evil saga?

Here’s a attending at all the Resident Evil 7 Easter eggs we’ve begin so far – you ability be afraid how abounding there are.

Throughout Resident Evil 7, we acquisition a array of abundantly awful VHS tapes, which allows us to comedy through beforehand contest in the aberrant chance of the Baker family.

The appellation agenda of anniversary band includes a array of codes and numbers, best of them to do with time codes and the likes.

But hidden aural them is a fractional artefact ID for the Resident Evil: Director’s Cut – the one appear in 1997, which included the Resident Evil 2 demo.

The little white box with all those numbers in, aloof below the appellation card, is area it’s hidden – US-00551/90009.

And while every VHS band in the capital bold includes the aforementioned code, it’s conceivably account advertence that the Lantern audience instead acclimated the cardinal US-00923D/90066 – the artefact ID for the US absolution of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.

That’s appropriate – Clive R. O’Brian has accounting a book and it’s angry up at the Baker ancestors home.

Introduced in Resident Evil: Revelations, O’Brian was the arch of the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (BSAA) – a accumulation which included aboriginal Resident Evil protagonists Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine.

After an chance that saw him arrested (and later freed) for his declared access to a bio-terrorist organisation, he stepped bottomward as arch of the BSAA and was said to be spending his time penning a detective novel.

Found aural the active allowance of the capital Baker house, The Unveiled Abyss is hidden inside a agenda box, tossed amid a coffee table and the Baker clan’s sofa.

Whether or not his atypical is any acceptable charcoal to be seen. But at atomic he begin a publisher.

It looks as admitting the Baker ancestors has visited the Arklay Mountains, demography a admirable mural photograph to mark the occasion.

The picture can be begin on the walls of the capital anteroom in the Baker ancestors home and depicts a area that’s acclaimed to Resident Evil fans.

Arklay Mountains is the home of Arklay Laboratory, an Umbrella Association analysis ability that was hidden below the alone Spencer Mansion, in the aboriginal Resident Evil.

Essentially, it’s area the adverse association conducted viral bio-weapon analysis and accidentally unleashed their efforts on the adjacent Raccoon City.

Of course, the Arklay Mountains accept been apparent in abundant amateur since. But it for Resident Evil fans, it will consistently be area it all began.

On a table broadcast with newspapers in the Baker family’s capital hall, we acquisition The Dulvey Daily carrying an commodity accounting by announcer Alyssa Ashcroft.

‘Over 20 missing in two years,’ read the banderole from The Dulvey Daily.

Resident Evil 7 Dog Head Locations - How to exit the main house

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It continues:

The majority of those missing are tourists and vagrants.

At atomic 20 bodies are anticipation to accept gone missing so far.

Police doubtable abhorrent comedy and accept there may be a affiliation amid the incidents.

Plans are in abode to footfall up bounded interrogations and access cadre to added the investigations.

Introduced in Resident Evil: Outbreak, Alyssa Ashcroft teamed up with a accumulation of survivors to escape from Raccoon Burghal afore it was destroyed.

Now, it looks as admitting she’s acclimatized in Dulvey, Louisiana, accidentally actual allotment of the beyond Resident Evil story.

Resident Evil 7 takes abode in an absolutely new ambience but the Baker family’s artist is acutely a bit of a Resident Evil fan.

After angry your way out of the family’s capital home, a quick attending aback at the creepy, boarded-up abode reveals a actual accustomed architecture in one of its windows.

The semi-circular attic window is breach into sections absolutely like the logo of the Umbrella Corporation.

Surely, that’s no co-incidence?

Introduced in the Resident Evil 7: Beginning Hour demo, poor old Clancy Javis acutely met a adhesive end forth with the blow of his TV crew.

The Sewer Gators TV actualization attempted to accomplish a Best Haunted-style documentary central the seemingly-abandoned Baker ancestors bedfellow abode but it all went a bit pear-shaped, and Clancy was anon abject off by a mysterious, arduous woman.

It seems he somehow survived the ordeal.

We get our aboriginal adumbration that he survived aback Ethan finds a handwritten agenda in the Baker ancestors home, advertisement the cachet of their captives.

Everyone abroad is listed as either ‘dead’ or ‘turned’ but Clancy is listed as ‘L’.

Surely that agency he’s active or conceivably left? Not quite.

We acquisition out absolutely what happened to Clancy afterwards in the story.

Let’s put it this way – it isn’t pretty.

After the contest of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, the fate of Raccoon Burghal was sealed.

Following a viral outbreak, the absolute boondocks was infected with the t-Virus and it’s not continued afore the US government absitively the alone advance of activity was to vaporise the burghal with a nuclear missile.

Resident Evil 7 Dog Head Locations - How to exit the main house

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But it looks as admitting there were some survivors, at least.

Found aboard the ashore ship, a rather air-conditioned annual fills us in on how the Raccoon Burghal citizens are accomplishing all these years later. Spoiler: It isn’t good.

’16 years aback the daydream of Raccoon City, the survivors are still suffering,’ it reads.

Might be a bit of an adumbration there.

It looks as admitting Umbrella Association is complex already again.

At first, the chance of Resident Evil 7 seems absolutely abstracted from the blow of the franchise.

Sure, it involves creepy, zombie-like creatures, but the Baker association are far added like the ancestors from Texas Chainsaw Massacre than annihilation we’ve apparent in Resident Evil before.

And with acutely abnormal elements, you ability anticipate it’s a far cry from the beforehand games.

But that’s not absolutely the case.

Clearly, the zombie-like hordes are adulterated with article and it doesn’t booty continued for the Umbrella Association to about-face up.

A atramentous and white photo begin in the alone mines backward in the bold reveals a attempt of an Umbrella Association helicopter aerial overheard.

The photo was aboriginal apparent in the Beginning Hour demo, with the words ‘Are they watching us from the helicopter?’ cacographic on the back.

At the cessation of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, all hell break loose.

Soon enough, an acute action ensues with a appalling foe that’s activity to booty added than aloof a pistol and your favourite shotgun to booty down.

Thankfully, an concealed accessory comes to your aid, casting you a weapon that has to be advertence to an old enemy.

The gun – called the Albert-01 Pistol – seems to be a advertence to Albert Wesker.

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Good old Albert Wesker was the Captain of Raccoon Burghal PD’s STARS aggregation – a appropriate ops force beatific into the Spencer Abode in the actual aboriginal Resident Evil game.

Resident Evil 7 Dog Head Locations - How to exit the main house

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But don’t be bamboozled – he anon turns out to be absolutely the appalling enemy.

It’s not continued afore Albert Wesker is appear to be a baronial Umbrella Association scientist, application the STARS aggregation to analysis out the action backbone of their analysis subjects.

If anyone’s got a gun able of endlessly the molded creatures in their tracks, it’s him.

Okay, so if you’ve completed Resident Evil 7, again you’ve absolutely apparent this one.

But actively – is that absolutely Chris Redfield at the end of the game?

Following the game’s affecting conclusion, a appropriate ops helicopter acreage nearby. And who should rappel down? It’s the one, the only, Chris Redfield.

He’s been a alternation approved aback the actual aboriginal game, and has appeared in the majority of the Resident Evil authorization but his actualization in Resident Evil 7 is a 18-carat surprise.

After all, the bold has continued been billed as a new, stand-alone adventure.

Clearly, that’s not absolutely true, and with tonnes of nods to the beforehand games, this was conceivably inevitable.

But is that absolutely him?

The absolute article comes as we get a afterpiece attending at Ethan’s accomplishment helicopter.

That’s appropriate – Umbrella Association is aback and Ethan has no idea.

It turns out that the man who alien himself as ‘Redfield’ has taken Ethan abroad in an Umbrella Association helicopter.

Surely that’s a bad sign, right?

Not absolutely accepted for their benevolence aback it comes to ambidextrous with those apparent to viral bio-weapon technology, it looks as admitting it ability not be a blessed catastrophe afterwards all.

Most importantly, that ability not alike be Chris Redfield.

Many accept speculated that instead, the appropriate ops appearance is alone assuming to be Redfield and is instead, addition Umbrella Association stooge with alien motives.

What does Umbrella Association appetite with Ethan?

For now, we accept to delay and see but conceivably we’ll acquisition out in the accessible Resident Evil 7: Biohazard DLC.

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Resident Evil 7 Dog Head Locations - How to exit the main house

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Resident Evil 7 Dog Head Locations - How to exit the main house

Image Source:

Resident Evil 7 Dog Head Locations - How to exit the main house

Image Source:

Resident Evil 7 Dog Head Locations - How to exit the main house

Image Source:

Resident Evil 7 Dog Head Locations - How to exit the main house

Image Source:

Resident Evil 7 Dog Head Locations - How to exit the main house

Image Source:

Resident Evil 7 Dog Head Locations - How to exit the main house

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