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Author’s note: For the accomplished few years, I’ve searched for videos of John Madden and Pat Summerall adulatory Thanksgiving. Abundant to my chagrin, they did not abide online. Abundant acknowledgment to Fox Sports for putting this accumulation video calm to accompany this piece. This adventure originally ran aftermost November.

For over 20 years, John Madden and Pat Summerall were a quintessential allotment of the American Thanksgiving experience. They were an institution. On Thanksgiving and Sundays throughout the Fall, they had a gravitas that conveyed the bold at duke was a big accord and a relatable sincerity, in their triumphs and struggles, that fabricated them transcend the screen. You acquainted like you were watching the game with them in your active room.

“[That] is the goal,” their longtime ambassador Bob Stenner, whose allegorical 50-year run included a all-inclusive majority of the Madden and Summerall affiliation at CBS and Fox, tells The Big Lead. “Viewers are added acute than they get acclaim for. The ambition is for you to feel like you are sitting with these guys watching a game. They’re not admonition to you. They’re not calumniating you or your intelligence. It’s aloof yourself and these two guys watching a football game. They had that ability. It was accustomed to them.”


The banquets captivated with the arrangement broadcasting aggregation one or two nights afore Thanksgiving were the actuality of legend. As Richard Deitsch acclaimed in 2013, the attitude dates aback to aback Summerall and Tom Brookshier were the top NFL anchorperson aggregation at CBS, and connected with Madden and Summerall at CBS, aback they confused to Fox, and with added broadcasting crews anytime since. (After alive with Summerall at CBS and Fox for over 20 years, Madden did Monday Night Football on ABC and afterwards Sunday Night Football on NBC with Al Michaels.)

“With a lot of bodies alive on television on Thanksgiving day, you anticipate about how they’re abroad from their ancestors and they don’t get to accept the [holiday celebration], but the dinners that we had the night afore Thanksgiving were as abundant about ancestors as annihilation else,” Madden’s longtime abettor Sandy Montag tells The Big Lead. “It was a appropriate time and an affecting time. You absorb that abundant time on the alley calm and you are family. Sometimes, bodies there were accepting added fun in that ambiance than they would at home anyhow.” 

These banquets were blithe and inclusive; Montag recalls that Madden nudged the networks to allure the referees. While anybody is acquainted that the players, coaches, and broadcasters are abroad from home and ancestors during the holiday, Madden capital to accomplish abiding that the oft-forgotten officiating aggregation was not larboard out.

These evenings were such a abstruse allotment of their acquaintance that Madden brought them up in his acclaim for Summerall in 2013.

“We had 22 beeline Thanksgivings,” he said. “Now best bodies allocution about Thanksgiving, and they say, ‘You know, it’s family. How is it actuality abroad from your family? And we said for years, and they weren’t abandoned words, ‘This is our family.'”

For the assembly team, the complete broadcasting of the bold wasn’t abundant different, but there was an aspect that Bob Stenner, affirmation that he did not beggarly this chat pejoratively, classified as “window-dressing.” The anchorage was thematically adorned. Segments were pre-shot visiting schools, or with players’ families. “We affectionate of did the aforementioned affair at Christmas time, but we approved to accompany the families in and explain what the anniversary agency and accompany the acknowledgment of it into the game,” Stenner says.

And of course, they talked turkey.


Of abundant artifice throughout the bold was which player(s) would acquire the coveted turkey leg from Madden. “It aboriginal started as a regular, acceptable two-legged turkey that Pat got from a BBQ restaurant in Dallas, and afresh it concluded up actuality a six-legged turkey and afresh at the end it concluded up actuality an eight-legged turkey,” says Lance Barrow of CBS Sports. “It was consistently a big deal. There was a badge escort. Policemen, or added bodies from the crew, would accompany the turkey out in the fourth quarter.”  

Directed by Sandy Grossman and produced by Bob Stenner, the Madden/Summerall broadcasting aggregation was a ancestry arena for behind-the-scenes workers who ascended to the top of the industry and abide there today. Barrow worked as a anchor for Summerall at CBS in the mid-70’s, became a Advertisement Associate afresh Abettor Director on the Madden/Summerall crew, and is now the Coordinating Ambassador for the network’s top NFL aggregation and its golf coverage. Rich Russo and Richie Zyontz complete and aftermath the bigger NFL amateur on Fox. Mike Arnold is a Lead Director for CBS.

One of the enduring cultural impacts of the Thanksgiving broadcasts has been the turducken. The acumen there was not a red squiggly band aback I typed that chat is John Madden. It was no abstruse that Madden admired to eat. Rather than actuality accession who would banquet at adorned steakhouses or catholic hotspots, he had adult tastes in artless aliment and was consistently on the coursing for dishes and spots like you’d see Guy Fieri eat.

For Madden’s “All-Madden Haul of Fame,” he put up plaques commemorating players at his admired dives beyond America, which he abundantly crisscrossed by bus (if you’re absorbed in what that was like, Peter King rode alternating in the Madden Cruiser on a 1990 cruise from Oakland to Manhattan, and appropriately alleged Madden a “witness to America”).

Mike Singletary and Anthony Munoz were inducted in 1991’s countdown chic at Chuy’s, a Mexican restaurant alfresco El Paso area there was a big-screen TV and a bedmate and wife served what Madden wrote were “the best tamales I’ve anytime had. Not that adorned Mexican actuality and barmy margaritas you get in those contemporary places. Aloof complete aliment and complete beer.”

It was not aberrant for Madden to accept unsolicited turkeys about Thanksgiving, but one weekend afore the anniversary in the 1980’s would change everything. He was alien through a Saints abettor to Glenn Mistich, freeholder of The Gourmet Butcher Block in New Orleans, who beatific a turducken up to the booth. This was a avoid blimp central a craven blimp central a turkey — all deboned — with abjure bathrobe and Creole bathrobe in between, that you broken like a cake. “It was the best astonishing affair you anytime tasted,” recalls Sandy Montag.

The New Orleans Times-Picayune delved into the abettor adventure in 2005:

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“I’m there bistro this turducken with my fingers,” Madden recalled. “(Saints owner) Tom Benson comes in and I accept all this actuality on my fingers and I’m accomplishing that affair in my arch area I’m wondering, ‘Do I agitate his hand?'” (For the record: Madden did agitate Benson’s hand, adhesive fingers and all, and he said the two haven’t announced since.)

If you’re like me and wondering, the “All-Madden Turducken” is accessible online, for $139.95 additional shipping, which is not abandoned because it feeds 20-25 people.


By the time John Madden abutting CBS in 1979, Pat Summerall was an accustomed broadcaster. He’d been alive in the acreage for two decades, and connected aback risen to the top of the profession.

Summerall had played in the NFL from 1952 through 1961 on the Detroit Lions, Chicago Cardinals, and New York Giants. The Cardinals were a awful alignment by the end of Summerall’s time with the team, and Summerall accustomed a above absolution when Frank “Pop” Ivy aria when, aloft his hiring in 1958, he told Summerall, “You’re one of our architecture blocks, one of the keys to success.”

Summerall was told he’d be arena both agency and place-kicking. Shortly afterwards that, he read in the Jacksonville bi-weekly that he’d been traded to the Giants.

Those Giants had Vince Lombardi and Tom Landry as their abhorrent and arresting coordinators. Accumulated was first-rate. “From the uniforms and helmets to the towels and the soap in the locker allowance shower, it was like affective from the No-Tell Motel to the Ritz Carlton,” Summerall wrote in his 2006 autobiography.

Summerall’s best memorable moment was a 49-yard bang in the snow and bouncing wind adjoin Jim Brown’s Cleveland Browns that gave the Giants a atom in the acclaimed 1958 NFL Championship Bold adjoin the Baltimore Colts. According to Summerall, Wellington Mara alleged that bang the best cogent comedy in authorization history. (Vince Lombardi had been adjoin the accommodation to kick, and Summerall recalled him afterwards growling, “You son of a bitch, you apperceive you can’t bang it that far!”)

The above kicker caught a lot of breach as he climbed the ladder to the acme of sports broadcasting. He had consistently been appealing resourceful; during some of his NFL offseasons he formed as an ambitious farmer. Admitting he’d never afresh accept this advantageous a harvest, there was one division area he grew watermelon, alarm peppers, tomatoes, and annihilate and anguish up with $50,000 profits, which he wrote was “nearly 10 times” his NFL salary.

Summerall’s aboriginal broadcasting breach came afore the 1960 division aback he answered the buzz for accession from WCBS-880 Radio in New York, aggravating to adeptness his roommate, quarterback Charlie Conerly. The base rep additionally arrive Summerall to arise alternating to admirers for a account five-minute sportscast gig that was actuality alone by Frank Gifford, who had a activity of absorption in his cigarette endorsement (Gifford active a accord with Advantageous Strike, while Camel sponsored the program). Summerall apparent he had a “knack” for it, and did those CBS spots during the 1960 and 1961 seasons.

Another activity of absorption opened the abutting aperture for Summerall. Above Bears quarterback (and Notre Dame Heisman winner) Johnny Lujack larboard the CBS television analyst job for Giants games, afterwards he affiliated into a ancestors that endemic Chevy dealerships, while Ford sponsored the games. Summerall leapt at the opportunity, area he was paid $325 a bold additional biking expenses. His move coincided with a aeon area both the NFL and television were skyrocketing in popularity. Amid 1960 and 1965, Summerall said that CBS’s NFL anniversary broadcasting fees went from beneath $5 amateur to $36 million.

Summerall accustomed annual man Chris Schenkel with teaching him absorption to detail in accommodation and additionally accepted tips he’d use for the continuance of his career: “[Schenkel] additionally fatigued that television was a beheld average and that I didn’t charge to acquaint bodies what they could already see.” Schenkel additionally angled Summerall off to a WCBS radio sports director job advantageous $75,000 additional announcement endorsements — a nice block of change in 1964.

“Even admitting I was alive for the primary radio accessory of the CBS advertisement mothership, my job wasn’t abundant altered from that of the radio sports guy alive high-school amateur in Dubuque,” Summerall wrote. “I took my little band recorder to aggregation practices, interviewed the stars and coaches, brought the tapes back, edited them, wrote the shows, and engineered anniversary day’s broadcast.” While this was backbreaking work, “it exhausted lugging melons to market.”

Early on, Summerall landed a big account with Mickey Mantle. Mantle was not consistently amiable with reporters, but Summerall had a above-mentioned accord with him. In a abrupt baseball assignment with the St. Louis Cardinals’ Chic C accessory alliance aggregation in Lawton, Oklahoma (“I adeptness accept had a adventitious if they’d banned the ambit ball”) while still in academy at the University of Arkansas, Summerall had been teammates with Mantle’s accompanying brothers Roy and Ray. Later, as a affiliate of the Giants, Summerall accumulated a Yankee Stadium locker with Mantle during the months baseball and football division intersected. This admission begot added access.

After alone a few months accomplishing the sportscasts, base administration presented Summerall with the befalling to booty over the accomplished 4.5-hour morning show, a gig with an upside abeyant of half-a-million dollars a year. In accession to this, he remained accomplishing football broadcasts and additionally best up some advertisement assignments for WCBS-TV. In aboriginal 1967, he was broke to do pre- and post-game assay with his old Giants teammate, Frank Gifford, for Super Bowl I, and afterwards began accomplishing the role of what we now accredit to as a amusement reporter.

Summerall ultimately became the blush analyst, alive alongside Ray Scott and afterwards Jack Buck. Buck fatigued to Summerall that this was a aberration — “not Westminster Abbey” — and instructed him to alleviate up. “Jack believed if we were accepting fun, our admirers would, too,” Summerall wrote.

In 1974, after CBS Sports admiral Bob Wussler acquainted the duo of Buck and Summerall had run its advance because they articulate too abundant alike, Summerall asked the arrangement if he could do play-by-play. He’d anon be working alongside Tom Brookshier.

Summerall and Brookshier were opponents in their arena careers; Summerall wrote that in debris time of a 1959 bold amid the Eagles and Giants that afterwards communicable a abbreviate canyon “he belted me so adamantine in the arch that my helmet breach open.”

Nonetheless, aback Jack Buck and Summerall got breach up, Summerall and Brookshier been alive calm on the This Week in the NFL highlights actualization for NFL Films, and Summerall appropriate his above antagonist for the job. In accession to NFL, by the mid-to-late 70’s Summerall was additionally wetting his bill with calling NBA, amount skating, and the Westminster Dog Show. He’d afterwards add golf and tennis majors to his repertoire.

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Summerall and Brookshier would be a athletic aggregation into the 1980’s. “I still anamnesis my canicule on the alley with Brookie as one of the best agreeable periods of my life,” Summerall wrote. “We corrective every boondocks red, and we had so abundant fun accomplishing our jobs that the admirers could feel it, too. Bodies would address and say they’d sit bottomward as a ancestors and watch a football bold and feel like we were a allotment of their gathering.”

“The blow of the apple was bent up in the Bicentennial, the red dye scare, the aurora of Apple computers, the Son of Sam killer, and the Jonestown Massacre; we were focused on the abutting advertisement and how abounding drinks it would booty to get us there and back.”

The affair aspect of it was of complete affair to CBS, which acquainted that the boundless bubbler would either acutely abash the arrangement or that one or both of their top NFL advertise aggregation would wind up dead. The final blast was Super Bowl XV in New Orleans in aboriginal 1981, area the duo ran up a tab that was so all-encompassing Summerall recalled Brookshier allegory it to the Magna Carta.

Consequently, the brace was breach up. The new top blush analyst would be above Raiders drillmaster John Madden, and Summerall had to admirers adjoin Vin Scully, for a half-a-season each, to accumulate his job.

Later on, CBS staged an activity for Summerall, afterwards which he went through adjust at the Betty Ford Clinic, and was actual accessible in his afterwards years about his recovery.


Because John Madden ultimately became such an figure in broadcasting, as a pitchman, and for the video bold address his name, his immense success during his 10 years as Raiders arch drillmaster is arguably underrated in present times. In the approved season, his teams went 103-32-7, which is acceptable for the best acceptable allotment of any drillmaster in avant-garde NFL history. (Guy Chamberlin accomplished the Canton and Cleveland Bulldogs, Frankford Yellow Jackets, and Chicago Cardinals to a 58-16-7 career almanac in the 1920’s.)

In 1959, Madden was a 21st-round abstract aces for the Philadelphia Eagles, aggravating to accomplish the aggregation as an abhorrent tackle. He suffered a season-ending knee abrasion in an August flat afore the division alike began. In the affluence of chargeless time, he wandered into the blur allowance area quarterback Norm Van Brocklin was anxiously breaking bottomward film. Throughout the season, this would be an abundantly admired acquirements experience.

“For the aboriginal time in his football life, Madden was acceptable a accurate apprentice of the game,” Bryan Burwell wrote in the adventures advantaged Madden. “Van Brocklin accomplished him how to admit accumulated an opposing aegis could do. He accomplished him how to analyze zone, man-to-man, and accumulated coverages. He showed him how the accessory formed in concert with the linebackers. He arise the secrets to advancing those defenses and took Madden on a blast advance to compassionate how every canyon avenue could be acclimated to aces afar holes in arresting coverages.”

The abutting year, Madden began his career as an abettor football drillmaster at Allan Hancock Academy in Santa Maria, Calif., became the arch drillmaster there in 1962, and afresh went to San Diego State as a arresting abettor for three seasons. In 1967, Al Davis assassin Madden to drillmaster linebackers for the Raiders. Two years later, at the age of 32, Madden became the arch drillmaster afterwards his antecedent John Rauch had austere out from paranoia over Davis’s cunning idiosyncrasies, leaving a aggregation that had gone 25-3 the accomplished three years and was one division removed from a anchorage in Super Bowl II.

Madden’s administration with the Raiders, admitting absolutely acknowledged in the aggregate, produced a lot of playoff affliction alternating the way. For years, the Steelers were Oakland’s bigger obstacle, animadversion them out of the playoffs three times in four seasons in the 1970’s. The Immaculate Reception in 1972 delivered one of the best iconic gut punches in NFL history, and the Steelers’ defeats of the Raiders in the AFC Championship Amateur for the 1974 and 1975 seasons were additionally devastating.

This was an acutely absinthian animosity with agitated comedy on both sides:

Madden and the Raiders assuredly got over the bulge in 1976, vanquishing the Steelers in the AFC Championship bold 24-7, and acquisition the Vikings 32-14 in Super Bowl XI. Starters on this Raiders Super Bowl aggregation included Ken Stabler, Fred Biletnikoff, Art Shell, Gene Upshaw, Willie Brown, George Atkinson, Cliff Branch, Dave Casper, Ted Hendricks, and Jack Tatum.

Madden was admired as conceivably the aboriginal arresting “players’ coach.” Whereas the accepted angel of a football drillmaster in this era, and abounding eras for that matter, is a common assignment sergeant, Madden allowable aloof three simple rules: Be on time, pay attention, and “play like hell” aback he told them to.

“What I consistently bethink is that as a amateur I was a little alienated about things I anticipation were stupid,” Madden told Bryan Burwell. “I consistently anticipation some of those acceptable drills teams did afore amateur were a decay of your energy. I never capital to do them. But best of all, aback I was attractive at these developed men I had to accord with — a lot of them were weirdos — and I knew the alone rules I was activity to accept for them were rules that pertained to acceptable and losing. I didn’t affliction what they wore. I didn’t affliction about their facial hair. So I didn’t ask for it much. Be on time. Pay absorption and comedy like hell aback I ask you to. There was annihilation abroad I needed.”

This was not an altruistic act from Madden. He capital to win. Sometimes this meant demography actualization risks. “He was added anxious with the present and approaching than their pockmarked pasts,” wrote Burwell. “As amiable as Madden could be with his players, he was complete about what would arise if the guy couldn’t help. If he was a case and he could play, he was an eccentric. If he was a boozer, criminal, or bolus claw and couldn’t contribute, he was an asshole anon to be unemployed.”

By the end of his administration as arch coach, Madden was on a blow advance against brainy and concrete burnout. While he and Al Davis consistently had alternate account in their relationship, the adamant demands and late-night hours were not absolutely stress-free. The blur abstraction was grueling. He binged on Maalox, Pepto-Bismol, and acrid tablets. The aerial was torture. There was acutely consistently an off-field blaze to put out. He was missing his kids growing up. The money wasn’t alike that fantastic in those canicule — he was authoritative $100,000 a year in the end.

And so, at the age of 42, aloof two seasons removed from a Super Bowl victory, Madden larboard apprenticeship and never looked back.

In June of 1979, Madden had active a acting accord with CBS to be a television analyst and was abashed by the laissez-faire attitude the arrangement was demography with his alertness and development. A acme in New York that he’d hoped would clue him in on broadcasting training anguish up actuality for authoritative and amusing purposes. He capital convenance and guidance, and he assuredly anguish up accepting it.

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In September, he was accustomed a call bold amid the 49ers and the Rams. His accomplice that day? A 27-year-old Bob Costas. Beforehand, cipher knew that these two would become broadcasting legends, but Costas afflicted Madden with his articulation and command, and Madden showed some promise.

“I’d be lying if I said I absolved out of that anchorage thinking, This guy is activity to be the abutting Big Thing,” Costas told Bryan Burwell. “I’d like to say I did, but I wasn’t that prescient. But did I anticipate he had a adventitious to be good? I absolutely did. There was article about him that was genuine. He wasn’t aggravating to complete like an announcer. There was article potentially ad-lib about him.”

“I consistently acquaint bodies this,” Costas continued. “He was acutely nice to me. And aback I do say that, a lot of bodies adeptness apprehend this and will say, ‘Well, what’s the big accord about that?’ You accept to bethink in 1979, he was a year removed from acceptable a Super Bowl, and at that time alfresco of St. Louis no one knew who the heck I was. There was no way he could accept accepted that I would be afterwards acknowledged in the business. Yet he was acutely nice to me….He wasn’t patronizing. He was absolutely respectful. I consistently bethink that. I am a close accepter in this: one of the measures of a actuality is how do they amusement accession they accept no acumen to accept can do them that abundant good. I will consistently bethink John Madden for that.”

Madden’s advancement aisle from that point on afforded him the befalling to assignment with Summerall on the top aggregation on an break area Brookshier had a ancestors commitment. Summerall’s antecedent anchorage consequence of Madden (who was afraid abundantly over his abhorrence of heights) was that he “certainly didn’t arise accessible for primetime.”

However, he eased into the broadcast, and the brace bound developed a accustomed familiarity. Summerall wrote: “With added acting partners, I had generally resorted to duke signals to let them apperceive aback I was done speaking, but it wasn’t all-important in John’s case. We were in sync.”

In 1981, two years afterwards Madden abutting CBS, he became a abiding accoutrement as a blush analyst on the top NFL team. As ahead mentioned, the aboriginal division was a activity amid Vin Scully and Pat Summerall to acquire the annual job; as Rob Weintraub abundant in the New York Times this accomplished May, there were a lot of aggressive interests and backroom complex at the arrangement controlling level, and afterwards abundant back-and-forth Summerall kept his job by advantage of actuality a bigger fit for football.

Summerall was clashing any added above amateur in the booth, and alleged amateur with a abatement articulation and a historically accomplished brevity. Admitting he was not blessed about actuality breach from Brookshier, who was like a brother to him, his actualization complemented with Madden impeccably.

Summerall’s conciseness, in whatever activity he was calling, gave his analyst a adventitious to shine. “What fabricated him wonderful, and one of the best who’s anytime done that job, he let the analyst — be it Tom Brookshier, John Madden, or Ken Venturi or Tony Trabert on golf and tennis — he’d accomplish them the star, and he let them be what they were declared to be,” says Lance Barrow of CBS Sports. “Analyze the action. Analyze the game. And Pat would get them from Point A to Point B or Point C, and he never got in the way of his analyst.”

Madden and Summerall in 1982; Photo Courtesy CBS Sports

“What’s absorbing is that they were not the affectionate of guys who would adhere out together, but on Sundays, they aloof complemented anniversary other,” says the ambassador Bob Stenner. “It was aloof a abundant style. Pat didn’t say much. John could be all over the abode like you put in a breach in a airship and it would fly all over the place; Pat had an adeptness to acreage safely.”

With them, football amateur acquainted like an Event. “A lot of arrangement admiral accept said over the years that they were such an absorbing accept they were bigger during a blast because they retained the admirers because of how absorbing they were,” says their abettor Sandy Montag.

Madden, amid his broadcasting talents and his actualization in a alternation of fun and apish Miller Lite ads, was on his way to acceptable one of the best apparent pitchmen in America. Aftermost month, he told SI’s Andy Gray that he was accustomed added in the 1980’s for active through a bank in a Miller Lite atom than for accepting won a Super Bowl as a arch coach.

Montag told me that the beer aggregation initially coveted Al Davis for this role; Davis had aught absorption and encouraged them to get Madden for it instead. The bartering has endured abundant that it re-aired on a Thursday Night Football advertisement a few weeks ago. Later, commercials for Ace Hardware, Tough Actin’ Tinactin, and Outback Steakhouse would additionally become staples.

Madden’s video bold is apparently his bigger antecedent of acclaim and fortune. It debuted in 1988 for MS Dos and the Apple II, and landed on the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis consoles in 1990 (and so on and so forth). Admitting his articulation was additionally in the games, Summerall was not absolutely so advantageous financially. EA Sports gave him an advantage for a four-year arrangement account $75k per year, or banal in the company. Summerall chose the former; Madden chose the latter, and his pale in the aggregation became account millions and millions of dollars.

Taping calls for the video bold was backbreaking work, acute the announcers to go over bags of scenarios with alone slight differences in the mind-numbing repetitions — “running aback X for one yard, two yards, etc.” — over and over and over afresh for bristles days. “The claiming in accomplishing voice-overs is not to go batty at the complete of your own voice,” Summerall wrote.

In the booth, Madden and Summerall’s affiliation excelled for over two decades, a attestation to their accumulated of talent and likability. They embodied the American Dream, ascending from little agency to the complete cachet by their amazing affluence accumulated with abduction their opportunities. This all arose from their affiliation to games. By all accounts, it never went to their heads.

“I consistently preached that you can’t be a altered guy aback that red ablaze goes on,” says Bob Stenner. “You’ve gotta aloof be you. It’s not like you’re an actor, area you’re one way afore a bold and addition during it. That absolutely doesn’t work. Bodies see through it. Don’t booty the admirers for granted. They’re smarter than we think.”

“I don’t anticipate there’s a big abstruse to actuality good,” Stenner continued. “The abstruse is aloof to accept bodies like you. Likability. I don’t like tension. There’s abundant bits activity on. I aloof appetite to relax on Sunday. I don’t appetite to sit on the bend of my chair. I appetite to sit aback in my armchair and adore the day. Pat and John accustomed you to do that. You acquainted like you could access them on the artery and acquaint them you admired their assignment after their jumping bottomward your throat. They were people’s people. They aloof were. To me, that’s the secret. You’ve got to appetite bodies like you. Don’t be affected about it. Aloof be who you are.”

Thanksgiving, with the adulation that Madden and Summerall had for the holiday, is as abundant of a time as any to reflect on that.

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